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Witch, by Hellborne
Pirates of the Caribbean – Slash: Jack/Others, Jack/Will. NC-17.

Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

Typing convention: / is used for thoughts.

Archive: adultfanfiction.net. If you want to put it elsewhere, no
prob, just tell me the URL.

Beta: Now beta'd by my most perfect and wonderful Pendragginink and
her magnificent Jackal! Hail to thee, oh modest and humble

Summary: What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash.

NOTE: I live for reviews. No reviews, the muses go out
gambling...WITHOUT ME! Please review.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Chapter 11 – Visitors

Jack chuckled. "Who died under your care, eh? He must have been a
very powerful man with powerful friends. They don't usually go after
quacks unless they offend someone very rich or very powerful."

"You are correct, Captain. The man in my care was a Spanish nobleman,
and when I gave him a simple medicine that should have cured him, he
convulsed for several minutes despite anything I could do and died.
I'd never seen a reaction to that medicine before. Anyway, his friend
the governor had me arrested and brought to the Church. They decided
that I had filled the man with demons and had me brought to the
Cardinal as a witch. Beyond that, however, I've always been a bit of
an eccentric when it comes to medicine. I learned at the onset of my
career that the old folk medicines can be just as potent and healing
as the modern ones. So either way you look at it, I'm guilty of being
a witch."

Norrington frowned. "But why were you, a British citizen, on
Guadalupe in the first place?"

"Oh, I wasn't. They moved me there after I'd been accused of
witchcraft. I was arrested in Cartagena. I'd been in the jungles near
there looking for a certain medicine that I'd heard of, and was
rather pressed into service to care for the sick nobleman. I'm afraid
I don't look at political borders when it comes to medicine,

"I see."

Jack seemed to notice Norrington's mode of dress for the first
time. "Whelp, did you bring any clothes for the Commodore to wear, or
will he be leadin' the fleet in his nightshirt?"

Norrington blushed. Will produced some of his own clothes from a
drawer as Dr. Abernathy left the room. He pulled out a dagger and cut
the Commodore's bonds. Norrington rubbed his wrists, then took the
clothes. "You still think that I'll help you with this?"

Will solemnly looked him in the eyes. "Actually, Commodore
Norrington, yes. I do. Because if you don't, the Cardinal will
continue to torture and kill innocent people, some of whom may be
citizens of the British Crown. And because I don't want that fleet of
pirate ships getting excited over the victory and start thinking
they're a REAL fleet that can attack British colonies with impunity.
And because you would have control over two man-o-wars that I
personally would rather see in Davy Jones' locker. We've got some of
the most bloodthirsty pirates in this fleet that you've ever seen,
Commodore, and I'd rather you could get a good look at what you're up
against so that you can determine for yourself whether some pirates
are worth the bother of going after, or if you'd rather go after the
ones who give the rest of us such an evil reputation."

Norrington chuckled. "And you think I'll change my mind about ANY

"I don't know, but it's worth a try. And like I said, afterwards I'll
personally take you back to Port Royal and you can hang me if you

Will's logic was sound from where he was coming from, but Norrington
laughed inwardly at the boy's ignorance. Oh, he'd do it all right. He
wanted to see what the strengths and weaknesses were to each of the
pirate ships he'd be commanding. And he'd be sure to put the man-o-
wars in just the right positions to be sunk. And it would even help
the Crown by getting rid of one of the Spanish menaces of the area
without pinning any blame on the British. Yes, he'd do it. Happily.
But when it was over, he'd see Will and Jack both hanged if he could
help it. They were, after all, pirates.

* - * - *

They reached the fleet at the end of the third day. If anything, it
had grown. Will's eyes were big as saucers when one of the man-o-wars
drew close to the Pearl and sent her captain and first mate over "for
a chat." As they climbed onboard, Will shook the captain's
hand. "Welcome, Captain LaGrange. What brings you to the Pearl this
fine evening?"

"We've been worried that you wouldn't make it back when you said you
would. You've made quite a reputation for yourself now, young
captain. There are now four hundred eighty-seven ships anchored here
for you. So tell me. How is Jack Sparrow?"

The voice that reached them from the captain's cabin was strong; not
at all like it was almost a week ago. "I'm fine, Abraham." He
squinted despite the kohl around his eyes. "It's a bit bright outside
is all. This is my first trip outside in the daylight." He used the
crutches to help him walk over to the other two men, balanced on one
crutch, and extended his hand.

Captain LaGrange shook it solemnly. You're looking good, Jack. So,
are you taking over this little endeavor or are you leaving it to the

"Oh, this is all his, I assure you. Going back to Guadalupe is one of
the furthest things from my mind."

"Good. I wouldn't want to see the bloodbath it would cause if you
tried to take charge of this group. But it's good to see you're back
on your feet and not swimming in your meal." He chuckled.

Jack smiled stiffly.

Will smiled as if he didn't notice the gibe. "Yes, Captain LaGrange.
Jack is feeling much better, though this is my venture, not his, so
you need not worry over who will be commanding the fleet."

"Excellent. Then I'll be off to spread the word that we'll all be
meeting tonight on the island? I'm sure you'll be wanting to get
moving as quickly as possible, and we've found a perfect area for all
of the captains to meet. You can bring Jack along if you wish, but I
wouldn't suggest letting him speak." He turned and climbed back into
the longboat with his first mate.

Jack watched with narrowed eyes as the longboat was rowed back to the
huge ship. Jack pinched his nose and whined, "'you can bring Jack
along if you wish.'" He looked at Will. "Lad, if he isn't sunk in the
upcoming battle, I'll kill him myself."

"Oh, don't worry, Sparrow. I have plans for that man-o-war."
Norrington stood in Dr. Abernathy's cabin's doorway, making sure he
was invisible to any other ships. "Now, if you both will come inside,
we must discuss any plans and tactics now so that young Turner here
can sound like he knows what he's doing."

* - * - *

By that evening, Will sounded confident enough to meet with the other
captains. He wished that Norrington could come with him, if only for
support, but if anyone recognized him, he knew that they'd be minus
one commodore and quite probably the Pearl as well for having brought

"Ahoy Pearl! Permission to come aboard!"

Jack flinched. "So he really WAS here that night, eh?" He stood up
with his crutches. "I'll handle this." He walked slowly out the door.

Norrington looked at Will. "Who?"

Will stifled a laugh. "That's Jack's son Jacob. They don't get along,
to say it mildly. At least Jack doesn't get along with Jacob."

"I take it he's a pirate too?"

"Yes. He has a German ship. Jack said the name means `Black Pearl.'"

Norrington raised his eyebrow slightly. "I see. So his son admires
him and he resents it."

"Yes. I guess he does. He doesn't remember much from the meeting, but
he did want me to toss his son overboard at the time."

Norrington chuckled. "No offense, Turner, but it actually feels good
to hear that Sparrow has an antagonist that infuriates him as much as
he does me."

Will laughed. "None taken, Commodore. Jack CAN get extremely

The door opened, and Jack wandered in on his crutches, grumbling.

Will looked at him. "Did everything go all right with Jacob?"

"As well as can be expected. He's here to escort you to the meeting,
lad. You'd better get movin' before the little reprobate decides to
come in here and sees your tactician."

Will took the plans that had been drawn up for him and left.

* - * - *


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