jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

TITLE: Vast Horizon

AUTHOR: Agarwaenloth (agarwaenloth@yahoo.com)

PAIRING: Jack/Will, and a little of Elizabeth/Norrington (but not
enough to really matter)


PART: 2/?

SUMMARY: Elizabeth and Will are married, but Will loves Jack and has
been away with him for about 6 months. Elizabeth is pregnant with
Will's child but is in love with Norrington. They work out a way for
Will to leave and Elizabeth to marry Norrington. Years later, Will's
children go looking for their father.

Disclaimer: See Prologue.

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Shrieks and explosions woke the two deep in the night. They were dazed and confused, with no idea what was going on. They jumped quickly out of bed and rushed toward their window. What they saw horrified them.

Port Royal was being razed to the ground. The fort was utterly destroyed. The streets were littered with corpses. And the attackers… A shudder ran through both Will and Jackie at the sight. They had seen pirates before, true, but these were unlike any they had ever seen. They ran through the town not bothering with pillaging and plundering, but merely causing pain and destruction. There was no real purpose to what they were doing. It was as if they just wanted to see bloodshed.

Suddenly they heard the voices of the parents downstairs.

“What do you want?!?” their father demanded. “Why have you come?!?”

They had to strained their ears to hear the answer.

“Merely answers. Where is the Pearl?” a sickeningly pleasant voice asked.

“How should we know?” came the alarmed voice of their mother.

“I know that you were once married to Will Sparrow, or should I say Turner. I don’t know what happened with the marriage, but I want to know where they are?” the voice took on a dangerous edge.

“We don’t know!” their father insisted.

“Pity.” Two gun shots were heard and Will and Jackie never heard their parents voices again. “Search the house! I want to make sure that no one else is here!”

The twins began to panic. They couldn’t find them or they would kill them! They quickly stole out of their room and into the attic, which luckily wasn’t too far from them. It had been a long time since they had used the hiding spot, hopefully they would both fit. Will quickly fumbled with the secret sliding panel and managed to open the compartment. It was located on the far wall and was just big enough for them to both squeeze inside.

When the pirates finally entered the attic, they held their breath, praying that they would remain undiscovered. Fortunate seemed to be with them, for the pirates did not find them. Exhaustion soon crept over them and they fell asleep, both dreading waking up.

* * * * *

When Jackie opened her eyes, the first thing she was aware of was the slither of sunlight shining into her eyes. The next thing was her brother’s light snoring. She gently shook him awake.

Together, they both crawled out of their hiding place and timidly walked downstairs. They were loathed to break the silence that seemed to engulf the entire house. The sight in the entrance hall, however, caused them both to cry out in anguish.

“Mother! Father!”

They rushed toward the still forms of their parents. They didn’t want to believe it, but the horrible proof was lying right in front of their eyes. Their parents had been killed— murdered by those heartless beings that had been there the previous night.

Jacquelyn fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. “What are we going to do, Will? We’re all alone!” she sobbed.

Will desperately fought with the despair that threatened to take over. “No. Remember what mother told us?”

Jackie looked into her brother’s teary eyes. “Yes,” she said hesitantly, “but why would Jack and Will Sparrow help us, even if Will is our father? They are said to have no mercy…”

“But mother said our father was a good man and he would not love a man who was not good also,” William said frantically, needing something to take his mind off the two corpses on the floor. “We have to seek them out.”

Jackie nodded. “There’s nothing else we can do. I just hope we can find a ship willing to carry us away from here.”

* * * * *

Turned out, they had no trouble finding a ship. There were very few survivors of the attack, but all were leaving the decimated port on the a ship that had arrived after the attack, stunned at the amount of carnage. They were all being carried to the nearest port, where they would then have to find their own route to wherever they wished to go.

As William and Jacquelyn stood on deck watching their destroyed home shrink into the distance, Jackie realized that they had no idea where to begin their search.

“Will, where are we supposed to find our father?”

Will was caught by surprise. He had not thought about that. How could he have been so stupid as to not realize that they had no idea where their father could be? He was a pirate, meaning he could be literally anywhere.

“I don’t know, where do you suppose we could find pirates?” Will asked.

“You looking for pirates?” They spun around to see a boy and a girl around their own age. The boy was blonde, with green eyes and a very tan complexion. The girl had dark skin, probably of Jamaican origin, with dark eyes and hair.

“Yes,” Will replied somewhat reluctantly.

The boy, who had been the one to speak, smiled. “So are we. I’m Drake and this is Lena. The captain of this ship agreed to take us to Tortuga after we had stopped in Port Royal. Says now that we’ll have to wait until he drops off the survivors, but we’re still going. I’m sure he’d take you along as well.”

“Tortuga?” Jackie asked.

“It’s the only sure place to find pirates,” Lena stated. “You looking to turn pirate?”

Will and Jackie glanced uncertainly at each other. They were going to find their father, who was a pirate, and they couldn’t deny the call of their pirate blood, but did they want to be pirates? The answer was surprisingly easy to find.

“Yes, we are,” Will said.


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