jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Unfaithful
Author: Smiley (sweetdignity@aol.com)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Will
Summary: Elizabeth's curiosity gets the best of her.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Which is a shame.
Warnings: SLASH!
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A/N: First attempt at PoTC slash. Hope you all like it.

I stood on my balcony watching my husband walk towards the more shady part of Port Royal waiting several moments before grabbing a cloak and running after him. All throughout our tea he had been impatient. Tried to be discreet. But, I know. Everyone knows.

He tries to hide it but it's no use. I hear the whispers as I pass by the town's people. Hear them laughing behind my back. Hear them whispering about the "activities" Will indulges in with that scallywag Jack Sparrow inside the tavern's rooms.

It all started about 5 month after Jack Sparrow, with Will's help, escaped his death and returned to his beloved pearl. For some reason, he came back to Port Royal, in search of Will, and unsurprisingly… he found him.

I've heard from my maids (though they don't know I've heard them talk) that at first they just appeared to be friends talking in the darkest corner of the tavern but that from one visit to the next their relationship evolved into something more and that it wasn't long before they were sharing, what they thought were unnoticeable touches and looks, and that then they began leading each other to the tavern's rooms. According to the rumors, every time they go into a room everyone can heard the carnal noises emitting from inside and that since their "first time" alone the Captain's visits became more frequent.

After every one of these visits Will would return to our bed reeking of rum and Jack Sparrow. He would never mention Jack in my presence and when I brought him up Will would abruptly become extremely hostile and start snapping at everyone for the smallest thing.

Of course, his hostility towards others and myself when Jack's name was mentioned within our home wasn't the only thing that changed. At first, I tried to ignore it, for the reason that, of all of his changes this was the one that hurt me the most. But, when Will decided to move into a separate bedroom, I wasn't able to fool myself any longer and I came to the realization, once and for all, that I was neither attractive nor appealing to my husband. Instead, I seemed to repulse him and I was no longer permitted to touch him. If I did, he would simply push me away and what's worse he didn't even bother to explain his behavior. Not that he needed to. I knew the reason for his reclusive ness but, at least, it would have made it easier for me to deny how my marriage was falling apart before my eyes.

It wasn't long before I began to fear the sight of the Black Pearl docked since that meant that once again I would be denied the presence of my husband for the evening and that the next morning no collar would be able to hide the cluster of purple love bites on his neck.

Unsurprisingly, things only worsen. What were once, one-day visits every 2 months from Jack Sparrow, turned into week long stays every month at an inn, in which, I heard, he paid monthly to always keep a room vacant and during this weeks Will didn't even bother coming home. Their pattern had become so predictable. Jack came and Will left. Furthermore, I already knew that if the Black Pearl was docked Will would be 7 days late to dinner. On the seventh day all I had to do was sit by my window and wait until Jack Sparrow came waltzing out of the inn towards the docks to know that Will would finally come home. And even though, watching Jack leave gave me the comfort of knowing that Will would come home, I also couldn't stop the hatred that I held for that bastard from rising up from within me. Every time I watched him leave all I could think of was how he had taken will from me. How he had made my husband his.

I have to admit, I became curious. I wanted to see what Jack Sparrow gave Will that I couldn't. That's why I decided to follow him. I hid behind a long (and rather heavy) cloak and quietly followed him to the inn in which the infamous captain laid restlessly awaiting his lover. I inaudibly made my way up the stairs and peeking around the corner watched what room he went into after he had slipped inside. I ran towards the door and was grateful that they hadn't bothered to lock it. I gently opened it far enough that it would allow me to look in but that wouldn't let them see me.

I watched as Will kissed Jack passionately filling the pirates mouth with a questing, hot tongue and enfolding the older man's slim torso in strong arms.

Jack's hands immediately slid under the cotton shirt and began to stroke my husband's body. Jack tangled his tongue with Will's and it wasn't long before I saw Will's long legs lifting, bending, and finally settling on Jack's hips. Jack separated their mouths and Will tilted his head back as Jack's tongue slid down his throat.

I watched how Will wriggled his ass when strong hands squeezed it. Then, Jack started shuffling towards the bed. Will was dumped on the bed unceremoniously with the pirate looming over him. Jack's hands moved to Will's hips, pushing the trousers off insistently. It wasn't a moment too soon that they were both naked and their aligned hips rubbed against each other, slick with sweat.

Jack grasped Will's wrists and pinned them above his head; Will growled and arched his back, seeking more contact. Jack secured his mouth to the side of Will's neck and started sucking with some occasional biting, relishing in the moans and whimpers elicited by Will. As he sucked, Jack lightly pinched one of Will's nipples. Will yelped and Jack gave a devious chuckle, while his other hand proceeded to glide over firm muscles and pale thighs. Will let out a groan when Jack began to slowly stroke his erection.

It seem that Will lost his patience and within a few seconds Jack was lying on his back. Will slid down Jack's body and wasted no time in engulfing Jack's hard cock within warm heat. Jack reared up off the bed and strong hands spread over his chest, pushing him down once again. With each moan that escaped Jack's mouth Will sucked harder, bobbing his head up and down, taking a little more each time. Will suddenly pulled all the way back and looked up at Jack, whom had his fists clenched in the sheets and his eyes clamp shut. The next moment Will plunged back into the heat and grazed his teeth along Jack's length. That small action finally pushed Jack over the edge and he came with a loud howl. Will's name on his lips.

Will reared up and leaned over Jack. The pirate looked up at Will with lust filled, dark eyes that stared at Will as if he might eat him up and he kept his eyes on my husband watching as Will leaned down. I could see the side of his face as he kissed Jack with the hunger of a man that hadn't eaten for months. When he finally pulled back, he licked around Jack's open mouth several times and I had no trouble seeing his tongue. Jack reached over his head and drew a bottle from the small table by the bed. He grinned as he handed it over to Will. Will pushed himself up and quickly straddled Jack's thighs. Disgusting pirate hands hugged his waist but Will didn't seem to mind. Jack stroked Will's sides while Will poured some of the contents from the bottle over his fingers. I could see it was some kind of oil. Will slid back and dropped his hand down. Jack groaned, and Will's arm flexed. Then, for the first time, Jack spoke, with a rather obvious strain to his voice: "I thought you wanted to do the breaching tonight." "I changed my mind. Do you mind?" "Not at all, luv."

All to suddenly, both men once again switched positions, and now Will is under Jack, lying face down, his eager cock leaking on the bedsheets. Jack's mouth sucked on the back of Will's neck, then he was descending down Will's back, leaving a wet trail. I saw Jack nudging Will's legs apart and put his tongue where I knew it shouldn't be. Jack hummed against the tight opening and when I could no longer see his tongue I knew that it was somewhere I never thought possible. I was so shocked I covered my mouth with my hand to hide gasp and the only word that came to my mind was: despicable. Will only spread his legs further and wriggled his arse further off the bed to allow Jack greater access. Jack moaned and after licking, and kissing, and tongue-fucking Will's arse, rose up off his knees and slid a single finger inside, after a few moments he added another and he didn't stop until there were three fingers breaching Will's arse.

I was surprised when I heard someone murmur "fuck" especially after realizing that it was Will whom had said it. Never in all the years that we have known each other had Will cursed. When Jack finally slid his fingers out, he patted Will's hip and it was obvious that they had done this before because Will immediately turned around to face Jack. Will took Jack by the shoulders and for a second time Will was hovering over Jack. That's when I got my first clear view of Jack's cock and tried to judge the size of it and how it could fit inside of Will. I winced when Will lowered himself, and the thick head brushed over the small opening but it was clear that Will was used to it and all he did was let out a long moan as Jack's member breached him. After a few second he started to move up and down on Jack's cock, Jack moved to meet Will, tilting his hips gracefully and as they fucked I realized that this was not the same Jack Sparrow I knew. This Jack wasn't sly or manipulative. He didn't need to be. For Will accepted him despite all his faults and I realized that this Jack wasn't even drunk (that of course had something to do with Will's insistence that rum was the devil's drink).

Will fell forward and Jack's hands gripped broad shoulders. Will's hair fell across their faces, but I still knew that they were kissing. That much was obvious. At this angle I could see Jack's cock vanishing up into Will's arse, and for the very first time I realized how much I really resented Jack and how much I really wanted Will. But, thinking back on it, I realized, that even before Will started seeing Jack he was never really enthusiastic with me in bed. I refocused on the two men in front of me and listened as Will moaned Jack's name a few times, and Jack encouraged him with low growls and thrusts. Will was riding Jack forcefully now, and Jack's arm was moving steadily (his hand must have been on Will's cock, urging him on). Will arched his back and tilted his head back, his hair spread across his shoulders and his thrust became more frenzied while Jack whispered "That's it, luv, keep going." Jack sucked in air loudly and thrust up hard, he made a hissing noise, eyes closed. Then, his thighs tensed up and loosened after a couple of seconds. A shudder rippled down Will's back, his arse clenched, his thighs shook and he came. Spraying white across Jack's tensed belly. Will collapsed on top of Jack and they laid there, quivering. And then I heard both men whispering.

"I love you, Jack. Forever." Jack looked somewhat surprised at Will's word, as if they had never been spoken before. But, after recovering from his shock he replied:

"And I love you."

Knowing I wouldn't be able to hold back the tears after hearing those words I ran back to the house and once inside the privacy of my own room I collapsed on the floor. My sobs the only sound in the room. While on the floor, I came to the decision that, Will couldn't stay here any longer. That I would no longer stand for his betrayal. His treason. I had planned on confronting him on his hypocrisy. But, unfortunately I never got that chance. Will didn't come back home and according to the loose tongues in Port Royal that same night he boarded the Black Pearl. His arms around Jack Sparrow.

The End

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