jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Shine and Movement
Author: Haldir Fancier (caribbeansparrow28@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: R
Summary: Jack admires Will. Will admires Jack. So they come to their senses, and there you are.
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Disclaimer: Fan + Fiction = This. Ooh what now?
Notes: Written for the JXW group weekly challenge. Yay!

Jack loved shiny things. He loved gold because of the way it caught the light, and the way it bought other shiny things in port. He loved the dagger he carried in his boot, because it shined.

Jack certainly liked things that didn't shine. He didn't mind them. He liked the wind, and the sails full, and the Pearl. She didn't gleam so much as warm him, but she was different. He loved the sea, even when she rolled and turned black and tried to break his ship.

He knew the sea, and the sea was never angry for long.

And he loved Will. Will didn't catch the light or shine to the eye, but Jack was never tired of looking at him. Something about him always guided Jack's gaze back to him, even from the sails, or the sea.

He loved Will's bright smile, and his eyes. The sarcastic way he responded to most of the things that Jack said, and how they both were amused by the joke. The curls of his hair, he loved those perhaps the most. And Jack thought he shined from the inside.

Will loved things that moved. It had always been a fixation of his, looking at things that moved. He liked the ocean, and he liked watching people in the rigging, and he loved to sit on the bow and watch the ocean slip under the Pearl.

He liked to watch the clouds sometimes, and Jack called him on it, laughing.

"What're you doin', Will, watchin' time pass?"

And Will would answer, "Time's more interesting than some things on this ship."

And Jack would threaten him with two shifts of night watch, or make like he'd make him swab the deck. Will would smirk, look back at him, and flutter his fingers in an imitation of Jack.

"Do it yourself."

Jack would call him a lazy sailor, and whack him with the end of his sash.

But they both knew Will was anything but lazy, and Jack was anything but uninteresting.

Will loved Jack. He loved the way he'd move about his ship, like he owned everyone and everything on it. And he liked to watch Jack's hips when he walked, and his hands when he talked. Jack always moved. He rarely stood still, and when he did, his body swayed with the roll of the ship, and the wind played with the beads and things in his hair. Will loved him.

And sometimes, Will loved the way he moved so much, that he wanted to grab ahold of Jack's hands, and pin his body somewhere, just to see what Jack was like when he was still.

Just to see.

Neither was surprised when Will appeared one evening at Jack's cabin door, grinning, and neither was surprised when Jack pulled him in for a kiss.

Nor were they surprised when Jack pulled Will into his bed, the both of them laughing, kissing playfully, until Jack suddenly paused, and asked softly, "Will, have you ever-?"

Will shook his head, smiling. "Haven't ever. Not with anyone."

Jack's smirk was less calculating and more delighted, and he pressed his cheek to Will's, murmuring in his ear, "If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing slowly... very slowly. Are you with me?"

Will nodded, taking a shaky breath, and Jack finally felt the faint trembling in his body.

"I won't hurt you," he promised, and Will smiled again.

"I know, it's just... everything I feel is so strong with you. I don't know what to think."

Jack grinned, sliding his leg over Will's hips and sitting up, grinding down hard. Will gasped and his back arched, just enough to meet Jack's chest as he leaned over, pressing his mouth to Will's open one again.

And when the lamplight flashed off Will's sweat-damp skin, and Will was shuddering and moaning despite himself, resting on his elbows, his fingers twined in his hair, Jack smiled.

Will shone, now, on the outside, and it was Jack's doing. It was Jack that made him gleam like that.

And Jack moved just enough, two fingers inside Will twisting and rubbing, and pleasure sparkled through Will's entire being. He panted, trying to catch his breath, and squirmed.

"Jack, please, why do you tease?"

"Slowly," Jack reminded him, and Will stilled, breath slowing.


"Well, is it worth it?"

"So very worth it," Will said, trying to spread his knees farther. "Oh, god yes."

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