jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Swordplay

Author: Doeeyedgrim

Pairing: J/W

Rating: Hard R/mild NC-17

Summary: The request was for h/c with Jack giving the comfort and a happy ending. Hope it matches up with your expectations, Seraphina :)

Written for: Queen Seraphina

Warnings: J/W sex, obviously. Mild h/c, but has a happy ending.

Disclaimer: Disney may own Pirates of the Caribbean, but Johnny Depp will always own Jack Sparrow.

Feedback: Most welcome. Especially from Seraphina.

The clang of metal was alive in the air aboard the Black Pearl. Brown eyes met brown eyes, and each man saw a fierceness in the other’s gaze that just beckoned him to fight harder.

It was a mock swordfight, of course, but anyone observing the two gentlemen might not have been able to tell. One swayed and the other lunged, advancing and retreating, following one another across the deck, bare feet providing more traction than even the best shoes could.

Then there was a painful ripping sound, followed by a dull thud as one sword was dropped to the deck, and an identical noise as the other followed.

“Will! I didn’t mean it…”

“It’s alright, Jack, just a flesh wound…nothing more than a surface cut.”

Blood dripped to the deck, staining the already oft-marked wood a dark crimson.

“But I hurt you.” The older of the two was practically pouting, even though it was the younger that was injured.

“Yes, but you didn’t mean to.”

A strange glint appeared in Jack’s eyes after Will said this, and he bent down to pick up both swords. “Perhaps you’d better come with me, mate. The light’s better in my cabin…we’ll look at it there, savvy?”

“Jack, the light’s better out here. The sun…”

“I said the light’s better in my cabin, ergo, it is. Follow me.”

“If you insist…”

Leaving Anamaria at the helm, the two men walked below deck and into the captain’s cabin.

“Now…sit on the table there and let ol’ Jack have a look at y’.”

Will didn’t argue, seating himself on the table – having to push several rum-stained maps aside to do so – and pulling up his sleeve so that Jack could see the diagonal cut across his forearm. It wasn’t deep, but it was bleeding profusely, already staining Will’s torn white shirt.

“Hmmm.” Jack said, narrowing his eyes, tapping his chin and trying to look doctorly. He was failing miserably, instead winding up looking like a disapproving father, eyeing his youngest daughter after she’d arrived home after curfew. “May need stitches…pro’lly won’t, though. Just a bandage and a lot of rum, aye?”

Will blinked, shaking his head and smiling indulgently at Jack. “It really doesn’t hurt that badly, Jack…I can barely feel it.”

“Nonsense. You must be in awful pain…I’ll have to distract you somehow.” Jack said, speaking so quietly that Will wasn’t sure he’d said anything. “But first, a bandage! My kingdom for a bandage!” Jack was off again, reeling around the cabin, digging in trunks and drawers, trying to find something suitable to use as a bandage. Meanwhile Will sat, holding out the ragged cloth he usually wore around his wrist, letting it dangle in the air until Jack finally caught sight of it. “Brilliant, William! Here…”

Obediently, Will sat still on the table, allowing Jack to manhandle his arm, to twist it around and try to figure the best way to tie the cloth just tight enough to stop the bleeding, or at least slow it.

“Ow…Jack, that’s a bit tight…” Will said, watching the lower half of his arm quickly turn from healthy pink to purplish-red, and then start to turn white before Jack finally realized what he’d done. He loosened the cloth and then patted Will’s arm, his rough fingers sending inadvertent shivers up Will’s spine.

“There you are, lad, good as new…to a degree. As best as you can be, figuratively speaking, because none of us are as good as new after we’re new, because we’re not new, so we can’t hardly be as good as it, now can we? And even when you are new you can’t be, because then you’re not as good as new, you are new. As I thought.” He said when Will nodded, agreeing so Jack would stop talking.

“Jack, I’m going to go back above deck…” Will began, but was silenced by a finger on his lips, stopping him from speaking as Jack leaned in close, so close in fact that Will could smell the alcohol on his breath. “Jack?” He asked, a little confused. Jack’s finger pressed against Will’s lip as though that would finally silence Will, and the blacksmith was obediently quiet.

“I said I was going to distract you, lad…and I only know one way to do that.” There was a glint of gold as Jack smiled, but then Will couldn’t focus on the pirate’s face any more because Jack was kissing him. Will had kissed Jack often enough before and he would never have thought the combined tastes of soured alcohol, decades of bad hygiene and the tang of gold teeth would have been something he craved.

“Jack…” He panted when he pulled away, brown eyes wide. “How is this going to distract me from the cut on my arm?”

Jack’s expression darkened. “It was working ‘til you mentioned it, whelp, and now you’re thinking about it again…so I’ll have to redouble my efforts, aye?”

Will stared at Jack for a few moments before an almost impish grin tugged at his lips. “I suppose you will. Carry on, Captain.” He leaned back on his elbows, looking up at Jack almost expectantly.

“Excellent.” Jack murmured. He leaned in and pulled at Will’s shirt, managing to get it off over the boy’s head without causing undue pain.

“Jack…Jack, please…” Will murmured, practically writhing on the table, obviously impatient. The pirate captain favored the blacksmith with a gold-tinted grin and pulled him close, smashing his lips against the boy’s to quiet him while he began to slither out of his own clothing…at least, what he could get off using only one hand, since his other hand was stroking Will’s arm like it was a cat. A moment later Jack was missing his shirt and Will’s breeches were loosened to the point that Jack could reach inside. Will whimpered against Jack’s lips, pressing against him and in his enthusiasm managing to catch the captain unawares. Jack fell over backwards on to the floor, landing somehow with Will on his chest and his teeth digging into Will’s lip.

“Sorry.” Jack whispered, his voice low and almost grating to Will’s ears as he lapped the blood from the smith’s lower lip. It was a small cut, but Jack wanted to make sure it was soothed as much as possible. Besides, it distracted Will from the fact that he was rapidly losing his already-loosened breeches. The pair rolled over so Will was beneath Jack and the pirate captain reached out, blindly fumbling for something that was unfortunately too far for him to reach. With an irritated groan that didn’t suit a man his age, Jack heaved himself off Will’s body and went in search of his small vial of oil he saved for just such occasions, leaving Will breathless and a little confused. A moment later he’d settled on the blacksmith-turned-pirate’s stomach again, that particular grin on his face. That grin used to frighten Will…well, to be honest, the grin itself wasn’t what scared him, but the warm, tightly coiled sensation it produced in his lower belly did. No more, though. He knew what that feeling was now, and though it hadn’t happened quickly, he’d learned to accept it and embrace it. It was simple: he lusted after Jack, and, as Jack had told him repeatedly in his rare completely sober moments, that was a fine thing. A very fine thing indeed, as far as Jack was concerned.

Will gasped when, a moment later, he found himself devoid of all the clothing he’d been wearing. He stared up at Jack, who just grinned and slowly pushed a roughened finger into Will.

“Don’t…don’t go so slowly, Jack…” Will panted. “I can handle it.” His eyes opened for a moment and he stared convincingly up at the pirate captain. Jack wavered, then consented, curling his finger inside Will. “Jack!” Will exclaimed, shaking his head and flailing, grabbing Jack’s arm and stilling it where it was. “You. Inside. Now.” He demanded.

There were few protests, and a moment later Will had his ankles hooked at the back of Jack’s neck, his back pressed tightly against the floor. Will had long ago made the comparison that Jack fucked as he fought – advancing and retreating until Will thought he might go insane. Will heard someone repeating Jack’s name over and over, and it finally struck him that it was his own voice, raggedly calling out to Jack for harder, faster, more. Jack easily complied, slim hips pistoning forward and back, falling into a not-quite rhythm that made Will’s back arch and his toes curl.

It was over too soon. With a yelp that might have been embarrassing in any other situation, Will found his stomach covered in sticky whiteness and felt a heat inside him so intense his eyes literally rolled back in his head. When he came down from his high, he found Jack looking down at him intently, a hint of a smile on his roguish face.

“Hmm…Captain, I believe my arm is throbbing.” Will said, doing his best to look distressed, as though his arm really did hurt. “Perhaps you’ll have to distract me again.”

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