jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Room For One
Author: Haldir Fancier (caribbeansparrow28@hotmail.com)
Paring: Jack/Will
Rating: PG
Summary: A conversation. No prose.
Warnings: Slash
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Disclaimer: If I owned Pirates, Elizabeth would have a minor role, and the movie would be filled with boys (primarily pirate and blacksmith) kissing, and lots of lewd pirate humour. Alas, no dice.

Notes: A challenge from (http://www.squidge.org/~peja/behindthescenes/plotbunnies.htm), "Dialogue Challenge". Dialogue should work to keep the characters clear. I hope. Short and sweet. ^_^



"What are you doing?"


"Well, I can see that, but I never expected it of you."

"What? Are you sayin' that because I'm the 'Piratey Captain of a Bloody Great Ship', as you would put it, I can't read from time to

"No, I just... well Anamaria was lookin' for you."

"Oh. That's interesting. You're in my way now, whelp."

"I know."

"Please move? I can't read anymore with you sittin' there."

"I know."

"Well, move!" (Shuffle, thud)

"Ow, Jack, that hurt."

"I told you to move."

"Well, you didn't have to dump me on the floor about it. Don't shrug like that!"

"Will, hey, Will! Come back! Please? I didn' mean to make you mad..."

"I'm not mad, not really."

"Well, I did dump you on the floor."

"That's right. You did."


"No! Anamaria said she wanted to see you."

"Pfft, bloody first mates."


"Ah, cap'n, there you are."


"Ship on the 'orizon, looks to be a merchant ship. Shall we?"

"Aye, I suppose."

"What did yeh do t' Will? He stalked outta yer cabin and shortly informed me you would be out soon. Then 'e climbed up there."

"I didn't do anythin'."

"I think that was the problem, cap'n."

"Bloody hell."

"Sorry, cap'n."


"Yo ho ho, and a bottle--"


"Only room for one up here, captain."

"That's why I came up. I'm sorry, luv."

"All right."

"Did I hurt you much?"

"Not a lo- ow! Jack, watch my foot!"

"Sorry. Fell."

"I know. What were you reading?"


"Are you blushing?"

"No! No... of course not!"

"Are you sure?"

"Wh- I... yes."



"Ouch, not enough room for that."


"My foot!"

"I'm tryin' to -make- room, luv!"

"Oh... oh god... I forgive you..."

"Thought you would."

"Oh, yes... ouch!"


"'S all right..."


"Maybe we should get down."

"Maybe we should. To my cabin?"

"To your cabin."

"Good. Only room for one up here."


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