jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: What the Pirate Bought

Author: Haldir Fancier (caribbeansparrow28@hotmail.com)

Paring: Jack/Will, implied Will/Elizabeth, Will/Others, Elizabeth/Others

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jack legally spends money on something he'd rather not have to buy.

Warnings: Implied rape, m/m slash (obviously), sex.

Notes: We're not betaed. Mistakes are solely mine. Feedback coaxes the muses.

Disclaimer: If I owned any of them, I'd be the richest (read 'luckiest') girl on earth. Thus, I would not have to pay for bagels and chai with my babysitting money. So there. Making no money from it. Wish I could.

Jack Sparrow, captain of the *Black Pearl*, walked, nay, swayed, in his graceful way, down the crowded street of the small "pirate-friendly" port town, managing not to bump into a single person.

With his crew on port leave, he walked alone, while his *Pearl* sat in the harbour, black sails soon to be replaced. Jack had decided they were a bit too conspicuous-- there had been less looting recently, people avoided them-- and they reminded him of Barbossa. It had been almost a year since the breaking of the curse, but Captain Sparrow still thought about it. It chilled him.

He ducked into a small store, greeting the proprietor with a tip of his hat. He wanted a new scarf, as his last one had been worn through and recently tugged off his head in a squall and lost in the sea. His hair was inclined to fall in his eyes without it, and he needed a new one.

He stepped out a few minutes later, tying the newly bought red scarf ‘round his head, when he heard a man’s voice above the others in the square.

“’Ere’s a pretty one! Strong worker, knows ‘er let’ers, quiet, follows orders well! In’t that right, girlie?”

Jack didn’t hear the response, but there was a murmur or appreciation from the crowd gathered around the platform.

The man stood on the platform, one hand raised in the air, the other holding the shackles that found the hands of a young, dark-skinned woman, who was looking down, tears in her eyes.

“How much for ‘er?” The man started calling out prices, and people raised their hands, bidding for the girl. Jack swore and moved closer.

Slave auction. He hated them. He hated the idea of imprisoning a person. The sea was freedom, and he knew both freedom and captivity, and much preferred freedom. He had bought a few slaves in his time and automatically set them free. Much of the time they were content to work on the *Pearl* for him. He could only do so much, even if he /was/ Captain Jack Sparrow. He’d felt good when he’d seen the looks on the faces of the young men and women he’d freed, and how they’d thanked him more than a few times.

He could see the stage clearly. He was near the back, but saw the girl’s shoulders shaking. The man was crying, “Once? Twice? Sold to the gentleman in the black coat!”

Said man in black coat moved through the crowd, and as she saw him coming, another woman broke out of the line on the back of the stage and ran to the girl, holding her hand and weeping. The girl said something to her, and she smiled sadly, and laid her head on the girl’s shoulder. The girl stroked her hair and kissed her cheek.

The older woman wept harder before she was pulled roughly away from the girl and the girl was handed over to the man in the black coat. Jack couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned to go when the man on the stage began auctioning the next one.

“This one’s a prisoner of raiding! ‘E’s a strong lad, used to be a blacksmith, afore ‘e was captured an’ broken.” The crowd laughed and Jack turned back to the stage in awe. “Very ‘ard worker, smart, don’t talk much, though.”

“Mother o’ God,” Jack whispered, and when the man began the bidding, Jack kept raising his hand. That was the one he would save this time. That was him.

“Anyone else?” the man finally said. Jack had had a hard run against someone else who obviously wanted that one too, but Jack wanted him more. He’d buy that one if it took all the treasure on the *Pearl*.

“Once? Twice? Sold to the gentleman in the red scarf for twenty crowns and then some! ‘S a lotta money sir, an’ a good pick!”

Twenty crowns and then some? The former-blacksmith looked down. That was an awful lot of money. He saw the man who’d bought him moving through the crowd and shuddered. //Pirate,// he thought, seeing the scarf. //God, not again. Please...//

The man dodged through the crowd with an occasional, “’Scuse me,” and “Pardon me, didn’t mean to...” He swayed as he stepped up onto the stage.

“This one mine?”

Will looked up sharply from his shackled hand. Jack was gesturing towards him, head cocked to the side, and the auctioneer nodded.

“That one’s yours.”

“It is indeed,” Jack said, and waved one hand across Will’s eyes. “Still alive there, mate?”


Jack made as if to inspect him and murmured in his ear, “Not yet mate. ‘M your master-" he spat the word- “Till we get outta ‘ere, savvy? You all right?”

“Y-yes. Sir,” Will added, for good measure. Jack winked at him.

“Yes," he said aloud. "I am satisfied, thank you. This should keep you ‘appy.” He handed the auctioneer a bag and put an arm around the still-stunned man’s waist. Will followed him off the stage, stumbling a bit, and the auctioneer moved on to the next person.

Jack guided him out of the square quickly, and down the street.

“God, Jack!” Will threw himself against Jack.

“Easy on the goods, love,” Jack said, but hugged Will. Will buried his face in Jack’s shoulder. Jack held him until he quieted, rubbing his back.

“Why’d y’do that, Jack?” Will asked, shaking.

“Not yet, luv. Gotta get these off you first.” He rattled the shackles, and Will nodded, and followed him down to the harbour and onto the little longboat.

Once they reached the *Pearl*, Jack led him into the Captain’s cabin and rummaged around for a bit for a lock pick, hairpin, or other small pointy object. Will stood and stared at the cabin.

“You’re doin’ well, Jack.”

“Mmhmm,” Jack said, and held up the pin triumphantly. He came back over to Will and set about opening the shackles.

“Lucky you weren’t bound at the feet too,” he said, and Will murmured an agreement. “Done!”

Will dropped the handcuffs on the floor and grabbed Jack and hugged him properly. Jack, mildly alarmed at first, eventually hugged him back, just happy to know he was safe.

They went back out on deck, and Jack seated himself on the bench behind the wheel. Will joined him, looking around him like he couldn’t believe it.

“Why’d you pay so much for me? How much did you pay anyway?”

“I would’a paid all the treasure on the *Pearl* for your freedom,” Jack admitted, and Will smiled.

“This is unbelievable. I-" He hugged Jack again. “This isn’t a dream, right?”

“Course not,” Jack said, looking at him. “You're free now.”

“I’m so afraid it will be a dream again. I’ve had a few like this, but not quite the same.”

“How’d they go?”

Will’s cheeks coloured, and Jack raised an eyebrow. “Er, mostly ones where you buy me at an auction, and there was another where you broke me out of the cell where they kept me...”

Jack felt him take a deep breath, and tightened his arms around him. “Were there more that had me as the hero?”

Will laughed, but Jack thought it sounded forced. “Yes, there was one where you and the *Pearl* blew bloody great holes in the ship I was on and then you swam out t’ get me, an’...” He stopped. “That’s all I remember.”

“Where’s your bonny lass?” Jack asked, putting his hands on Will’s shoulders and looking him in the eye. Will’s gaze was haunted, he was in pain.

“She’s dead.”

“What? She’s dead?”

Will nodded, and looked close to tears again.

“I want to hear the whole story,” Jack said, and held up his hands. “But not yet, mate.” He got up, sashayed off, and came back with a rather large bottle of rum.

“Can we go into your cabin?” Will asked, standing up.

“Course,” Jack said, and they did so.

Jack pulled off his boots, tossed them next to the table, and seated himself cross-legged on the bed. Will looked confused and a little scared, and Jack patted the space next to him. Will crawled onto the bed to sit close by him.

Jack pulled the cork from the bottle with his teeth, handed it to Will, and they shared it in silence for a few minutes.

“Whole story?” Jack finally asked, and Will shrugged. “What happened after you got me outta the noose?”

Will sighed, twisting his hands in his lap.

"Elizabeth and I were married three weeks after you left. Norrington was annoyed, but the ceremony was wonderful. Elizabeth was so beautiful in her dress, so perfect. I loved her so much...

"We were married, and spent a week on a cruise of sorts, courtesy of her father, for our honeymoon. It felt nice to be at sea again.

"We got back to Port Royal and spent a happy month together, living in the governor’s mansion. I found that living a higher life than I’d had was just boring, and soon returned to my smithy. I was a master blacksmith. Mr. Brown had died, hit his head, and it had truly been my smithy for two weeks.

"I worked late one night, wanting to finish a sword. I made that sword with you in mind, actually, and had just finished, but they took it from me when they captured the city."

“One step back, mate. Who?”

"Pirates. Don’t interrupt, Jack. Give me the rum."


"Pirates broke down the fort with their cannons before anyone knew what was happening. Most of the people in town were killed. I know Governor Swann and Norrington lived, at least then, since it was the Governor, and Norrington was a powerful man. I was only kidnapped because I could work, and they could sell me into slavery. Elizabeth was there too, because she was a woman."

“They raped her?”

"Yes. I’m getting there. I was knocked out early, bloody bad luck, and woke up in the brig of a ship with Elizabeth and two other men from Port Royal.

"They taunted us, the pirates did, and took Liz out of the cell, took her, kicking and fighting up onto deck. They brought her back nearly four hours later bruised and bloody, shaking.

"She didn’t last more than a fortnight, and I even- I even made them take me instead of hurting her more."

Jack held out one arm and Will flinched. He stared at Jack a moment, and Jack put the arm around Will’s shoulders. The younger man tensed, and then relaxed against Jack.

He took another pull at the rum and went on.

"Elizabeth and I spent another two weeks there, sleeping huddled with the three others. Alexander, the baker's son; Sean, innkeeper of the Dancing Bear; and Jesse, the cooper. I- I can't..."

"'S all right, luv. What about Elizabeth?"

"Two weeks... they took her out and beat her, raped her, whenever they wanted. For fun." He shuddered. "She became afraid to touch me at all, wouldn't let me hold her anymore. She tried, God, she tried. But she was so afraid.

"Finally, she said to me, she said, 'William, I love you very, very much, but... I can't live through this. I'm dying, Will. Next time... I can't.'

"Next time, she said, knowing it. And next time, she said she loved me, and she wanted me to live on. I didn't see her again. They told me she was dead, a particularly hard knock to her temple, and gone to the sea. I huddled in a corner for three days, trying not to let anyone see..."

Jack watched his rum disappear regretfully, but knew the lad needed it, if anyone did.

"Two weeks of Hell later," Will continued, "we came to port in... Antigua? Had to be. They locked me in shackles and sold me to an awful man. I was property, Jack! Bought and sold like beast of burden!

"I worked for that man for six months. I tried to escape a few times, but he caught me and whipped me."

Will paused, and then stripped off his shirt and turned his back to Jack. Jack traced his fingertips over the lash-marks gently, reverently.

"God, Will, I wish I'd found you earlier."

"Can't go back now," Will said, his voice rough, as he pulled his shirt back on. "Six months, and then I was sold to a woman who was kinder, but not terribly so. I worked for her for a while, down by the docks, thankfully, but then I was packed onto a ship, and sailed here.

"You were at the auction. Did you see the dark girl with long hair? She was sold before me."

Jack nodded.

"Her name was Laila, and she and her mother worked in the woman's kitchen. They were kind to me, and then sold with me. And then... and then you saved me. God, Jack, thank you! Thank you!"

Jack held as Will as he shook, tears making new tracks on his dirty cheeks. Will pressed his face into Jack's shoulder and put his arms around Jack, while Jack patted his back somewhat awkwardly.

Will pulled away suddenly. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jack, I do feel like a fool, weeping all over you like this." He rubbed the sleeve of his dirty shirt across his nose and sniffled. Jack frowned.

"Come on." He stood up and took Will by the hand.


"Come on, we're goin' to get you new clothes."

"I don't need-"

"Yes you do," Jack said. "And I want to get them for you."

Will shook his head. "No, Jack, I-"

"I bought you, Will, you're mine."

Will looked shocked. His breathing was loud and shallow. Jack touched his cheek, and he flinched away.

"I'm sorry," Jack said. "Now come on." Still holding Will's hand, he pulled him standing. "I should have something that will fit you. And you're going to take a bath. And then we'll go get new clothes. But I can't stand you being in those any longer."

"It's what I left Port Royal in," Will said.

"Then we'll burn them."


"Yes. We'll burn them. You don't need to be reminded that you were ever a prisoner."

"But you said-"

"Shh," Jack murmured, pulling Will close. "Don't mind what I say." He smiled, and pressed a gentle kiss to Will's lips. Then he moved away and started opening drawers. Will stood frozen.

"Jack, what do you want from me?"

"What do I what? Nothing, lad. I want you to be free. No one should be enslaved like that."

"Oh. I thought that... maybe..."

"Ah ha!" Jack cried, and brought out a cotton shirt with a flourish. "Here, lad, put this on. Take that awful thing off."

Will complied, dropping his old shirt on the floor and donning the clean one. It felt truly lovely to wear clean clothes again. Jack was still rummaging. He came up with a pair of drawers and a pair of trousers, and handed them to Will, and then turned around to give him some measure of privacy.

Will stripped and dressed, smiling, relieved. "Thank you, Jack."

"Mmhmm, any time, luv."

For the next four days, Jack stayed with Will on the *Pearl*. Will had insisted on sleeping with the crew, but Jack had shaken his head and told him he would sleep in his bed until otherwise noted. He was a guest, at this point.

So Will did. He slept in Jack's bunk, and would always wake in the morning with Jack at least partially wrapped around him. Sometimes it was Jack's arm around Will's waist, or Jack's leg over his hip, or finding himself pressed against Jack's chest, or even partially on top of Jack. And he loved it. But he never let it show.

When the crew rejoined them at the end of their shore leave, they greeted Will warmly, and Jack made no mention of his imprisonment. Will was glad of it. When the ship left the harbour, Will helped furl the sails. Jack watched him, delighted, and later kissed him quickly and thanked him for helping.

It went on like this for a while.

When Will had been with the *Pearl*'s crew for almost a month, he was growing tired of the dancing around him that Jack did. He wasn't sure sometimes whether Jack wanted him or not. It seemed like he did, but often times he acted like he didn't care.

When the fancy took him, Jack would kiss Will, very quickly, not let him react. It usually followed something that Will had done that impressed Jack, or after a raid.

And he still slept in Jack's cabin. Will found it very odd.

Finally, he went to Anamaria.

"You know Jack."

"Aye?" she said, holding onto the wheel and looking back at him.

"What does he want?"

"Rum, freedom, th' ocean-"

"I mean from me," he said. "What does he want from me?"

She shrugged. "I think 'e's in love with ye. Don' tell 'im I said tha'."


"Tha' I said tha' 'e's in love with ye."

"He's in love with me?"

"So it seems," she said, grinning. "'e's in love, but 'e doesn' know 'ow to tell ye."

He was silent, staring at the wheel of the *Pearl* that Anamaria held. "Oh."

"Mmhmm. What is it about ye, lad? Makes 'im so nervous when yer not where 'e can see ye."

"I don't know," he said, frowning. "He always... I mean, after a raid, he always..."

"Looks like 'e wants to ravish ye. 'Aven't you seen it?"


"Hm. 'E's always givin' you looks. When yer not lookin'. My god. If a man ever looked at me like tha', I'd 'ave 'im in my bunk in minutes. Know what I mean?"

"Is it- is it possible for a man to- to love another... like that...?"

Anamaria turned and grabbed his collar, holding her face close to his. "Turner, if you don' wan' 'im, you tell 'im that now, 'cause I ain't gonna see my captain pine for ye forever."

Will blinked. "I- I don't know." She nodded, and let go. He straightened his shirt. "That is what I wanted. Thank you, Anamaria."

"Any chance to out Jack Sparrow," she said, and grinned. He gave her a weak smile in return.

Three days later, Jack approached Will.

"Will, I've just thought."

"Dear god, Jack, why on earth would you do that? You could have hurt yourself!"

Jack narrowed his eyes. "Very funny, whelp. No, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?" Will looked up from the sail he was stitching back together.

"Did you see the name of the ship that... took you from Port Royal?" He had dropped his voice a little. The crew still wasn't aware of the reason for his being in the port. "And if you did, do you remember it?"

"The *Triton*," Will said, immediately.

Jack nodded. "I'll find it. Those bastards will rue the day they got into the slave trade."

Will was alarmed by the fire in his eyes, and he reached out to touch Jack's shoulder. "It's all right," he said. "I'm happy where I am."

"But you're not happy with where you were. I've watched you sleep, lad, and if those nightmares are half as bad as they look, I'd be surprised if you didn't want any sort of revenge."

Will looked down. "I do- I do want them to know my loss. I suppose."

"Will, they raped your wife!" Jack cried.

"I know!" Will yelled back, his hands clenching in the canvas. "I was there!"

Jack blinked. "You were /there/ there?

Will dropped his head and nodded. "They made me watch, once."

Jack sat next to him and put a friendly, comforting arm around his shoulders. "I didn't know."

"I didn't tell you," Will snapped. Jack nodded. He sat a moment longer, until Will said, "I'm fine, Captain, thank you." Jack stood up, and his hand lingered on Will's shoulder as he strolled off.


"We're lookin' for the *Triton*, savvy? For my Will."

"He's not your Will, Captain."

"Not yet, dear, not yet."


"Come on, lad."

"Wh-? What, Jack?"

"C'mon, get up."

"It's not even dawn, Jack."

"I know. Come up on deck. Be very quiet."

Will, grumbling, got out of bed and followed Jack up on deck, dressed only in his trousers. He raised an eyebrow. Not only was the night watch on deck, but the whole crew, already heavily armed.

"Jack, what in God's name-"


Will fell silent. He moved to the rail and peered into the predawn dark. Very faintly, he could make out the outline of another ship. Now he understood.

"Silence, fore and aft," Jack said, unnecessarily. "Gun crews, be ready." Half of the crew and then some moved off the main deck to the lower deck, and the cannons. "Mister Gibbs, if you would." Gibbs followed them.

Jack stood on the steps to the quarter deck, and as the ship drifted closer to the other one, Will caught the name on the stern.


He grabbed Jack's arm. "Jack, what the /hell/ are you doing?"

"Pay 'em back?" Jack said, and pried Will's fingers off his upper arm.

"No, this isn't funny."

"No, mate, it's not. You might not need closure, but I do. These bastards hurt you, and I won't stand for it!"

Jack couldn't see the fear on Will's face, and Will was glad about it.

"Get your sword."


"Captain, mate. And it's an order, Turner, not a suggestion."

Will scowled, but went below to find his blade. And a shirt. When he returned suitably dressed, the *Pearl* was nearly alongside the *Triton*. Will found Jack again and stuck close to him.

Jack waited until they were absurdly close, and then he yelled, "FIRE!"

All the guns went off, almost simultaneously. At the deafening boom, the other ship's crew, just visible on deck, scrambled into action as they belatedly noticed the *Pearl*.

The *Pearl's* crew started yelling and hollering to alarm the other crew. Sufficiently alarmed already by the cannon fire and the appearance of a ship suddenly, the Tritons were thrown into chaos.

"Hooks!" Jack called, and grappling hooks were flung from the *Pearl* to the *Triton*, and the crewmembers began to swing across. Will followed, now feeling a small flame in his gut that told him to avenge his late wife. Avenge himself.

As the *Triton* crew rushed up onto the deck to meet the *Pearl* crew, all the while shouting, the Pearls had them already mostly surrounded. While the Tritons might outnumber the Pearls, the *Pearl* had had the ultimate element of surprise. Will, recognizing faces of men he'd seen on his earlier trip, found it momentarily hard to breathe, and then his hand clenched, and he joined the fray.

The adrenalin coursing through his body made him almost heady with the feeling, and he had no qualms about killing these men. On a normal occasion, he would avoid killing, instead going for a good solid beating, but he wasn't afraid to shed blood on this ship. He slashed and turned and stabbed and punched and kicked, anyone who wasn't wearing a red armband-- the *Pearl* crew's sign to each other-- and received a few minor cuts.

He did get a good fist to the face, and was developing a black eye as he fought. Every man he recognized he went after, snarling like an animal, and killed them easily, slicing his blade across their neck to kill them quickly, but messily.

The sky began to lighten, and Will ducked out to the rail momentarily to catch his breath. He only took a moment, but in that moment he saw the face he dreaded the most. The Captain. Captain Cunningham, the man who had taken his wife whilst Will watched in horror. Will narrowed his eyes and moved closer, ducking under a few people to get closer. He found Sullivan fighting with him, and Sullivan was very nearly out of luck. Will nudged his shoulder and caught the downward stroke of Cunningham's sword, as Sullivan nodded, winked at Will, and moved away to block another attack from someone else.

"You bastard," Will whispered, clenching his teeth as they fought. Cunningham smirked.

"Do I know you?"

"You knew my wife."

"Ohh. I see. And you're bitter."

"I'm angry," Will said, and Cunningham had to block quickly. It was far too close for his comfort. "And yes, I'm bitter. You sold me."

"Money, lad," Cunningham said, still smirking, and had to parry twice, fast. Will annoyed was enough to deal with. Angry, damned if he wasn't the best swordsman in the Caribbean.

The fighting around them slowed, but the two of them stayed locked in fast, blurred combat. Will's eyes burned, and Cunningham's smirk faded as the young man attacked, parried, reposted, one two above, two three four at his legs, slash once to his shoulder, feint to his stomach, block in six, in four, attack again. He was good.

The crews pulled apart, watching in silenced awe as they moved forwards and aft, Will usually in offence. Finally Cunningham pulled away, and stood, the tip of his sword crossed with Will's. Will stopped as well, breathing hard, but still standing straight.

"What do you want, boy?"

"I want you dead," Will said, his voice carrying. He could easily see Cunningham now, as the sun moved farther up. Will narrowed his eyes. "You ravaged my home, violated my wife, and then sold me like an animal. You are a stupid, disgusting, unrefined, savage-"

There was a gunshot. Will stopped. Cunningham looked down at the bullet in his chest, and then collapsed on the deck. Will spun around. Jack still held the smoking pistol out in front of him.

"You son of a bitch!" Will howled, and leapt at Jack, tackling him to the deck. "He was mine! I /had/ him! I hate you!" Will started hitting Jack repeatedly, anything he could reach. His stomach, his side, his face, his arms. Gibbs and King hauled Will off of Jack, still screaming bloody murder.

"I hate you, Jack, I hate you! How could you do that! You got your stupid ship out here so that I could have revenge and then what do you do? Huh?! Take it away from me! Fuck you! I hate you, you son of a bitch!"

"Will! Will, calm down!" Duncan yelled.

Will slumped. Gibbs and King still held his arms. It wasn't until they and part of the crew returned to the *Pearl* that they let go, and then Will jumped Jack again, sending them both to the deck, and pummeling him with his fists. This time, though, Jack hit back, slamming the heel of his hand up against Will's chin.

Will's head snapped back and he gasped, and then he dropped his head onto Jack's chest. He didn't realize he was crying until he took a deep breath as a sob forced its way out of his throat. He tried to stifle it, but it came out, broken, and he gave up, letting the second come, and the third. He buried his face in Jack's shirt and wept, wrapping his arms around Jack.

Jack reached down to stroke Will's hair gingerly, and Will lifted his head. He looked at Jack for a moment and then shifted up and pressed his mouth to Jack's. Jack, taken aback, pulled away, but Will moved a hand up and cupped Jack's cheek and kissed him again. Jack moaned into his mouth and slid his hands behind Will's arse, pulling his body up and closer.

"In the cabin, lads," Anamaria said as she walked past, and Will stood up, grabbing Jack's hand, hauling him to his feet. Jack stumbled after him, trying to see if his nose was bleeding, and catch up with Will at the same time.

Will slammed the door closed and pushed Jack against it. Jack's hands found their way under Will's loose shirt, sliding up his chest and down his back, tracing the raised scars there. Will shivered in his arms and pressed close, kissing Jack over and over. Jack opened his mouth, and Will took the opportunity, sliding his tongue between Jack's lips. Jack sucked hard on his tongue, and Will moaned.

Jack's fingers caught in the collar of Will's shirt. He pulled down, and most of the buttons came undone. The rest of them just came off. He pushed the shirt off Will's shoulders, and Will clutched at his arms.

Jack pushed him away. "Bed." Will grinned and crossed the room.

Jack, in the process of undressing himself, paused as Will spread himself on the bed. He approached the bed, hat, sash, shirt and boots discarded, taking in every part of his upper body, and Will felt himself blush.

Jack noticed it, and smiled. "You're lovely," he assured him, and Will's blush deepened. Jack set one knee on the bed and swung the other leg over Will's hips, so he straddled him. He planted his hands above Will's shoulders and pressed a kiss to his mouth, his cheek, his jaw, and below his ear.

Will shuddered.

Jack dragged his tongue over the spot a few times, and Will moaned aloud, pulling Jack's body against his. Jack relaxed, pressing their hips together and supporting himself on his forearms.

"Sensitive ears?" he teased, giving a little roll of his hips. Will nodded, panting.

"You have no idea."

"I might," Jack murmured, leaning forwards, never stopping his hips, and giving the shell of Will's ear a few licks, and then he sucked on his earlobe. His moustache tickled maddeningly, and the beads in his beard brushed Will's hairline. Will was reminded by this, and Jack's hardness against his own, that it was a man he was dealing with, and one who knew what he was doing. He almost tensed, but reminded himself over and over that it was /Jack,/ who would never hurt him, and oh dear god to /that/ again!

He must have said that last part aloud, because Jack sucked again where his jaw met his neck. He felt Jack's knee pressed into the bed between his legs, his strong thigh just against his still clothed erection. He rocked his hips up, rubbing against Jack, and ohh that felt nice. He did it again, and then again, and felt Jack's cock against his own hip, as Jack rocked in counterpart. His jaw went slack, and his eyes rolled back, eyelids fluttering, and he moaned, soft and low.

"W-wait," he murmured, "wait, stop."

Jack stopped, cock pressing hard against Will's leg, Will's own erection throbbing against his trousers.

That wasn't any good.

Maybe he could remedy that. Will reached one hand down and hesitantly cupped the bulge in Jack's trousers, and squeezed his fingers gently. He heard Jack gasp something that resembled his name. Something clicked, and both of Will's hands were there in an instant, untying the ties of Jack's trousers. When it was loose enough, he slide a hand in, the back of his hand against Jack's abdomen, and he curled his fingers around the velvety shaft. Jack hissed, and dropped his head, his forehead resting on Will's shoulders.

Will's other hand went down and pushed Jack's trousers down as far as he could get them, and he formed a tight tunnel around the slippery member, stroking base to head, and Jack's lips moved against Will's neck.

"What, Jack?" Will kept his hand moving, and touched Jack's dreadlocks as Jack lifted his head.

"I love you, William."

Will just smiled and sealed his mouth to Jack's. Jack's hips bucked, thrusting into Will's hand as their mouths melded together, tongues sliding slowly against each other.

The kiss ended when Jack shuddered and pushed Will's hands away.

"And I love you, Jack," Will said, brushing his nose against Jack's. Jack kissed the tip of his nose and then sat back on his heels, tugging his trousers down and off. He left them by the bed, and then started on Will's. Will obliged him by lifting his hips, and Jack pulled his britches and socks off.

He slid up again, bodies flush against each other, and kissed Will, and then moved down again, urging Will to move up the bed a little and to bend his knees. He slipped his hands against the backs of Will's thighs and pushed them apart, settling on his elbows between Will's legs, still holding his legs.

Will clenched his hands in the sheets, biting his lip, and Jack flattened his tongue and licked a stripe from the base of his cock to the tip. He took the tip in his mouth and sucked gently, and Will groaned. Jack relaxed his jaw and slid his mouth farther down Will's shaft. Will threw back his head, and Jack was glad not to hear it crack against the headboard.

Will tightened his fits, leaning back on his elbows, his legs spread and pushed apart by Jack. It was so terribly indecent; he was so exposed like this, but oh god it felt good. He couldn't think around the desire that clouded his mind, and the only thing he could focus on was Jack's name. Then he realized he was whispering it like a chant, over and over, as his hips shifted and pushed upwards.

Jack pulled off for a moment, and Will whimpered at the loss.

"Shh, love." Jack smiled. "Reach into that drawer there, for me, and give me the bottle in there."

Will reached out, fumbling, and his fingers closed over a cool glass bottle. He handed it to Jack, who pulled the cork out and wedged it in the crook of his elbow. He gave Will a small smile, and then Will was again engulfed in wet heat. He let his upper body fall to the pillows and scrunched both hands in Jack's dreadlocks.

Jack held the base of Will's cock in one hands, Will's legs flung over his shoulders, as he licked and sucked at the sensitive flesh between his lips. His other hand dipped between Will's legs, and he trailed a fingertip across the puckered opening there. Will shuddered, and was suddenly too tense.

Jack pulled back. "Peace, luv, it's just me. Relax, it'll hurt less." He ducked his head again.

Will cupped Jack's cheek, fingers smoothing over his moustache, and up his jaw line, around one ear. Jack's first oil-slick finger pressed against his entrance at the same time that Jack inhaled sharply, and Will couldn't focus on both at once. So he focused on the pleasure, and Jack's finger pressed all the way in. It didn't hurt that much. There was a faint burn, but all in all, he just felt full. Jack didn't leave off with his mouth, and the one finger slid in and out, slowly.

Jack crooked his finger just so, and Will arched up off the bed, white pleasure racing up his spine. Someone-- was that him?-- cried out, crying Jack's name.

Yes, that was him.

There was clapping and cheering from outside.

"Mm," Jack mumbled, and pulled off. "SHUT UP!" he yelled. "Tryin'a concentrate, here!"

There was laughter. Jack shook his head, and Will grinned sheepishly.


"No, no. I loved it." Jack smiled, and licked the spot where Will's leg met his groin. Will had no idea that was an erogenous zone, but he bit hard into his lip, stifling a desperate whimper.

Jack was working the second oiled finger in. That was more of a stretch, and Will had to think about relaxing for it to work. But that wasn't so bad either. No, it felt nice. Especially when Jack rubbed both fingers over that spot that made him see stars again.

Jack, fearing he'd make Will come earlier than he hoped, let Will slip from his mouth and instead shifted his body up, catching the bottle and setting it aside, to kiss Will. Will's kiss was needy, urgent, and Jack could feel the tremble of his body, from within and without.

The third finger was tough. Will almost lost his nerve entirely, but Jack kept at it, stroking and twisting, running the flat of his tongue over a peaked nipple (and wasn't that nice), and stroking Will's side with his free hand to calm him.

Finally, finally, Will found himself pushing back on the fingers, trying to get them deeper inside, trying to get Jack to rub *that spot* again.

Instead, Jack pulled his fingers out. Will turned his head to look at Jack, who had the bottle again. He had his eyes shut, his fingers closed around his own erection, stroking slowly. Will swallowed hard and reached a hand down tentatively to cover Jack's hand. Jack opened his eyes, and Will was struck at how dark they were.


"Please, Jack. Need this."

Jack pushed Will's knees apart again, and settled between his legs, the head of his cock against Will's entrance. He sank in slowly, holding Will's thighs apart, and Will tilted his head back, mouth open, panting.

"That's... nnn, oh yes... so good..."

Jack stilled, buried to the hilt. Will brought his hands up to cup Jack's face and brought him close, their lips almost touching. Jack slid his arms under Will's shoulders, gathering him to him, and pulled his hips back to thrust in again. He was slow, gentle, and Will felt the tremors in his arms and in his back that belayed his control over himself.

Will's hands wandered over Jack's arms, shoulders, over his back, down to cup his arse and kneaded the flesh with his fingers. "Faster," he whispered. Jack rested his forehead against Will's shoulder again and pushed in again faster, harder. He withdrew, thrust in, withdrew, and Will arched up to meet him the next time he thrust in. He rolled his hips up to take Jack deeper, and Jack answered with a low rumble that came from deep in his chest.

"God, Will... you're... so... can't last like this..."

Will wrapped his legs around Jack's waist, and Jack ground his body forwards to catch Will's erection between their bodies, rubbing him. Will arched his neck and Jack fastened his mouth there, sucking as he gave a particularly hard thrust.

Will's hands came back up to Jack's back, clutching, nearing his peak, but unable to find what he needed to reach it. "Jack, please... so close... just- just-"

Jack caught his mouth in a deep, somewhat sloppy kiss, and Will arched again as Jack left restraint and just fucked him. He held Will's hips, and Will would find dark bruises later where his fingers had been, and braced his knees and plunged into him again and again, sliding his mouth against Will's. Will bucked his hips, tightened his arms.

Will's speech was broken, following the thoughts he could piece together. "Agh, Jack! Yes! I need... nnaahh! Yes! Oh Christ, like... so... jus- ah! Jack! JACK!"

Jack's name left his throat in a sob, and he squeezed his eyes closed, back arching as his climax rushed through him and he emptied himself between them, member pulsing against Jack's stomach, liquid heat spreading. That abandon was what Jack needed, and whimpering, he gave into his need for release, pumping hard into Will's tight body. He trembled and he gathered Will in his arms again, dropping his shoulders. He gasped against Will's shoulder and rolled them both onto their sides, his arms around Will's chest, Will's legs around his waist.

They lay together, panting, foreheads pressed together, eyes closed as they came off the high.

Jack opened his eyes first, and smiled as Will's eyelids fluttered open. His eyes were bright, and he was smiling shyly. They kissed again, just lips against lips, and Will sighed. He nestled his head against Jack's chest, and Jack kissed his temple.

"Thank you," he murmured into Will's hair. Will smiled.

"My pleasure, my love." He looked up. "Does this mean I'm yours?"

"If you like," Jack said, kissing his forehead again. Will smiled.

"Good. Because I'll be damned if I let you do that to anyone but me."

Jack laughed and hugged him. "I love you."

"Pirate," Will whispered. "I'm sorry I hit you. I'm sorry I lost it like that."

"Shh," Jack said. "Want to sleep."

So they did, still closely entwined, legs tangled together and arms around the other, content to sleep in the same bed as they had for so long.

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