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Title: Regret
Author: Haldir Fancier (haldir.fancier@gmail.com)
Paring: Jack/Will, Will/OFC
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied slash.
Summary: Jack misses Will, and hates him for it.
Notes: At the challenge of Sparrowhawk, dear that she is.  ^_^
Archive: JXW, my journal.
Disclaimer: HA!  Fanlist.

There are far worse things than being alone.  For instance, being shoved off his own sweet lover by that filth Barbossa, and being made watch as she sailed away without him.

Or, that time when he got stuck in the rigging in high wind, the only thing keeping him safe was the one leg tangled in the rope.  He'd almost died; almost lost that leg.  That was certainly worse.

Or when he'd eaten something bad and vomited for almost three days straight.  Nearly killed himself, he had.

Oh, who the hell was he kidding?  Being alone was the worse thing he'd ever been through, by far.  Especially when Will was the one who'd left him behind, left him for the silly girl.  Some fool called Kate.

Will couldn't have Elizabeth, she'd married the Commodore.  He'd had Jack, easily, willingly.  But he'd met Kate, and well, told Jack:

I've remembered what it's like to love a girl like her.  You must understand.

Oh, he'd understood all right.  Will was too good for him.  A blacksmith in a pirate's bed; it just wasn't right.  Right?

Jack had felt his heart break.  He just wished he'd never met Will Turner.

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