jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: What A Man Can't Do...

Author: Anna (rosesnurr@yahoo.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: R

Summary: Jack is difficult to understand, especially for a drunk Will Turner, who is alone, stuck in Tortuga, and...waiting for a certain pirate even if he would never admit that to anyone.

Warnings: Not any I can think of, unless you count a very very mild love-making-scene as a warning? No real smut here, sorry. And also, there is a girl in one scene!

Disclaimer: Not mine, I just play with them now. Disney owns all.

Series title: Not a series really, but...there will be a sequel called '...And What A Man Can Do'

Notes: This is my first slash story...my first almost-naked-scene and my first Jack/Will attempt, so be gentle with me. :) A very big thank you to my betas kaijawest and imogen_lily, at livejournal, for helping me with suggestions and generally making the story more easily understandable. Thank you so much! Kaija, thank you firstly for pointing out what was confusing and secondly for making me see that I could work on it some more and that what I wrote wasn't utter nonsense! You really helped me understand what I was trying to say with this story and your suggestions were wonderful. Any typos are my own. Also, my obsession with Will's poor brain…that is just the result of a temporary (?) bad imagination on my part.

Will tentatively moved his feet against the dirty, soiled and who knew what other adjectives could be used to describe the floor of the tavern. It was ten times worse than the tavern he had been in with Jack. The patrons surrounding him were loud and seemed to have invaded the tavern as the cursed pirates from the Pearl had invaded Port Royal.

Unlike he had the last time he had been in a tavern, Will now tried his best to be invisible to the loud people falling into each other, not to mention the odd elbow bumping into him as they threw random punches and then laughed violently. He watched silently for a minute or two and then shrugged, turning his attention back to his drink.

This time he wasn't about to interfere or bother with feeling uncomfortable. They were just drunken fools. And right now he was one of them. Who was he to judge? Who was he to tell them to stop? To fight someone off like he had in the company of Gibbs and Jack.

'Jack,' Will thought fondly. He was probably far away on the ocean somewhere with his ship. Far away. Will sighed, putting his lips to the tankard of ale, drinking the rest of the drink violently. It had barely been half-full, but since he wasn't used to even the weakest ale he coughed and shut his eyes at the taste.

He didn't even *like* alcohol. 'But it reminds me of…never mind,' he thought. 'It doesn't remind me of anything. It's just tells me that here in Tortuga it's all I have.' He even tried to phrase his thoughts as carefully as possible, trying to cover up what he had almost been thinking.

Right now though, it didn't matter what paths his mind decided to take as long as he didn't think about the last few weeks. But of course he did anyway. Elizabeth had been snatched from him, his place in the smithy was gone, he survived now by doing whatever jobs he could find, he was constantly wondering where he would get the money to pay for his next meal and…obviously he was sitting around in taverns, getting drunk. He had hit rock bottom. On the bright side, he was still alive, having just barely escaped the noose.

After Jack's rescue, Norrington had ordered Will arrested. A man like Norrington didn't like seeing promises to him broken (and that was an understatement). Elizabeth had made him a promise after all. It didn't matter that Will had confessed his true feelings for Elizabeth. It didn't matter that her reasons for accepting Norrington's proposal had been temporary panic and…love for Will, love for another man. Will had been stuck in prison while Elizabeth and Norrington had gone ahead with arranging the wedding. Quite obviously they had been discussing Will also since Elizabeth had been the one to save Will, favouring banishment over death. He could still hear her words at the prison the one time she had visited him.


"You don't love me, Will. I know how you looked at him. Don't deny it." She looked at Will pointedly before going on. "I'm marrying… James now. I…wish it were you, but he's…he's a good man and he's only doing what's right."

"It's right to keep me here?" Will asked, his voice tight with emotion. He almost sounded angry, but something in his eyes rebutted that theory.

"No." She seemed tired now, her hands tightening around his.

"Please, Will. When they take you away…be happy try to…forget. I…I will always love you, but you and I…we would never work. You'll always be…a pirate."

There was no malice in her voice, no disgust at the last word, just sadness. Her eyes were loving on him. "I always dreamed of meeting a pirate, kissing a pirate. It seemed so romantic. But…pirates aren't happy here are they? And I want you to be happy."

"I know," Will breathed. The serious expression of intense concentration on his face – the face she had always loved so much – loosened and he smiled. He wouldn't be happy in Port Royal again and this was really the best way to go on with his life. It had to be.

"It was a pleasure knowing you, Miss Swann."

"And knowing you, Mr. Turner."

They looked at each other in silence, their smiles fading.

"Do you imagine him coming back here?"


He sounded defeated.

"But he might go to Tortuga."

Unexpectedly she smiled again and then suddenly jumped back, grinning mischievously.

"Then it's rather lucky that you've been banished from here isn't it?" Will smiled, letting his fingers trail the bars as he watched her leave him.

** end flashback**

That had been the last time he had seen her. Now he was waiting in some nameless, disgusting tavern, drinking vile liquids, actually thinking of finding a wench who could help him get rid of some of the tension that had been building in him for weeks. Will admitted to himself reluctantly that that was a lie. The only person he was waiting for was Jack. He had no idea why.

All his life he had wanted, loved Elizabeth. He had always been afraid of their differences but most of all of actually telling her how he felt, she had been put on a pedestal and been admired from afar.

He had barely laughed in his young life, spending his time worrying about nonsense life questions and mooning over his feelings for Elizabeth. He had always felt like he didn't even belong in the smithy, even though he loved his work. Then Jack had come along and suddenly he knew smiles, laughter and humour that he had been hiding from even himself.

The change in him had begun with their first meeting in the smithy. Suddenly there was a real pirate to fight, suddenly he wasn't just slamming his sword against air. Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate and someone to be feared and despised, was there, fighting, taunting him and revealing to him, finally that he was indeed a good swordfighter. Jack had made him wake up and stop watching life from the outside…not to mention commandeering ships and breaking pirates out of prison.

On the day of Jack's hanging Will had been weary, yet scared like something cold and ugly had grabbed him in the dark. Standing there, watching Jack's calm face as he listened to his sins, his life-time of being what he was, a pirate (an almost amusing and seldom successful one at that), being listed. Then everything had changed suddenly. He had said his words of love to the only girl he had ever had eyes for. *Finally* he had said that he loved her. But in that moment he had known it wasn't true.

Instead of waiting for her reaction, he had turned and moved through the crowd. The expression on Jack's face had changed into understanding as Will continued moving towards him. The moment had seemed to stretch on forever, the masses of people not stepping aside. "Move!" he heard himself cry out, panic making his voice stronger as Jack's neck was covered in rope. A breathless moment as his sword flew through the air, steadying Jack's feet as he dropped into nothing. He was okay. The endless moment was over and time was back to the normal seconds ticking on. The fight was not over though.

The way they fought together, for the first time clearly on the same side, almost telepathically communicating as they instantly knew what to do, mirroring each other's movements. Even earlier, fighting against each other, not knowing what side they were on, Will had felt that odd connection. Now the memory was making Will's gut twist. If only he had understood then what Jack truly meant to him. If only he had known then that Jack had been fighting on the same side with him. If only he not distrusted the pirate and not left him behind.

Then, just as suddenly as the fight had begun it was over. It was all in a jumble in his mind after that. Images, quick images like deadly moves with a shining sword passed through his head. Jack's lithe was body falling over the parapet…Norrington's hands unexpectedly grabbing him, taking him to prison. Elizabeth's distraught voice begging Norrington to leave Will alone.

Yet he hadn't sought out Elizabeth's eyes once. He had sought out Jack's. Jack who was swimming toward freedom, thinking everyone got their happy ending…the happy story book ending. Will had the girl he had been dreaming of for years. Jack finally had his Pearl. Except maybe he *had* known what was happening to Will. And maybe he didn't care. Maybe Jack didn't care about anyone but himself.

Will whimpered into the tankard, feeling his heart pound horribly in his chest. He didn't even know exactly why that thought upset him. Jack was a pirate; he hated pirates. 'You're lying.' At least he hated Jack. 'Yes of course, that's why you're on the verge of crying at the thought that he might not care for you,' he thought, self-hatred lacing his words. It was just…he wanted Jack to care a little at least. 'Yes, that was it. Just a little.'

He moved, getting to his feet. It was time to go to bed. The room spun as he gathered his wits. Lack of food and too much alcohol had done definite wonders for his coordination. It didn't help that his thoughts kept going in circles around Jack either. 'So you want him to care do you? What are you thinking? Just to care a little bit, surely that wasn't that bad?' Will shook his head, trying to clear his head, but he only managed to sway and stagger towards the stairs, muttering to himself as he went.

"Oh, terribly sorry," he mumbled as he bumped into a warm body just before he reached the stairs. He moved to the side, but found that despite his moving feet, he was going nowhere. Confused, he turned and his eyes fell on the warm, steady hand on his shoulder. Blearily he peered down into Jack's smiling eyes.

"William Turner! What a happy surprise. What might a newlywed blacksmith be doing in a tavern such as this?" Jack moved closer, sniffing in the air and then wrinkled his nose. "And drinking too?"

'As if Jack could smell anything under his own intake of…what must be rum,' Will thought with something that felt like nostalgia. Jack did one of his trademark sways to the side, tightening his grip on Will.

The last remains of Will's control were destroyed and he let himself be supported by Jack's firm grip.

"I'm no newlywed. And I'm here…I'm here looking for you."

The words were out before he could stop them. He hadn't even known that until just now. All right, he had known, but he wasn't ready to admit it, was he? And with Jack staring at him, holding a warm hand on his shoulder he had been unable to stop his mouth from saying those words. Damn Jack Sparrow.

Jack's eyes narrowed, but sadly the grip on him loosened. Jack's touch had admittedly made Will's brain take a sudden long-term vacation, but now, without the pirate's hand on him Will felt cold and off balance. Thankfully, Jack showed no other sign of having heard what now rang in Will's ears like one of his swords as he worked on them in the smithy.

"Uh-huh," Jack said quietly, the amused expression slowly returning to his face as he watched Will more closely. "Where've you got Lizabeth hidden?"

As Jack spoke he looked at Will carefully as if he had Elizabeth tucked away somewhere on his person.

"Port Royal. Married. And I'm not. I…I guess I have more pirate in me than I was willing to admit." Will's voice was cold now and he was keeping his sentences short, trying to forget the warmth of Jack's hand. Jack's expression was quizzical and Will knew why. He hadn't understood either at first. The thing was, Will the pirate could never be happy with Elizabeth. 'I can't be happy, period,' Will thought with some annoyance at his self-pity.

Jack squinted at him, letting his head roll to the side and then back again in a slightly drunken way. He was hatless and even the bandana was gone, letting his hair flow freely. Dark curls tickled Will's forearms as he moved his head and Will closed his eyes. The pirate's silence spoke volumes.

Clearly Jack wanted nothing to do with him. It was understandable after the way he had behaved. Leaving him behind, not trusting him. He should have known the pirate had a plan. It had been a selfish plan on Jack's part, but still, Will should have known better and trusted him. Saving Jack's life in the end hadn't restored any trust now had it?

"I…it's nice seeing you, Jack. I must be going. I'm in no condition to stand about." He slurred and lowered his voice as if revealing a secret. "I'm quite drunk you know."

Jack just watched him, narrowing his eyes and Will could practically see the thoughts at work in Jack's head. If only Will knew what they were. "Yes, no mistaking that. You're tipsier than Lizabeth on rum."

Will cast him a questioning glare at that.

"Of course she burned it all the next day," Jack sighed regretfully and then smiled, openly this time, not noticing the confusion on Will's face.

"You do have a room upstairs? Not just heading up for a little tumble with one of the ladies?"

Will felt the blood leave his face at the words.

"I have a room," he said quietly. He barely noticed Jack's arm around him as he was lead upstairs. 'He's just being nice. Nice to an old mate's son,' Will thought. 'To someone who saved his life once.' But despite his reasoning, Will found himself breathing hard. He knew that despite the probability that he was right about Jack's intentions, he was waiting. He was waiting for something he was afraid to even think of.

Feeling alarmed at the path his thoughts had started to take Will pushed Jack away, shoving his hand into his pocket as he searched for the key. It seemed to be slipping in his warmly numb hands and the door was…quite comfortable to lean on he discovered. His fingers fumbled with the lock, funny he didn't remember drinking enough to make him this dizzy. Jack's eyes were burning into him. Why did he have to keep standing there? And watching him, too?

"Goodnight then. Best of luck with your…pirating."

Jack smirked, but didn't leave.

"Why'd you say you were waitin' for me luv?"

Will jerked around, his face pale. Jack *had* heard that. Will's eyes must have shown Jack he wasn't nearly as drunk as he claimed. Just drunk enough to reveal feelings he was ashamed of talking to anyone about, except Elizabeth of course. Will found himself drawn in by Jack's dark eyes, as usual framed by the kohl. Apparently it had been a long night already since the kohl had been smudged over his cheeks in some places.

His lips were parted. In invitation, Will wanted to imagine. 'This is a man,' Will reminded himself. 'These hot, heavy feelings are for women.' Elizabeth flashed before his eyes, but disappeared a second later. It was hopeless to continue on denying it. He knew that now. He had been debating with himself over this since he had last seen Jack. It wasn't helping. Debating and denying wasn't helping. And Jack's presence was certainly not helping. He bit his lip, trying to choke a throaty sigh.

"Will…?" Jack began, his drawl more noticeable and his eyes shining with desire… 'No questions, Will he wants to know why the hell you're staring at him!' Well, who wouldn't? Who wouldn't stare at the enigmatic man who was now looking at Will like it was Will who was the enigma? Some time during Will's panicked argument with himself Jack had stepped closer and Will looked down in confusion at the arm that had disappeared around him. The hand was invisible and slowly Will understood that the arm was *around him*, around his back.

Feeling the heat of Jack's body so close to him made him wonder how he could have not noticed it until now. And it was becoming too much to bear. He closed his eyes and gave in. His hand reached out blindly for Jack's warm shoulder. Feeling the fabric, soft and worn, heat radiating from it, Will opened his eyes.

His breath caught and he leaned closer. Jack didn't move. He just stood there, but he didn't move away his arm around Will either.

"Jack…can I…" his voice faded as he took the plunge, his heart filled with anxiety and soft, awakening desire. Not just desire. It was too warm, too confusing for his poor brain to be just about Jack's lips, Jack's body soon to be pressed to his…his chest closed painfully and his grip tightened on Jack's shoulder.

Finally…he let the last control slip and he pressed closer, feeling Jack's chest against his. Jack's shorter legs against his thighs. Jack's hair tickling his cheek, tangling in with his own. Finally…his lips finally pressed against Jack's mouth.

He felt himself go still and the heat throbbing in him focused to one place…one place that was pressed firmly into Jack's hip. Jack's lips were moist and tasted of rum, smoke and warmth. Elizabeth's lips had been cold and still against his. Jack's were still, too, not moving with him. Yet there was hidden, buried motion underneath the skin.

It was a silly notion, but Will felt like he was on The Pearl with Jack, moving with the sea, moving with Jack. The sea was not reliable though. Neither was Jack. Will wrenched himself away, his lips throbbing with unfulfilled anticipation. He fought back tears. Men…swordfighters and blacksmiths did not cry. He backed away, moaning as unwanted desire flooded back through his body.

"I'm…I apologize," he whispered. "I shouldn't have…you do not…you don't feel…the same, I understand. I'm sorry, Jack."

He turned toward the door, his heart having sunk down and his chest deflating. Jack wasn't saying a word. Jack didn't want him. Of course. Why would Captain Jack Sparrow want a gangly, betraying, drunken blacksmith who had just thrown himself at him? He had sunk so low, gone from a normal member of a nice society to someone who was stealing kisses from a very male pirate.

He shook with disappointment, almost facing the door when his body was abruptly spun around, his back was slammed (not without some pain) against it.

"What…" he managed to say before his mouth was covered with Jack's hot lips. The pirate moved against him and pressed his smaller body to Will's. Will almost started sliding down to the floor when Jack's lips disappeared from his. They were still close though and he *felt* Jack's words against his mouth as he spoke.

"Feel the same? You've been the only thing on me mind since I got t' Pearl back. Seems though I put an awful lot of energy into findin' a ship." The meaning of his words filtered between them and Will gasped painfully when he felt exactly how much Jack did feel the same against his inner thigh. He glanced wide-eyed at Jack, his heart having resumed its wild march.

"Savvy?" Jack smirked at him and all Will could do was move closer. 'Was closer even possible?' he thought almost hysterically as he pressed into the hard heat of Jack. It turned out closer was not only possible but also, putting it mildly, an improvement.

Jack moaned and his smirk was effectively wiped off his face. Will felt him trembling against his own unsteady body and attempted to open the door with one hand. This resulted in the two panting men tumbling straight into Will's small room. Will stumbled into the wooden bedpost, but managed to grab a hold of it before he fell flat on his face.

Staggering a bit to the side he looked up to see Jack who was offering his hand to Will for balance. Will looked at him, trying to steady his breathing. It wasn't easy, watching Jack's golden smile as he shut the door and once again advanced on Will.

Will moved back into the grinning pirate's arms, crushing the smile to another kiss; this one harder and filled with such need he felt tears stinging his face. Jack's arms moved around his waist and they backed over to the unsteady bed. Jack broke the kiss, pulling back a bit. Will was panting, but tried to control his breathing, staring at the man, the beautiful enigmatic pirate in front of him.

"How far are you willing to take this, Will?" Jack's question was spoken softly and clearly, no trace of his usual drunken posture. The words weren't drawn out or slurred and his movements were deliberate as his hands stroked Will's shaking arms.

"How far…" Will repeated, dumbstruck. 'As far as it goes of course…until we're asleep in each other's arms and until I can forget the rest.' "Have you ever been with a man before?"

Jack's face was calm, eyes serious. Will squirmed under the gaze. "No, Jack. I…not a woman either. I…I don't know why I want…this, but I do."

His voice was even and composed, Will wanted to think even if he heard his own shaky pauses. But what he truly he hadn't counted on was the fact that his eyes were betraying a whole storm of emotion. Hiding his feelings for Elizabeth all his life had made him someone who could suppress any strong emotion, any emotion that could be construed as weakness, but now…at last, his façade was cracking and his hands shook as he began to fumble with the top buttons on his shirt.

Jack's hands reached out for his and stilled them. Uncertainty now written all over his face, Will looked up.

"Let me, luv. If you want this…and believe me, I do as well, you've got to let me help." One of Jack's hands sneaked its way inside Will's shirt and Will tried to control his erratic heartbeat as Jack touched him. "We're going slow."

The emotion in Jack's voice made Will close his eyes and he found himself begging silently that Jack wouldn't turn around and laugh; buy him some happy girl and leave.

You never knew when Jack was serious and the only time he had spent with him had been about lying, plans and deception. Jack was always acting like someone. He had been acting all the way, until the moment he shot Barbossa. At that moment Will had only seen absolute sincerity in Jack's expression. On some level the horrible emotion, anger and determination there had scared Will, but at least no more acting, no more swaying, no more drunken movements.

Jack's gentle – who knew a pirate could be gentle? – hands slipped the shirt off. The air in the room was cool against Will's bare chest and he looked up from watching dark hair at the sound of Jack drawing for breath.

"Miss Swann certainly missed something I'll give you that."

He opened his eyes, finding Jack's eyes moving over his bare chest, the skin was marred only by a few scars received in the smithy; otherwise it was sun-brown and apparently pleasing to Jack as his mouth closed and he smiled.

Will's courage rose and he moved his hands to open his breeches. Stepping out of them after kicking off his boots resulted in a gasp from Jack.

Gradually, Will felt a small smile find its way to his face and he allowed his naked body to close tightly around Jack, fumbling with buttons and belts. Jack's eyes were closed as he sighed into Will's kiss and Will felt Jack shift against him and then the pirate was naked in his arms, squirming and panting harshly.

Pulling back, Will watched the pirate quietly. His chest was tanned and covered with scars that mingled with the odd writing and sun-wrinkles. His legs were hair-sprinkled and were solidly placed on the floor beneath him. And the middle, the one part of Jack he had felt against him, Will was afraid to see. Looking made it so real, so impossible to go back.

Jack's hands closed around his hips and Will yelped as the pirate, in one simple motion, moved them both to the bed. Will landed first and found himself under Jack. Which…placed Jack above him. He was under Jack. As evidenced by his confused thoughts, Will's brain was still working, but just barely. He looked up and his mind felt even more blurred. Finally looking, Will could not stop. Wide-mouthed he stared as Jack pressed his body to his.

"What? You thought I was a eunuch, did you?" Jack's hands moved down his body, smiling to himself as if he had just found out a secret no one else knew even existed. "And thankfully you're not one either my pretty Will." Will snorted, pressing their mouths together, wincing in pleasure at the friction that movement caused.

"Don't talk. Just…do it. Please…Jack." 'Before I change my mind.' Jack's hands were all over. Tentatively exploring his body, touching skin, stroking in a way that Will had imagined Jack and only Jack would. On the few occasions he had allowed himself to think about this that is. Oh but when he had, he had always imagined Jack just like this. Well maybe that wasn't true. Maybe this was better.

He half-expected Jack to suddenly lean back and comment on his anatomy every time the pirate glanced at his face, smiling. Jack's fingers teased and pulled, opening Will in ways Mr. Brown had tried once long ago and then hurriedly claimed that kind of touching to be godless. He felt Jack's long fingers inside him and for a moment an intense sharpness took over and he squeezed his eyes shut.

"Will? You all right?"

The amount of feeling behind the simple words was somehow so unexpected that he opened his eyes to find Jack staring wordlessly at him, his erection obviously painful. Will swallowed and couldn't seem to form words. He could just pull the other man closer, causing the fingers inside him to move against his skin differently.

He moaned, this time pleasure mingling with the pain. The forms of Jack's face were hard to see and it made Will think he must still be at least a little drunk. He watched Jack's face even more intensely, focusing on his eyes as the movement changed. Some oil – where did he get that? – dribbled down his legs and then he felt the roundness of Jack press to get inside.

He closed his eyes as they moved together silently and he didn't want to know what exactly Jack was muttering above him. It sounded like endearments. From the sometimes clown-like pirate?

Will dismissed it as something that had been in his until now denied daydreams, gasping when he felt a warm smooth hand grasp his own hardness. Orgasmic shocks ran through him, emptying him of the heat, the shameful desire. Jack slumped down on him, kissing his face… 'Stop it, it tickles and it makes me think this means more.'

He closed his eyes and spent a few minutes of listening to Jack's breaths. Those few minutes had managed to make the warmth fade away, but he was beyond tired at this point and fell into a wet, cold slumber, not feeling Jack's hands clean him with something soft and dry.

* * *

Jack rolled over, expecting to find a pile of sleeping William there. He didn't. William Turner was gone. Another day was just starting and Captain Jack Sparrow was alone in the bed.

"He did it again," Jack breathed, feeling lonely, heartsick and most of all, he felt cheated. It seemed like Will should be doing this professionally, knocking the air out of pirates and then leaving them behind. So Will had wanted a tumble in the sheets? Fine. He wondered where they kept the rum here in this tavern during the daytime.

"Bloody Will Turner. Made me trust him he did."

Jack stood, naked and vulnerable in the room. He was in Tortuga, the one place on this earth where he felt most at home – and Jack felt at home anywhere really, except prison – and yet, this morning he felt utterly lost.

"And where's me hat?" he mumbled confusedly, looking around for his clothes, still Will-scented no doubt. They were folded and placed in a neat pile.

"Was nice of him," he muttered as he got dressed. "But…next time I lay my eyes on that boy, we'll have words." Jack looked up grimly and then fell promptly on his face as he tripped on his own boots. He looked at the offending articles of clothing with an expression of intense concentration.

If anyone had walked in, they would have believed he was planning something horrific. In fact, they would not have been wrong. He was already contemplating what he was going to do with Will Turner the next time he saw him. Seducing him like that, folding his clothes and then leaving his boots lying around like a couple of pieces of lost gold.

"Foldin' me clothes and then making me trip over me boots," he muttered. Why that summed up Will Turner perfectly, Jack thought to himself.


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