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Witch, by Hellborne <the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com>
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no
prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and
her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: Hey, life's gotten better, so a couple of my muses and demons
came out to play with each other.  How about hitting that REVIEW
button and let me know how I'm doing, eh?

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 15 – A Rescue

Jack had been nailed to the cross, his swag leg hanging free. His head hung limp, but Will thought he could see faint breathing. His body was a mass of blood, and there seemed to be something in front of his face, but he couldn't make out what it was.

Immediately, Will ordered the yellow and blue flag raised, the signal to stand down for further orders. He was glad that Norrington had suggested they create one. Jamie slid down the ratline to the deck. "My God! What kind of monster is this cardinal?!"

"Jamie, I'm at a loss. If we try to rescue Jack, they could drop that rig and kill him. What CAN we do?"

A rather timid voice spoke. "Captain Turner? If you don't mind me interrupting..." It was Dr. Abernathy.

"Please, Tim. Go on."

"Well, I stayed in that cathedral for over six months as you may remember. I know the catacombs inside and out. If three men come with me, I believe we can save Captain Sparrow, if he hasn't lost too much blood."

"Is there a way in that will allow the men to carry loads with them?"

"Yes. The hallways I'm thinking of are quite wide, not well lit and seldom traveled. They're generally used only for dragging or wheeling heavy objects from one area of the dungeons to another. So yes, there shouldn't be a problem bringing something with them."

"Good. Then I have an idea."

"Just make sure that the men and the items remain quiet."

* - * - *

Shortly thereafter, Tim, Will, Jamie and Jacob stealthily felt their way along a pitch black corridor, laden down with sacks of bombs of Will's design except for Will himself, who was armed with a dagger and a sword.

As they crept along, Abernathy would lightly touch a number of fingers to Will's arm, and Will would slink to the fore and slit that many guards' throats. Finally, they saw a light at the end of the passageway. As they reached it and slit the throats of the two guards, they found the cross Jack was nailed to hanging just below their level, suspended by ropes from the top of the cliff, Jack was unconscious but definitely breathing in erratic heaves.

They dragged the cross into the corridor and Will cut through the spikes pinning Jack with ferriers' nippers, severing the ropes binding his arms to the cross beam with his dagger. They noticed an elaborate metal gag, an implement of torture, sticking out of Jack's mouth, which Dr. Abernathy recognized even in the dim light. He began twisting the center of it to remove it, gently holding Jack's jaw steady as he went. Blood dripped from his mouth, his nose, and his eyes. Once the horrid device was removed, Norrington carefully lifted Jack and draped him across his shoulders, adjusted the weight and set a fast but smooth pace back the way they had come, trying not to do further damage as he walked.

Will and Jacob started setting the bombs Will had created for the attack as Tim and Jamie made their way through the corridor as quickly and stealthily as they could, carrying Jack. They had just cleared the entrance they'd used on the way in when a great explosion shook the cliff; smoke and debris blowing out of the area they'd recently left.

The reactions were immediate. All of the ships in the pirate fleet commenced firing, aiming their guns at the cathedral high on the promontory; several landing parties were sent ashore to attack anything that moved. The cannons from the cathedral thundered back at the pirates, many of the seventy-two pound cannonballs hitting their marks, sending pirate sloops and schooners, strategically placed as targets by Norrington, to the bottom with one shot. A few of the betrayed and scuttled pirates made it off their sinking ships and climbed aboard other ships. As they were taken on board the Pearl, those from the more bloodthirsty crews were put directly into the brig. They counted themselves fortunate at that, for on some of the other ships, they were killed outright; the captains, like ill, believing the cruel and sadistic deeds of these pirates had gone too far in the name of piracy, pirate justice being swift and final.

When the Cardinal's ships arrived, they were fairly mopped up by sheer numbers of the sloops that sailed in fast and boarded, killing all hands and retaining the ships as part of the pirate fleet. Not one man of the Cardinal's fleet survived the onslaught.

As the battle continued, volunteers from the Pearl swam with ropes to several of the other pirate ships and tied off their rudders so that the ships couldn't maneuver, tying anchor chains together in such a way that it would prevent the movement those ships. The pirates' guns prevailed at last, finally overpowering the cathedral's cannons.

The city was quickly and thoroughly sacked; anyone foolish enough to be found in a uniform was cut down without mercy.

Explosions continued to rattle the cathedral from within and without.  Will and Jacob had yet to emerge when a huge explosion quite suddenly took out close to half the cliff side. When the dust and smoke cleared, the cathedral was gone.

Jamie got Jack safely into the captain's cabin and leaving Dr. Abernathy to do what he could for him, he lost no time getting back to the cliff side entrance of the catacombs.

As Jamie arrived at the cave, Will strode out, his face a mask of fury, bloody from the killing he'd done, and dragging an unconscious cardinal none too gently.

"Jacob's still in there. He blew up the ordinance magazines. Take this garbage to the brig." He dropped the cardinal and ran back in. Several minutes later, he emerged burdened with an unconscious Jacob, carried him aboard the Pearl and into the captain's cabin, laying him beside Jack on the bed.

Jack looked horrible to say the least. His right foot, now back in its corset, was swollen to three times its normal size. His torso was a mass of short, wide cuts that Dr. Abernathy was currently stitching and dressing. A scarf tied around his head and under his chin held his jaw shut. But the worst of the damage as far as Will could see was a thick bandage covering Jack's eyes. "Doctor, how is Jack? Will he live?"

"He's lost a significant amount of blood, and is still bleeding quite a bit. I'm getting that fixed as fast as I can. They wedged an invasive gag, an agony pear in his mouth, so there's damage to the back of his throat, plus it broke his jaw. They used the same hooked cat on him that they did before; that or its twin. His arms and right leg were dislocated; I've taken care of that already. His right foot will be fine now that it's back in its bindings. I've stitched the wounds where they drove the spikes through; they don't bother him once they heal, I shouldn't think. But...they gouged his eyes out.  He'll never see again. Everything else will heal with time." He looked at Will intently. "What do you want me to do?"

"Heal him, Doctor. I don't want to lose my father so soon after finding him." Jacob struggled to sit up, but fell down immediately. "Gods my back hurts!"

Dr. Abernathy looked over at Jacob for only a moment as he finished dressing the cuts on Jack's torso. "You'll be fine. The fact that you were able to sit part way up before falling down tells me that nothing is broken."

Will was numb. /Jack, blind?/ He didn't think Jack would want to live on shore, even if his every need were taken care of. In fact, he knew quite well that Jack would resent ANY help. "Doctor, I don't think he'd want to live blind, but I can't make that decision for him. I'd want to talk to him first. When he comes to, will he be able to communicate? I mean...you have his hands bandaged, and his jaw is broken."

"He should be able to communicate just fine. I'll be wiring his mouth shut directly, but first I want to stitch the damage in his throat and remove the gold teeth so that he can eat."

"How long before he wakes up?"

"I don't know. Usually at this point I would say he's dead already and his body just hasn't figured it out yet. But in Captain Sparrow's case, he's stubborn enough that I just can't tell."

"Well...do what you can."

Jacob managed to sit up. "Captain Turner, may I stay here till he wakes?"

Will shrugged. "Sure. I'd thought you would rather be on your own ship, but I can always rig up a hammock again."

* - * - *

Jack didn't wake for a whole week and Will was reconsidering his decision. After Jack had been drugged and delusional for the following week, he was almost certain. He didn't want Jack to feel helpless. Will sat on the foredeck railing mentally arguing with himself well into the night.

When Will walked into the cabin the following morning, he saw Jacob sitting up in the bed watching Jack. "You know, sleeping so peacefully like this, I can understand why my mother wanted him."

Will smiled. "Yes, your father is a good man, though his face usually does show it best when he's asleep."

They both looked at Jack, whose face suddenly contorted into a mask of pure agony. He groaned loudly; almost a scream.

He sat up and groaned again, his bandaged hands reaching wildly in all directions. One arm hit Jacob, then his hand made contact, feeling the boy's chest using his fingertips.

Jacob sat very still as Jack's hands moved up his chest to his face. "Hello father."

Jack jerked back, collapsing in pain, moaning. Will leaned in and took Jack in his arms. "It's me, Jack. Dr. Abernathy did everything he could. The andages are all coming off in the morning, but your jaw was broken, so Tim has it wired closed until it heals." Will paused, taking a deep breath. "I don't know how you'll take this. Jack, you're blind."

Jack nodded, a small keening sound escaping him for a short moment. He remembered everything they did to him this time. He remembered the cat with its hooked ends. He remembered his tormentors tying his hands behind him, hoisting him up by a rope and dropping him, dislocating his arms and heavy right leg. He remembered the horrible cracking sound amplified in his head and the corresponding pain intensifying as the agony pear expanded in his mouth, breaking his jaw. And he remembered his last sight before they gouged out his eyes: the cardinal seeming beside himself with glee; his laughter echoing in Jack's head as the pain sent him into blessed unconsciousness. He remembered waking to the excruciating pain of something sharp being driven through his hand, pinning him to something, then repeated with the other. They put his legs into a bent position and tried to drive something through his feet, but the gold in the right leg stopped them. After several tries, they gave up on the right leg and drove the sharp object through his left.

Jack spoke slowly through his wired teeth; his voice graveled and rough, almost a whisper. "I remember what they did to me. How did you free me?"

Will shuddered slightly. "Dr. Abernathy led me, Norrington, and Jacob to where you were. Jamie carried you out while I went for the cardinal and Jacob created a diversion by sending up their magazine. You've been out or delirious for two weeks."

Jack tipped his head. "Did you get da cardinal?"

"I got him, Jack. He's in the brig. I was waiting for you to wake up before I decided what to do with him."

"Kill him."

"I thought you might wish to do that personally."

"I don't want to even hear his voice. I don't want him doing dis to anyone else. So just kill him."

"May I kill him?" Jacob's eyes were hard.

Will looked at Jacob and smiled. "Yes. I believe that'll work."

Jack poked Jacob in the chest. "Get off of my ship!"

"Actually, father, I gave the ship to the crew after having my shares transferred here. You'll be happy to know that they renamed her the Bonnie Triton."

"Anything but what it was. So...how long can you tread water?"

Will frowned. "Jack! Jacob saved your life! If it hadn't been for him setting off the magazines, we'd have been caught by the cardinal and not the other way around. We are NOT putting Jacob off this ship!"

Jack harrumphed, lying back down and curling into a ball. "Get Doc."

Jacob crawled out of the bed to get Dr. Abernathy.

"Doc, remove bandages now."

Tim took one of Jack's hands and unwrapped it. The wound was healing nicely, so he removed the stitches. Once all of the bandages and stitches were removed except for the bandages on his eyes, Jack brought his hands up to his own face, feeling the bandages still there. "Deez too."

"I thought you might wish to leave that one on until we can get you some glass replacements."

"Don't want `em."

Will stirred uncomfortably. "But Jack, you'd at least LOOK fairly normal."

"Does Raggetti look normal? He looks better widout it if you ask me."  He reached up to the bandages and pulled them off, making sure his eyes were closed. "Will, get me a scarf for my head."

Will brought over a long scarf and handed it to Jack, who promptly put it on the way he always wore it, then pulled it down to cover his eyes. "Daire. I'm fine. Tanks, Tim. Oh, doc, can I walk?"

"With crutches, yes. But you may still have some pain in your hands and your left foot."

"I'll take my chances." He sat up and swung his feet off the bed. "Cloads."

Will was confused for only a moment before he handed Jack his clothes.

"Tank you." He felt along the shirt till he found the neckline and made sure it would go on facing the right way, then pulled it on. He did the same with the breeches, making sure the buttons were lined up correctly. Will handed him his crutches, and Jack stood up slowly, wincing but staying upright. He crutched to the cabin door with no trouble, threw it open and left, slamming the cabin door behind him.

Will started to go after him, but Tim stopped him. "He's adjusting quite well. Far better than I expected."

Resigned, Will smiled sadly and nodded.

* - * - *


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