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Witch, by Hellborne
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no
prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and
her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: I live for reviews. Without reviews, the muses go out

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 12 – Discovery

It was well past midnight when Will returned to the Pearl. The lights
in the cabin were out, so he entered silently, using his memory of
the room to quietly deposit his clothes on the table and make his way
over to the bed. As he started to crawl over Jack, a hand rose to his
chest to stop him. "Careful lad. You're going to have to crawl way
over or ye'll land on the good doctor." Jack lit a lamp. A naked
Timothy Abernathy was sound asleep, attached to Jack like a starfish
to a small rock.

"Jack, why is Dr. Abernathy in our bed? I thought he didn't exactly

"My thoughts as well, lad. But that's not the real problem. I found
out why the good doctor has been givin' me such strong laudanum. He's
been makin' it himself out of his own provisions. What we have here,
dear William, is a man who chases the dragon. He was so far gone when
he came in to look at me foot tonight that he fair collapsed on it."

"What did you do?"

"Well, after I stopped screamin'…" Jack grinned. "I got him off me
foot, trussed it up meself, and helped him into the bed wherein he
started examinin' OTHER parts of me body. So I decided to do some
examinin' of me own, and by the time our Dr. Tim started to think
somethin' was amiss, he'd already shot his cannon, so to speak. Found
he liked it, so he stayed. We're going to have to release him from
the dragon, lad. I'm sure that's how he managed to get accused of
bein' a witch. Gave the poor lot the wrong herb and didn't know it
I'll wager. Do try not to wake him as you crawl over." He chuckled
softly. "He may try to play squid with you, and when the dragon's got
hold of him, he's quite a handful."

Will circled to the foot of the bed and crawled in, being careful not
to wake the doctor and went to sleep. The fleet was going to be
moving at dawn, so he knew he wouldn't have much sleep as it was.

* - * - *

At the loud knock at the door, the three men in the huge bed all sat
up abruptly, wiping their eyes. Will crawled out of bed to answer it,
not bothering to dress first.

It was Mr. Gibbs. "Beggin' your pardon, Captain…er…Commodore Turner.
But you told me to wake you half an hour before dawn."

Will smiled, pushing his long, disorganized curls back with one
hand. "That I did, Mr. Gibbs. Thank you." He walked back to the bed,
lighting lamps all along the way.

Dr. Abernathy was growing redder with embarrassment by the second.
>From what Will could tell, Tim didn't realize why he was in the
captain's bed.

Will grinned. "Good morning, Tim. How was your sleep?"

Tim started to get rather flustered. "Um…I'm not quite sure, really.
Captain? What am I doing in your bed? And why am I completely
disrobed in here?"

Jack laughed. "Well, Dr. Tim. You came in here last night while Will
was out apparently tryin' t'find out what kind of `love' ye could get
in here. I daresay ye gave as good as ye got." He suddenly became
very serious. "Luv, we need to do something about that dragon you're
chasing. A doctor needs his full senses more than anyone else I can
think of. And you don't have them."

What was left of Dr. Abernathy's demeanor collapsed. He seemed a
ghost of his usual self, his voice barely a whisper. "I've tried."

Jack looked at him sympathetically. "Doctor. Did you even know how
strong you made the laudanum that you gave me? If I hadn't been
taking the tiny sips that I had, I'd be chasing it with you. Now, I
want you to go into your cabin with Will and bring back every bit of
opium and laudanum that you have. I'll watch it for you. As of now,
YOU, my dear doctor, are dry. Permanently. Without the opium, you are
the greatest churgeon I've ever heard tell about, and I can tell that
my leg is going to be fine thanks to you. But doctor, last night, had
you been operating on my foot instead of just checking up on it, I'd
be sitting here with one leg. Or worse, with none. I can imagine that
you'd cut off the wrong one in the condition you were in last night.
Dr. Tim, I'm not trying to be hard on you. Every man has his
failings, even me, and very few are proud of having them. But as a
doctor, you HAVE to be at your best whenever we might need you, and
on a pirate ship, that's at all times. I'll give you some of my best
rum if you want, but no more opium. And if you give me the recipe for
the laudanum, I'll make it myself, and won't have to worry about
getting too much in a tiny sip." He took the shaken doctor in his
arms, hugging him and rubbing circles on his back. "We need you HERE,
Tim. Please stay with us and not go chasing the dragon." He lightly
kissed Tim's forehead. "Now go with Will and get all the opium in

Will helped Dr. Abernathy out of the bed. They both dressed and went
into the other cabin. Several minutes later, they brought in several
armloads of large jars. Will seemed worried. "Jack, I think we over-
purchased opium in Tortuga." He went back for more. All told, there
were twenty large jars of opium placed on the table, along with
twelve bottles of laudanum. Dr. Abernathy also brought in four pots
with plants growing in them. Will finally came back in. "That's it."
He nodded at Jack and left for the helm.

Dr. Abernathy finally checked Jack's foot. "Captain, at this point,
all your foot will need is exercise and time to completely heal. It's
up to you now. My job is done, so you don't have to put up with my
antics anymore."

Jack leaned forward and drew the doctor close. "Doctor, your job is
far from done. I don't know when to take this confounded corset off
of me foot. And with the upcoming battle, you're going to see more
action than I will. Now don't even think that I'm letting you off the
Pearl. I wasn't lyin' when I said you were the best churgeon I've
heard of, and I mean to keep you, dragon or no. I just don't want you
accidentally killing someone by giving them the wrong medicine or too
much of the right one. Savvy?"

Tim smiled sheepishly. "Yes, I `savvy.' And it IS nice to find
someone who knows about my problem and doesn't want to kill or
abandon me because of it."

Jack grinned. "Dr. Tim, you're among pirates now. If we only took on
people who didn't have `problems,' the Pearl would indeed be a `ghost
ship.' We all have our own dragons." He showed him the pirate brand
on his wrist. "If that navy man in there gets me in HIS jurisdiction,
this is my permanent ticket to a neck-stretchin' party with me bein'
the man of honor."

"Indeed." Norrington stood at the door between the cabins. "And I
suppose the brand is there by mistake?"

Tim stood back, embarrassed. Jack grinned. "Oh, no Commodore. They
branded me o'purpose. But there are pirates and then there are
PIRATES, if you take my meaning. I mean…if you just look at this
fleet, you can tell that there are many grades of pirates. I'm a
pirate, sure. But I'm not bloodthirsty. I don't go killin' for sport,
nor even in order to relieve someone of their swag. I only kill in
defense of my body or my crew's, with very few exceptions, and it
hurts me to do it each and every time, as I do prize life. And not
only my own life, either. In fact, Commodore, should someone in the
fleet learn that you're here, you'll learn that I DO prize the lives
of those on my ship enough to defend even YOU. Now, some of the other
captains…they prize only their own lives and the booty they plunder,
and should even a member of the crew do something they don't approve
of, they torture or kill them. They run their ships with an iron
fist. I run my ship with Will more like a family, though Will and I
are the heads of that family. Many of those pirates out there will
take a man or woman by force. If any man or woman in my crew does
that and word gets back to me, they'll have Will and me BOTH to
contend with, and I doubt they'll want to try it again, even if they
were still on my crew afterwards."

"Captain, I have yet to see that difference with my own eyes."

"What about your own ears, Commodore? When they read my little
indiscretions when I was standing on the gallows, do you recall
anything of rape or murder in that list?"

"No, admittedly not."

"No. And you won't ever find it in any list of things I've ever done.
I've killed men, yes. But never in cold blood, and only when there
was no other way out."

Norrington stood in the doorway in a quandary. He couldn't quite
bring himself to reconcile the terms "pirate" and "good man," though
Jack had shown more signs of the latter than the former. And Will was
a conundrum in and of himself. The former blacksmith was someone who
Norrington always thought of as a "good man," and even in his
rationale for wanting the commodore to lead this fleet he was showing
those signs, yet he called himself a pirate, and was a captain of the
Black Pearl; one of the most notorious pirate ships in the
Caribbean. /But that was due to Barbossa's bloodthirstiness./ He
shrugged and walked out, shaking his head, bewildered at what he just
heard and his own thoughts. The door closed.

Jack grinned and turned back to Dr. Abernathy. "So you see, Dr. Tim.
When you're in `polite society,' they look on everything you've done
wrong in your life and judge you on that. On this ship, we look upon
the good things you've done and either forget about your little
indiscretions or try to help you get over them…such as your problem
in chasin' the dragon." He patted the bed next to him, his eyes heavy-
lidded and seductive. "Now, come on over here and we can get

* - * - *


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