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Witch, by Hellborne  <the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com>
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble BetaGoddess!

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: Hey, life's gotten great! My son and I both have jobs now, and we're starting to get stuff out of pawn (like my big computer), so my muses and demons are partying and writing on a lot of stories. So...how do you like what they've come up with? Let me know, savvy?

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 17 – The Visitor

It only took a few minutes till there was a knock at the cabin door.


The door opened and a man walked in. Seeing Norrington, he stepped forward as James stood up, squeezing the wind out of the naval officer as the newcomer gave him a crushing hug. "Jamie! I knew you had to be the brains behind that little plan! So you've decided to join me in piracy?"

James smiled. "No. Actually, Captain Turner abducted me from my home.   But I'm so happy to see you Robert! I was afraid you would be dead by now."

Jack grinned. "You know, Commodore, if it weren't for dat stick up your arse, I couldn't tell you two apart. You even walk alike, dough I doubt dat would hold on land. By da way, hello Robert. Long time no see."

Robert took a good look at Jack. "Jack, nobody reported anything except that you were alive and safe. Did that cardinal do all this to you? You look like you're blind and lame, and why are you speaking without moving your mouth?"

"Yes, Robert. My foot is healing, but for now I'm stuck on deez crutches. Da son of a whore took my eyes and broke my jaw. Da good doctor here," he motioned at Tim, "wired my teet togedder so dat it'll heal. But we have him in da brig. We're waitin' till we drop off your brudder to take care of him. So do you still have dat brown algae on your face or have you gotten civilized about it?"

Robert laughed. "I still have it, Jack. Bushier and longer than ever."

Jack grinned. "So Robert. What brings you to da Pearl? Just wanted to see your brudder?"

"Well no, actually, though I did suspect he was here. I have a map that I was hoping you'd decipher for me...for a price, of course. But I see now that you can no longer do that."

"Sure I can. Describe it to me. If I can decipher it for you, we go halves as usual, savvy?"

"Of course."  Robert started to describe the map and the extra items on it.

"Daire's a bottle of rum near Nassau, right?"

Robert was surprised. "Yes, there is. How did you know?"

"I was first mate under Captain Reynolds when he hid da Sapphire.  Dat's da copy of da map dat I made for myself. Barbossa must have sold it."

"But why wouldn't he have gone after it himself?"

"Daire are so many cays and islands in dat area under da rum bottle dat it would take years to find it if you didn't know where to look."

"And you do?"

"O'course! But you may not want it, mate. It's a treasure of one magic sapphire. Dat's it. Your crew may not agree on who gets it. Dat's why Captain Reynolds hid it."

"And why did he not go back and get it later?"

Jack grinned. "Well...you see, his map `accidentally' got burned. I'm afraid I wasn't always as graceful as I am now. Da lantern I was reaching for spilled all over it, and it burned to a cinder. Da captain was radder angry wid me. I got Moses' Law for dat, followed by eight hours of kissin' da wooden lady. Da next time we made landfall, I took my shares and left."

"Hmm...you said it was magic. In what way?"

"Dat's anudder reason you don't want it. It makes everyone around you tell da complete troot."

"That sounds useful."

"Not when it does da same to you. We had a VERY quiet ship while dat bloody sapphire was on board. Nobody wants dat much honesty." He turned to James. "Not even you, Commodore."

James frowned. "Why not? I'm a very honest person."

"Yes, you are. But when I say da complete troot, I mean it. What is your answer to your fair Mrs. Commodore when she asks how she looks, never mind dat she's wearing brown burlap, ey?"

Norrington winced. "I see your point."

Jack turned back to Robert. "I'll lead you daire, and even get it for you for one hundred guineas. But I don't want any part o' dat stone, savvy? And no unnecessary talking after we get it. Dat's IF you still want it."

Robert thought it over. "I do have a use for it, so I'll accept your offer."

"Den we'll meet in Tortuga after I drop your brudder off in Port Royal. Agreed?" He extended his hand.

Robert took it. "Agreed."

Jack then invited Robert to eat "some of da best food in da Caribbean."

After eating and toasting the food, Raggetti, James, Jack, and the upcoming journey, Robert hugged his brother again and left.

* - * - *

"By means of counting meals, it's been three days already. What do you think you are going to do with me?" Cardinal Augustus watched as Jacob opened the cell, pistol in one hand, a dinner tray and the keys in the other.

"Oh, you'll die, Cardinal. Of that you can be sure. The main question is `HOW?'"

"You wouldn't dare."

"That was my father that you tortured. And I do not share your cowardly belief, so yes, I most certainly would `dare'." Jacob put the tray on the floor and stepped out. "I hope you enjoy your meal, for tonight I shall start your `penance', as you would put it."

"And that would be?"

"Is it not your book that dictates punishment as `an eye for an eye'? That which you have done with my father I shall personally do to you. I do hope you live through it long enough for you to atone for your `sins'."

"How do you, a heathen, know what is in the Bible?"

"There was a missionary who came to my village and taught us English. When we realized what he was really trying to do, we chased him away before he could taint us further. But I did learn what was in his book. Justice shall be done this night by my hand, and you shall repent your evil deeds against my father.

The Cardinal took the tray from the floor, sat on the bench at the back of the cell and ate his food in silence. /I'm a Cardinal in the service of His Holiness the Pope. These superstitious imbeciles wouldn't dare harm me./ He finished and placed the tray outside the cell through the bars.

A man climbed down the ladder and stopped in front of the cell, a sword at his side and pistol in his belt. His bearing was that of an aristocrat.

"What is your name friend? Are you one of the Faithful?"

"My name is James Norrington, and I am a member in good standing of the Church of England. You sir, are supposed to be a Man of the Cloth; a pacifist, not a man who takes pleasure in the pain and death of others."

"I am a Cardinal in the service of His Holiness, the Pope. You don't dare harm me."

Norrington smiled. "Me? Harm you? No. But there are those on this ship that wish you to suffer unnecessarily. I would not wish such tortures even to you. Thus, I shall give you a choice. Would you prefer the sword or the pistol?"

"I would prefer to live."

"I'm afraid that is not an option, and I'm sure that Jacob Sparrow will be down shortly to torture you. So make your decision, as I cannot stand by and allow that torture to happen, yet I cannot allow you to leave this ship alive."

"Leave me. That savage cannot not harm me."

"He is no savage, sir, but he most certainly can and will harm you greatly should you be alive when he comes down that ladder." He took out and cocked his pistol. "As you will not submit to the sword and I have no key to your cell, you leave me no choice."

The sound of the hatch opening interrupted them. James took aim and fired, hitting the cardinal in the eye, killing him instantly.  Footsteps running quickly down the ladder made him look around. Jacob looked at the cardinal, then at James with eyes made of stone. "You had no right. He was mine."

"Your father did not wish him tortured. He requested that I come down here and end the pain that he bore for having the cardinal in the brig."

Jacob pulled and cocked his pistol. "You're empty." He waved the pistol up the ladder. "Up. To my father, if you please." Norrington obliged, followed by Jacob.

As they reached Jack, the pirate faced Norrington. "Is he dead? I heard your shot."

"Yes, Captain Sparrow. Your son is not happy about it."


"Yes, father."

"The Commodore followed my request, nothing more. I didn't want to bring the gods' anger down on you for torturing a holy man, Jacob...no matter how evil that holy man was."

Jacob carefully uncocked his pistol and put it away. "I apologize, Commodore. Father, forgive me. I had only wanted to extract justice from him before he died."

"I know. I just wanted him dead. Now please go and toss him off my ship. He's been a pain in my leg since he was brought onboard."

"You didn't visit him once."

"I didn't have to. I recognized his stench from the helm."

"Yes, father."

Jacob and James left together to do his bidding as Jack adjusted the wheel to account for a slight wind change.

* - * - *


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