jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: When I Close My Eyes
Author: Melannen (melaelfie@aol.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Evil eyes are watching from shadows, Will struggles with a dangerous situation and Jack is nowhere to be found.
Disclaimer: I do not own these lovely characters, I'm just playing with them. No copyright infringement is intended, no profit is made from this, it's all for fun.
Warnings: Attempted non-con, violence, graphic male/male sex, much sappiness.
Archive: JackXWill for now, anyone else interested please ask and I'd be honored to say yes.
A/N: I'd like to thank Mahie for her support and encouragement. You really helped to settle my nerves about this fic and I thank you sincerely. I'd also like to thank Katie Bilodeau for her lovely beta job. It was a pleasure working with you hun, and I hope we can do it again sometime.
Written for Agarwaenloth Daethoron in the second JackXWill ficathon. It's my first stab at non-con, and I hope I did it well. Hope you like dear! Challenge:A h/c with non-con or attempted non-con. Takes place during the movie in Tortuga and Jack and Will have already gotten together on the Interceptor.

The taproom of the shabby inn was fairly teeming with bodies. Sights and smells assaulted the two newcomers, some fair, but most foul. It had been far too long since Jack Sparrow felt free enough to fully appreciate surroundings such as these. Smiling, he looked to his left and let his eyes roam the lithe body of the young man who had so recently become his lover. Will seemed a bit taken aback, and Jack couldn't help but smile.

"Whassamatta, lad?" Jack said to Will with a smirk, "Too much for you?"

Will turned his head and was met with a pair of glittering eyes. He bristled at the amusement swimming in the coal black depths.

"I have been in an inn before Jack," Will replied, a bit defiantly.

"Ah, but this is Tortuga! You've never been in a tavern in Tortuga have you?" Jack smirked at Will.

"I have not had the pleasure," Will mumbled and quickly sidestepped a chair hurled in his general direction. "Although, I do not think I can really call this a pleasure,"

Jack waved his hand in a swirlingly vague gesture. "Well, I for one am going to sit myself down and have a nice drink or three."

Will followed as Jack led the way to an empty table at the back of the room, near an outer door. The corner Jack had chosen was considerably darker than the rest of the room. The main source of light was the fireplace along the wall opposite the bar, supplemented by a handful of candles haphazardly placed around center of the room and bar. Hardly enough to chase away the shadows.

A plump woman sidled up to Jack, eyeing him greedily.

"What can I get for ye?" she asked with a saucy smile.

"A bottle of your finest rum and two glasses if you please," Jack leaned back in his chair and placed his booted feet on the table. The wench smiled and bent over a bit, in an attempt to bare more of her ample charms to Jack. Jack ignored her. He studied his fingers, picking a bit at a hangnail, seemingly unconcerned with life in general. The wench, having ascertained that her company was not desired at that moment, turned on her heel and left to fill their order.

"Just what is it that we are doing here, Jack?" Will asked, drawing Jack's attention from his fingernails.

"We are here, m'boy, to find us a crew. We'll be needing a crew if we're to go after the Pearl," Jack looked over at Will.

"And you're just going to *find* us a crew. It can't be that simple," Will said dubiously.

"But it is dearest William," Jack smiled and waggled his fingers, "you seem to forget that I am Captain- "

"Jack Sparrow. Yes. I know," Will cut him off, smiling tenderly.

â€&Mac247;So, there. You see? It really is that simple," Jack laced his fingers behind his head and smiled at Will like the cat that ate the cream.

"That explains a great many things, Jack, but not how you are going to assemble a crew," Will's warm, soft voice curled intimately around Jack's heart, warming him from the inside. Right then, he thought he was the luckiest pirate in the whole world to have that beautiful boy smiling at him like that. Jack loved that smile. At night, when the world fell away and it was just the two of them in their bunk, Jack closed his eyes and saw Will's smile. In those moments, Jack knew he would do anything to keep his Will by his side.

He was jerked from his thoughts by the serving wench placing the bottle on their table. She smiled widely at him, apparently thinking that with the drink, he would change his mind and desire her company. Jack tossed a few coins on her tray with a polite but distant smile and she was on her way, albeit reluctantly.

"Rum?" Jack asked once he had gathered himself again and poured two glasses of the potent amber liquid.

"Thank you," Will accepted the glass Jack held out to him. "You still did not explain how you are going to find us a crew,"

Jack took a sip of the rum and savored the burn as it trailed down his throat.

"I know someone who knows some people. Gibbs, his name is." Jack muttered. "Matter of fact, he should be around here somewhere," He craned his neck and scanned the room.

"Are you sure this person will help us?" Will asked, sipping his drink.

"Quite sure, lad. All I have to do is find him," Jack rose from his seat. "Stay here,"

Will watched, perplexed, as his lover headed to the bar. He took the opportunity to admire the view as Jack leaned against the high counter and his body remembered what had taken place between them only moments before they arrived in port. Will shifted in his seat, fighting full arousal, and let his eyes roam over the patrons in an effort to calm himself. Dirty faces, ragged clothes, soot blackened walls, greasy floors, and more unpleasantness. Will wrinkled his nose at such slovenly surroundings and thanked his maker that Jack at least bathed.

Will waited patiently for Jack to return, sipping the rum in his glass slowly. He was just returning his glass to the table when he felt an inexplicable sense of uneasiness overwhelm him. Like someone was watching him, stalking him. He again shifted in the chair, eyes searching out Jack's familiar dark head. He was nowhere to be seen. Not by the bar, not in the crowd by the fireplace, not by the door. Normally this wouldn't alarm him, but for that feeling of eyes on him, searing him.

He didn't like it. Will tried to seek out the person responsible, as covertly as he could. He probed the dark corners and looked at every face, from one side of the room to the other in a sweeping pattern. Every person in the taproom was otherwise occupied; none paid him any mind.

Will was just about to breathe a sigh of relief and relax when he gazed into the last corner, the one nearest his table. What he saw there stopped his heart in his chest and his blood went cold. Two eyes gleamed at him from those shadows, and with a jolt his heart resumed beating, twice as fast as before.

He automatically reached for the sword at his hip, but remembered a second too late that he had left it onboard the Interceptor. He didn't see the need for it, and had left it on his bunk while dressing. He realized now just how foolhardy that decision was.

Will cast his eyes around the room desperately now, panic filling his mind, screaming at him to get up, to run, to fight, anything but sit there and wait. For what, he knew not. This could not end well. And Jack was still missing.

Heaving a shuddering breath, Will turned his head back to those eyes, but they were gone. Almost afraid to believe, his eyes darted around and he sat up straighter. His breathing became heavier at the thought that he was once again safe; the pounding in his ears drowned out all other sound in the noisy bar.

So relieved that the eyes had gone, Will slumped in his chair, taking a gulping mouthful of the rum. Eyes stinging and throat burning, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Goose bumps broke out along his arms and he stiffened, ready to flee. A large, dirty, calloused hand clamped down on Will's mouth and an arm circled his waist like a vise. No sound escaped from behind the assailant's hand as Will screamed in fright, and he kicked his feet wildly, hoping to land a disabling blow to a vital part of the man's anatomy. Will hoped beyond hope that someone, anyone had seen the man grab him, would come and help him.

It was not to be. The large man had grabbed him so fast, dragged him through the back door before he could blink, let alone anyone else seeing. The only thing he could do now was rely on his wits and logic to get him out of this. His mind screamed Jack's name in a vain hope that the distressed thought would reach his lover, even as he cursed himself for his foolishness at a time like this. He needed to keep a clear head, to think this through and find a way out, while he still could.


Jack ambled back into the taproom, having stepped outside to the innyard. Unfortunately for them, Gibbs was not in the pigpen as his information would suggest. Perhaps tomorrow he would get a chance to talk to him. His eyes wandered over the assembled drunkards out of long habit, always on his guard. â€&Mac247;Ooooh, that's a very pretty knife that man's got there. Will would like to get his hands on that one no doubt. Wait a moment,' Jack's eyes fell on an empty table, set with two half empty glasses and a bottle of rum. â€&Mac247;Where's Will got to?' Jack scanned the room almost frantically, wondering what in the world could have happened to his William. Will was not the type to wander off; something was wrong.

Jack felt a sense of panic niggling in the back of his mind, urging him to see what was right in front of him, but he had no time to stop and listen to it now. He had to find Will. Tortuga was not a place for a pretty boy out alone, day or night.

Images, frightening and horrifying images flew across his mind's eye. He had seen things like this before, and though he was not a religious man, said a silent prayer to whoever was listening to keep Will safe. Jack would never forgive himself if something happened to his young lover.

He went to the bar, gripping its rounded edge so hard his knuckles went white.

"Excuse me, but have you by any chance seen the young man that was sitting at that table over there?" Jack pointed in the direction of the back door.

"No, sir, I ain't seen that young'in since ye came in. P'raps â€&Mac247;e got tired o waitin' on ye and found hisself some other bloke willin' te warm â€&Mac247;is bed," the barkeep said with a sleazy grin.

"Some help you are," Jack muttered to himself before pushing away from the bar. He turned in the direction of the front door, thinking to search the innyard and the backyard for Will. He didn't know how long it would take, nor did he care, Jack just knew he *had* to find Will.


Will struggled for breath as the arm around his waist tightened unmercifully. The huge bull of a man dragged him into the alleyway behind the inn. The alley was dark as pitch, the light of the taproom only reaching a few feet down the narrow lane. Will's heart sank as he was carried, kicking fiercely, into the dark street. He was on his own now. It was impossible for anyone to happen on them in this inky blackness.

Will whimpered in pain as the man slammed him into the rough brick wall, his head bouncing off the unyielding surface.

"If ye scream, it'll be the last thing ye ever do," The man's foul breath passed across Wills face, and something cold and sharp bit into the tender skin of his neck. "I'm takin' me hand off yer mouth now. Don't even think about makin a sound,"

Will nodded as best he could with a knife to his throat, and his attacker peeled his grubby hand off Will's face. That same hand skimmed roughly over his slender body, feeling out the well defined muscles, squeezing here and there. Will felt his eyes sting, tears blurring his already impaired vision, and he bit his lip hard to keep them from falling. He could not afford to allow his emotions free rein now. Needed to keep a clear head. Had to get back to Jack.

Will turned his head to the right, away from the man's seeking lips. A big hand clamped painfully over his jaw, forcing Will to look forward.

"Don't fight me, boy, ye'll lose. I wan'ta see yer pretty face when I breach ye," Will felt bile rise in his throat at those words. A pair of dirty lips covered Will's mouth, a tongue forced it's way past the defenses of Will's teeth. The taste of the man, foul, stagnant, like he just ate a pair of socks worn for three weeks straight in the heat of summer filled his mouth. Will's stomach clenched violently, and he vomited into the man's mouth.

"Arrgh, shit, boy, ye'll pay fer that one," the man pulled back roughly, the sharp blade grazing Will's skin. He spat on the ground, turned back to Will and backhanded him across the mouth. Will's head whipped around, his temple colliding hard with the wall and he fell to his knees, vomiting again at the man's feet. Tears squeezed out from Will's clenched eyelids, his mind rebelling against everything he knew, desperate to do anything he needed to to get away. Will felt the man's paw on his rear and flinched.

"Please, let me go," he whispered.

"What was that, boy? Are ye beggin now?" the man laughed, grasping the waistband of Will's trousers and tugging. Will choked back a sob as the material gave under the pressure. His trousers now around his knees, Will kicked violently as far as he could reach, but the man anticipated the move and kneeled on Will's calves, causing the young man to bite back howls of pain.

Will cringed under the man's hand on his exposed flesh. Greasy fingers clumsily parted Will's flesh and delved inside. Will knew this was his last chance and with one last desperate move, he shoved all his weight back against the man. He flew backward, landing somewhere behind Will with a loud thump. Will scrambled to his feet, grasping his rent trousers and fighting the wave of nausea threatening to overwhelm him. Struggling with sudden dizziness, Will took three halting steps in the direction of the inn, before he felt a hand in his hair. The man yanked his head back and Will gave an involuntary cry at the pain searing his scalp.

An arm clamped around his waist as he was pulled back against the man's solid chest, and rankness filled his nostrils as he hissed into Will's ear. "Now ye've gone and made me mad. I think I'm gon' haf'ta kill ye for that,"

The blade was again pressed to his throat, slicing cruelly into his skin. Something warm was beginning to trickle down his face and the taste of copper filled his mouth. Blackness beckoned sweetly, promising escape from all that threatened, but Will fought violently. He could not succumb, he needed to stay awake so he could fight his way out of this. He had to return to--

"I would not do that if I were you mate," a deadly, but much welcomed voice reached Will's ears. Afraid to believe, Will forced his eyes open and nearly wept at the sight that greeted him. Jack, sword drawn, standing at the mouth of the alley.

"Bug off you. Find yer own boy," the man was distracted enough by Jack's appearance to ease the pressure of the cold metal off Will's neck. It no linger bit into his flesh, and Will found he could breathe easier.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, that *is* my boy you've got there, and I think I'll be taking him back now," Jack's voice was steely calm, belying the terror racing through his veins. If he didn't succeed, heaven only knew what would come next for his Will.

"I saw â€&Mac247;im first," the man said, relaxing his grip on both Will and the knife, tensing as if to spring on Jack to defend his prey from this newcomer.

"I very much doubt that," Jack's eyes flicked to Will's agonized expression, pleading with him silently not to do anything stupid. "So if you'll hand him over, we can both be on our way and no one has to get hurt, alright?"

"Not if I kill you first," the man said.

"Kill me? I very much doubt that. You have your hands full with that fine young lad there, and it's taking all your concentration to restrain him. You would have to let him go in order to carry out your threat, and what then? You'd surely not survive long. But, if I moved to restrain you instead, then you would be the one restrained, and the one restrained right now would be free to go and then it would be two against one and you would not last with odds such as those. Better I just kill you now and get it over with," Jack eyed the man holding his Will with calm satisfaction, watching beady eyes narrow in confusion. He stood tense, ready for anything that might come next, but dared to hope when the man began to loosen his grip on the knife, clearly trying to decipher Jack's ramblings. Jack's eyes shot to Will's, pleading with him to take advantage of this very opportune moment.

Will quickly assessed the chances of escape and just how he might about it. When the blade fell away from his skin, he knew it was time. In one fluid motion he raised his hand, grasped the hand holding the knife, twisted and drove the blade into the man's midsection.

The man gasped, falling to his knees and looking up at Will in utter disbelief. Will, leaning against the alley wall, glared at his attacker as blood dripped from the man's mouth down his chest. Jack grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and withdrew the blade in an upward swipe without even a blink at the man's howl of pain. He turned, placed one foot on the man's ass, and gave him a swift kick into the depths of the alley. He turned to Will, catching him just in time as his knees gave way.

"Will, are you alright? What happened? Why did you leave?" Jack asked, running anxious hands and eyes over Will's body.

"I'm fine, Jack, he didn't get that far." Will smiled up at Jack, enjoying the feel of being cradled in his arms.

"How did it happen then? Don't you know not to go running about Tortuga alone? You're far too pretty and this is exactly what will happen. I hope you've learned your lesson,"


"Yeah, lad." Jack's voice was rough and his eyes misty.

"Shut up and get me back to the Interceptor," Will said before welcoming cool blackness.


Will was warm, and clean, and minty fresh. He wondered at that, as he didn't remember cleaning his teeth before passing out. He struggled to open his eyes, turning his head in the direction of the soft breathing on his left. Through the crack in his lids, Will took in the sight of Jack asleep in a rather awkward position in a chair next to the bed. His stocking feet rested on the edge of the bed, legs bent, body slumped down in the straight backed chair. Jack's head was bowed, his chin resting on his chest, rising and falling with every breath.

Will smiled, reaching a hand out to rest on Jack's foot. At the touch, Jack started, jumping about a foot in the air and toppling the chair in the process. He and the chair landed on the floor with a mighty thud.

Jack's head peered over the edge of the bed at Will.

"That was not very nice," he said moodily. Jack was always moody when suddenly awakened.

"I'm sorry Jack," Will said, trying very hard to keep the amusement out of his voice.

"It's all right, laugh if you want. I don't care," Jack stuck his nose in the air and sniffed in the manner of one supremely and deeply wounded.

"I'm not laughing Jack, really," he didn't sound very convincing.

"You don't sound very convincing," Jack said matter of factly.

Will could no longer restrain himself, and the petulant look on Jack's face sent him right over the edge. He began to laugh, but the laugh died on a hiss as the cuts in his neck stung.

"Will, are you all right?" Jack asked anxiously.

"I'm fine, Jack. The gash just pulled a bit, that's all." Will raised a hand and gingerly felt the bandage around his neck.

Jack reached out and grasped that hand, stilling it in his own. "Will, how did that happen?" he asked, eyes deadly serious, full of too many emotions to name.

"I don't know. You went to find Gibbs, and I waited there for you. You were gone no more than a few minutes when I felt someone watching me. It was dirty, Jack, those eyes, the way they looked at me." Will stopped, swallowed and met Jack's eyes, strengthened by a gentle smile. "Someone was watching me in the shadows near the table. I saw him and looked around for you, but you were gone. He snuck up behind me, grabbed me and dragged me out of the inn." Will drew a shuddering breath, fighting to still the tears brewing in his eyes.

"It's okay Will. You don't need to tell me any more," Jack's other hand came up and stroked Will's forehead soothingly. "As long as you weren't hurt by him, that's all that matters,"

"No, Jack. I have to finish." he took another deep breath and forged on. "He took me to that alley, pressed the knife to my throat, and said if I screamed, he'd kill me. He grabbed my chin and forced my to accept his kiss." Will shuddered at the memory. Jack stood and lifted Will, sliding in behind his lover and enfolding him in his arms. Will curled against him, and Jack's fingers stroked the angry purple bruises marring the golden skin of that beloved face.

"Then what happened?" Jack said quietly, encouragingly.

"I vomited in his mouth Jack," Will buried his face in Jack's chest. "Then he hit me and I collapsed. I vomited again on his feet."

Jack ran his fingers in Will's sun-kissed hair, gently massaging his scalp, but careful to avoid the tender places hidden in the silky mass. His heart was breaking, listening to Will's story, but his blacksmith needed to tell the tale, and Jack was determined to listen and be strong enough to help him.

"Then he tore my pants, and touched me. I tried to kick him, but he held me down, he kneeled on my legs. I thought then that it was over. Right at that moment, I thought that he would... that he would...." Will choked out a sob, his breath coming in great heaving gasps as his body shook with the force of his pain.

Jack tightened his arms around Will, rocking him gently. His hand ran in gentle circles on the boy's back, and he buried his nose in Will's hair, kissing the top of his head. He lost track of time as he sat there, holding Will, staying strong when all he wanted to do was crumble and weep like a baby at the thought of his love being hurt this way. The thought that he nearly lost Will....

Only then did Jack feel the tears on his own face, silently sliding down to rest in Will's silky hair. The swell of fierce protectiveness that surged through him stole his breath. No matter what else happened, no matter where they ended up, Jack vowed right then and there that he would look after Will, do anything in his power to keep him safe. Jack swallowed the sob rising in his throat, and pressed another kiss to Will's hair.

Eventually, Will's tears subsided, and his trembling eased, and he relaxed into Jack's embrace. He raised eyes filled with embarrassment and fear and anxiety to meet Jack's coal black gaze.

"I'm so sorry, Jack," he whispered.

"No, lad, you should not be sorry for anything. What happened wasn't your fault, and I don't want to ever hear you take the blame for this again," Jack said, his voice stern but gentle.

"But, maybe if I had my sword with me, or if I fought him more," Will trailed off.

"Will, you can do one of two things. You can either dwell on what you could have done and torture yourself forever and never get over it, or you can accept that it happened, stop blaming yourself and move past it. I for one would like to see you move past this." Jack smiled softly down at Will, still within Jack's arms.

"I don't know if I can," Will said. "At least, not now. It's too soon; I just want to forget."

"Just promise me that someday soon, you'll think about it,"

"I promise. If you'll help me."

"I'll help you, Will," Jack said, softly kissing Will's pink lips.

"Make me forget, Jack," Will said, turning fully in his lover's arms to press his body along the length of Jack's.

"Are you sure you feel well enough, lad? I don't want to hurt you more than you already are," Jack ran a calloused finger down Will's face.

"I need you Jack. I need to feel your hands on me. I feel dirty, Jack, and I need you to make me clean again. Please Jack," Will's hands frantically ran over Jack's face and neck, his voice taking on a pleading, desperate note.

Jack lowered his head and gently claimed Will's lips. He let Will take control of their kiss, wanting him to be the one to set their boundaries.

Will ran his hands over Jack's chest, lost in the feel of Jack's tongue and Jack's mouth and Jack's everything. He needed Jack, needed to be loved, to wash away the memories of that man's foulness. Will kissed Jack with a desperation that nearly stole his breath. It was all he could do to just hang on and let Will take him on this ride.

Will whimpered and deepened the kiss, his fingers coming up to tangle in Jack's long hair. Jack arched into the younger man, pressing their groins into contact. Will groaned into the kiss, and with his free hand, reached down and cupped Jack in his hot palm. Jack broke the kiss on a moan, his head sinking into the soft pillows beneath him.

Will set his mouth to Jack's exposed neck, licking a path up to a soft earlobe. Jack turned his head further, giving Will better access while he made quick work of the buttons on the young man's shirt. He pushed the shirt off tanned shoulders and with an impatient growl, Will yanked it off and threw it over the side of the bed.

"Is that better?" he asked, his lips against Jack's throat, fingers flying over the buttons of his lover's shirt.

"Much better, thanks," Jack said breathlessly, nearly coming off the bed as Will's wet mouth closed around a darkly pointed nipple.

Delighted at Jack's soft growls, Will circled the tiny nub, then drew it into his mouth and sucked gently. Jack's fingers buried themselves in Will's silky hair, holding his head to his chest, unwilling to let the pleasure stop. He arched into the hot mouth above him as Will gave a last lingering suck before licking across Jack's chest to give the other nipple the same treatment. Jack groaned at first contact of wet tongue on needy flesh, and Will grinned smugly up at him.

Will traced Jack's swollen mouth with a finger, nearly losing himself in the passion glazed eyes staring down at him. Suddenly struck by the enormity of what could have happened that night he pulled back and rested his chin on Jack's chest. He looked up at Jack and tried to find the words he needed to thank Jack for what he did. After several attempts, he decided to just be honest.

"I never thanked you," he said softly, almost dazedly.

"For what, luv?" Jack's breathing was heavy and his voice husky. He brought one hand up to cradle Will's dark head, fingers pressed gently against his scalp.

"For saving me,"

Jack nearly broke at the sight of Will's chocolate eyes, filled with gratitude, love and awe. He grasped Will's face in both hands, raising his mouth to kiss his pink lips.

"I didn't save you Will. You saved yourself. I just helped a little," Jack whispered against Will's mouth.

Will met and held Jack's gaze. "If you hadn't come, Jack, I don't know if I could have escaped. When I opened my eyes and saw you there, I knew I would be alright. I knew you wouldn't let anything happen to me and that I was safe. You did save me, Jack. Just by being there."

Jack felt his heart swell in his chest, and if he was any less of a pirate, he would have wept in that beautiful boy's arms. As it was, he had to fight to hold himself in control. He loved this boy he had only known for a matter of days. He loved him more fiercely than he imagined possible. He wrapped his arms around Will's smoothly muscled back and held him tight, hoping Will would know.

Will looked up, and the look in his eyes set Jack at ease. He knew. Will kissed Jack softly, lingeringly, lovingly. It nearly stole Jack's breath. The kiss quickly became more heated as their bodies reawakened. Their tongues battled for dominance, fighting for the privilege of tasting the other. Jack gave way, yielding to the intensity in Will's kiss.

His fingers began tracing little circles down Jack's flank, and his skin burned in their wake. Those magic fingers ran over Jack's abdomen, tauntingly dipping into his navel before tugging at the waistband of his trousers.

Jack broke the kiss, gasping for breath, and Will grinned before kissing a hot path down Jack's body. Will's tongue paused halfway down before catching Jack's eyes and slowly, so hot it was almost lewd, dipped his tongue into Jack's navel. Jack knew at that moment, that if Will were to ever leave him, this moment and that picture would be branded into his memory forever.

It got even better when Will ran that tongue over the outline of Jack's erection, tracing it through thick trousers. Jack struggled to keep his eyes open, wanting to see what Will did next, but closed them on a hitching moan as Will enfolded the tip of Jack's cock in his mouth. He laved at the rigid flesh, soaking the material of Jack's pants, driving Jack to the brink of madness.

"Will, please," Jack breathed.

Will crawled up Jack's body to drop a kiss to his open mouth.

"Please what?" Will asked, licking at Jack's lips playfully.

"Do not tease," Jack nearly growled, rolling Will under him. Jack took advantage of Will's shocked gasp to ravage his mouth, fingers tracing the familiar lines of the well muscled torso. Jack broke the kiss, grinned at a dazed Will, and dragged his mouth down the sun-bronzed chest. He stopped at the waistband of Will's trousers, settling himself between parted thighs, and lingered there, breath scorching Will.

"Now who's teasing?" Will said, arching his hips, vainly seeking contact on his burning length. Jack gifted Will with a half smile, holding his gaze as he bent his head to Will's groin. He dipped down and caught the fastenings of the trousers with his teeth, pulling them open and drawing the fabric apart. Will moaned at the sight and watched Jack's tongue disappear between the folds of fabric, flicking against his cock. Jack's fingers closed over the waistband, drawing them down agonizingly slowly as his tongue delved deeper.

Will could not tear his eyes away from Jack's slick pink tongue, and just when he thought he would die from the slow torture, Jack finally drew the pants fully down his thighs. His cock sprang free, and Will sighed in relief as Jack bathed the angry red tip in wet heat.

"Jack, please, I need you." Will said breathlessly, desperate to feel Jack moving inside him.

"Patience, luv," Jack murmured, giving Will's length a final lick before getting up from the bed, taking Will's pants with him. He crossed the room, opened the cupboard and withdrew a small glass jar filled with oil. He returned to the bed, placing the jar next to Will's shoulder and stripped off his own trousers, well aware of Will's heated gaze. "Are you sure, Will?" he asked softly, meeting molten amber eyes.

"I'm sure Jack,"

Jack settled over his young lover, opening the jar and coating his fingers with the slick oil. He locked eyes with Will, parting trembling thighs gently. Bending his head to kiss Will's soft lips, he ran his fingers around Will's tight entrance, massaging steadily. Sliding one finger into Will, he gasped, breaking the kiss on a whimper. Jack slowly stroked the inside of Will's passage, taking care to lubricate him fully. Crooking his fingers, he sought and found Will's secret spot.

Will threw his head back and moaned long and loud, colors dancing behind closed eyes, tingles racing through his veins to settle in his cock. Jack probed again, and Will bucked off the bed. Again and again, until Will was panting and thrashing against the snowy white pillows.

Only then did Jack withdraw from Will and return with two fingers, carefully stretching Will. Adding a third finger, Will arched into the intrusion, pushing back as Jack slid his fingers forward. Jack held still, watching as his young lover fucked himself on his fingers. Mouth dry, heart thumping, cock twi tching, he watched Will take his fingers deep into that tight hole.

Growling, he pulled his fingers from the velvet heat, coated his length generously, and positioned himself at Will's entrance. At Will's nod, Jack pushed forward slowly, easing into silken heat. Will moaned as Jack paused, just the head of his cock inside. Jack resumed moving slowly, sheathing himself bit by bit. Will grew impatient and with a savage growl, wrapped his legs around Jack's hips. He pulled Jack into him forcefully, throwing his head back into the pillows with a low moan.

Seated to the hilt, Jack waited for his threatening release to subside. He took several deep breaths, seeing light dancing before his eyes. It was only when Will squirmed beneath him that he began to move. He pulled back, almost withdrawing fully, before driving home. Will lifted his hips, meeting that first thrust. Groaning, Jack set a slow, steady rhythm, loving the sounds that fell from Will's lips, mewling as Jack withdrew and moaning as he returned.

Will's body was on fire, every stroke brushed against his sweet spot. He gave himself over to Jack, relishing the feelings the pirate awakened in him. Jack's hands stroked over his side and chest, and the love in that simple touch brought tears to his eyes. In that moment, he thanked whoever was listening for keeping him safe this night. He was Jack's and no one else's.

Jack's hips began to lose their rhythm with his release so near. He changed the angle of his thrusts and Will cried out as he now hit that sweet spot head on. Will's hands gripped Jack's forearms and his whole body tensed. He breath came in rough pants and he could feel his toes tingling, his sacs drawing up tight.

He cried out harshly as he found completion, his fingers digging into Jack's flesh and legs gripping even tighter. His seed spread between their bodies with a sticky warmth as wave upon wave of pure pleasure broke upon Will.

Jack found his own explosive release at the feeling of Jack clamped tight around him, drawing his pleasure from him. He threw his head back and groaned loudly, his whole body pulsing.

Exhausted, he collapsed next to Will, pulling his young lover into his arms. Will reached up and gently kissed Jack's parted lips.

There was no need for words between them for long moments; they each felt the weight of the other's heart, cherishing the love found there. They expressed their feelings with soft touches, kisses, caresses. Jack brushed Will's hair from his sweaty face, and felt the young man snuggle deeper into his arms. They lay quietly together, waiting for their bodies to cool, for their breathing to slow, and drifted on a sea of bliss.

Will traced patterns idly across Jack's chest, content just to lay with his love. He raised his eyes and drank in the sight of a sated Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack raised a questioning eyebrow at Will, who just smiled softly and returned his head to Jack's shoulder. He settled deeper into Jack's arms, kissing his chest lovingly before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

Jack lay awake for a long while, holding his young Will, watching over him. He pressed light kisses to Will's forehead, fighting the urge to squeeze tight and never let go. His Will was safe, and he would see he remained that way. Jack shifted Will closer and refused to think of what-might-have-been's. He would not to give in to his fears.

As if he sensed Jack's distress, Will shifted against him, sleepily raising his head and planting a sloppy kiss near Jack's mouth. Comforted by the small gesture, Jack relaxed against the warm body in his arms. He laid his head against Will's and closed his eyes, seeing a beautiful smile dancing behind his eyelids.


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