jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Revelations
Author: Mahlia Belonn (mahlia@d2.net.au)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack tries to woo Will, but Will keeps missing the clue bus!
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Notes: This was written for the second ficathon for Jessie Cohen. Would like: Admittance of love by Jack, Uke (bottom) Jack. Wouldn't like: Rape, Character death (randomly).

Jack was feeling very frustrated. Five months ago, Will Turner had appeared in Tortuga without explanation and asked to join Jack's crew aboard the Black Pearl. He had said that he and Elizabeth had split, but that was all he would say about it. After asking around, Jack's contacts had filled in some of the blanks for him. Elizabeth had broken off their relationship because she believed that he was in love with someone else. She never said who the other person was, but the rumors were that the other person was a pirate, and possibly not female! That had filled Jack full of hope but Will had never said or done anything to prove the rumors true. Jack had invited Will to eat with him most nights, spent nearly all of his time with him and made subtle offers, but there was still no reaction from Will.

A month ago, Jack had decided to be a bit more blatant, and started sending poetry and love letters to Will. He hadn't signed the letters, but he provided many hints as to the author. It appeared that Will was either blind or not interested. Jack just wanted to know one way or the other. He loved Will and had done since their time together on The Interceptor. Even though it would hurt if Will said no, at least he would know. This limbo he was in was playing havoc with his sanity... or what was left of it! Gibbs had put Jack to bed several times when he had drunk even more than usual due to his obsession with Will. He had been a shoulder to cry on when it got too much... of course if Gibbs told anyone, Jack would kill him! He just didn't know what to do any more, and was starting to lose hope.


Will was hiding out in a dark corner of the Black Pearl. He was finding it harder to spend so much time with Jack. When Elizabeth first told him that he was in love with Jack he denied it, but as time passed, he realized that she was right. The last five months on the Black Pearl had been torture. Sometimes he thought Jack might return his feelings, but he couldn't be sure. In the last few weeks he had been receiving poetry and anonymous love letters. He imagined that they came from Jack but he didn't think that they were. He treasured them just the same, but it didn't help him know whom they were from. As he was sitting and moping, Gibbs suddenly appeared.

"What you doin' hidin' down here?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm not hiding... Just felt like some time alone."

"Like I said, hidin'"

Will didn't reply to Gibbs who had a rather smug expression on his face.

"So are you ever gonna put Jack out of his misery?" Gibbs asked suddenly. Will jumped at the suddenness of the question.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well Jack's been sending you all those notes and gettin' upset when you don't acknowledge 'em."

"They were from Jack?" Will asked in shock. He had dreamt that they were, but never really believed it.

"Yep... so what are you gonna do about it then?"

"I really don't know..."

"Well hurry up and make up your mind... I don't need Jack crying on my shoulder over you most nights."

"I'm sure you're exaggerating there," Will didn't believe that Jack would actually cry over him.

"I'm not... He has been drinking more than usual lately because of his feelings for you. I have had to help him to his bed several times and quite often he cries himself to sleep." Gibbs was very serious as he told Will this. He also knew that Jack would kill him if he knew he was interfering like this.

Will didn't know what to think. He was shocked and having trouble coming to terms with the facts presented so far.

"I'll leave you to think about it... Don't take too long." With that, Gibbs left Will alone to think.

Will was now more confused than ever. He had dreamed of this, but now that it was a possibility, he didn't know. The information Gibbs had given him about Jack didn't fit with his view of the man. He didn't really believe that Jack loved him as much as Gibbs said. He knew he had to decide soon.


Three days had passed since the conversation with Gibbs and Will had done a lot of thinking. He had observed Jack closely and discovered that Gibbs had been right. He didn't know how he had missed it before, but it was very obvious now that he knew. He admitted to himself that he was scared. He had heard talk of what two men did together, and it sounded painful to him. He knew he could do the kissing part, and use his hands, but anything further than that he had no idea. He was going to tell Jack tonight and see what happened from there.


Dinner in Jack's cabin was almost over and Will still didn't know how to approach the subject of a relationship with the Captain. Jack had been flirting all through the meal and this time Will had responded. He had noticed that Jack had become much happier since he had started flirting back. Now was the time to tell him, but he still didn't know what to say. As Jack passed by him to get more rum, he ceased thinking and just grabbed his hand. Jack stopped suddenly and looked at him in shock. He still didn't know what to say, but his subconscious took over. He tugged on Jack's arm so that he fell into his lap. Before Jack could do or say anything, Will kissed him. At first, Jack was so shocked that nothing happened. Will was just about to pull away when he felt Jack start to kiss back. The kiss started gently, but soon the passion flared between them. Will's tongue requested entry and Jack opened to him. Both men groaned as their tongues met for the first time. Tongues parried and thrust in their own version of one of their sword fights. Finally air became necessary and they reluctantly broke apart, gasping for air.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why did you just kiss me?" Jack finally managed to ask.

"Because I have wanted to for a long time..." Will trailed off.

"Why have you wanted to? Was it just an experiment?"

Will couldn't meet Jack's eyes. He wanted to tell him, but still couldn't believe that this was happening. The fact that Jack had kissed him back meant that he wasn't adverse to that idea, but Will still didn't know whether Jack's feelings went deeper than that. He wanted love but was scared to ask.

Will felt Jack's hand under his chin and his head was slowly lifted so that he was eye to eye with the Pirate Captain.

"Do you love me Will?" Jack asked softly. There was a slight hesitation in his voice and for a moment Will could see the hope and fear in his eyes.

"Yes..." A wave of relief crashed through Will as he saw the happiness that that one word brought to Jack's face.

"That's good 'cause I happen to love you too." That statement was followed by another kiss, this time perpetuated by Jack. Will fully relaxed this time and they were soon lost in the sensation. Hands were added to the mix and they hungrily explored each other. Clothes became an unnecessary barrier and fingers tore at fastenings, trying to get at the skin beneath. A particularly violent tug at Jack's shirt caused the older pirate to lose his balance and fell from Will's lap to the floor.

"I think we need to move this somewhere more comfortable," Jack suggested as Will helped him up from the floor.

"I vote for the bed," Will suggested boldly, his earlier fear gone.

"The bed it is then... but no clothes are allowed in there... Captain's rules..."

"That is one rule I don't have any problem with," Will countered while swiftly removing the last barriers between his skin and Jack's. His previous fear about the physical act was buried under a haze of lust and arousal. He needed more of Jack.

Jack's clothes were removed just as quickly and they pulled each other close. Skin slid against skin, and both men groaned as their hard cocks came into contact for the first time. Their kisses became feverish and they stumbled to the bed together. When Jack's legs hit the side of the bed he fell backwards, pulling Will down on top of him.

Will wanted to see and taste more of Jack so he broke away from Jack's mouth and trailed a series of kisses down the toned, bronzed body beneath him. His lips and tongue traced the scars and tattoos scattered across Jack's body and was rewarded with deep moans from Jack. As he tasted a small, hardened nipple, Jack arched up off the bed and groaned loudly. Moving to the other side and tasting the hard, arching bud there caused the same reaction. Every moan from Jack seemed to be hot-wired to Will's groin. He was dripping with need, and each reaction from Jack brought him closer to the edge. What thrilled him most was the fact that this was *him* causing the reaction!

Running his tongue across the taut abdominals caused shivers to travel across Jack's stomach. He moved down slowly until he was looking directly at Jack's hard cock. He had never seen one so close before and was fascinated.

He slowly ran his finger up the prominent vein and was rewarded with his name moaned loudly. As he reached the tip, his fingers ran through the liquid drooling from the slit. The urge to taste Jack's essence was too strong and he licked the fluid from his fingers. As he did, he looked up into Jack's eyes and saw the normally dark eyes were almost completely black. The kiss-swollen lips called to him and he had to taste them again. The kiss was savage with desire. When they broke apart for air, Jack made a request.

"I need you in me Will... now!" Whereas Will had been unable to imagine this earlier, now it was all he could think of. He desperately wanted to be joined to Jack, but was unsure of how to do so without hurting him.

"What do I do?" Will asked Jack.

Jack reached for a jar beside his bed.

"First you need to stretch me with your fingers. Use the stuff in the jar... It's very slippery. Start with one finger..." Jack trailed off as Will did just what he was told. One finger hesitantly breached Jack's entrance, and he pushed back to help. Will thrust gently and felt the muscles relax. He inserted a second finger, then carefully scissored them to stretch the muscles further. Soon Jack was pushing back on his fingers. He thrust in deeper, and as his fingers grazed a small nub inside, Jack screamed. He stopped, thinking that he had hurt him, but Jack told him to keep going or he would kill him! Will did as he was told until Jack spoke again.

"Need you in me now..."

Jack groaned as Will removed his fingers. Will quickly applied the slippery substance to his own hard cock, and moved back into position. Jack lifted his legs up onto Will's shoulders and waited impatiently. Slowly Will pushed himself into Jack. Once he was fully inside, he paused to see if Jack was all right. Jack pulled him close and ravaged his mouth while pushing back against Will. Will got the hint and started thrusting gently into Jack. The noises coming from the older man were intoxicating and he started to thrust faster. The tight heat around his cock was better than anything he had felt before. He leaned down to kiss Jack again and the change of angle caused his hard cock to slide across the nub he had discovered before. Jack screamed into his mouth and thrust back franticly. Their rhythm became more urgent as the pleasure built higher. Will thrust faster and could feel the edge getting closer. He reached for Jack's hard cock and stroked it in time with their thrusts. It only took a few more strokes before Jack's body tightened and he came with a scream. The combination of the muscles clenching around his cock, the thick liquid spurting from Jack's cock and the way Jack screamed his name was too much for Will and he exploded within his love. Colors exploded behind his eyes as he spurted within the tight passage. He thrust a few more times before everything went black.


When Will became aware of his surrounding again, he was collapsed on top of Jack. He went to move off, but Jack's arms tightened around him. He looked into his love's eyes and was stunned by the feelings he could see revealed in their depths. The love Jack felt for him was shining from them and he had never seen Jack so happy.

"I love you Will... You are mine now!" Jack stated possessively.

"I love you too Jack," Will replied before kissing him again. This time it was gentle... an affirmation of the words they had just said. As Will's softened cock left Jack's body, both men sighed with disappointment. Will felt profoundly changed by the experience and knew that this was the first day of his new life. He knew he would never love another like he loved Jack. His heart was almost bursting from his love.

Their bodies still tangled together, they both drifted off into sleep... the first time, but not the last.

The end

2nd July 2004

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