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Witch, by Hellborne
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no
prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and
her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: Please let me know what you think, savvy?

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 13 – Debauchment

Dr. Abernathy's breath caught in his throat. He remembered the
previous evening, albeit vaguely—though it was so hazy that he'd
thought that he'd dreamt it. But there was Captain Sparrow, leering,
looking like it really happened. He tentatively stepped
forward. "Captain?"

"Never between lovers. I'm Jack, luv."

"Jack, I'm sorry for—"

Jack's eyes twinkled as he grinned broadly. "For fallin' on me foot?
I forgive ye." The grin melted into a heartfelt smile. "But I thought
you'd already made up for that by your amorous exploits last night.
It certainly made me forget any pain I'd felt."

"No…I mean…I'm sorry for—"

Jack looked at him sternly. "Be sorry for nothin', good Dr. Tim. Take
what ye can, and give nothin' back. That's part of the Code." His
face softened. "Tim, you are an affectionate, loving man with so much
pent up, frustrated energy in your loins that it pains me to watch
you try to hide it. Now come over here so that I can get rid of some
more of that frustration before you explode." He leaned forward
enough to grab Tim and pull him to the bed. Tim stood there, not
knowing what to do, so Jack started undressing him, tossing his
clothes across the room to land on the table.

Tim blushed redder with every garment. "Cap—er—Jack…I've never done
this before. Or at least before last night."

"Could have fooled me, love. Have you at least been with a lady?"

"Never. It would have been a sin."

"I see. So I was your first, then? I feel honored." Tim helped Jack
remove the breeches. Jack pulled him in by the waist, watching his
flaccid manhood as it came closer, and breathed in the aroma that was
Tim. He leaned down and swiftly, without warning engulfed Tim's
member and sac into his mouth and ran his tongue along the base while
gently humming his favorite song. Tim moaned and almost doubled over
from the pleasure. His organ began to come alive, and very soon, Jack
had to choose which part to keep in his mouth. He moved his mouth up
slightly, allowing Tim's sac to spill out of his mouth, letting the
rapidly expanding manhood fill his mouth and extend way down his
throat. He bobbed his head slowly, savoring Tim's taste and texture;
the doctor almost losing his footing as his knees grew weak.

Jack chuckled, pulling off of Tim's growing manhood. "Perhaps you
should join me in the bed before I have to join you on the floor."
Tim climbed over Jack into the huge bed, and Jack quickly moved back
to Tim's now throbbing member, looked at the sheer size of it and
smiled broadly, his eyes twinkling. "Love, denying such perfection to
the world is a sin in and of itself." Touching a gentle kiss on the
tip, Jack let his tongue caress the crown, pulling back the foreskin
to give himself access.

Tim looked down to watch Jack and whimpered in pleasure. "Jack, tell
me what to do. I want to bring you pleasure too."

"Just lie there, Tim. I'll let ye know if I need something." He took
the massive thirteen-inch organ in both hands and started massaging
up and down its length. Then he tried to swallow the whole member
down his throat. He started choking a little after eleven inches and
pulled off again, his eyes huge and watering. "Tim, you're just too
much man for now. I'm going to need to practice for ye, love. And
that's a compliment from me." He reached under the mattress and
pulled out a small bottle of oil. "Tim, you've set me a challenge
just from your sheer size. I MUST somehow fit all of ye inside me
somehow. Now, I need ye ta help ol' Jack with this." Being very
gentle with his healing foot, placed a pillow on the bed by his hip,
and rolled onto it. "I need ye to reposition me so that you know my
foot won't get worse, yet lift my arse high enough to push yourself
inside me."

Tim looked horrified. "But that will hurt you!"

"No, Tim. My need t'have ye inside me gives me quite an ache, and
only by embedding your lovely self into me to the hilt will alleviate
that pain. Here...oil yourself up good and let's have a go, eh?
You're torturin' me by NOT doin' it!" Tim took a deep breath and
opened the bottle. He applied it to his entire length lavishly and
pressed the huge crown to Jack's rear entrance, pushing slightly.
Jack concentrated on relaxing his muscles completely. Once he was
sure he was ready, he let out a deep breath. "Push hard, Tim." Tim
obliged, and as the head pushed past the little ring of muscle, Jack
grunted, trying not to scream. The wonderfully tight feeling on Tim's
organ made him moan and push harder, wanting to bury himself into
Jack, his girth so huge in girth as he passed Jack's sweet spot, he
rubbed hard against it. Jack shrieked, seeing white. Tim suddenly
slammed eleven of his thirteen inches into him. "More! Just a little
more, Tim! Gods you've a gift! Now push again. I want to feel you
against me."

Tim inched in slowly until he felt the head of his length pressing
against a wall. He changed his position slightly, finding a more
comfortable angle, and pushed the rest of the way in. As he rested
against Jack's backside, Jack drew in a deep breath and let it out
slowly, tears in his eyes. He felt like he'd been spit by a yardarm,
and the pain was, for the first time in many years, more than the
pleasure. He consciously relaxed his muscles again, not realizing
that he'd tightened them as Tim had pushed in completely.

Jack put his hand on his gut, amazed that he could feel Tim's manhood
sheathed deep in his body.  He massaged the huge fullness that was
Tim's shaft, rippling his gut like a belly dancer. The pain was
turning into a delicious ache that he REALLY didn't want Tim to
stop. "Tim, relax where you are. Let's see what I can do." His own
hot member, trapped between his belly and the pillow begged for
release. Jack fought for control, continuing the delicious massaging
of Tim's incredible cock working so deep into his own heat with his
hand and his belly muscles.

Tim bent forward onto Jack's back and kissed his neck right behind
the ear.

That was all it took. Jack started cumming hard, screaming Tim's name
and clawing at the bed. His muscles all contracted hard at once,
turning the sheath around Tim's member into a moving vice, milking
the hot seed out of Tim's organ deep into Jack's body.

They lay there, basking in the afterglow, Tim's member still deep
inside of Jack. Jack put a hand up and tugged on Tim's neck. "Tim,
you are a right fine pirate," he breathed.


"Ye plundered me completely."

Tim moved up onto his arms. We should reposition for your foot."

"I'm fine, Tim. Just lie down as you were and rest. I like the feel
of ye inside me."

"But Jack, I'm sure I hurt you."

"Now see here, Tim. There's hurt and then there's hurt, if you take
my meanin'. That pain that you gave me gave much more pleasure than
pain. In fact, later I believe I'll show you just what I mean. But
for now, just suffice it to say that you made me feel very good
today. So now, Tim, lay back down and we can rest together."

* - * - *

Jack woke as Tim moved off him, his manhood slipping free of Jack's
entrance. Jack rolled off of the pillow to discover just how much he
enjoyed Tim. The pillow and his belly were so loaded with Jack's seed
that he had to have spilled two or three times at once. /Yes, Tim.
You are truly a man of reckoning./  Tim dressed quickly and left
through the door connecting the two cabins, blushing.

Will strode in grinning as he saw Jack wiping off his seed.  "Looks
like you enjoyed yourself several times."

"Whelp, this was from a single tumble with Tim.  That man is gifted. 
You always bragged about me bein' able to swallow a yardarm.  Well,
Dr. Tim was too much for me.  He was almost too much for my arse!  So
how's the fleet doin'?"

"I want to bring Norrington out for a look."  Will went to the door
between the cabins and knocked.

Norrington came to the door, wearing Will's clothes wigless and
unshaven.  His hair was tied back in a single herringbone
braid.  "Yes?  I'm afraid the doctor is asleep."

"Commodore, could you see your way clear to stand watch in the crow's
nest?  I'd like you to observe what is happening and give me your
advice first hand.  If it pleases you, that is."

Norrington grinned.  "Of course.  It's been a while, but I believe I
can find my way up the ratlines."

Jack looked him up and down.  "Commodore, that braid looks a lot like
your wigs.  Obviously naval at the least.  Will, get our guest a
clean scarf."  He looked back at Norrington.  "And you might consider
goin' barefoot.  No commodore of his majesty's navy would EVER do
THAT, and maybe those cutthroats out there will discount any
resemblance between our guest and their enemy...though you look
familiar, mate, even so...I just can't quite place it."

Norrington removed his shoes and stockings and tossed them into the
cabin behind him, then took the scarf that Will had gotten for him. 
After undoing the braid he tied the scarf rakishly around his head,
and leaned comfortably against the door jam, his legs and arms
crossed, glaring at them, his expression somewhere between sardonic
and smirk.

Jack applauded, grinning like a Cheshire cat.  "So you DO take that
yardarm out yer arse once in a while!  My dear Commodore, you look
positively RELAXED!"  Something tickled his brain.  "I swear you look
like someone...but that's impossible."

Norrington smiled.  "Indeed.  Yes, Sparrow.  I endeavor to relax
whenever possible."

Will realized something.  "Commodore, no disrespect intended, but we
can't call you Commodore Norrington on deck or in front of the
fleet.  What would you prefer to be called?"

"My given name is James."

Jack snorted.  "Too highbrow for a pirate, mate.  Jamie's good, or
Jim.  So which'll it be?"  He grinned.

"Jamie is acceptable, it is what my brother called me.  Will, do you
have any kind of roster of pirate captains by any chance?"

"Yes, they all signed a fleet's articles, so to speak.  Names, ships,
number of guns and crew, just about anything that may be useful."  He
went to the desk and pulled out a ledger.  "Here it is."

Norrington took the book, skimming through it.  About half way
through, he stopped, looking intently at the page, his mouth open in
surprise.  "Hmm...Sixteen gun frigate, a hundred fifty-two men. 

Jack's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked over at him.  "There's got
to be close to a hundred frigates with those specifications, Jamie. 
What's so special about that one?"

"Captain Sparrow, have you ever heard of a pirate by the name of
Robert Norris?"

Jack smiled inwardly at Norrington's use of his title. "Aye.  I've
had drinks with him a few times.  Even got together for mutual profit
once.  Why?  You readin' about him?  He had an eight gun sloop when I
knew him."

"Exactly.  And now he has doubled his abilities.  He's done rather
well for himself, actually. I'm quite surprised, as I thought he
would be dead by now."

Jack looked at him suspiciously, half a grin on his face.  "Jamie, I
remember Norris, and you just reminded me of some particulars.  I
remember his voice was very much like yours, and if you could see
through that beard of his, he had those same green eyes you have. 
Lookin' at you, I'd swear you were him, now that I think about it. 
Is there something you're not telling us, Jamie-luv?"

Jamie put the ledger inside his shirt before he fixed his gaze on
Jack, and explained in a low but neutral voice, "Yes, Jack.  Robert
Norris is indeed, my brother.  The family looks as him as dead.  Are
you happy?"  He looked upset.

/And how do you feel about that Jamie?/  Their eyes locked, intensely
focused.  "More than brother mate.  It must be nigh on impossible
tryin' t'hunt down your own twin."


* - * - *


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