jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

TITLE: Vast Horizon

AUTHOR: Agarwaenloth (agarwaenloth@yahoo.com)

PAIRING: Jack/Will, and a little of Elizabeth/Norrington (but not
enough to really matter)


PART: 0-1/?

SUMMARY: Elizabeth and Will are married, but Will loves Jack and has
been away with him for about 6 months. Elizabeth is pregnant with
Will's child but is in love with Norrington. They work out a way for
Will to leave and Elizabeth to marry Norrington. Years later, Will's
children go looking for their father.

NOTES: The inspiration for this story came from Haldir Fancier's
Tomorrow and Open Ocean, both of which can be read on ff.net.

ARCHIVE: Story can also be read on ff.net

FEEDBACK: Feedback is very welcome. I love to know people are
reading my stories and I'm not just wasting my time.


"Will, I'm pregnant," Elizabeth stated the obvious as she put her
hand over her bulging stomach. "It's yours."

He had just gotten back home to his wife for a visit before heading
back to sea on the Black Pearl. He loved Elizabeth, true, but not as
a man should love his wife. The love he felt was more akin to the
love of a sister. He knew that Elizabeth felt the same, and it was
apparent that she had fallen for the ever-proper Commodore
Norrington. He knew that they had been seeing each other ever since
he left with Jack.

`Jack.' Just the thought of the pirate captain was thrilling to him,
but how would Elizabeth's news affect his relationship with his
beloved? He couldn't possibly leave the child fatherless, the thought
of leaving Jack, it was to unbearable to even imagine.

"Are you sure?" Will asked in a shaky voice.

"Yes," Elizabeth said. "But let's face it, neither one of us could
take the heartache that you remaining here would cause, and you would
suffer more than I."

"But the child needs a father. I know what it's like growing up
without one, and I would not wish it for my child," Will argued. "I
wish more than anything that you could be married Norrington, but
that's not possible."

"If you and Jack will agree to it, there's a way. You just have to be
dead," Elizabeth stated.

"I don't think I want to be dying, Elizabeth, and even if I did, Jack
most certainly would not allow it," Will replied.

"You know what I mean, William Turner. James has already agreed, but
Jack has to as well, seeing as how he has to be the one to write us
of the news of your death. No one knows you are in Port Royal, you
can easily just give me the letter and I'll spread the word of your
death. Then I will be free to marry James, and you'll be free to stay
with Jack without worrying that your child will not have a father.
That is, if that's what you want?"

"That would make everyone happy. I'm sure Jack will consent," Will

"Thank you, Will," Elizabeth whispered gratefully.

"No, thank you, Elizabeth."

* * * * *

"Jack, Elizabeth is pregnant with my child."

Jack's heart sunk at those words. He feared that this day would come.
The day in which the one he loved more than anything would be
wrenched from his arms in a blink of the eye. He had never
experienced this kind of pain before. He steeled his voice and asked
the question to which he dreaded the answer: "You will stay with her?"

"I can't, it would rip out all of our hearts. Not to mention that it
would more than likely give the child psychological problems," Will

"How can you joke about this?" Jack asked. "You wouldn't leave your
child without a father, I know you better than that. I fear that you
must leave me," Jack said brokenly.

"Jack," Will murmured as he wrapped his arms around the man and
pulled him close. "I will never leave you."

"But your child— "

"Will not be left fatherless. Norrington will be a good father to him
or her," Will replied.

"How?" Jack asked. "Elizabeth can't marry him."

"Unless I'm dead," Will stated. At Jack's look of horror and despair,
he laughed. "Not really dead, just believed to be dead. All you have
to do is write a letter to Elizabeth explaining my alleged death, and
then we can sail away for good."

"But— "

"No buts. My leaving this port will bring happiness to all, including
myself," Will said as he brushed his lips against Jack's. Jack pulled
Will closer and crushed Will's mouth against his. His tongue explored
every crevice of that lovely mouth as his hands roamed freely over
Will's lovely body.

Will moaned under his administrations. "Ah," he cried as Jack's hand
brushed against his rapidly hardening erection. "Cabin," he managed
to gasp.

* * * * *

Elizabeth's plan to fake Will's death turned out exceptionally well.
Months later, Will received his last communication with Port Royal in
the form of a letter.

Dearest Will,

I thought that you might like to know that I have had our children.
Twins, one boy and one girl. They are to be called William and
Jacquelyn. I do hope all goes well for you. James and I will take
good care of the twins.

Love always,


"Do you regret leaving them?" Jack asked softly as he pulled Will
into an embrace.

"How could I when I'm with you?" Will replied before he captured
Jack's lips in a tender kiss.


Chapter 1

"James, we have to tell them."

James Norrington sighed. It was the same argument they had had
countless times before. It's not that he didn't want the twins to
know of their parentage, he just feared their reaction. They already
were obsessed with the sea and with pirates, he didn't know what the
information would prompt them to do. In his opinion, they were too
young to handle it.

"Elizabeth— "

"James, I know what you think, and I respect it. However, I feel that
it is best to tell them now. I need to know that if something happens
to us, they'll know where they can go," Elizabeth said.

"I can understand that, but do you really want our children to go
running to a couple of pirates?" James asked.

Elizabeth smiled softly. "Darling, you are letting your
discrimination against pirates rule your thoughts. This is Will and
Jack we are talking about. Our children will be perfectly safe with

Norrington sighed in defeat. "Alright, we'll tell them tomorrow

"No," Elizabeth said forcefully. "We must tell them tonight, right
after dinner."

"Alright," James said, wondering at her urgency.

* * * * *

"William, Jacquelyn, could you come in here, please," the voice of
their mother called from the family room. The twins shared a look.
They knew that whatever was about to be said was important because
their full first names had been called. Usually, they were just
called Will and Jackie, but when William and Jacquelyn were called,
something was up.

They walked nervously into the room. They observed the anxious and
nervous expressions on their mother and father's serious faces.
Curiosity tugged at both of their minds, wondering what in the world
could have both of their parents in such a state.

"I want you both to listen carefully," their mother began. "When I
was younger, I was married to a man named William Turner."

"Mother, we know this," Jackie interrupted.

"I know, dear, but you don't know the truth," she
continued. "Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work out. We both
realized that the love we felt for each other was more platonic than
romantic, and we fell in love with different people. When I found out
I was pregnant with you two, we both knew that we couldn't continue
to live the lives we were living. You deserved better than that. Your
father felt you deserved a better father than he could be. He knew
that he could never be happy here. You see, he belonged to the sea
and his lover. Neither of us could deny that. No matter how much he
didn't want to abandon you, he also didn't want to grow to resent
you. So we faked his death so that I could marry the man I loved and
give you a father."

"So our real father is alive out there?" Will asked. "Do you know
where? What does he do? What's he like?"

Elizabeth found herself be bombarded with questions. Bright chocolate-
colored eyes looked into hers, demanding answers. She was again
amazed at how much they were like their father. Not only in their
physical appearances, which looked so much like Will it was scary,
but in their mannerisms as well. But her reminiscences were cut off
as she noticed the expectant looks on her children's faces.

"Yes, your father is alive. No, I don't know where he is. He is a
wonderful and very good man."

"What does he do?" Jackie asked, noticing her mother had neglected to
answer that question.

Elizabeth sighed. "Have you ever heard of Jack and Will Sparrow?"

"Yes, they're the captain and first mate of the Black Pearl," Will

"They're said to have love only for each other and the sea. It's also
said that they are the fiercest fighters in the Caribbean and show no
mercy. Their names strike fear into every sailor's heart, pirate or
naval," Jackie stated.

Norrington looked at them sharply. "Where did you hear that?"

"From one of your men," Jackie said innocently. "But what does that
have to do with our father? Is he part of their crew?"

"Close, your father is Will Sparrow," Elizabeth stated. "I wanted you
to know this so that in case anything ever happened to us, you would
know where you can go."

The twins were in a state of shock. Not only was their father alive,
but apparently he was one of the most feared pirates in the
Caribbean. They went to bed that night after agreeing on the
reassuring thought that none of it changed anything. Their lives
wouldn't be altered by this information, though in the back of both
of their minds they wished they would. The pirate in the their blood
yearned for adventure.

Unfortunately, that adventure came, but not in the way they wished.

* * * * *

Will sat alone on the deck of the Pearl. He stared up at the stars
and couldn't help but wonder about his children. He didn't regret the
life he had chosen, he knew he had made the right choice, but that
still didn't stop him from wondering how they looked, how they

He shivered from the cold and immediately two strong arms wrapped
around him. He leaned into the warm embrace and moved his gaze from
the stars to his lover's dark, understanding eyes. He closed the
distance between their faces and captured Jack's lips in a tender
kiss, which soon became much more passionate.

Will found himself being pulled toward their cabin and willingly
submitted. As soon as the door was shut and locked, he found himself
against the wall with Jack pressed fully over his entire body. Jack's
hands and mouth were all over him. He was painfully hard and couldn't
wait any longer.

"Jack, I need you now," Will managed to say before coherency left
him. Jack smiled and scooped his lover up and set him carefully on
the bed. He reached over and took out the oil they kept in a drawer
by the bed. He coated his fingers with it and carefully pushed one
single digit into Will's tight entrance. He smiled when Will moaned
and inserted another finger. He started to scissor his fingers until
he felt his lover was ready. He coated himself with oil and carefully
positioned himself over Will. He locked eyes with Will and carefully
pushed into him.

Stars exploded in Will's eyes as he felt Jack start thrusting into
him. He cried out in ecstasy as Jack hit his sweet spot again and
again. Finally, he couldn't take any more and came hard. Jack
followed soon after, spilling his seed deep into Will and collapsing
beside him.

"I love you, Jack."

"Love you, too, whelp."


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