jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Second Chance
Author: Lozateazer (princessofadorkable@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will does something stupid. Jack does something worse. Will things ever be the same?
Archive: JackxWill, CIB, and any lists I happen to post this on. If you’d like to have it, please do, just tell me so I can get all excited and tell everyone.
Warnings: Lots. Okay, let’s see. Adultery, prostitution, RAPE, h/c
Disclaimer: S’like the army. Don’t ask me, and I won’t tell you it’s not mine. However, Louis Moreau (Lew-y Mour-oh) is mine.

Date: 17/6 - 21/7 2004

Author's note: For Isabel Schemes, who wanted a fic where Jack is emotionally hurt, and sends Will away. Then our lovable rogue finds Will, but worse off than before. Then they get back together. She also wanted no weakling characters, and to include the subject of prostitution. Well, I hope I got it somewhat to your liking. If it weren’t for me knowing you were wanting this, I would have abandoned this as soon as I realized I wanted to include rape. Well, that and once I get determined I follow through…

A/N 2: I just took the name of the port from where the movie was filmed, because I couldn’t think of any other at the time. I don’t know what St. Vincent’s is like now, or what it was like then. It’s just a name.

A/N 3: This is my first ever attempt at non-con/rape. I’m sorry it’s so late, it’s just this story was incredibly taxing on me. Truth be told, about half way through this story when I realized I was indeed going to want rape, I sunk into a depression. Then I did what I’m best at, and tried to be on the side of the character. I tried to figure out why someone would do this. And so I did, and got past the hard part. So I’m sorry if it isn’t any good, I tried.

A/N 4: Rape is a crime about power. No more, no less. It is purely about asserting one’s power, showing one is tougher than another. Showing that you are not stupid, or weak, or whatever someone tells you that you are. If you suspect someone is being abused in a sexual nature or is abusing someone, please, PLEASE, get both parties involved help. Take anything someone says about this subject seriously. I know from experience that someone may be scarred for life if they have been through something like rape or molestation. Get help. Be there for them. Show them that you believe them and you love them. Never stop loving them, no matter what they have done or what they have had done to them. It means a lot.

Jack Sparrow’s smirk could be seen all the way across the deck of the Black Pearl, the sun’s last rays reflecting off his metallic teeth. And every single man—Anamaria too, of course—on that ship knew exactly what the cause of that particular grin was. That was the smile their captain got only when he had William Turner in one arm, a strut of his ship’s wheel in the other, and one of the two was about to be abandoned for the night.

The younger leaned over, and whispered something in the other’s ear, before tugging on the lobe gently with his teeth. Jack’s eyes went wide, and the smile doubled in size. Will ground himself against his cohort, just in case his intentions were not perfectly clear.

“GIBBS! ANA! My lady is yours for the evening, as young Mr. Turner and I have to attend to…” He cleared his throat, obviously distracted by the lecherous mouth now attached to his neck. “Attend to… strategies about… about… pirate-y things.”

And with that, they were gone.

Anamaria, who had been hovering nearby knowing full well what Jack’s intentions had been, quickly took over manning the last real pirate ship in the Caribee. The quartermaster was quickly by her side.

He took a swig out of his hip flask, before murmuring, “S’good t’ see them happy, ain’t it?”

The woman sighed disapprovingly.


Jack moaned in anticipation. Who wouldn’t, when you had at the moment six fingers working away in Will Turner’s most intimate place? The lad was a sight to be seen, on his hands and knees, legs spread obscenely… Jack was in heaven.

“Oh, me pretty, yer so open for me… so wanton…” The former blacksmith mewled, pistoning himself on the intruding digits. Jack laughed softly, “Ye want this so much, ye’d take anythin’ I’d give ye, wouldn’t ye? I bet ye’d even take me whole hand.”

Will arched his back as he trust his hips forward, trying to rub his swollen cock against something, anything. The bed just happened to be the nearest thing. However, doing this made him move away from the probing fingers of his lover. So he slammed back, impaling himself even more. Yowling in pleasure, the young man was sorely disappointed when the fingers were suddenly wrenched from him. But then he felt the fist at his entrance.

Will tossed his head, gnashed his teeth, and tried to scramble away from his lover’s touch.

Suddenly the hand was gone, and Jack was stroking the lad’s back comfortingly. “Shh… s’alright, pet… Tell ol’ Jack what’s going on in yer pretty little head…”

The youth reached back frantically, trying to grab hold of the pirate’s sex. When he couldn’t seem to reach, Will let out a sob, “…Want… you…”

“As ye wish, luv.”

Without a second word, Will was on his back, knees pulled tight against his chest, waiting for his lover to fill him.


Some hours later, as the sun was setting, Will exited his and Jack’s cabin, a rather smug look on his face. This was his ritual. After wearing poor Jack out, he would go and walk the decks of the Black Pearl without a care in the world. Tonight it had taken a bit more than usual to tucker out the excitable Jack, so by the time Will had exited his quarters it was already time to eat.

Besides himself, there were three others on deck. Mr. Cotton was at the helm, along with two of their newest recruits. Both had been picked up in New Orleans, along with a few others. One of the lads was up in the nest, keeping watch. Will hadn’t the chance to learn his name yet. The other boy, however, the former blacksmith had grown rather close to.

His name was Louis Moreau, and he was 18 years of age—only 5 years younger than Will. He was beautiful in every way imaginable, with straight long, blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and the longest legs Will had ever seen. They had become friends instantly, always joking and teasing one another. Jack had openly accepted this friendship, thinking how it was good of Will to finally make friends among the crew.

What Jack did not know, however, was that Will and Louis had been openly flirting. Nothing serious, only some sweet words back and forth. The young pirate knew exactly what the relationship was between the captain and Will, and had respected that, for the most part.

But now, as Will was taking his nightly stroll, Louis was reclining against a mast, an empty plate sitting next to him.

Without opening his eyes, the lad cooed, “Hello, mon coeur,” in his Louisiana accent. A sole eye peeked open.

The slightly older man nodded his acknowledgment, “Louis. How are you faring today?”

Sitting up more, Louis smiled, “Quite well. I was hoping I’d run into you.”

“Me? Why would that be, friend?”

/Because you are without a shirt, in sinfully tight trousers, your hair is disheveled, and you reek of sex. Because I want you when you are in still too much of a daze to know what I do./

“Because we never got a chance to practice today, and I knew you would emerge from your hideaway sooner or later.”

“You want to fight me /now/?”

The American stood, “Aye. I am well fed and well rested. You are not. I figure that would level the playing fields sufficiently.” Drawing his sword, he stood at ready.

Will regarded the cutlass, and sighed, “I left my blade in my cabin.”

Lowering his weapon, Louis smirked inwardly. This was going much better than he could have hoped for. “Then help me with my stance?”

Will nodded, and moved behind the other man. In his time around his captain lover, the former blacksmith had gotten over all his qualms about personal space. Who wouldn’t, when the man you spent all your time with paid it no regard? When Louis again raised his sword, Will moved forward and wrapped an arm around the other’s waist. The other hand was lain on a thigh.

“Follow my lead.”

The two moved together for a few moments, working as one. That was until the hand that had been holding Will’s own against Louis’s body was moved to the elder’s thigh, softly petting.

Will paused. “Louis?”

“Please William, just go with it. Feel.” He rubbed his backside against Will’s front. “I’d let you, you know. Only you.”

The former blacksmith wrenched himself away from the American. “No! I’m with Jack!”

“And you think he stays faithful to you? Every time we make port, he’s with another wench! Sometimes two, three a night!”

“We have an arrangement.” Will shifted uncomfortably. “I can’t fulfill all of his needs. Every now and then, he needs the comfort of a woman. So I let him have this.”

The younger approached slowly. “And where do you fulfill your needs on these nights?”


“You could come to me, mon coeur… I would have you, I would love you… You should be allowed that much.”

Once more, Will shifted his weight. “I don’t know, Louis.”

“Then let me show you.”


When Jack was on the brink of wakefulness and sleep, he reached out across the bed for his lover, and dragged his arm back towards him in an attempt to pull Will closer. When he found his arm was empty, he repeated the process. Four times. When he still came back with nothing, he peeked an eye open.

No Will to be seen.

Glancing out the window, Jack saw the setting sun and realized that his lover must have gone out to join the others in their nightly festivities. And the captain saw no reason why he too should not go and enjoy the pleasantries night had to offer.

Groaning, he crawled out of bed. He didn’t know how his little blacksmith could have so much energy. They had played together for hours; Will himself must have climaxed five different times. And yet he still seemed to have enough steam in him to go ransack about with pirates. Jack smiled. He just hoped they didn’t tire the lad out too much, for the captain felt he still might have another go in him yet.

Now that Jack thought about it, which he did as he was dressing, Will was probably with that Louis kid they had picked up in New Orleans. The captain smirked. Now there was a beautiful boy. Nothing like Will, but still, pretty in his own right. And Jack once again thanked whatever deity was listening that the boy didn’t like other lads.


“You—you WHORE!!”

Will disengaged himself from the passionate embrace he had been sharing with Louis, only to find none other than his lover, one Captain Jack Sparrow, standing in the doorway of the captain’s quarters. The former blacksmith glanced at the boy in his arms, who was writhing with pleasure, Will’s name on his lips.

“Jack—it’s not what it looks like—”

“Bloody hell it’s not! You’ve got yer hand down his pants!”

Said appendage was quickly removed, as Will hurried over to his pirate lover. Louis however, after he was forgotten, fell to the deck in a boneless pile.

“Jack, you have to listen—”

“I can do whatever the fuck I please!!” Jack’s yells kept getting louder and louder as he closed in on Will, until he was shouting directly into the lad’s face. By then, the commotion had brought the entire crew on deck. “And right now, what I want t’do is never see ye again. Next port we reach is yer last stop.”

And with that, he turned, and stalked back to /his/ cabin.


They were a week’s travel from the next friendly port. St. Vincent’s, Anamaria had called it. She had been staying close to Will since the fight with Jack, acting as an intermediary between the two. Or at least as much was possible in a situation where Jack was involved. She would talk with her Captain, and relay everything to Will. Then Will would give his peace, and she would take it back to Jack. Jack, however, being as stubborn as he was, refused to listen. Luckily, though, she had been able to nab a shirt for Will during one talk with Jack. The captain had been so persistent in severing all ties they had, he hadn’t even let Will retrieve his things. Which had left the boy shirtless for the better part of a week.

Then the day came for Will to leave the Black Pearl. Jack did not leave his quarters the entire time they were anchored. Will had learned through the ship’s grapevine that Louis was to be left at a town a few islands over. He himself had not dared talk to the younger man since Jack had caught them together. Truthfully, he had been staying with Anamaria. On her floor, of course, and only because she knew he had no interest in her. It was just safer for everyone that way.

But now—with only the clothes on his back, a ration of food, his sword, and a small bag of gold—he had to leave the ship, and never return. They reached port just as the sun reached over the horizon, and no time was wasted. Cotton was sent to retrieve him. Rumor had it that the captain had no wish to hear the former blacksmith’s last thoughts aboard the ship. Will was escorted to the longboat without much pomp and circumstance, and he and Mr. Cotton alone rowed in to the port. None of the others came ashore.


Jack sat in his cabin, moping. They had just dropped one Mr. Moreau off on some island. The pirate couldn’t remember which, he had been so distracted of late. All he knew was that they had to hurry, this town did not look kindly upon their sort. Whichever sort that may be. All he could think about were Louis’s final words to him.

They went something along the lines of, “I’ll find him! You’ll see! I’ll go to him, find him, and we shall roam the sea together, hunting down your hide!!!”

Jack had laughed, calling back, “Ye’ll never find him, mate. He’d be off heading back t’ his wife!”

Then the captain had quickly retreated to his little haven, and cried. Now Captain Jack Sparrow was not one to easily let his true emotions show, but he had figured this could be an exception. Losing the best fuck he had ever had—No, he was loath to admit it, but Will had been so much more—and there was nothing he could do to make it better. With the exception of rum.

Will probably was going back to Elizabeth. Why wouldn’t he? The whelp had never explained why he had left his new bride, but he had. And had chosen Jack instead. So now that Jack was gone, why not go back to the other option? It was only logical. A laugh escaped Jack. He just hoped Elizabeth wouldn’t be too suspicious when she tried to fuck Will and instead got the lad pulling his knees to his chest.


Jack sighed as he worked his way through the labyrinth of streets, rain soaked through to the very fiber of his being. He had never wanted to come back here. It had been nigh on three years since he had dropped a young Will Turner off in this very port, never to see him again. He hadn’t planned on ever coming back, either. But it was hurricane season, and if he wanted to keep his Lady safe, he had to stop.

Just not bloody at bloody St. Vincent’s!!

The pirate suddenly weaved right. He needed a drink. And a whore. Or at least a whore. Someone with a pretty face who could make him forget about Will. Because after three years, he still hadn’t gotten over the whelp.

And that’s when he heard it: A low, guttural moan. One that Jack knew was not caused by pain.

Jack laughed, /Sounds like whoever he’s with is gonna need accompaniment real quick-like. An’ I think I know just who’s available fer that very position./

So with renewed excitement, the captain went in search of the noise.

He discovered the source of the noise not far from where he stood, it was in fact down a nearby alley. Having found what he was searching for, he stood in the shadows and waited. The man be serviced was tall and burly, his mammoth hands clinging to the kneeling rentboy’s head. Said rentboy, however, was young. He couldn’t have been more than 16, with his tiny frame and shrunken appearance. His hair was somewhat straight, and a little past his shoulder blades.

The odd thing about this picture, though, was that the rentboy was—as it appeared—trying to escape.

The grip on his head tightened. “Oh, bloody fuck! This is what I be payin’ ye fer, whore, s’ do it right!”

By now the prostitute was shaking, and, it seemed, swooning. But in response he was only pulled closer to his ‘client,’ as the man began to earnestly fuck the boy’s mouth. The boy did nothing in return.

After the man came, he tossed the lad to the ground. The rentboy didn’t even brace himself, and the only sign that he was in fact alive was the slight rise and fall of his chest. The man’s come started to dribble down the whore’s chin, some spattering out when the boy had a coughing fit.

“S’ not only are ye a lousy fuck, but ye don’t even swallow? Bloody fucking ‘ell!!!” He yowled into the night sky, and jumped on the boy.

Now, if had been any other case, by now Jack would have jumped in and attempted to help. But the large man was not only strong, but he was very well armed. So the pirate stayed back and watched, prepared to help the rentboy after his customer had left.

The so-called customer, however, had now picked up his whore from his spot on the ground, and ripped down the boy’s trousers. A maniacal gleam in his eye, he bared the lad’s ass.

Jack turned his face away. He couldn’t bare to watch. Within mere seconds he heard a blood-curdling scream, before the rentboy fell out of consciousness once more.

However, at the rapist’s evil laughter, the pirate captain indeed turned to look. Was he leaving?

No. And what Jack saw nearly made him vomit. The large man had his fist inside the lad. Blood was pouring down the youth’s thighs. Also, in the little light, Jack could see the movements of the tendons in the other man’s arm. Obviously the hand was in motion. And then without any ado, the hand was wrenched from its bloody home, covered in the precious fluid.

“Guess ye ain’t tight no more…” the giant growled as he licked his red-stained hand. With his other, he threw a few coins on the ground.

But of course, he never saw Jack. Or Jack’s gun…

After quickly stripping the dead man of what few valuable possessions he had, the pirate threw the corpse to one side so he could reach the injured whore.

And that’s when the world came crashing down around him.

It was Will.


When Will awoke, he whimpered at the pain he felt radiating from his lower back. Obviously whoever he had been with the night before had been rough on him. He just hoped he hadn’t torn anything. That could be dangerous to both his profession and his health.

Once getting past the discomfort, the young man opened his eyes. He was in a room—in a bed. That in it of itself was odd. Barely any of his clients had ever taken him to an inn, most preferred a quick fuck in some dark alley. And this room didn’t belong to the kind elderly woman who occasionally gave him food and lodging when he felt too ill to work. And Will wasn’t ashamed to admit it, he was a cheap whore. When he had first started, he would bring in quite a sum. But now, it was barely enough for food. The fact he couldn’t remember his partner from the night previous didn’t worry him, he’d lost his salary several times lately for blacking out while working. But while that didn’t trouble him, the strange bed put him ill at ease.

And secondly, the former blacksmith-turned pirate-turned concubine became exceedingly worried when he took notice of the fact he was bare beneath the sheets (which he noticed were cleaner than most of the bedclothes he’d ever encountered). Where were his clothes? The young man began to panic. They were the only set he had! As he threw frantic glances around the room, he saw them. They were nicely laundered, and sitting nicely folded a ways from the bed.

Okay, so he had everything he came with, and he somewhat knew where he was. That was good. He could relax now, maybe take a look around.

As the bed, the room was exceptionally clean and neat. Everything was shining and perfect. Will didn’t even know there were places like this in St. Vincent’s! And to add to that, there was a sizable bag of gold sitting near his belongings, and a fine breakfast sat out for him! This was too good to be true, there had to be some catch.

The catch was spelled out for him in three words, on a scrap of parchment near the food.

‘Do Not Leave.’


Hours later, after Will had eaten his fill, taken a nap, and wandered through the room, a lad entered the room with a tray of food. From the looks of him, he was a eunuch in service of… someone. At seeing Will, his eyes widened but he said nothing. He set the assortment of foods down, and exited. And so Will ate.

Just as he shoved the second to last bite in his mouth, the door opened. “I told ‘em ye’d be awake today.”

The last bite of his meal in hand forgotten, his head shot up at the familiar voice.


“In th’ flesh, luv.”

“You—you can’t call… You’re the… What’re you… Did we…?”

Jack laughed softly, “Nay, Will. I, um… Well, I guess I’ve some explaining to do, eh?”

Will nodded harshly, “Yeah, you do. Start with why you left me here, naked and alone.”

“Ye had clothes; money too!”

“I got robbed my first night here. More men then I could ever take on. They took my money, my sword, even my shoes. I was left with nothing, Jack! /Nothing!/ So after all these years, what are you doing back here /now?/”

Looking at his feet, a slight blush gracing sun-darkened cheeks, Jack stumbled, “Well, um… Will, d’ ye remember this certain man? Big man, red hair?” At Will’s confused look, the pirate coughed. “Um… ye, y’know, sucked ‘im in an alley?”

The younger thought about this. “Yes, he was last night. What about him?”

Jack felt a shiver run through him at Will’s apathy. “That was last week, William.” At the whore’s confused look, the pirate bit his lip. “Ye’ve been sick. We’re at Madame Demarr’s.”

Will knew the place. Most prestigious whorehouse in St. Vincent’s. At one time, the Madame had wanted Will for herself. With regret, he had to explain that he had no interest in the fairer sex.

“Last week the Pearl landed ‘ere. I… came across th’ two of ye, and… oh, Will, ye were sick as a dog. Ye… ye passed out in the middle, and…” Jack turned away, blinking rapidly. “…And tha’ bastard raped ye. He stuck ‘is ‘and inside ye, ripped ye in two.”

At this point, all the color had left Will’s face. After glancing back, Jack closed his eyes, unable to both see Will and relate the story at once.

“I killed ‘im. Didn’t even know it were ye, Will, but I killed ‘im nonetheless. An’ when I saw ye, I… I brought ye back ‘ere. Ye’ve been out fer days, ‘fraid ye weren’t going t’ make it. Were pissin’ an’ retchin’ on yerself constantly. Not only that but yer arse was pretty torn up. Got th’ best doctor t’ help ye… Well, th’ best doctor who wasn’t disinclined t’ help… ye know. Lads such as yerself.”

The pirate felt it then, his legs being opened, a body being placed between them, and a head nuzzling his thigh and crotch.

Jack gasped, “Will?”

“I am so sorry I was such a burden to you… Let me repay you?” A flat, wet tongue swiped across Jack’s rapidly filling cock. “No charge. And then…” He rubbed himself against the other man again, “And then, while you are recuperating, I’ll open myself up for you. How I’ve missed you and your cock.” He gave the mentioned organ a firm squeeze, adoring the fact he was already reducing his former captain into a quivering mess.

Reaching inside himself to find and gather all his strength, Jack pushed the weakened body away from him, “I won’t let ye do this, Will.”

Looking up from the floor with wide, hurt eyes, the young man asked, “You don’t want me?”

Sliding down so he sat opposite Will, Jack sighed. “‘S’not that I don’t want ye, th’ truth is far from it. I care about ye, William. S’why I took care of ye the past week. It’s not because I wanted to fuck ye, it’s because I bloody wanted ye alive!” At the other’s look of confusion, he continued. “Ye deserve better ‘en this! Bendin’ over fer any bloke, because ‘e’s payin’ ye, not because ye want to!”

“Well what if I /wanted/ to bend over for you, Jack?”

Voices raised, until they were practically shouting.

“I’d still say no! Ye were /hurt/ Will! Doesn’t that mean anythin’ to ye?! I love ye too bloody much to put ye in pain!!!”

Flushing hotly, Will ducked his head. “You love me?”

Sighing heavily, Jack nodded. “Aye. Always ‘ave.”

“Then why’d you let me leave?”

The pirate bit his lip. He had hoped to avoid this topic. “Ye hurt me, Will. Seein’ ye with Louis, it broke me heart. Thought ye didn’t care. So I ‘ad t’ send ye away. I couldn’t be with ye, knowin’ ye didn’t want me.”

“You daft cunt! You cad! You…” Will sighed, “I only ever loved you, Jack. Not Elizabeth, not Louis. You! /You/ hurt /me/ by going to whores, by using others when I was there—free, none the less!! How many strumpets had you conquered when that boy offered me his comfort?”

Hanging his head, Jack sighed once more, looking rather defeated. His hands rested in his lap, and refused to look at Will. “I thought th’ crew’d think I was weak, incapacitated with me ardor fer ye. I found out soon ‘nough they thought I was the very same cad ye now believe me t’ be.”

“You are a cad, Jack,” was mumbled.



Looking up, Jack smirked, “Ye meant t’ say, ‘Ye *were* a perfect cad, *Captain* Jack, bu’ now I see tha’ ye want nothin’ more than t’ take me back t’ the Pearl, and love me fer th’ rest of eternity.’”

Will’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Why? Why would you even want to do that? You said yourself, I’m hurt. I’m broken. I’m no longer the brash, foolhardy lad you took under your wing five years ago. Things have changed. I’ve changed, Jack. You wouldn’t like the new me.”

“Lemme try. What d’ ye say, Will? We give it another go? Jus’ th’ two of us?”

Will bit his lip, considering. Yes, he wanted to get out of here. Yes, he had dreamed for three years of Jack coming back for him. But also, every time another man used him, he blamed Jack, hated him. Could he just forget the past three years?

No. No, he couldn’t forget. And no, he doubted he could easily forgive. But he knew Jack cared for him; loved him. And Will could understand stupid mistakes, the Gods knew he had made enough of them in his life.

Giving a shaky smile, the former blacksmith-turned pirate-turned whore-turned pirate nodded. “Alright Jack. Let’s try.”

Both laughing, they leaned in for a passionate—but awkward—kiss.


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