jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Wooing Said Eunuch

Author: Lozateazer (princessofadorkable@yahoo.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: NC-17

Archive: ask please

Summary: Jack tries to woo Will, with some rather unexpected surprises.

Warnings: Two men having sex with each other. But if you didn't know that, you wouldn't be here.

Disclaimer: I own these boys just about as much as I own... well... anything. Not mine. Nerissa is mine, however, I got her name from "The Merchant of Venice." I just read it, and thought it was pretty. And the rentboy's line sorta came from "Wilde," which you all should see because it's Orli selling himself on the street in one part and the rest is man sex yay!

Date: 13/4-3/5 2004

Author's note: This is my first finished PotC fic. It's for the Will/Jack Ficathon at JackXWill Yahoo group. This was written for Katie. She wanted a seduction, and romance. No rape, no death. Hope you like it!



A rather drunken pirate captain bumbled as he leaned even closer to his first mate, before repeating,


He flamboyantly twirled a hand in front of the woman's face.

The lady pirate turned to him, glaring. Her look softened somewhat, though, as she regarded his rather lost-looking puppy dog eyes. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Aye, Jack?"

A decorated arm was flung haphazardly across her shoulders, and the swaying visage of the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow became only a hair's breadth away from her own.

"Ana, how d' ye woo a lad?"

A sad smile graced Anamaria's face, as she hauled the man to his feet. "Methinks th' Capt'n 'as 'ad too much rum fer th' night."

"No, not too much, never too much..."

As she was leading the slightly-less sober pirate out of the tavern they were currently inhabiting, the man pulled them to a complete stop as he squinted at a young man who was resting against a wall on the other side of the street.

"Jack, we ain't even out th' door ye'! Come on!" The woman kept pulling at him, but Jack refused to move.

Standing, the boy called, "'Ey, lookin' fer someone?"

The pirate's eyes watered over as his alcohol-addled brain played tricks on him. "Will?"

Smiling cheekily, the lad seemed to actually be leering all the way across the street. "Yeah, it's yer Will, an' I can bend t' yer will too!" The rentboy grazed his upper teeth with his tongue, and blew a kiss.

And poor drunk Captain Jack was horrified. His Will would never, ever do something like that! This fake Will was a liar! So he vocalized his thoughts. "Ye know tha' ain't nice, sayin' things like that! In fact, it's down right mean! You're mean!" Jack pointed at the boy, to emphasize his point.

Anamaria sighed once more, ushering Jack off back to the Pearl.


When Jack awoke the next morning in his bed upon the Pearl, he was completely flabbergasted. Last thing he remembered he was drinking in the Lusty Bride... now that didn't make sense. He wouldn't have taken a whore back to the ship, and it wasn't like he had enough sense to know when to return to his lovely Pearl... so how had he returned?

Standing up, he listed horribly to one side, but quickly found his grounding. Pushing aside any thoughts of a hangover-Mind over matter, it were-the pirate made his way out of his quarters.

"How long 'ave I been out?!" Jack grabbed the staircase he stood next to, and firmly held his hat in place. It was... they were... They were in the middle of the bloody ocean!

Mr. Gibbs, noticing his captain's wakeful state, made his way over. "Aye, Capt'n?"

"Gibbs!" Jack cried thankfully, finally something was normal. Resting a hand on the other man's shoulder, he said slowly, "Tell me, man, why is it that we are not currently in Tortuga, spending our well earned pay on some niceties?"

Gibbs cleared his throat, looking about for some form of assistance. "Well, see, Jack..." It was times like this that he hated being Quartermaster. "S'not really mutiny, sir... s'just..."

The Captain's eyes went wide, but he stayed quiet, listening.

"S'just... th' men decided tha' they didn't really want t' continue their leave in Tortuga, like. Grown tired of it, they 'ave. So we's be headin' off to another port, savvy?"

"And why was this not run past me?!"

"S'why I said it's not really mutiny... but... they've taken over, just 'till we make port."

And at that very moment, just about at the point where Captain Jack Sparrow's eyes exploded, Anamaria turned from her vantage point at the Black Pearl's wheel and waved.


As he stumbled down the streets of Port Royal, one currently-non-Captain Jack Sparrow spewed lines of obscenities, looking for a decent tavern in this stuck up prude of a town. Once he realized that said tavern did not exist, he made his way to a mere inn that served ale. Hopefully, in large quantities.

"Find 'im, she says. Tell 'im how ye feel, she says. HOW DOES SHE BLOODY EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL?!"

Suddenly turning around, the pirate set off in the direction of a certain blacksmith's shop.


Will didn't question it when the gifts first started coming. He figured that it was just someone who had really, really liked their sword. Or whatever it was that he had made for them. So he didn't question it.

The first day he found a gift, it was there when he awoke. Sitting on his anvil, drawing no particular attention to itself, was a bag filled with gold and jewels. It tugged a very pirate-y string in his heart, but still, he didn't need it. So he gave the riches to a family who's sole provider was unjustly fired. They could use it more than he could.

The second day when he awoke, he found a rather large cooked pig arranged nicely on the anvil. Will remembered the last time he ate meat-on the Interceptor with Jack. The pirate had given him salted pork, and Will had shoveled it down, he hadn't had meat in such a long while. However, it had upset his stomach, though Jack just slapped him on the back and told him that he would get his sea legs yet. Since then, he'd avoided meat-not like he really could afford it, anyway. So he gave the pig to some local orphans.

On the third day, a new wardrobe awaited him. One made out of the nicest fabrics Port Royal had to offer. And let's just say that they looked quite fetching on that group of freed men that was trying to make a living there.

By the third night, however, Will had grown quite confused. Who would be lavishing all this attention on him? It wasn't as if he were special or unique. In the beginning he had just brushed it off. It was a little royalty he had received for a job well-done. It wasn't like he had deserved it, but it was nice of them to think of him. But then as the days went by, he started to wonder. Had Elizabeth changed her mind and returned to him? Or was there someone who's attention he had caught? Or, was he really just making too much of it?

So on the third night Will tried to stay awake as long as possible. He made swords until what he in his mind believed to be great masterpieces were really just misshapen rods. Eventually, he just collapsed across his anvil.

The next morning, he awoke in his bed, but no gift had been left.


Jack was having difficulty understanding what exactly it was he was doing wrong. At first, he had tried to think of what he would like to receive, and gave that to the boy. And he had hidden in the shadows, watching as Will gave the riches away. Then he had tried to think of something Will would like, and remembered how much meat the lad had eaten on the Interceptor. So he gave him a suckling pig, and again the whelp had given away his gift... this time to starving children! Finally, Jack had thought he made a good choice and gotten something Will would need-clothes. And once more, Will had given the present to someone who needed it more then him.

Jack didn't know whether he should be offended or touched. On one hand, it had always appeared to be Will's nature to give to those more deserving. Not very becoming of a pirate, but adorable none the less. While contrary wise, Will kept giving away his gifts! Did he not like them? It was all very puzzling to the simple pirate.

So he spent a day trying to figure out what it was Will would like. He wracked his mind for something, anything that the boy would cherish-and actually keep. Nothing came to him.

So, empty handed, he made his nightly trip to the smithy's. After he had sneaked into the shop, he made his way to the smith's room, so that even if he had nothing to give, he could at least look at the boy. Halfway there, however, he found the object of his affection sprawled out across his anvil. Not a good way to sleep, Jack decided, so he carried Will into his small room.

The curious thing was, though, the way Will had acted in Jack's arms. He clung tightly to him, murmuring in his sleep. In fact, it had been something about staying awake for whoever was leaving the gifts.

"Aye, lad, ye were awake long enough. He came, don' worry."

Will mumbled sleepily, "Who was he?"

"Someone who loves ye very much."

"Mmm..." And with that, the young blacksmith once more drifted into deep sleep.


Jack roared across the 'parlor' of the inn-which in reality was the nice way they put their priggish little tavern-for another pint. It was the fourth day, and he still had no idea what the next step would be in wooing his lad.

Growling with frustration, he yelled again for more ale, but in response all he got was the matron of the inn, a quite plump yet equally pleasant woman.

"There ain't no more ale, Mistah Smif. Ye drank'it all!!"

"No ale? How about rum?"





"No alcohol whatsoever. I told ye tha' when ye go' 'ere. All we 'ad was ale, an' the Gov'ner is rationin' it out. We ain't gettin' none fer two odd weeks. Ye drank'it all!"

Jack looked at the glass, the madam of the house, and then back to his empty glass. Then he proceeded to lick the inside of the glass.

The woman quickly snatched the glass away, slamming it on the other side of the table before hitting Jack across the face. Not enough to constitute a slap, but more of a bap to get his attention.

"Now I *know* I din' deserve tha', Miz Nerissa."

"Ye 'ad t' of, oferwise ye wouldn' be 'ere drinkin' away yer woes."

"I did no such thing, wench!"

The large woman pursed her lips in distaste, and Jack had the sudden feeling he did something very, very wrong. Yet miraculously, she let it pass. And sat down next to her guest. And smiled.

"Well ye've been 'ere mopin' all day. S' tell me, Mistah Smif, wha' ye did do, an' I may even tell ye 'ow t' fix it."

The pirate regarded her cautiously. Up until recently, the only woman he had ever fully trusted was Ana. And now... let's just say that trust was on hiatus. But this portly matron seemed to be rather worldly wise, so he figured... it couldn't hurt. Especially when he had come to a dead standstill when it came to Will.

"Alright... There's this... person I'm fond for, savvy? And it's pretty likely h-she's married, but... Past couple days I've been tryin' to secretly woo said person. I've been leavin' gifts, yet she keeps givin' them away."

She 'hmm'ed thoughtfully. "What sort of gifts?"

"Well, ye see, I've been sneakin' them t' her at night. First night, a couple bags o' me finest riches. Next night, a nice juicy pig. An' then a beautiful wardrobe. I'm fresh out o' ideas, an' I don' know what t' give her tha' she won' give away. So unappreciative. I swear, she's a eunuch!" Pausing, the man ran that last sentence through his head. Sure, he was talking about Will, but... Nerissa didn't know that. "Even though she is, in fact, a woman and therefor incapable of being a eunuch."

The kindly woman smiled fondly, cupping Jack's cheek. "Capt'n Sparrah, ye needn't worry. Master Turner'll come around. And for yer information, Miss Swann is now Mrs. Norrington, so 'e ain't got no ties." She stood up, taking Jack's glass with her.

Said pirate, however, had his mouth agape and was opening and closing it like he were a fish just pulled out of the drink. "'Ow-'ow did ye...?"

"I was at yer 'angin', jus' like everyone else. Quite a show, if I do say so meself." She walked back to the kitchen, humming happily as she left the stupefied Jack. "Oh, an' by the way, Capt'n... give 'im somethin' personal... Somethin' o' yers tha' means somethin' t' ye. Tha's what Will wants."

"Well the bloody problem is I ain't got nothin' like that, now do I?" Jack growled while simultaneously pouting. "All I 'ave is the clothes on me back."

"'Ow 'bout a braid?" She motioned to the man's dark mop of hair.

Fingering a beaded thread, Jack considered this. "Too full o' stories, an' not one of 'em 'ave t' do with me Will."

Nerissa gave the slightly younger scalawag a once over. "An' ye ain't got nothin' else?"

"Jus' my effects. Me pistol, me cutlass, an' me..." As his hand hit the small black box on his thigh, the not-really Captain of the Black Pearl's eyes went wide. He quickly stood up, and rushed for the door.

"Off to the smithy, are we?"

Jack called back to her, "Not 'till night, luv! I'm off t' find me another drink!"


The next morning Will awoke feeling satisfied. He had slept well-in fact, better than he had in weeks-and he had more energy than he had had in months. There was this prickling force in the air, and it didn't quite sit well with him, yet he felt safe. The juxtaposition of the need to be alert and the security he was feeling made the young blacksmith know something was coming, but it was a good thing.

Walking out into the forge, the first thing his eyes fell on was the anvil. He hadn't been expecting any more gifts after the previous day, but he felt compelled to look. And sure enough, sitting there was a small, black, wooden box. It almost looked like it contained jewelry. Who would give him jewelry? Why would someone give him jewelry?

After reaching the box, he picked it up and examined it. It wasn't too heavy, and the wood was well-worn. Opening it, he was surprised to find that it wasn't jewelry, but it was in fact a compass. He turned to North to check it's accuracy, and got the shock of his life when the compass began to spin out of control, never settling where it should have.

"Jack...?" Looking around, the lad found nothing. He tried again. "Jack... I know you're here... Why did you give me this, Jack?"

He considered this. Why would the pirate have given him his compass? It wasn't as if he had any use for it-the blasted thing didn't even point North! The only thing it was good for was...

Quickly turning around, Will saw Jack standing in a cloud of dust. He must have soundlessly jumped from the rafters. When the pirate saw the tears forming in the younger man's eyes, he called the boy's name.

At the sound, Will launched himself into the other man's arms. "You gave it up! Oh, Jack, you gave up the treasure for me!"

Said Jack tried to be as calm as one could possibly be with one's arms full of a Turner. He wrapped his twitching fingers around his middle, placing one firmly on the small of his back, and the other just below a shoulder blade. And there he clung, tenderly caressing the covered skin.

"Well, lad... ye see... when we went after th' treasure, I wasn't as... er... gentlemanly as I could 'ave been, savvy? I mean, yer me mate's boy..."

Will's face fell, and he pulled away from the tight embrace. "You are saying you came all the way here-after all this time away-gave me all these gifts-including one of your most prized possessions-and it all was merely because you felt you had to apologize for not being nice to your friend's son? That's ludicrous! I enjoyed our time together immensely; you have no need to apologize, and you know it! Tell me the truth, Jack."

The pirate sighed, and raised his hands in submission. "Alright, ye caught me. The Pearl will be returning t' Port Royal in a few odd days, at which point I shall be leavin'. When I go, I want ye t' come with me... travel th' seas and th' like." /Anythin', s'long as it gets ye back in me arms.../

Will was baffled. Jack was asking him to run away with him? Why? "Jack... I have a life here, a job... I'm needed here."

Jack's question was simple. "Why?"

The blacksmith could not answer. "I don't know... I just know I'm needed here."

"Yer needed on the Black Pearl as well, lad. Remember, ye've got me only compass." The single glint of gold Will saw in the other man's smile weakened his defenses. If Jack kept this up, he would have to go.

"Why /me/, Jack?"

"Because yer a Turner. Yer a natural sailor, tough as nails, honest t' the core, and a good mate."

"You mean you want me to replace my father."

"Never. I want only you, Will. S'not the same without ye on board. Please... come with me..."

Will sighed, "Fine, you win, I'll go with you."

"Marvelous!" Jack cheered, enveloping his newest crewmember into another hug. Will, however, finally noticed the sexual tension in the embrace, but could not label it. Only that something was different. It made him uncomfortable. Jack now had one hand on his neck, the other on his hip, and was burying his face in the blacksmith's loose hair.

"Jack... what are you doing?"

"Nothin', luv, nothin'..." Jack pulled away, and ran a hand down the boy's cheek. Seeing the other's unease, he cuffed his chin, and added, "Now let's celebrate!"


Jack was frustrated. Will had not responded at all to his wooing. Now Jack had thought the young man would appreciate a proper wooing, all love and kindness and sickeningly sweet mush. Yet it all had gone completely over his head.

So now he was trying a gentle seduction, full of lingering touches and subtle innuendoes. Absolutely nothing in return. Several times he had to ask himself why he was bothering, and didn't just take what was rightfully his-the whelp himself.

And then Will would give him a strange look as the hand was removed, and a small, disbelieving smile would surface, and Jack would remember.


Will was confused. First Jack had given him all these gifts, and now he was there-actually there. And Will was going to be joining him on the Black Pearl. And before he knew what was going on, Jack had grabbed one of Mr. Brown's hidden bottles of rum, and the two of them had ended up drinking in some inn's parlor.

Now everything that had happened up until then had been feasible, they all seemed like things Jack would do. But now... now Will was confused.

Jack kept... touching him. And these were strange touches, ones unlike any Will had ever experienced before. If Jack had wanted the bottle back from Will, he would slide his hand over his shoulder, leaving it to rest on his neck, and grabbing the bottle with his other hand. And then as he drank, with his free hand he would stroke Will's neck with his thumb.

And he kept telling Will stories about things he had done since they had last seen each other, yet there always seemed to be some secret part of the stories Will just did not understand.

The young blacksmith did not like any of it-not one bit. He got this strange feeling when Jack touched him, sort of a tingling throughout him, and he didn't know what it meant. It just made him uncomfortable. Yet that safe feeling still lingered, like Jack would never hurt him. So he stayed.


After Jack had finished off his bottle of rum, his actions doubled. His hands were everywhere, and the reasons for their placements became less and less believable. And each time Will moved away from the prying hands, Jack would just move closer. There seemed to be no escape.

Suddenly, just as Jack seemed to be moving in for the kill, Will stood from where he was sitting and began to hurry away. "I'm off to the lavatory!" He called as he exited, actually going outdoors versus the actual washroom.

Once outside, Will quickly rearranged himself in his rapidly shrinking trousers. What was wrong with him? Why was he responding this way to Jack? Jack, he assured himself, was usually this physical with others. And he was actually responding to it!!! As he paced, the young man's heart raced. Suddenly everything he had felt that day made perfect sense to him, and it frightened him. He couldn't be attracted to Jack, that was wrong. He would be killed for it! Oh, and he'd never be able to face Jack again...

Will remembered the first time he had met the pirate. He had tried so hard to hate him... he had threatened Elizabeth! And he was a pirate-the same type of pirate that had tried to kill him all those years ago. But... he was so much more then that, and from the very beginning Will had found himself sucked in. His time upon the Interceptor had been so different from his real life, he had wanted to stay there with Jack for the rest of his life. And he had formed a respect and fondness for the roguish Captain.

But now, looking back on it, Will knew the truth. It hadn't been respect that had made him wish to stay by Jack's side for all eternity, sailing the seas... it had been this perverse attraction. This had to stop, now. He would just go inside, and tell Jack he couldn't come with.


Nerissa had ambled over to Jack as soon as Will had fled. Sitting in the abandoned chair, she regarded Jack. "Well, ye royally fucked tha' one up."

Jack nodded. "I know. I just ain't no good at this, see? I've never done this b'fore... Never fallen in love, ye know? An' Will's jus' so sweet an' perfect, and so bloody naïve! I'm all out o' ideas. He's comin' on th' Pearl with me, bu' I don' know if I can see 'im every day an' know he won't ever know, or care..."

Neither saw the boy in question enter at that moment.

"Jus' tell 'im 'ow ye feel, luv. He'll understand. An' if 'e don', 'e will soon enough. An' if 'e don' feel th' same, then a' least ye tried."

"Oh, an' 'ow am I supposed t' tell 'im 'ow I feel, then? Eyo, Will, I love ye, mate...? I think not. Th' lad's deadly with a blade, an' I feel like seein' tomorrow, thank ye kindly."

Will felt sick. Jack /loved/ him? What did that mean, even? Did Will love him back, or was he just lusting for the man? Exiting quietly once more, the blacksmith ran full tilt back to his shop.


The young man had never been this confused in his lifetime. But at least he now believed he had the entire story. Jack had come to Port Royal-apparently without his ship-with some intent of telling Will that he loved him. And then Jack had lavished gifts upon him instead of actually coming to speak with him, and when that hadn't worked, had tried to make Will respond physically. And he had. That's the part Jack didn't know.

That there had always been some unknown, secret longing on Will's part. He had dreamed about this before, about Jack coming and grandly sweeping him away to the Black Pearl. And when he awoke hard, he would brush it off as being young. Or, if he really was in denial, it was because of the excitement of adventure.

But now the Captain of the Black Pearl had awoken the true reasons to the blacksmith, and if Will thought about it, it really was quite simple. Jack loved Will. And with the respect, lust, and admiration Will felt for the pirate... it could have been love. In fact, the more Will considered that, the more it felt right. Now he only had to come to terms with what exactly it was Jack had wanted with him back in the inn.


Will never came back to the inn. Jack didn't blame him... he had really made a fool of himself. Plus, Will probably needed some time alone to gather his thoughts. Gods, Jack felt like an idiot. He just hoped his lad hadn't off and alerted the good Commodore to his presence. At this point, he really wouldn't blame him.

"Here, drink this an' go ge' a good sleep, ye 'ear me?"

Jack regarded the tankard in front of him, and gave it a good whiff. "RUM!" He happily took a swig, before looking appreciatively at Nerissa. "I thought ye said ye din' 'ave any more?!"

"T' sell, lad. That's some of me own stash." She winked. "Ye looked like ye could need it."

"Bless ye, dearie."


The next afternoon, Will headed over to the inn. He found Nerissa in the parlor, idly chatting with a serving girl.

He cleared his throat, "Excuse me..." He flushed. "I was wondering if-"

"Third floor, second door on th' left."

The young man had to smile back at her catty grin, and he nodded. "Many thanks to you, ma'am." Turning curtly, he made his way to the stairs.


When there was a knock on Jack's door, the older man grabbed his pistol and aimed it at the hatch. If anyone was coming to take him away, they wouldn't get him without a fight.


"Jack! It's me!" The door responded.

"William!" His heart lifted, and he headed for the entry. As he began to work the locks, however, he paused. "Are ye alone?"

"Yes, Jack, it's only I."

He knew it! The boy was a Turner, honest and loyal. He wouldn't turn him in! After throwing the door open, however, he had to grab the wood of it to balance himself. Standing in his entryway was the one and only William Turner the Second, with his shirt hanging part-way open-just enough to reveal a single dusky nipple if he turned the right way-and wearing a pair of sinfully tight breeches. Tighter than the ones he had worn on their last adventure. By the Gods, did the boy not realize what this did to him?

"Jack... are you going to invite me in, or must I stand here all day?"

The pirate nodded, being the only function he was capable of. However, the blacksmith seemed to understand, and entered the small room.

"Jack, are you not well? You look pale, and you're sweating... Here, let me help you." The younger man wrapped an arm around the other's waist, and pulling him close, made his way across the room.

The older man whimpered at the loss when he was deposited into a rickety chair, but the lad made up for the withdrawal by perching across from Jack on the bed, lifting one leg up and resting his heel on the frame, giving the pirate a nice display of the goods.

"Jack..." Why was the boy saying his name so much? "I wanted to apologize for yesterday..." Oh no, this was not good. The way Will had shifted when he had said that had caused Jack to shift, not to mention forget everything that had happened the previous day-not to mention all the ones before then.

Yet somehow he managed to croak out, "Aye?"

A callused blacksmith's hand was laid on a tightly clad thigh. "I'm sorry for running off like that, it wasn't very... gentlemanly of me." And then the boy had the audacity to smirk.

"I think I need t' lay down..." And then Jack was sprawled on the bed, so close to Will he could feel the heat radiating off of him.

The lad placed a hand to the pirate's forehead, but didn't feel anything. "Oh, dear... I think you may be overheating, Captain Sparrow... We need to get you out of these heavy layers before you overheat." He unbuttoned the vest, and peeled it off. Then he grabbed at the bottom of the pirate's shirt, oh so close to where Jack really wanted Will's hands, and pulled the shirt over his head.

"So many stories... your body is like a book, full of adventures..."

Jack lifted his left hand to the boy, unable to say anything.

"Yes, that was quite an adventure... I guess that was our story..." The young blacksmith carefully stroked the long scar marring the pirate's palm, smiling fondly.

It was then that Jack found his voice, "Will... ye have t' stop."

"Why?" This question wasn't as innocent as when Jack had asked it, but instead was more accusatory.

"Because... because..." It was now or never, Jack thought. "Because yer makin' me crazy, William. Yer so beautiful, an' so perfect, an'... Oh, Will, I'm sorry, bu' I fancy ye. In fact, I think I might love ye."

At this point Will lost all his confidence. He rolled off the pirate, backing away to the end of the bed. "I never thought you'd actually say it..."

Jack sat up, eyes wide. "Ye knew?!"

Will nodded.

"Ye came here just t' pull me 'long?"

Will shook his head. "I... I feel the same, Jack... I think I love you as well, but... I wasn't sure if you actually meant it." The boy blushed. "If you didn't-mean it, I mean-I probably still would have done this."

"Ye've never done this b'fore, 'ave ye?"

Again, the blacksmith shook his head.

"'Ave ye ever been with a woman?"

A third shake.

"Oh, me charmin' lad..." He pulled Will into another embrace, kissing him soundly. The blacksmith whimpered. He had tried to prepare himself for this, but he still was not quite as ready as he could have hoped.

Jack pulled away, sensing Will's unease. "D' ye not wan' this?"

Once more, Will shook his head. "No, I want this... I've thought about this a lot in the past day, and I want this... I just... am a bit scared."

The pirate nodded. He remembered his first time. And his first time with a lad. And his first time on bottom. Will's fears were not ungrounded.

"We can go slow, if ye'd like."

Will nodded, and Jack once again went in for a kiss. Gently, he snaked his tongue out of his mouth, and lapped at Will's lips. The boy responded eagerly, pulling the tongue into his own mouth. And then Will did something Jack had never imagined him to. He rested a hand on Jack's hip, before sliding it down to cup Jack's ever-growing erection. The pirate moaned into the kiss, bucking into the boy's hand.

Will too was surprised at his actions. Here he was, bringing Jack to his mercy, and he had never done this before! And at Jack's eager whimpers, Will too felt himself stirring and growing. So much for going slowly.

The young man pulled away from their urgent kisses, and stared into the pirate. "Want to see..."

The blacksmith had the fleeting thought as Jack undressed that he had never seen the pirate move so quickly, though the thought was lost as all of the man was revealed to him.

Reaching out a shaking hand, he dared to touch the pirate's erection. As the callused fingers touched it, it jerked and hit the inexperienced blacksmith's hand. And with that, said hand was jerked away, going back to hide.

Jack sobbed with denial. He had gone without for so long, waiting for this, and now it was here and he was so hard and Will was still so scared and all he wanted at this moment was to come deep inside the younger man.

Will didn't know what exactly it was that the pirate was rambling on about, but after a while he caught something about letting Jack love him. He didn't quite know what that entailed, but he figured it probably was best done naked. So, mimicking Jack, he undressed as quickly as possible.

Almost instantly after the blacksmith's clothes were shed, Jack had him pinned to the bed as he devoured the younger man's cock. Will screamed and bucked up frantically, never having experienced something like this before.

The pirate knew that this was not the time to tease. He held down Will's hips so the boy wouldn't choke him, and offered Will his scarred hand.

Instincts took over, and the blacksmith sucked the fingers into his mouth, doing the same to them as he felt Jack do to his erection. The young man whimpered as he writhed on the bed, sucking harder on the fingers in his mouth as the tension inside him grew, until he climaxed in the pirate's mouth.

Jack greedily drank down the fluid, finding it sweeter and more earthy than most, and decidedly delectable. He would have to drink it many times again, he decided. After licking the organ clean, he smiled down at his Will, who was laying lax on the bed, Jack's fingers lolling in his own mouth.

After placing the lad's legs over his shoulders and removing his fingers, he kissed Will once more. The boy was fervent, seemingly wishing to consume Jack with the kiss. Once he was assured that Will was fully relaxed and thoroughly distracted, he slipped the first finger into the lad's opening.

Unconsciously, the blacksmith pressed back on the finger, moaning into the kiss. Jack took this as his cue to add another finger. Will hummed appreciatively, focusing more on the completion he felt, versus the unfamiliar intrusion.

However, when Jack began to scissor the fingers, Will whimpered. The stretch was becoming too much, it didn't feel right. Not only that, but he was beginning to think clearly again, only to realize he had several fingers where they did not belong.

Then the pirate did something miraculous. He twisted his fingers, and hit something that made Will's world flash white. The young man's cock began to fill once more, and he purred, "More..."

Jack obliged him once, before pulling out and adding a third finger. The blacksmith whined at the sensation, but as the pirate stretched him it became less painful and more enjoyable. He had never imagined that this had been what Jack had wanted... He had heard stories, but he hadn't thought they were real.

Then, just as Will began to once more fuck himself on the fingers, Jack pulled him out, and got off of Will. And then got off the bed. And then began to go across the room!!

"Jack..." Will hissed, stroking himself. He needed more, and he needed it now. "Jack... come back..."

After retrieving the lamp oil, the pirate turned to the delicious sight on the bed. Will Turner, bringing himself to previously unknown heights of pleasure, the pirate's name on his lips. Beautifully wanton, it was.

"I'm coming, luv. Don' ye worry, ol' Jack's 'ere."

At the sound of the voice, Will growled and thrust up into his palm fiercely.

Jack laughed, "Tsk, tsk... so impatient." He climbed onto the bed, and coated his weeping erection. The younger man watched with intent eyes, his own hand never leaving his cock.

As soon as he had finished lubricating himself, he removed the blacksmith's hand. Will began to violently protest.

"Shh, luv... No' ye'. Th' best 'as ye' t' come."

Rolling over, he made it so Will was once more straddling him.

"Now, careful, luv... I won' 'urt ye, bu' ye need t' go slow, savvy?"

Will nodded, and positioned himself over Jack's cock. Letting go a deep breath, and remembering how good the fingers had felt, he slowly lowered himself onto the pirate's manhood.

Jack had to use all his restraint to not come right then. He stroked the younger man's thighs, and murmured quiet endearments to him. Anything to calm the lad down.

After several agonizing minutes, with his hands firmly placed on the pirate's chest, Will lifted himself off of Jack's cock, before impaling himself once more. He bellowed as he went down, the firm steel of the older man's erection brushing his prostate. Oh, why had he not known about that before?

They set a leisurely pace, Jack letting Will do only what was comfortable for him.

"Gods, Will, yer a natural... so beautiful... Love you..."

Will whimpered, and Jack knew he was getting close. Bucking up, Jack prompted the lad to move faster. And Will did just that, rapidly pistoning himself on the pirate. The blacksmith's cock was dark and engorged, slapping the young man's stomach on every thrust. Jack took pity on the poor cock, and took it in hand.

This must be perfection, Jack mused. Will riding his cock like there was no tomorrow and Jack finishing him off with his hand. The only thing that could possibly make it better was the Black Pearl. But Jack would have her back tomorrow, and then he and Will could officially break in the Captain's cabin.

And that's what did him in-picturing Will Turner bent over the desk in his cabin on the Pearl, mewling in ecstasy as Jack pounded into him. He roared as he came, trusting a few final times, emptying himself deep inside the young man. Will came a moment later, splattering himself across Jack's chest.

Once he was finished, Will collapsed onto Jack, holding him close both inside and out. "I do love you, Jack."

"Mmm, me too. Love you."

"When is the Pearl coming for us?"


"Can we still do this then?"

"'Course. Why d'ye think I'm here? Crew got sick o' me pinin' over ye. Told me no' t' come back 'till I 'ad ye."

Will laughed, "Did they mean it so literally?"

"Not s' sure. But I don' know if I've 'ad ye fully yet..." Jack licked the shell of Will's ear, rolling his hips, making Will feel his refilling cock.

"Mmm... Pirate."

Jack smiled cheekily. "Luv ye too, William."


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