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Title:  Red
Author:  Venus (venusinchains69@yahoo.com)
Pairing:  Jack/Will
Summary:  A bathroom encounter.
Betas:  (In no particular order) Abby, Katerina, Imogen and Nienna  (Any mistakes remaining are mine.)
Disclaimer:  No copyright infringement is intended.
For: Haldir Fancier
Request: Jack loves Will.  Will doesn't like the idea, but he certainly doesn't hate Jack.  Some seduction is in order, no?  Try to avoid flat-out rape.

Jack could see the red privacy screen had been draped across the doorway to Anamaria's bathtub room.  This was the agreed upon 'keep out' signal on The Pearl.  But Jack knew Will was the current occupant; the intrusion was expected, if not entirely welcome. 

Tracing broad circles through the air, Jack flicked the gaudy cloth aside to stride into the damp enclosure.   Will, slouching in the tub with his back to the doorway, angled his head to catch sight of Jack's fluttering entrance.

"Ah, Will, my boy!" he said brightly, before lowering his voice, "Don't s'pose you need a hand?"

Will seemed to sink further into the waist deep water of the tub, turning his eyes back to the calm, milky surface.  Jack's wicked expression gave way to puzzlement.  He expected a tirade against the intrusion, a haughty and disgusted refusal, a curse at the very least, but... nothing? 

Lowering his head to try and catch Will's gaze, Jack stepped a bit closer to the tub than he usually dared.


Jack realized the boy was struggling for control, his breath hitching as it hissed in and out around  clenched teeth.  Though the murky bath water hid much from view, a pair of clenched fists hovered at it's surface, crushing the pulpy remains of a letter.  At least, Jack assumed it was a letter.  Will and one other crewman had found correspondence waiting when The Pearl had docked in Tortuga not a day and a half ago.  Jack hadn't asked, but he was confident Will's letter had come from Elizabeth.

Sinking down beside the tub, resting his elbows on it's rim, Jack asked, "Is she well?"

Will raised his eyes and Jack was taken aback at the anger that flashed within them.  

"Yes, Jack," he balled the letter's remains together and slung the whole mess at the far wall, "apparently she's doing just fine!"   The effort seemed to drain his anger and his strength.  He leaned back in the tub, whispering: "...without me..."

Jack stared at the mess as it dripped from the wall to the floor.  His mind flowing in circles, his arms strangely still. 

"Then, perhaps," he stood and quickly moved to stand behind the head of the tub, "you do need a hand today."  His hands found the muscles of Will's shoulders and he began pressing slow circles into them with his thumbs.

Will tensed up - at first.  Jack continued, expecting once again to hear a tirade or a curse.  Instead, the muscles gradually loosened under his fingertips.  The shoulders lowered and arms were raised to lightly grip the sides of the tub. 

"That's interesting," Jack breathed, almost unaware he'd said it.

"What's interesting, Jack?"  Will relaxed even further into the tub, leaning his head back and bringing his knees up out of the water.  He was almost smiling.

"Well, I thought maybe you'd be wantin' a drink..."  He moved both hands to one shoulder, caressing the length of the arm as he made his way back to the side of the tub, resting both hands on the wrist.  Will turned his head to follow the movement, lips twitching further into a smile.  "But I'd have to go too far fur that..."  He raised the wrist with both hands, lightly kissing exposed skin.  "Maybe..."  His fingers begin a light massage of Will's palm. "You'd be wantin'..."  He rested his elbows on the tub's rim once more, to more comfortably nip the skin between Will's thumb and forefinger.  "Something else..."

The smile had faded from Will's face.  Jack once again waited for the verbal assault.  When it didn't come, he stood, and began to remove his coat.  Moving leisurely enough  to make his point clear, he noticed Will's eyes widen a little, but still he made no protest.  When all but his breeches were piled at his feet, Jack leaned over the tub, putting a hand on the closest knee.

"Make a hole, luv."  Jack grinned wickedly.

A war of emotion passed over Will's face.  The look he finally gave Jack seemed more of determination than anything else.  Would he invite me in as revenge, Jack wondered, and decided that, at the moment, he didn't care.  Will curled towards the head of the tub, leaving plenty of room for another bather.  Jack stepped into the water, settling down between Will's knees. 

Leaning forward, Jack caught a nipple between his teeth and sucked gently.  The gasp that followed made him smile, before he moved quickly to it's twin.  His hands resumed their gentle massage on Will's thighs, and he leaned back to watch Will's face.

"If you want me to stop, luv..."  Will looked more determined than before.  Jack was uncertain that he  would recognize fear if he saw it on Will's face, and he didn't want to see pain, not real pain, that is.  But, if he took this much further, his body would resist a change in plans.

Remembering his original offer to lend a hand, he reached for the soap and tried in vain to work up a good lather, before just rubbing the whole bar over Will's exposed skin.  The rasp of the soap seemed to sharpen the look in Will's eyes.  Jack put the bar back up before he could protest.   His hands, he decided, would have to do the trick.

He began rhythmically caressing Will's legs, moving with the same fluttery motions he used on the air, slowed somewhat to add pressure.  The caresses moved to his arms, then his chest, then back to his legs.  As the massage got bolder, the stern look of determination Will held slipped away, replaced by a breathless, relaxed gaze.

Jack reached again for the soap when he noticed the jar of Anamaria's body lotion - grease, really.  With a wicked grin he coated his hands and reached beneath the water.  His fingers caressed the curve of Will's buttocks before finding the puckered hole of his ass.  Gasping and splashing, Will squirmed away.

So that's what fear looks like, Jack thought.  "Not so fast, lad," he said, even as his hands moved to Will's cock.  The dexterous movements of Jack's nimble fingers had Will breathless again in a few strokes.  Leaving one hand at that task, Jack moved the other to further explore. 

With Jack's first finger, the determined look struggled to replace Will's breathless expression.  Adding the second finger, at just the right angle, caused a gasp.  But with the third finger, determination drew harsh lines on Will's face.

Jack  realized, belatedly, that he still had his britches on. 

Leaning forward to stand up, Jack nearly brushed his lips against Will's cheek as he said, "Don't blink, luv."  Looking around a bit wildly, he collected some nearby towels, holding them in front of his crotch as he loosened his breeches, sinking back into the water. 

Rolling the towels into a makeshift pillow, he leaned very close to Will's face again.

"This will make it easier," he whispered.  "Up yah go, lad."  He patted Will's ass, trying to slide the towels under it.

Will hesitated a moment, his jaw clenched  and chin raised in the haughty manner Jack had seen so often.  But he relented, even swinging a leg over Jack's shoulder when strong hands directed him that way.

Jack silently sent up a prayer of thanks to whatever Sea Goddess had granted him this opportunity, coated his hands once more with grease and returned to his intimate massage - even granting himself the odd stroke as he warmed up to the task.

Will, now damp with sweat, breathed swiftly and shallowly, as Jack's fingers slowly resumed their intrusion on his body.  He gradually arched his body up further, clinging to the sides of the tub.  A few deep strokes of nimble fingers and he threw his head back over the rim, exposing his throat, gasping at the ceiling for air.

At the sight, Jack paused.  Would he have saved himself for her, he thought to himself.  Yes, he would have.  The thought made him frown.  A misstep now...  No - he interrupted the melancholy muse - if this weren't meant to be, it wouldn't be.

"William," Jack breathed, deciding to take the final chance.  Gripping the rim of the tub by Will's neck, he leaned  close as he slowly replaced his fingers with his cock.

Gritting teeth and momentary silence were followed swiftly by moans.  Jack  tried to keep a steady rhythm, but as Will began raising to meet him, his movements became frantic.  His hand on Will's cock moved rapidly, unerringly.  Feeling Will pulse around him, Jack put his mouth on that exposed neck and bit down.  Will called his name.


"The water's getting cold,"  Will said, before he disentangled himself from Jack and crawled out of the tub.  He shivered as he dried himself and began pulling on his clothes.  He avoided Jack's eyes.

Now Jack slouched in the tub of murky water, looking dejectedly at his soaked breeches.  I didn't even kiss him, he thought.


 "Good-bye, Jack."  Will cut him off, turning a blank look toward the tub before striding out of the room, ripping the red privacy screen out of his way as he left.

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