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Witch, by Hellborne  <the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com>
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no
prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and
her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: Hey, life's gotten better, so a couple of my muses and demons
came out to play with each other.  How about hitting that REVIEW
button and let me know how I'm doing, eh?

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 14 – Armada

The fleet broke into three groups as planned: a group of forty ships including one of the men-of-war left for Cartagena to attack three Spanish men-of-war they'd received news about; ninety ships of various sizes headed off to Havana to keep the fleet located there busy. The other ships all sailed serenely toward Guadalupe, long boats traveling between the ships conveying messages.

Two days out from Tortuga, the longboats were coming over to the Pearl from so many ships that they gave up announcing them.  Norrington kept watch in the crow's nest during the day, passing various notes back and forth with Will via Mr. Cotton's parrot. And somehow, no fights had broken out between the various pirate ships.

That evening, Will dragged himself into his cabin to find no lanterns lit. He figured that Jack was having more problems with his leg and went to sleep early, so he undressed quietly, walked over to the bed, and crawled in from the foot of the bed. He draped his arm over Jack –  no Jack. He sat up quickly and lit a lantern. The bed's condition evidenced a struggle, and one of the rear cabin windows was open. A closer look revealed a rope hanging out of the window. Then he noticed a puddle of blood on the floor trailing to the window. He raced to the interior door and opened it unannounced. Dr. Abernathy was handing Jamie some aloe leaves to smear on his sunburned skin. "Doctor, did you hear any noises from this cabin today?"

Tim noticed that Will was naked, but also noticed the worried look on his face. "No, but then again, I was visiting with various crew members regarding their wounds from the battle in Tortuga."

"Commodore, did you see or hear anything today regarding my cabin?"

Jamie thought for a moment. "Only the usual. The cook delivered Sparrow's meals at the usual times. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Why?"

"Jack is missing, and there are signs of a struggle."

Norrington pushed past Will and lit some more lanterns, looking around the cabin. He walked back to Will with a bloody dagger. "This appears to be a Turner blade."

Will glanced at it. "Yes. That's Jack's dagger. I only hope it's not Jack's blood." Will went into his cabin, dressed quickly, and called an all hands. "I need sixteen volunteers. Jack is missing, so I need people to go to all the nearby ships to see if they saw anything. He was taken out the stern, and he's probably wounded. Who volunteers?" Many hands rose, and Will chose sixteen at random. "Tell the captains of the surrounding ships what happened, and tell them there's a thousand guinea reward to the man who brings Jack back alive. Bring back anyone who says they saw anything." The boats were lowered and the men climbed down and cast off.

Word went through the entire fleet by the next evening, but nobody seemed to have seen anything. At the end of the day, however, a black frigate pulled along side and a familiar figure swung aboard. "Permission to come aboard, Captain Turner!"

"Hello Jacob. I take it you have information about your father?"

"I'm not rightly sure, but I believe so. The ship that was sailing just aft and starboard of me slipped away last night. I did a little checking around, and several captains saw it in the Pearl's vicinity. It has since vanished. I can't prove it, but I believe my father was abducted by the Green Dragon."

* - * - *

Jack groaned. He could feel that his foot had been released from the corset.

"Ah, you're awake."

Jack opened his eyes and looked around. He was naked on the floor in a brig, and there were bandages covering his lower abdomen. "Where am I?"

Captain Landon Trells smiled. "For now, you are my guest on the Green Dragon. However, by tomorrow night, you will be handed over to Cardinal Fernando and I shall be a wealthy man."

"That's fine for you, Landon, but what about me?"

"That's between you and the cardinal, Jack. Personally, it gives me less competition. So make yourself comfortable, mate. It's the last comfort you're going to have." Landon left, taking the only lantern, leaving Jack in darkness, his right foot throbbing and a pain in his side.

* - * - *

"Get up, witch."

Jack rolled over, sat up and groaned. His side still hurt, and his foot was worse; its size having almost doubled. He tried to stand but fell onto his side. "Sorry, Cardinal. Thanks to my last little visit to your humble church, I can't stand. And I'll not admit to what I'm not, so don't expect any kind of confession from me, either."

The cardinal smiled. The smile gave Jack chills. "Oh, I don't expect one. You are destined for hell, and I'm going to send you there." He signaled his men as the Captain Trells opened the cell door. "Bring him! And make sure he stays silent!"

* - * - *

While the Green Dragon was the only ship to leave the fleet, thirty-two more pirate ships were added to the armada. Will was stunned; he didn't think there were any more pirates in the area. As they reached Guadelupe, half of the ships sailed portside around the island, sacking any settlements they found. The other half turned to starboard, circling the island that way, likewise sacking settlements as they found them. As they reached the cliff face with the cathedral atop it, Will and Anamaria screamed. Will grabbed the spyglass and looked through it. He wasn't dreaming. There, about three quarters of the way up the side of the cliff, nailed to a cross in almost a classic crucifixion, was Jack Sparrow.

* - * - *


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