jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

TITLE: Winning the West

AUTHOR: Agarwaenloth (agarwaenloth@yahoo.com)



SUMMARY: Reincarnation into the American West

PART: 0-1/?

DISCLAIMER: Don't own it.

Winning the West


"You're mine!" Jack whispered fiercely before claiming his lips in a
deep and passionate kiss. Will loved when Jack became like this, all
possessive and domineering. He knew that Jack loved him, just as he
loved Jack.

Jack continued to kiss him while his hands roamed all over the
younger man's body. He pulled him close to him and their erections
rubbed together tantalizingly. Jack was beginning to unbutton Will's
shirt when it happened.

Cannon fire rocked the ship. They were under attack. Both men looked
at each other longingly before heading toward the door. There would
be plenty of time later, or so they thought.

* * * * *

Will fought furiously and skillfully in the battle, but when he came
up against an opponent a foot taller than him and twice as heavy, his
skill was of no use. He managed to lock their swords together, but he
was being pushed back. Unfortunately, he failed to notice his enemy's
other hand reach for his dagger until it was too late. The dagger was
buried deep into his gut and there was nothing he could do. His
opponent moved on, knowing Will was as good as dead. He fell to his
knees and would have fallen backwards had not he been caught by the
arms of Jack.

"Will," Jack whispered brokenly.

"Jack," Will said weakly. "I…love…you."

"Will, don't leave me. I can't live without you! Please! I love you,"
Jack said with tears in his eyes.

"I'm…sorry." Will's eyes went blank and he drew no other breath.

Tears streamed down Jack's cheek as he pulled the bloody dagger out
of Will's prone form. He knew that he couldn't go on without Will.
Knowing he would soon be with his love, he plunged the dagger into
his own heart.


Chapter 1

A wanted poster caught his eye. It depicted the face of a ruggedly
handsome man with long hair tied back and covered in an askew cowboy
hat. Under the picture was the caption:



REWARD: $1,000.00

William Turner whistled softly. That was a lot of money. He had heard
of the infamous Jack Sparrow. He was one of the most notorious
criminals of the West, outranking even legendary Billy the Kid. Will,
however, cared little about that. It was of no concern to him. He was
just an ordinary blacksmith. There was no way any of it could affect
him, no matter how much he wished it would just to escape the
monotony of the ordinary.

A sense of longing overtook Will as he gazed longer at the sketch of
the Jack Sparrow. He felt a connection to the outlaw, one that he
couldn't explain. He felt like he wanted to be possessed by this man,
which was crazy, wasn't it? Then, a deep sadness crept into his
heart, puzzling him completely. How could the picture of a criminal
ignite such feelings within him?

Will shrugged it off and realized that he had been standing there for
quite a while. He quickly hurried off to his destination, scolding
himself for getting lost in his thoughts about an outlaw.

* * * * *

Jack Sparrow watched the beautiful young man shake himself out of his
reverie and continue on his way. The lad had caused emotions to stir
in the outlaw that he didn't know he was capable of. He had to have
him. He didn't know why. He wanted the man, and not just once. Oh no,
he had to own him, and he would because Jack Sparrow always got what
he wanted.


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