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TITLE: Winning the West
AUTHOR: Agarwaenloth (agarwaenloth@yahoo.com)
SUMMARY: Reincarnation into the American West
PART: 2/?

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Winning the West
Chapter 2

“Out of the way, boy!”

Will sighed as he was brushed roughly to the side. He was used to this treatment, he had been treated this way his entire life. It was said that freedom could be had in the West, which was why his parents moved to Nevada in the first place. They didn’t know that they would both catch smallpox and die, leaving a twelve-year-old Will orphaned and alone on their small, poverty-stricken cattle ranch.* Knowing he couldn’t run things on his own, he sold the ranch and headed to Carson City. However, he never made it. He ended up in Little Royal, where he became an apprentice to a blacksmith named Brown, who he still worked for, although no always in ways he cared for. The famed freedom of the West was merely a dream, at least for William Turner.

He swung open the door to the saloon and walked in, allowing his gaze to wander. Will smiled softly as he spotted who he was looking for. Elizabeth Swann, daughter of the owner and fiancée of Sheriff Norrington, not to mention one of the very few friends Will Turner had. At one point in time, they had had somewhat of a romantic relationship going, until they realized the only love between them was the affection of siblings.

“Will! You haven’t been around these parts in a while! How’ve you been?” she questioned as soon as she saw him.

“I can’t really complain too much. You?” he asked, quickly diverting the conversation away from himself.

“I’ve been worse,” she said with a smile. “Have you heard about that outlaw, Jack Sparrow? James says he has gotten reports of sightings in this area. Course, it could be just about the reward, but he says we should be careful. Wouldn’t want to find yourself face to face with him.”

“Yeah,” Will murmured absently, thinking that is might not be so bad. His thoughts were interrupted, however, by a large hand grabbing his shoulder.

“Hey, kid, Brown told me where to find you. I have a job for you. I’ve already paid Brown for your…services.”

Will repressed a shudder as he looked at the bulky man who was leering at him with a feral grin. Pasting a smile on his face, he turned back to Elizabeth. “Sorry, Liz. Duty calls.”

He allowed the man to steer him out the door and behind a nearby building. Once at of sight, Will was roughly slammed against a wall. The man pressed his body over Will’s and caught his lips in a bruising kiss. Will felt the bulge in the man’s pants and shuddered in disgust. He tried to escape the man’s grasp, but his efforts just got his head shoved against the wall hard. His vision became hazy, and then a gunshot was heard.

The man in front of him fell dead, a surprised look on his face. Will stared dazedly at his savior. Jack Sparrow, the coldhearted outlaw had saved him from being raped. Then his vision wavered and standing before him was not the outlaw Jack Sparrow. Gone were his cowboy hat and stirrups. The Jack Sparrow before him, for it was still the same man, wore what appeared to be a pirate captain’s hat and had at his side what seemed to be a cutlass. Before could analyze what he saw, his vision faded into a black void.

‘Jack Sparrow,’ he thought as he fell unconscious. ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’

* * * * *

Jack kicked the dead man out of the way in disgust. He had followed the boy to the saloon and had heard all that had been said. It made his blood boil in fury. ‘How dare this man take such liberties with my Will?’

Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the unconscious boy. ‘Will? Where did I get that name from?’ Then it came to him, the girl at the saloon had said it. Yes, that was it. ‘But my Will? Oh well,’ he thought, picking up the prone figure. ‘I’ll ponder that later.’


*Okay, for those of you who are wondering why little Will didn’t catch smallpox from his parents. The reason is quite simple. He had developed a case of cowpox before the smallpox epidemic had taken his parents. For those of you who don’t know, the vaccine for smallpox was developed from a study of cowpox. That’s why I put in the bit about the cattle ranch.

A/N: Did not mean for it to get so dark. The fic just took a turn on its own.

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