jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Torment of the Sea
Author: Vireyda Magodaly (elemental_elf_013@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: For now? PG. Should get to be R or...if I'm daring enough, NC-17. (I have problems writing that, if I get good feedback and positive reinforcment, maybe I'll up the rating)
Summary: Jack was the stone pirate. He felt nothing and did everything, and he still felt free.
Part: 1/?
Notes: Inspired by Haldir Fancier's "Heart of the Ocean" series. And I hope it doesn't come across that I'm copying her. While this was inspired by her to be a series (and it will only be 'Torment of the Sea' with 16 or so parts, nothing other than that, unless given other...ideas) its considerably different. I hope.

Part 1: Pain

As a pirate, he'd had many wounds, many brands. His body was a map of scars and tattoos some no one could see. On his right arm his brand of profession, as a pirate was stamped. It had burned and seared his skin, and oh - had it hurt. But he had mad no sound. Above that his favorite tattoo, his bird-in-flight was a fanciful portrayal of the freedom he had never felt. Now he could be free.

On the bottom half of his left forearm was an intricate scar, winding this way and that, marring his once smooth skin. It was caused by a Naval bayonet. He laid in bed for weeks, his arm growing his stiff from disuse, but never once did the Captain utter a sound.

When he sacked Nassau port he was shot twice in the chest, he never went down, just kept on fighting. Even when the surgeon had to dig to get the two musket balls out, Jack just laughed and drank some more rum.

When he was left on the small island to die by his mutinous first mate, all he felt as an all consuming anger. He shouted and cussed, and screamed to no avail. When the anger had burnt itself out, all Jack felt was numb.

When he saw Bootstrap Bill - his best friend - dumped over the side, a cannon to his boots, he just smiled and wished him to a better happier place with lusty mermaids and lots of swag. Then he drank more rum.

When the rum runners found him and offered him passage aboard their ship....for a price, Jack acquiesed. Even when all five men took him roughly and without oil, he made no complaint, just asked for more rum.

When he was sliced in the back in a Tortugan brawl, he just laughed, killed the man and drank some more rum.

He was the stone pirate, he felt nothing and did everything, and he still felt free.

He felt joy when he recieved the Pearl back rightfully in his grasp...but it was nulled by the feeling that there was something missing. Jack ignored it.

He heard of Will and Elizabeth's wedding and like a good best friend he saw Will off. But...there was something different here....

....because when Will sealed his vows to Elizabeth with a kiss, it was all Jack could do not to scream.

TBC in "Scars"

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