jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Welcome to the Black Pearl

Author: Katie Bilodeau (bgbaby731@yahoo.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will of course!

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jack goes back for Will. One last chance is given . . .

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Disclaimer: I own the plot . . . to an extent. Johnny Depp *is* Captain Jack Sparrow. Warner Brothers owns everything else.

Warnings: Umm . . . slash, obviously. Male/male sex. Actually, I don’t really know why these are warnings . . .

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Author’s Notes: Not totally sure I’m happy with the “first date” scene. Hope it’s good enough for ya, Sparkler! Please let me know!!

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Written For: Sparkler in the JackxWill Ficathon. Hope this measures up to your expectations! Enjoy!! Request was: A follow on from the movie, telling how Jack and Will get together. Their first "date", so to speak. Must be either an R or NC-17 rating.

Will Turner sighed to himself as he stared after the tiny ship that was the Black Pearl. Should he go after it? Wait. Why would he want to? He held his life -- his love -- in his arms now, finally, after so many years. Why would he want to throw that all away for a pirate ship? He looked down and smiled halfheartedly. Elizabeth Swann smiled back at him, a genuine smile.

“Come, my love,” she murmured, tugging gently on his hand. He nodded once.

“I’ll be along in a moment,” he replied. “Why don’t you go tell your father we’ll dine with him tonight?”

Elizabeth nodded in response and turned, walking gracefully down the stairs. Will waited until she was out of sight before facing the blue waters again.

“Well, Jack Sparrow -- sorry -- *Captain* Jack Sparrow, I don’t suppose we’ll ever meet again,” he whispered, the breeze carrying his words away from him. “Thank you . . . for helping me, for Elizabeth . . . for completing my life for me.” Why, if his life was so complete, did he feel so . . . empty, and miserable? Will had the sudden urge to leap into the ocean and frantically swim to the Pearl. He shook his head as if to rid himself of the thought and patted the battlement wall familiarly. “Good bye, Jack.”

He turned and walked slowly away, a heavy feeling weighing down his shoulders with every step.


Captain Jack Sparrow stood at the helm of the Black Pearl, staring at the quickly receding shoreline of Port Royal. To his shipmates, all but one, it seemed he was stony. They believed he was cursing Port Royal, every last inhabitant. Only Anamaria knew better. Although his face was flinty, his eyes expressed his every emotion. She saw pain . . . loss . . . fear . . . disappointment . . . Jack Sparrow looked like the little boy down the street who had lost his favorite toy. She walked up quietly and laid a hand softly on his shoulder.


“I thought fer sure ‘e was plannin’ on comin’ with me,” Jack mumbled, watching as the two figures on the battlement parted and one left. “I mean, ‘e fought with me in Isla de Muerta an’ ‘e saved me just now an’ ‘e never left me. ‘e risked ‘is life t’ save me own.”

“We all thought ‘e was goin’ t’ come with ye,” Anamaria told him reassuringly. “ ‘e’s a pirate through an’ through.”

Jack turned to look at her, eyes wide. Anamaria started at his expression, one bearing the thought of a very cunning, pirate-y plan.

“Jack . . . what d’ye be thinkin’ about?”

“Why, my dear Ana, I’m quite sure I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” Jack replied, putting on a sophisticated air. He grinned in what A.amaria decided was a thoroughly evil way.

“Ye be plannin’ somethin’, I can see it in yer eyes,” Anamaria told him bluntly.

“Even so, ye’ll ‘ave t’ wait an’ see what I’m plannin’,” Jack told her, flashing another insane grin. “I’m goin’ below. Man the wheel.” This earned him a sharp slap. “*Aye,* sorry then. *Woman* the wheel. Once we sail out of the bay, hoist anchor.”

“Jack, are ye mad?!” Anamaria exclaimed. “That bloody commodore’ll ‘ave us ‘angin’ by our necks if we get caught!”

“Then I’d say it’s a bloody good thing we ain’t goin’ t’ get caught, innit?” With that, Jack tipped his leather hat and disappeared below decks.

“ ‘e’s bleedin’ impossible, that Jack Sparrow.” Anamaria shook her head, smiling slightly to herself, and walked the short distance to the wheel.


Will wished he could see the grandfather clock from where he sat at the Governor’s dining table. He sighed as a servant placed a glass of wine in front of him.

//Wish it was rum,// Will thought wryly to himself as he picked up the glass and took a few experimental sips. Not too bad.

“So, William, what is it you propose to do once you and my daughter have wed?” Governor Swann’s voice drifted through the haze of Will’s reverie and snapped him back to the conversation.

“I’m sorry?” He hadn’t a clue as to what Swann was talking about.

“To support my Elizabeth . . . what are you going to do?” he repeated.

“Well, I suppose I’ll keep on as a blacksmith,” Will said, taking another sip of wine. Swann laughed.

“Absolutely not! I refuse to see my daughter marry a . . . a . . . common partisan!”

“Father, I think it’s time Will went home,” Elizabeth cut in quickly. “It’s been a terribly long day, after all, and I’m sure he’s tired.”

Will looked up and tried not to appear too grateful.

“Yes . . . we could all use a good night’s sleep,” Governor Swann murmured. He stood, Elizabeth and Will following. “We’ll continue this conversation another time,” he added, extending his hand.

“I wouldn’t have it other way, sir,” Will replied, shaking his hand. He turned to Elizabeth. “Good night, Elizabeth,” he said, taking her hand and kissing it.

“Good night, William,” she replied, curtsying slightly. She followed him to the door where, out of the eyesight of her father, she kissed him full on the lips. “Dream of me tonight, William Turner, as I shall dream of you,” Elizabeth whispered before closing the door.

Will sighed again and headed home to his little loft above the forge. Once there, he quickly stripped off his clothes and slipped into bed, falling asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Will did not dream of Elizabeth that night. Instead, he dreamt of a wild pirate, carousing the seas and living life to the fullest. A pirate with kohl-rimmed eyes and flair in every gesture . . .


“Jack, are ye sure ye want t’ be goin’ ashore now?” Anamaria asked worriedly as Jack readied a lifeboat the next afternoon.

“I’ve got t’ go an’ get ‘im, Ana,” Jack replied gravely. He raised his voice so the whole crew could hear him. “I want Mr. Cotton . . . an’ ‘is parrot . . . an’ Anamaria t’ stay aboard an’ guard the ship. The rest of ye are allowed t’ go ashore and relax fer a few days.”

With that, he lowered one of the lifeboats and made his way down. His crew soon followed suit. Jack rowed by himself to the harbor, pulling the boat out of the water and stowing it in a clump of trees. His thoughts were filled with one blacksmith, but he knew he must wait until night fell before heading to the forge.

He waited restlessly, pacing back and forth in front of his lifeboat. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the stars appeared and the moon rose high. Jack stole from shadow to shadow in the streets of Port Royal, remembering well where Brown’s smithy was. He carefully looked into the window and saw Will strike a hot piece of metal, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. He watched until Will finished the piece. The blacksmith set it aside and looked at it fondly, murmuring a few words. Then he left the room.

This was his chance. Jack climbed silently through the window, glancing down at the ground to make sure it was clear. He leapt down and landed, catlike, on the dirt floor. As he walked forward, he didn’t notice the sword lying precariously on a bench, a metal pot hooked over its hilt. He stepped on the tip of the blade and winced as the pot spun around the hilt and was thrown through the forge. Jack reached out and deftly snatched the pot out of the air. The ringing sound echoed throughout the forge. Jack desperately hoped Will didn’t hear it.

“Who’s there?” came a strong voice. Jack closed his eyes, making a mental note to slap himself later. “Show yourself!”

Jack sighed and tossed the pot to one side. It clashed against a wooden bench as it landed.

“Show yourself!” Will shouted again. Jack could see him now, a determined look gracing his youthful features, sword held out confidently before him. Jack prayed he wouldn’t run him through at the mere sight of him and stepped from the shadows into the light of the dying fire.

“Jack!” Will stepped forward, his sword slipping from his grasp as he approached the pirate captain.

“Aye,” Jack whispered, grinning in his own lopsided way.

“Bloody hell!” Will hurried the last few feet to Jack and surprised the both of them by throwing his arms around the older man. “What on earth are you doing here? We must get you out of Port Royal immediately!” Will mumbled into Jack’s neck.

“I’m not leavin’ unless ye’re with me,” Jack replied seriously. Will pulled away, his arms slipping from Jack’s shoulders. Jack kept his arms wrapped tightly around the blacksmith’s waist.


“I mean it. I’m not leavin’ this town until ye’re standin’ next t’ me on the Pearl,” Jack told him.

“Jack, I can’t leave Port Royal,” Will responded, his hands resting on Jack’s arms. “I’ve got responsibilities, a new fiancée. I can’t just up and leave.”

“Listen, Will, the way ol’ Jack sees it, ye’ve got two choices.” Jack held up two fingers before Will’s eyes and wiggled them. “Ye can stay ‘ere, miserable in Port Royal an’ trapped in a loveless marriage, or ye can come an’ sail away with me an’ be ‘appy with yer life an’ ‘oo ye spend it with.”

Will’s eyes widened as Jack leaned closer.

“Those’re the only two choices I can see fer ye,” Jack whispered before brushing his lips lightly over Will’s. “If ye decide t’ join me on the Pearl, come t’er by nightfall t’morrow. If I don’t see ye again, I’ll know ye’ve chosen t’ stay ‘ere with Elizabeth an’ yer smithy.”

With that, he kissed Will gently again, then turned and leapt out the window, disappearing into the night.


Will slept very little that night. When he did, his dreams were filled with snapping sails and the scent of the sea, all before his thoughts were dominated by one Jack Sparrow. He awoke, sweating profusely a little before dawn, knowing what he must do . . .


The next afternoon, Jack was a nervous wreck, pacing the decks, muttering to himself, thoughts racing through his head. Would Will come? Would he not? Why should he come? He’s got a woman that loves him and a successful career. Well, then why shouldn’t he come? Here, he has a man that cares for him more than for his own life and the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Jack, ye’re goin’ t’ make yerself sick with all this pacin’,” Anamaria told him crossly. He glared at her.

“I can’t ‘elp it,” Jack muttered. “I just ‘ave no idea what he’s goin’ t’ do.”

“Well, me an’ Cotton are goin’ ashore,” she said, standing up. “Ye’re drivin’ us both mad, ain’t ‘e, Cotton?”

“Lower the sails,” replied Cotton’s parrot with a little bob of its head. Cotton nodded in agreement.

“Find us in town, Cap’n, when ye’re ready t’ set sail again,” Anamaria told him with a slight leer. Jack scowled at her and quickly bent and picked up a discarded rum cork, throwing it at the female pirate. She dodged it easily and, laughing, joined Cotton in the lifeboat. The boat was lowered down the side of the Pearl and set off towards town. Jack’s anxiety quickly returned. To busy himself, he decided to go below and set the dining table for two.

The hours were agonizingly long. After what seemed an eternity, the sun began its descent into the sea. Jack watched. As it sank, so did his heart. There it went. The final ray of sunlight disappeared, along with Jack’s last hope.

“So . . . I guess . . . Will chooses Elizabeth,” Jack sighed, leaning against the railing and placing his head in his hands.

“Not so.”

Jack spun around to see Will standing in the middle of the deck, clad in tight breeches and a loose-fitting shirt.


“Aye,” the lad replied, smiling, using Jack’s own answer against him. He steadily approached the pirate captain until he was well within Jack’s reach, quite close. “I have . . . decided that I belong with the sea and the Pearl and . . . my captain.”

“Izzat so?” Jack murmured, breathing in Will’s scent.

“Aye, it is,” Will whispered. He then leaned in and pressed his lips to Jack’s. The pirate captain kissed him fervently before breaking it.

“Will, ‘ave ye ‘ad anythin’ t’ eat t’night?” Jack asked in a low voice. Will shook his head, his arms threading about Jack’s waist. Jack smiled. “Well, come on, then. Supper’s set fer two below decks.”

They quickly made their way to the dining table Jack had set for them.

“How did you know I would come?” Will asked as they sat down.

“I didn’t,” Jack confessed, running his hand over Will’s face. “I was only ‘opin’.”

“Jack, you need never hope again; I’ll always be here,” Will whispered, leaning forward to sweetly capture Jack’s lips. The broke after a moment and began their meal.

“So, Will, what made ye leave yer Elizabeth an’ yer forge an’ join ol’ Cap’n Jack an’ the Black Pearl?” Jack asked, spearing a piece of meat with his fork and sticking it in his mouth.

“I truly don’t know,” Will answered, his gaze dropping to his plate. “Who knows? Perhaps my pirate blood has finally taken advantage of me.” He smiled briefly.

“Well, that explains why ye left,” Jack remarked, poking at a slice of apple. “But ye could just as easily joined another crew. Why did ye want t’ join me own?”

Will didn’t reply. After a moment, Jack chose to drop it. Their meal continued in a comfortable silence, both glad the other was there, but neither wanting to admit it. Near to ten minutes passed before either man spoke.

“I wanted to join the crew of the Black Pearl because . . . she is the only pirate that I know of,” Will whispered, his voice nearly inaudible. There was something else, Jack knew. He could hear it in the lad’s voice, could see it in the tenseness of his posture and the worry in his eyes.

“And?” Jack asked, enunciating his words carefully, all signs of his usual drawl nonexistent. He replaced his silverware next to his plate and pulled his chair close to Will’s own. He reached out and touched Will’s cheek with a warm hand. “I know there’s somethin’ else, Will. I can see it in yer eyes.”

“I wanted to . . . to join the crew of the Black Pearl because . . .” Will trailed off.

“Because why, luv?” Jack asked softly, his fingers threading through Will’s silky chestnut locks.

“Because you’re here,” Will told him honestly, his chocolate eyes shining. Jack couldn’t stand it. He pulled Will to him, onto his lap, and guided his mouth to his. He kissed the blacksmith-turned-pirate passionately, pouring every emotion into the searing kiss. Will whimpered softly as Jack plundered his mouth, causing the older man to pull away immediately.

“D’ye not want this, Will?” Jack whispered, his lips swollen. “Because I’ll stop right ‘ere an’ now, just say so.”

“Don’t you dare,” Will murmured, kissing Jack again. His calloused fingers snaked their way under Jack’s linen shirt, sending bolts of lightning coursing through the pirate captain’s body. Jack moaned into Will’s mouth, pulling him ever closer. After a moment, Will stood up without breaking the delicious contact of their lips, guiding Jack up as well.

“Where is your cabin?” Will panted as Jack’s lips moved to suck and nip at his neck.

“Just down the ‘all,” Jack replied against the bronzed skin. “Second door on yer left.”

Somehow, they managed to make it into Jack’s cabin, a host of moaning and panting left in their wake. Jack had Will pressed up against his door, making quick work of the younger man’s shirt. Their lips met as Will played with the buttons on Jack’s shirt. Jack growled and pressed his body flush up against Will’s, eliciting a moan from the younger man. Clothes were shed soon after and Will was guided towards Jack’s bed.

“Luv, ‘ave ye ever done this before?” Jack asked quietly, suspended above Will, trying to ignore the light fingers fluttering along his ribcage.

“Never,” Will replied, sliding his hands along Jack’s back.

“Oh, me sweet Will,” Jack whispered. He slammed his lips onto Will’s, the tang of blood coming forth. He licked a trail down Will’s neck, sucking on the skin of his collarbone, marking him. Will moaned as Jack latched onto his nipple, biting and sucking it gently. He gasped loudly when he felt Jack’s hot breath on his erect cock. A moment later, Jack sucked Will’s length into his mouth without any warning. Sensations flooded Will’s mind like nothing ever before.

“Oh, God, Jack!”

“Ye’re gettin’ quite loud, me lad,” Jack murmured, sliding up Will’s body for a passionate kiss.

“Jack . . .” Will whined, Jack’s fingers dancing along his torso.

“Relax, luv,” the pirate captain crooned, reaching under the bed. “I ain’t finished with ye yet.”

Will pulled him down for another fiery kiss, breaking when he heard a cork pop from its confines. The slight smell of vanilla-scented oil invaded his senses and he looked over to see Jack tipping some oil onto his fingers.

“What are you --” Will was silenced with Jack’s mouth closing upon his. He didn’t object when Jack lifted his legs, Will automatically wrapping them around Jack’s waist. The former blacksmith squeaked when he felt Jack’s finger circling his entrance.

“There?!” Will asked breathlessly, his eyes wide.

“There ain’t nowhere else t’ put it,” Jack reminded him, a smile playing on his features. “Now, ye need t’ relax. It’ll be an ‘undred times ‘arder if ye tense ev’rythin’ up, savvy?”

Will bit his lip.

“Savvy,” he whispered in reply, nodding. Jack leaned down and kissed him, more out of distraction than anything. When Will had sunk into the kiss, Jack pushed his finger through his lover’s entrance. Will gasped again and looked away.

“Ye need t’ relax, luv,” Jack reminded him. “That’s the only way this is goin’ t’ work.”

“I know,” Will replied, trying to familiarize his body with the intrusion. He took several deep breaths and forced himself to relax.

“Ye ready?” Jack whispered, his dark eyes burning into Will’s. The younger man nodded. “I promise, luv, ye’re goin’ t’ scream when I get goin’.”

Will grinned and roughly pulled Jack to him for a deep kiss. Jack began moving his finger slowly in and out of Will, the younger man moaning into Jack’s mouth.

“Jack . . .” he murmured against his lover’s lips.

“D’ye want more, luv?” Jack asked him.

“Aye, Captain!”

Jack groaned and plundered Will’s mouth. He slipped another digit in, moving them faster. When Jack’s forefinger brushed across a familiar spot, he grinned into the kiss and pressed on it hard. Will screamed, liquid pleasure pouring through his veins.

“Ye like that, then?” Jack asked devilishly.

“Oh, God, Jack, touch that again, please!” Will begged. Jack complied and added another finger, scissoring them each time he slid them in to his that sweet spot that turned Will boneless. Without realizing it, Will began to move to meet Jack’s motions. When he thought Will was sufficiently stretched, he removed his fingers from Will’s body. The younger man whimpered with the loss.

“ ‘old on, luv,” Jack cooed, reaching for the bottle of oil. “In a few minutes, ye’ll ferget me fingers were even in there.”

“Not likely,” Will quipped, running his hands over Jack’s chest. Jack shivered under his ministrations as he poured some oil into the palm of his hand. He moaned softly as he coated his erection. Will’s eyes were bright as he watched, breathing hoarsely, as Jack touched himself. “Now, Jack,” the younger man ordered, panting.

“As ye wish,” Jack whispered in reply and in one push, sheathed himself fully in his lover’s channel. Will’s pure face was contorted with pain and pleasure, and Jack remained immobile, waiting for him to adjust. Finally, Will seemed to relax to the sensations.

“Are ye all right, luv?” Jack asked in a husky whisper.

“Jack, I . . . this feels the most perfect thing ever,” the lad replied, his eyes shining with love and lust, pulling Jack in for a tender kiss. He wound his arms around Jack’s neck, holding him close. “Leave yourself in me . . .”

That was all the invitation Jack needed. He began thrusting into Will, angling his motions to hit Will’s sweet spot every time. He reveled in the gasps and cries and moans his lover emitted. Will’s long legs tightened around him, pulling him in ever deeper. Jack groaned loudly and pounded even harder into Will. He reached between their sweat covered-bodies and took Will’s cock in hand.

“Ye’re beautiful, Will,” Jack murmured, stroking his lover in tandem with his own thrusts. “ ‘as anyone ever told ye that?”

“No, you’re . . . the only . . . one! Oh, Jack!” Will screamed Jack’s name as he came, spilling between their bodies. Jack gasped when he felt Will clenching himself almost painfully around Jack’s length. He thrust twice more into Will before shouting his lover’s name and burying himself deep inside the younger man. They both lay, tangled in the other’s arms and legs, the smell of sex, sweat, and vanilla lingering in the air.

“That . . . was amazing,” Will whispered as his fingers kneaded Jack’s flesh.

“Well, I’m glad ye thought so,” Jack replied, kissing the chestnut curls, the younger man’s lips gently. “Welcome t’ the Black Pearl, me love.”

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