jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Will Convinces Himself He Has Coherent Thoughts
Author: Isabel Schemes (isabelschemes@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jack and Will challenge each other to a duel -- who will win and what price will the loser pay?
A/N: Written for the 2nd Ficathon for lolita_stardust. Requests: pirate-Will, R or higher. Restrictions: no wimpy Will, absolutely NO use of the phrase "you will always remember this as the day you almost (insert verb here) Jack Sparrow"

“Alright Jack, I’m leaving!” I stated, standing before my captain. Of course, I wasn’t really standing… more like bobbing. Jack had invited me up to his cabin for a drink, and well, one drink turned to two, then three, and well, here I am now, laughing to piss my pants at Jack, who’s still trying to construct a fort out of bed sheets.

“No! Nonononono! You cannot leave me William,” Jack slurred, falling off the bed as he tried to reach me. A laugh broke from my lips as Jack reached out and grabbed my ankle, sending me to the floor on top of Jack. Dimly, I tried to remember what I had come here for. I certainly wasn’t interested in drinking; no drinking was baad, very baad and evil. Only pirates did that sort of nasty, perverted stuff, kind of like bondage… Shit! The letter! My love letter!

I had sent Jack a love letter. Ana Maria had convinced me after two years of denying, and hiding my feelings to tell him so in writing. Originally, I was afraid he’d chuck me off the ship, or worse, ignore my letter, but I’d forgotten all about it amidst the rum. And so, here we’d spent the entire night together and he’d said nothing about my confessions! In my rum-addled mind I thought briefly that Jack couldn’t read. Another hoarse laugh burbled from my lips. That certainly wasn’t possible! Of course Jack, Jack, Jackie knew how to read, read, readie! Except my letter probably wasn’t a good read, since Ana Maria insisted I add in as many sapping remarks as possible.

Wait, hold it, hold on… I clung to Jack as the room spun ‘round.“I think I’ve had too much to drink, Jackie,” I murmured in his ear. When he grew quiet, so quiet I couldn’t hear him breathe, I got worried. However, I plunged on. I would have my reply…

“You read my letter, huh?”

I felt his chest fill immediately, and I could imagine the look on his face. Surprise. He glanced me up and down before sighing heavily and looking away. He made a move to sit up, but failed miserably. I tried to hold him down, but couldn’t. Roughly, he shoved me off. I thought he was angry, but no, he was drunk and smiling at me a lazy, reassuring version of his famous smirk.Yes! Perhaps he did get my letter, and he did want me back; Joy surged through my heart. His smile however, soon turned to a frown and my happiness died instantly. Something was wrong, I could tell. He wasn’t telling me he loved me, or even that he wasn’t interested. I fumbled around for my rum bottle in an attempt to occupy my nervous mind. I found my bottle and took a deep swig, only to find it empty.

“Jack… what’s wrong?” I asked. His frown turned upwards as he chuckled. I got up, sloowly, and stumbled my way over to him. I was about two feet away when Jack suddenly grabbed me. I yelped in alarm as his warm hand pinched my leather clad behind. What game was he exactly playing here!? Was he going to confess his feelings, or was he only looking for a quick fuck?

“Nothin’,” Jack replied, toying with a stray curl of mine. He abruptly left my hair and sauntered to his table and chair, where he proceeded to chew on a fingernail. I watched as he then got out his kohl (with much feminine flourish) and lined his eyes. I caught his eyes several times, flickering worried glances back at me through the mirror.

“Jack! What? What is it?” I demanded. He sighed and set the kohl down on the table. I expected him to mention my letter, and maybe laugh at my proclamations of love.

“Will, about your letter…” Jack started. I drew in a deep breath, and prepared myself for… the worst? The best? I didn’t know. Jack hadn’t finished his sentence, and he didn’t look like he wanted to. For the first time, since I’d come aboard the Black Pearl, Jack didn’t look like a pirate. Even though his garb and hair and regular smirking smile were all present, the eyes that looked back at me were the eyes of an innocent man, a wounded and honest man.

“I, uh, appreciate your confessions, but I, don’t return them,” He said slowly. How odd, that he would say that. I sat there for a minute, staring at Jack in my drunken haze. I opened my mouth to reply, but only a choked, strangled sound emerged. I gasped hard, trying to draw in breath, but my body wasn’t responding. Before I could control myself, tears were burbling in my eyes and threatening to spill. I could have dismissed my tears if only he hadn’t reached out and grabbed my hand. Oh the bastard! Gasping in air, I furiously wiped the backs of my hands against my wet cheeks. Jack’s expectant eyes kept staring back at me and I could not longer face them. Struggling to calm myself, I forced myself to speak.

“That’s okay, Jack, I, uh, understand. You can’t force yourself to like someone you don’t, uhm, like,” I couldn’t bring myself to say love. To say it would be giving me a tangible reason to cry, and I had to bury these emotions now that I knew the truth. Forcing a smile, I choked out a laugh. It sounded harsh, like a dog bark.

“God, I even don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to be with me,” I laughed at my sick joke, even though it was true. Dammit! How had I let Ana Maria convince me to tell him? I should have smothered these feelings when I first felt them. I was always right when I thought Jack wouldn’t want me. He’d want someone with more experience and, I don’t know, some body with something more that whatever I was. My brain was running in circles around my head, trying to understand what I was thinking. Did I think that low of myself? Nno! I just…

“Will, don’t say that, not when it isn’t true,” Jack told me firmly, gripping my hands tightly. He was serious, even drunk, I could tell. His previous behavior confused me. The behind-patting… I still blushed at the memory. Jack’s hands came to my face a slowly wiped the tears away. I loved Jack’s hands. They were strong and large, tanned and you could see the veins. They were the type of hands that were big enough to lift you up into his lap yet be gentle on you like a baby. I couldn’t help but smile as his hands returned to mine. I had to ask.

“But, Jack… Why did you pinch my butt?” I gulped nervously as I awaited his reply. A throaty laugh left his lips.

“You scare me Will. You see, me Will, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I’ve lost my most precious treasure to a blacksmith turned pirate, and I’m not sure if I want it back or not,” he answered. I hated it when he was obscure. And he probably didn’t know what he was saying! One minute he was flirtatious, the next wounded and now all-knowing. I’d swear he was doing it to deliberately throw me if I didn’t remember seeing Jack consume three, four bottles.

“Want what back?” I queried.

“Me heart,” he answered solemnly. I laughed, hard. I honestly couldn’t help it. Jack was so funny when he was drunk.

“What!?” He demanded harshly, “You think the evil, devil worshipping, child murdering pirate Captain Jack Sparrow can’t feel? Fuck you, Will Turner, fuck you,” He stood up and sat on his bed, inside the makeshift fort. My heart jumped to my throat. He was truly offended. He’d meant what he said. Tears pricked at my eyes. He loved me. Jack fucking Sparrow loved me, Will Turner!

“You’re not a child murderer, Jack,” I whispered. I crawled up on the bed, and snaked an arm around him. I expected him to push me away, but instead he softened in my grip.

“And I never said that, or thought that. You just surprise me. One minute your in one mood, and the next, you’re in a new one. I just don’t know what to make of it. I just thought you were, well, drunk. So I guess this means you like, er, love me too?” I asked him, resting my chin on his shoulder. He nodded. Joy surged through my body. I could feel his heart beat grow faster, and his breathing increase and I knew. I wanted him, and I loved him. I wanted him to be the one to take me to his bed and perform unspeakable acts of lust on. All doubt was gone from my mind. Jack loved me, and I would convince him to be mine before I left the room.

“Love… I’m always drunk,” I laughed.

“I know,” I replied softly. I waited a minute, and then, “Jack, do you trust me with your treasure?”

“No,” he replied simply.

“Why not?”

“Who’s to say you’re a better keeper of my treasure than me?” He challenged. Perfect, a challenge between crazy men. Yes, I admit it, we were crazy. Such girlish talk flowed from our lips that I half-expected us to sprout breasts…yuck…

“Are you contesting my abilities as a keeper of treasure?!” I demanded in mock offense. He chuckled and shrugged. Good, he wanted to play this fucked up game.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am Will Turner. What are you gonna do about it, whelp?” Jack dared me, standing up from the bed. He posed before me and stripped off his shirts, exposing his well defined chest. He did a few flexes for me, pretending to be a muscle man from the fairs I attended as a child. Then he reached for his rum, his eyes never leaving mine, and I stood and drew my sword. By that time we were both nearly collapsing from fits of giggles.

“I challenge you to a duel, Jack Sparrow. If I win, I keep the treasure,” I told him defiantly, bringing my sword tip to rest at his throat.

“And if you loose, you surrender your claim to my uh… treasure,” both of us were fighting off laughter. Treasure? We both had gone completely off our rockers. Sighing deeply, Jack swallowed down the better part of his rum bottle and grabbed his sword.

“Alright, matey. Let’s begin our duel,”

As the first thrust came towards me, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe sword fighting while drunk was not a good idea, no matter how coherent I convinced myself to be. I parried, or did I slash? Slash and a parry and a crescent moon, repeat cycle, I kept thinking. I was trying hard to concentrate on my sword fighting although it was obvious Jack could care less. He wobbled this way and that, tripping over the occasional obstacle (like a chair). His sword hung limply in his hand, half completing the blows he wanted to make. We both were laughing like crazy, and soon our languid fight became a frenzied melee. Jumping on the table and running round the desk, I chased Jack, and then he chased me.

Our swords clashed with more fury as we each became more aware of our surroundings. Jack had begun to take his challenge seriously, and I became more and more discouraged as I realized his heart would be harder to win than I thought. I mean, screw the childish metaphor crap, this duel was serious. If I lost Jack’s heart, I would lose everything. Determined, I continued our fight, parried and thrusting to match him. I paid close attention to our footwork, and soon it became obvious Jack was slower than I. Quickly, I stepped in close, then back out, several times to distract him, before I switched to the left and pushed him all the way back to the wall. As soon as I did this, I felt a sharp, stinging pain in my arm. Jack had bitten me, the bastard! He broke away, and we circled each other again.

Slick sweat covered our bodies; on Jack, I watched with fascination as sweat collected on his bare tummy. I longed to rub my hands over the slick skin. That was when Jack decided to make his move. Caught unawares, he simply held his sword tip up to my throat. There was no hint of amusement on either of our faces as he delivered his proclamation.

“I keep my heart,” and with that he whirled away and headed straight for the door. Angry, I did the last thing I knew to keep him in my life. I threw my sword, not unlike when we first met, and imbedded it in the door lock, effectively barring Jack from leaving. Surprised, he turned just in time to meet my mouth as it met with his. I don’t know whether the gasp that left his lips was because I had cheated or because I was kissing him. Either way, it gave me ample room to dip my tongue into his mouth. He knew then I’d never give him up. God he tasted sweet. He tasted like the sea, and rum. I could feel his breath breathe into me, and I didn’t mind it; it was the most erotic thing I’d ever felt, sharing breath with Jack. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Jack enveloped me in his massive arms and drew me close to him. Our tongues dances in fierce combat and I melted under the caresses of his wet tongue. Vaguely I noticed him walking us back towards to bed. As he lay me down inside our makeshift fort, I pressed wet openmouthed kisses on his lips. It was when he began to undo my clothes that I had to speak.


“Hmm..?” Jack slowly slid my pants down and off my body. I lay there exposed to him. The softest, sweetest smile overcame his juicy lips. I nipped at his lips and he drew up my white shirt to better see all of him. My cock stood at half mast, lolling a bit. Jack looked like a child that had just entered a sweet shop. He recognized my embarrassment (I’d never been naked before another before) and he dipped his head down to kiss me. He didn’t even have to say I was beautiful; I knew by how he looked at me.

“Ja..ck!?” I whispered. I wasn’t sure what I was asking. I suppose I wanted some sort of confirmation that this was alright. His fingers found my chest and slowly circled my nipples. Jack soon ignored them and moved lower, where he proceeded to tongue fuck my belly button. I lost all control of my hands and I gripped the soft curtain surrounding us.

“No one’s ever touched you here, have they, my sweet?” Jack murmured, cupping my cock gently. I shook my head. Grinning wolfishly, and never taking his eyes from mine, he leaned down and let the very tip of his tongue run over the head of my cock. I nearly choked at the erotic display. Another flick of wet muscle on my cock sent my body into a jerk and my cock to full mast. I whimpered slightly as he blew his hot breath over the tip, and gasped when his entire, wet and hot mouth swallowed my cock. I screamed with delight as the wet cavern squeezed and sucked my cock. Jack was switching between sucking and lapping at the tip, and he never took his eyes from me. As his mouth took me all the way in (how I don’t know) his warm hand snaked around and grasped my heavy balls. He gently massaged them. Under his ministrations, and my relative innocence in the matter, it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tightening in my stomach. I moaned loud as his mouth moved up and down my cock, leaving a slick trail of saliva down my erection. I wanted to cum so badly, but it was so early. I wanted to hold out just a bit longer. His lips came to rest at the crown of my cock. My stomach jerked and my balls quivered as I felt my orgasm peaking. Gasping, I tried to hold on, but Jack’s tongue lapping up my pre-cum did me in. He pulled away for a brief moment, a small string of my precum strung between his luscious lips and my cock.

“Cum for me, Will,” That did it in the end. I shuddered out my release, and watched in aroused fascination as Jack swallowed every drop of my seed. My body would not stop convulsing, even after I was done and Jack was holding him close to his body. He shushed me, and held me, and I clung back to him.

“I’ll take good care of your heart Jack, I promise,” I told him.

“I know,” Laughing quietly, I held him back, and slowly worked my hands down his body. I was nervous about touching that which I had always longed to touch, but I wanted to give him pleasure. I wanted to never leave this little fort. I plunged my hand into his pants and squeezed his cock gently. He was hard and wet.

“Mmm,” he murmured between more openmouthed kisses, “I wanted you to win.”

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