jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Will's Look
Author: Cheryl Baker (nleafan355@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: PG
Summary: Will watches Jack and sees things he doesn't like. Jack likes Will watching.
Written for Crystle Ellis for the J/W ficathon II.

Will stood at the wheel of the Pearl and watched. He wasn't looking in the direction that the Pearl was headed he was watching Jack. Captain Jack Sparrow, the most marvelous and best, according to Jack, pirate he ever knew. Jack was on the deck laughing out loud at something just whispered to him. Will had been watching them for the last few days and was tired of the way that Jack was acting around their most recent crew member. Charles, the new man, was always right behind Jack every time he moved. Jack, for his part, didn't encourage him too much but he also didn't dissuade him.

Will was tired of it now and was glaring in Jack's direction when a voice told him to be patient and patient he would be. Jack would need him soon and when that happened Will would have him. Until that time, though, Will would watch and keep track of every little indiscretion that Jack made.

Jack Sparrow knew that Will was watching and enjoyed every little grimace and glare he caught Will make. Jack thought to himself, "it's about bloody time that boy paid attention to me and stopped taking me for granted." Jack knew Will loved him but couldn't make the boy say it out loud. Will hadn't quite figured out that he loved Jack, in that special way, and Jack "sure as hell wasn't going to tell him." "Damn that boy," Jack said a little too loud because the next thing he know Charles was at his elbow asking Jack if he was alright. Charles wanted to know if he could do anything for Jack, anything at all. Jack cursed himself for being stupid and talking out loud. Jack turned to Charles and told him to pay attention to himself and not to Jack. Charles looked hurt but backed away from Jack. Will smiled at the sight, Jack just growled.

Will decided that his patience had paid off. When Gibbs came to relieve him Will knew what he had to do.

Will knew he could be in Jack's cabin before the Captain, so, he dashed down the stairs to make his arrangements. Will never once thought about what he was doing just knew it was what he needed to do. Jack and he would be fine once he made sure Jack was his and his alone.

As Jack entered his cabin he realized there was something different in the air. As he shut his door he saw what it was. There lying on his bed was a very naked Will Turner. Actually, a very naked and sleeping Will Turner. Jack stood by the bed and shook his head realizing that Will had finally made up his mind and Jack hadn't been there to see it or feel it. While he was thinking about Will he didn't seem to notice that Will had begun to move.

Will awoke to Jack staring down at him and started to panic. What was he thinking coming into the Captain's room and lying in his bed without clothes. At that thought Will reached out and grabbed the sheet to cover himself but before he could make it Jack caught his hand and brought it up to his lips. Will laid there eyes wide and not knowing what to do. When Jack realized that Will was shocked he looked Will in the eyes and told him "I have been waiting for you since that day you walked back into my life, luv." When Will heard those words he didn't know whether to laugh or cry or to be angry. Will looked at Jack and said "so, you've been waiting for this day for how long? By the way you've been chasing after Charles I would imagine you were talking about him." At this Jack took Will's face in his hands and said "if you really believed that you wouldn't be here, would you?" and with that said Jack bent over and kissed Will. Will, for his part, grabbed Jack by the back of his head and made sure Jack wasn't going anywhere.

Later that night, after 3 rounds of extremely great sex, this according to Jack, Will looked Jack in the eyes and told him "I'll never leave you, Jack, no matter what you say or do." Jack stated "well, if you did, luv, I'm sure Charles would be more that happy to take your place."
Three hours later, at the breakfast table, all the crew could talk about was the blood curdling scream that woke them. Men were wondering what could have made that noise. Luckily for Jack he didn't have to say anything that entire day.

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