jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Proving the Theory That Make-up Sex is Always the Best

Author: Sparkler (xsparklerx@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will. Duh.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jack is drunk, Will is angry, and the Pearl is trying to outrun an impending storm.

Warnings: Erm, smut. That’s it, I think. Oh and slash, of course.

Disclaimer: The characters aren’t mine, I’m just playing with them, I claim

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Challenge set by Ria: no wimp!Will, no violence between the lovers. Plotbunny kindly donated by Sparrowhawk.

A/N: Written for the Jack/Will ficathon held by Sparrowhawk on the
JackXWill Yahoo!Group.

This has not been beta’d, and therefore all mistakes in this fic are my own. My internet connection is at the moment broken, which is why I have not had a chance to send it out, and I apologise. I will have it beta’d and there will be a re-edited version soon, but as it is due in today, this is all I have to offer.


“Jack, you useless git, get yourself over here and help out!” screamed an angry Will Turner, stood at the helm of the legendary Black Pearl.

Captain Jack Sparrow himself was stood in the middle of the deck, swaying around drunkenly, and almost empty bottle of rum dangling from his limp hand, making inane comments to anyone he passed. At Will’s shout, Jack started and squinted up at Will, hands flailing wildly as he tried to make out the words that had been shouted at him. “William, darlin’,” he slurred, attempting to walk over to Will before realising that with the severe rocking of the ship and his alcohol intake for the day, said task was practically impossible without causing an accident. He collapsed down onto the deck, earning a scowl from Will, while saying, “Wha’s all th’fuss for, eh?”

Will’s eyes flashed as he made his way over to Jack. “The *fuss*?!” Will asked disbelievingly. “Look over there!” he shouted, grabbing Jack’s shoulder and turning him around whilst pointing towards the rolling black clouds and thunder that were swiftly heading for Jack’s precious ship. “We are trying to get us out of the way of that goddamn storm! *Your* ship out of the way of that goddamn storm, in fact. But as you seem to find it agreeable to get absolutely *sloshed* at the most inopportune moments…”

Will trailed off, shaking his head and walked back over to the wheel, muttering about useless captains under his breath.

The only way they had a chance of getting out of the storm was if they reached the nearest port and got the ship safely docked before the storm reached them. Will didn’t want to take his chances staying out on the sea in the eye of the storm, and the rest of the crew seemed to agree.

The nearest bit of land, as far as they could see, was currently just a dark line on the horizon. Glancing back at the angry clouds that were gaining on them, Will clenched his jaw and began shouting more complicated orders towards different members of the crew. He stayed at the wheel where he could observe what was going on, and attempted to slow down his erratic heartbeat while appearing calm to the rest of the crew to prevent any panic from them.

It was getting harder by the minute.


The next morning, Jack warily cracked an eye open as his mind seeped back into consciousness, immediately noticing two things as he tried to sit up: his head was throbbing, and his whole body ached from being laid on the hard deck of the Pearl all night. His hands automatically reached up to his head, attempting to ease the throbbing there by gently massaging his temples; but to no avail.

He cautiously lifted himself off the floor, squinting around as he tried to get his bearings. The first thing he saw was that the Pearl was docked and safe in the harbour of a small town, and he breathed out a sigh of relief after recalling some of the previous days events. It was then he noticed a second thing: it was just before dawn and there were no crewmembers up yet.

‘Charming,’ he thought to himself, though only half-heartedly as he knew he had been in the wrong yesterday.

Slowly and carefully he made his way down to his cabin, only to find the door locked. He gently knocked, but on receiving no answer growled slightly in frustration before pulling one of the trinkets out of his hair and proceeding to pick his own lock. He knew he would need to make it up to Will.

He silently entered the room after hearing a soft click from the lock and quietly shut the door behind him, tip-toeing so he made the least noise possible. He was soon rid of his boots and coat and climbing noiselessly up onto the bed beside Will, finding the latter to be clad only in a loose shirt and breeches.

Will made a small sound of protest as Jack wrapped his arms firmly around him, but didn’t make any movement, still fast asleep. Jack took this opportunity to softly kiss down Will’s chest to his navel, managing to get that far before Will woke up and tried to push him off, mumbling things under his breath as his tried to prise Jack’s arms off him.

But Jack was having none of it. He hushed Will and pinned his hands above his head, leaning down to captures Will’s lips in a kiss, but not before muttering a sincere apology. After a moment, Will relaxed and Jack felt relief flood through him. Jack pulled away from the kiss, searching Will’s eyes to ensure that his apology was properly accepted.

Seeing only trust and a deep abiding love shining within their chocolaty depths, Jack was reassured and leant down again to continue his heated ministrations on Will’s lips. One hand left from where it had been pinning Will’s above his head in order to scrabble frantically at Will’s shirt and undo the few buttons that were fastened. Jack opened the shirt wide so he had better access to Will’s chest as he began licking and kissing his way around it, delighting in the small, pleasured noises that he was gaining from Will. Soon enough, Jack had successfully made Will into a writhing mass beneath him, and Jack smiled contentedly at the lovely sight he made.

After gazing at Will for a while, Jack (much to Will’s pleasure as he had been getting quite impatient) turned his attention to the prominent bulge in the younger man’s pants. He slid the restricting garment of clothing down over Will’s slim hips, allowing his erection free of its constraints to stand proudly for Jack’s scrutiny.

After a second, however, Jack cut to the chase and closed his mouth over the head of Will’s cock, smiling slightly at the purring sound that came deep from Will’s throat as Jack swirled his tongue around in a certain way that he knew drove Will crazy. Jack took his time as he lustily sucked Will off, reveling in the sweet noises he heard when he took one of Will’s balls into his mouth and enjoyed the feeling of power he held over Will when Will begged.

As Jack’s experienced tongue worked its way around Will’s cock in a fashion that they had both spent hours perfecting, Will knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Jack … going to …” he ground out before squeezing his eyes shut in ecstasy. Jack simply flicked his eyes up at Will and hummed appreciatively as Will fucked his mouth, drawing out his intense orgasm.

As the final waves of pleasure rolled over him, Will collapsed in an exhausted heap back onto the bed which had been quite precariously rocking with all the couple’s movement. Jack slithered up beside him and slung an arm across his waist, nuzzling into Will’s neck as he murmured good-naturedly, “Does this mean I’m forgiven then?” pulling away as he shot a cheeky grin to Will.

Will lifted his arm and hit Jack gently over the head as he replied, “Yes, you great prat! But don’t ever do that again!”

“Not even if you get this out of it?” Jack asked, waving a hand in their general direction.

“Well, I suppose I could be persuaded …” was all Will said before placing another heated kiss on Jack’s lips.



Hope you liked it! Am awfully tempted to carry on the scene from where I
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