jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Stubborn
Author: kHo (khohen1@bellsouth.net)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rated: R
Summary: Will Turner was ready for his first foray into true piratical adventures whether or not Jack deemed him so.

He was simply too stubborn, that was the problem. He got something in his head, and hell or high water, he was going to follow through. He'd snuck in amongst the boats without alerting anyone who needn't know he was there, and slunk down behind the men in front of him so wandering eyes wouldn't catch sight of him. He'd been told, under no uncertain terms, that he was to stay aboard the Pearl with Gibbs and Cotton, but he wouldn't be having any of that. Will Turner was ready for his first foray into true piratical adventures whether or not Jack deemed him so.

The battle turned bloody almost as soon as the first foot touched dry land. It seems that birds certainly did talk in these parts, and someone on land had alerted the watch keepers that pirates were on their way in. He'd lunged off the boat and into the water before it was even truly shallow, and ran his way best he could through the depths to get to where Jack was slaying two for the price of one.

When Jack's eyes had landed on him he'd paused for a second too long and been slashed on the forearm by the blade of a fellow who was too slow to try and fight him. The man was slain in half a heartbeat and Jack was back to fighting his way through the small army of landlubbers that had laid in wait for them. Will could feel his eyes on him from time to time, and the frown was just as certain. His attentions were on protecting himself and those around him that were in his crew, so he paid him no mind.

They lost half of their newly acquired crew that night, and when Anamaria spotted a fresh group of unsavory characters heading their way she called to Jack to abort. Jack called for the crew to track back to the Pearl, his hand clamping down on the neck of Will's shirt as he jerked him back towards the ocean. Will fell to the ground as he was knocked off balance, and glared up at Jack as he continued on his way back to the boats. He rose to follow and was seized by strong hands on both arms and a pistol pointed at his head.

He cried out for help and was rewarded by a sharp blow to his head. He felt the sensation of falling and briefly caught a fluttering of a red kerchief in the periphery of his sight before he could make it to his knees. Sword clashed to sword just above his head and he felt fingers crushing into his skull, forcing his head back down to the dirt. He heard Jack's primal growl and a gurgling moan as one of the brutes fell beside him.

Jack taunted the other with the same punishment and smiled in grim satisfaction as he ran away without so much as a backward glance. He peered up at the older man with a wary look and was met with smoldering brown eyes that sent daggers through his heart and ripples of cold trepidation throughout his body. An ungentle hand reached down and jerked him back up to his feet, and Jack's back was turned to him before he had the chance to thank him.

Minutes later he boarded the _Black Pearl_ amidst chaos and curses, men scrambling around to pull up anchor, Jack at the wheel yelling to man the sails. When he'd approached Jack he been served another cold glare that rendered him speechless and he didn't struggle as Gibbs pulled him back to his quarters to administer to his wounds. He sat in silent introspect when Gibbs left, berating himself for proving Jack right with his foolhardiness.

The men of the island must have considered themselves victorious by the quick departure of the crew of the _Black Pearl_ for they didn't bother to chase after them, and the rapid departure went untested. A scant few hours later they had dropped anchor again and were told to return to their quarters for much needed rest. Minutes after that an uncharacteristically soft-spoken Anamaria informed Will that he was wanted in Captain Jack Sparrow's quarters post-haste.

If he'd had a tail to tuck it surely would have been when he entered the Captain's boudoir, shutting the door softly behind him without having to be told. Jack sat at his desk with a stylus in one hand as he scribbled furiously over a map of the Pacific, his back turned to Will for no fewer than 5 minutes before he acknowledged his presence. When he turned there was a fury he'd never seen before in the older man's eyes and Will took a step back to lean against the wall.

"What did I tell you about today's mission, Turner," Jack asked. His voice was low, cool, calculated, and so unlike him Will had to fight down the shiver of fear he felt coarse up his spine.

"That I was to stay aboard the _Pearl_ with Gibbs and Cotton," he answered softly, looking down away from Jack's entrancing hold on him.

"Then it's not a case of ya didn't hear me properly," Jack said quietly, standing slowly and walking towards him, tilting his head to peer at the boy as if he'd never seen him before. "Was it, then, that you didn't understand?"

Will shook his head.

"I don't hear your answer, Turner," Jack snapped, his voice hard and unwavering. "Speak words to me, boy."

"I understood, Captain," Will answered, using the title to try and assuage Jack's anger.

"You understood," Jack repeated, quietly as he neared Will, within a breath away from him. "So," he said, suddenly slamming his hand to the side of Will's ear against the boards. "What the bloody hell were you doing there," he shouted, his body nearly vibrating with the anger that shone through his voice.


"Well," Jack prompted with another growl, raising an eyebrow at him and lifting a hand to shove Will's head up to meet his eyes. "You what?"

"I felt I was ready," Will answered, his eyes flickering past Jack's unwavering gaze, unable to take the sensation of Jack's ability to see straight through to his soul with those eyes of his. "I felt that you were wrong, and that I was ready."

Jack nodded, tightening his grip on Will's chin until Will was forced to meet his eyes again. "An' who, `xactly, is the Captain aboard this here ship, Turner," he asked, his voice low again.

"You are," Will said, forcing his voice to sound sure and strong. It wouldn't do to show Jack just how afraid he was of him at this moment. Jack already had the upper hand; he didn't need fuel for more of one.

"That's right, Turner, I am," he growled, pushing off the wall and walking away from Will. Making an abrupt about face he pointed a dagger of a finger at him, his eyes boring a hole straight through Will. "I should kick you off my ship, Turner," he said, shaking his head sharply. "I ought throw you off at the next port and never look back. Can you think of any reason I shouldn't?"

"No, Captain," Will said, looking down at the floor.

"You disobeyed a direct order, Will," Jack said, causing Will to look up quick as he used his first name again. "You disrespected your leader… Tha's me, by the way."

"I know," Will said, trying to force his mouth to not quirk up in the slight smile it wanted to.

"This is not a democracy, young William," Jack said, stepping forward and grabbing his chin again. "Do you understand me, mate? I am the law on this ship. What I say, what I want, that's what I get. Got it?"

Will nodded as best as he could with Jack's grip crushing into his jaw, meeting Jack's eyes finally full on. "I apologize, Captain."

"Jack, love," Jack said, his voice softening as he smile slightly. He let his grip on Will's chin relax as he lifted a hand to thumb over the reddening bruise on his forehead from the gun's blow. "You can call me Jack, just so long as you remember I'm still your Captain."

"Aye, Jack," Will said softly, watching Jack frown at his bruise. "I do."

"I won't lead you astray, Will," Jack whispered, his hand trailing lightly down Will's face as he met his eyes again. He was taken back by the raw emotion in the man's eyes; the sheen of what was perhaps unshed tears making them shine in the dull candle light. "I don't give you orders for some sense of power, love. I give them for your own safety."

"I know," Will said, distracted by the unfamiliar glow in Jack's eyes. "I'm sorry, Jack-- honestly."

"My heart froze when I saw you out there, Will," Jack whispered, his hand falling to Will's neck in a gentle caress, tracing over his collar bone.

"I'm sorry," Will repeated, feeling his breath hitch as Jack's eyes met his again.

"Don't disobey me again, Will," Jack said softly, leaning in slightly, close enough Will could feel his breath brushing over his lips. "I won't hesitate to throw you off my ship if need be, love."

"I understand," Will answered, his voice coming out as a whisper, unable to take his eyes off of Jack's lips. "I won't."

"I'm going to--" Jack paused, his eyes flicking from Will's lips to his eyes briefly. "I think I'd like to kiss you, Will." Will felt as if the words had been ripped from his own mouth, leaving him breathless as he somehow managed to nod mutely. "This-- an' this is just to clarify, love-- is not an order. This is a request."

"Do it," Will managed to get out past the crush of want and need and something else in his chest. His hand lifted to grab onto Jack's hand as he cupped his cheek, his eyes caressing Will's face. "Jack-- kiss me," he said when Jack made no move to follow through.

What started out as a tentative kiss very quickly turned into a mashing of tongues and a tangle of hair around Jack's nimble and long fingers. Will twisted the fabric of Jack's shirt between his fingers, pulling his captain closer and opening his mouth wider to accommodate Jack's wild and untamed tongue. Will was vaguely aware of the sound of his ripping shirt, but acutely aware of Jack's hand on his bare skin, callused fingers grazing lightly over his chest. His hands fumbled to unbutton Jack's shirt but he settled for simply slipping his hand underneath it.

Jack pressed his body into Will's, aligning their torsos perfectly. He grunted into his mouth as Will's fingers dug into his shoulder. His hand drifted between their bodies to where Will's crotch was, feeling the lust pulsating through him increase threefold when he found him already hard beneath his fingers. When Will echoed his grunt with a low moan of his own Jack squeezed him, eliciting another and another moan until he felt he was going to burst out of his skin if he didn't have the boy naked before him in seconds flat.

The bed was ten paces backwards, and their lips didn't part once during their trip to it. Jack fell on top of the boy and immediately went to unbuttoning Will's pants, yanking them off as soon as he had. He paused to look at the boy beneath him, a grin crossing over his face at the tan lines that hadn't been there when Will had begun sailing with them.

"You sure you want to do this, love," he asked, leaning into Will's hand as he brushed Jack's hair back tenderly.

"Positive," Will said, leaning up and drawing Jack's lips between his teeth slowly, licking his own lips as he settled back into the bed. "You?"

"More than positive," Jack answered.

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