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Title: The Real Treasure
Author: Mahie (persefone_rj@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous."
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"dialogue" 'thoughts' *emphasis*

Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous.

Will figured that out that when he married Elizabeth.

At first, he became amazed with the quantity of gold and silver in his new house, the Swann mansion. Silver plates, and forks, and spoons...golden lamplights, and doorknobs and so many other things.

Beautiful, without a doubt. Though Will used to go inside the Swann mansion to deliver swords, it wasn't the same as *living* in that house. Will could pay more attention to the fineries. And they weren't just the gold and the silver. The rooms were also nicely decorated; that house would be a dream for any pirate.

But the brightness of the outside didn't carry to the inside. After marrying Will, weird as it may seem, Elizabeth started to...want to settle down. She was no longer the girl Will fell in love with. She sat on the couch to read, often for long hours. Will felt bored as hell. Why had he closed the smithy after Mr. Brown died? Could it be that he was so excited about the money he'd get just by being Elizabeth's husband and didn't want to work anymore?

The boredom became unbearable in time and Elizabeth didn't even bother to hide that she was just going to spend all day reading futile romances and talking about idle things with her friends, such as new dresses and jewels. The only time she and Will went out was to go to those even more terribly boring rich parties, where Will felt so out of place that he was always silent.

By watching those parties, he started to perceive things.

How vain were those people. How shallow. It seemed the gold and silver that adorned the women's necks and wrists blinded their minds. They were always smiling, like they never got sad. They were always talking about their earnings. And Elizabeth was like that, too, Will realized.

The men were so worried about maintaining an image of success and wealth and happiness that they didn't even listen to the other's around them. Which was a dumb thing, because they worried so much about making their images shine, but no one was really interested.

And no one - men or women - noticed Will's sadness in all of those events. No one seemed to care, not even Elizabeth. Because she, like the others, couldn't break through the materialism she lived in.

Deep emotions were unknown to her and to all her friends.

Sometimes, the dangerous thing isn't dealing with deep emotions, but hiding them in such a secret place they didn't even know these emotions existed.

Will learned the dangerous side of his life the hard way, with much pain.

When he had the courage to leave Elizabeth and the easy life he had, he drowned himself in spirits until he decided to leave Port Royal.

He had been suffering for months, but in the end he'd started to understand he'd have grown bitter if he'd stayed with Elizabeth. They were dying inside, even while they lived. And that would be the worst death of all. When Will understood that, he realized he had much life still inside him. So, he decided to leave the city when he discovered that the treasures he was looking for weren't made of silver and gold, or golden locks of hair.

He needed to feel alive again, and so he looked for the one who he knew lived life to the fullest. Six months working as a blacksmith in Tortuga, and he met Jack again. It was funny that Will felt so much happier in Tortuga than he did in Port Royal. This rotten, filthy island. Nothing beautiful here.

But it had a soul. Just like the weird Captain looking at Will right now. "What are ye doing here, mate? Last time I saw ye, ye were to marry yer bonny lass."

"I left her, Jack. I..." Will realized he didn't want to talk about Elizabeth. "Look." He sighed. "I'm here because I was looking for you."

"Me, eh?" Jack looked surprised. "Ye wouldn't be looking for a place on me crew, would ya?"

"Is that so impossible to believe?" Will laughed despite the sadness behind his eyes. What if Jack didn't want him on his crew?

But Jack wasn't blind. He noticed the sadness that had lived behind Will's smile for a long time.

Jack wasn't blind like Elizabeth had been.

"Will, mate, I'd never deny ye. No need t'be worried. 'M just surprised, tis all."

Will grinned, and Jack was quick to notice it seemed the first real smile Will had managed in a long time.


Jack was so different from Elizabeth. In many ways. He noticed all the times Will was unhappy. And Will had been sad for so long that he lost count of the times he cried with his head on Jack's shoulder.

Jack cared about silver and gold, aye. But it wasn't the same way Elizabeth and her friends cared about it. Jack divided the booty with all the crew equally, and didn't steal from them. Not from them. He knew most of the crew needed that booty. Jack wasn't ambitious.

He liked the way the gold shone and the way the silver mirrored his eyes. He liked to see his crewmembers smiling when they had a good plunder. Jack knew they were going to go home eventually and give that gold to their children and wives. Jack knew that, and smiled.

Jack liked the beauty of the gold, and that was where he was different from Elizabeth. She liked only the value of it. She liked having money to spend on her expensive jewels and clothes.

Will just watched and admired Jack more day after day. Jack gave him attention and was preparing him for his first pillaging. They were going to attack a merchant ship and he needed Will to be ready. So, they practiced with the sword various days before Jack decided to attack the ship. He wouldn't risk having Will wounded or killed. Though the boy knew how to fight, he had yet to learn how to fight dirty. And Will also needed to practice with another person, since he practiced three hours a day, but most of the time it was on his own.

When they attacked the ship, Will fought like never before, receiving a few scratches, but nothing serious. He felt alive. He felt like someone learning to live again. He felt passion.

Later that day, the Pearl was full of corpses of their enemies. The deck was covered in blood. No, that wasn't beautiful. Definitely not beautiful. And it didn't feel dangerous to Will, fighting for his life. It wasn't different from what he did everyday since his mother's death. Besides, dangerous was dying while being alive, and Will knew that now.

He knew that dangerous was to think that beauty came only with beautiful shapes and images and all those things that were clearly fake. He knew beauty was dangerous when it was only on the outside.

Jack noticed Will was bleeding a little, and went to him. He led the boy to his cabin and tended to Will's wounds there. "Jack, you don't have to. Honestly, I'm fine."

"These may infect, Will, and I won't be having an ill crewmember."

Will wasn't blind either. He knew there was much more beyond Jack's words. He was concerned. He was worried about Will, and Will knew it.

Will smiled: "Thank you," and he knew that Jack knew there were many things Will was thanking him for.

"Yer welcome, luv," Jack made as if to stand but Will caught his wrist, and pulled Jack to him.

The kiss was deep, passionate and full of tongue. Just what Will needed. Jack didn't question Will's tongue on his, didn't question anything; he melted into the kiss; he'd wanted Will for a long time now.

Jack touched Will's hair, caressing it, tangling his fingers in the long locks. Will touched his back, pulling him closer and they lay on the bed slowly.

And when Jack winked at him, leaving the cabin afterwards, Will learned that he found Jack's eyes much more beautiful than any silver or gold.

Now he'd have to try and discover what danger those eyes would bring him.

This danger he'd gladly welcome.

The End

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