jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Promises

Author: Sparrows Blackbird (sparrows_blackbird@yahoo.com)

Characters: Jack/Will

Rating: R

Summary: Jack made a promise. Has he broken it?

Warnings: Character Death

Author’s Note: I am *not* a writer, but I’ve given it a shot for the
ficathon. This is what came to me when I read what was requested, it
just would not leave me alone.

Ficathon request: From: Permetaform

Request: a mention of reincarnation and blacksmith!Will

Restriction: if he appears in the fic at all, Norrington must be
absolutely strictly in-canon

The man stood on the point, looking out at the sea, tears streaming down
his face, hands clenched into fists so tight, his nails were drawing
blood from his palms. The news he had greatly feared had come that
morning: The Black Pearl and her crew were no more. They had gone down in a gale that had swept through the area two days before.

For two days he had been waiting, haunting the docks, unable to work.
The fire in the smithy had remained cold, the work not done, the donkey
in his paddock. For two days, pain had eaten at him, kept him from
eating, from sleeping. And now, he knew the truth.

He was never coming back.

Will Turner raised tear filled eyes to the sky. He’d been at the dock
when the ship, Lady Rose, limped into the harbor. They had almost not
survived the storm themselves, and had seen the Pearl go down. There had been no survivors.

Upon hearing the news, Will had turned and run. He had run through the
town, past the smithy that had been his home for so long, past the
governor’s house holding his best friend, out to the point. It was from
here he had watched the ships as they came in, searching always for his
lover’s ship. Upon sighting it, he would slip down to the cove on the
other side of the island, away from the fort. And on that ship, he would
lie in his lover’s arms, and hold him close, kissing him, and whispering
words of love in his ear.

Never again.

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky at morning, sailor take
warning.” Will sobbed. “Why didn’t you heed the warnings, Jack? You were
smarter than that! You knew!” Will covered his face with his hands,
remembering that morning two days earlier, and the dawn that had come
blood red, as if the sky were bleeding.

Will screamed his pain and anguish to the heavens then, hands lifted
heavenward in a supplicating gesture. His heart was breaking, his soul
felt as if it were being torn in two. He dropped to his knees and leaned
forward, his hands clawing in the dirt. He shook his head, tears
dripping down his face unnoticed, fists began to pound the ground as he
screamed, over and over, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!”

He felt as if he were going mad.

He had felt it, he had known when it happened. He hadn’t been able to
sleep that night, and had worked in the forge, hammering the steel into
the shape of beautiful swords, polishing them to razor sharpness and
mirror brightness, smiling at thought of seeing his lover’s reflection
in the bright blade as he snuck in, seeing him wield them with seeming
carelessness as he tested them for Will, his feet dancing as they
fought, dark eyes shining with a mad joy, laughter spilling from
luscious lips.

And afterwards, working up a sweat another way, bodies moving together,
arms and legs entwined. His lover showing him how much he loved him,
even if he never said the words, fingers caressing him slowly, lips
following their trail, arousing him until Will was begging Jack to take
him, please, now! Jack grinning and obliging, making love to Will oh so
sweetly, always preparing him with the greatest of care, sliding into
him slowly, promising he’d never hurt Will, only ever love him.

He swore he’d never leave Will alone.

Will could almost feel Jack’s hands on him, his lips, feel him inside
him, hear his voice whispering in his ear, “I’m yours, lad, forever. And
you’re mine. We are one soul. I’ll never let anyone take you from me, my
William. I will love you with all of me until the end of time. You have
my solemn word.”

Will had sobbed as Jack had thrust into him. He had wrapped himself
tight around Jack, holding him to him, giving his own vow. “Yes, Jack!
Oh, gods, yes, forever! Never love anyone else, you are my heart!”

Jack had broken his promise.

Will sobbed as he remember the pain, early that morning, that had come
so suddenly and driven the breath from his lungs, sending him to his
knees, sword falling to the floor. The feeling that his heart had been
cut from his body. He knew that had been the moment Jack had broken his
promise, and had left Will all alone.

Will sat back suddenly, throwing his head back, a wild screaming wail
torn from him, leaving him drained and empty. And as he lowered his head
once more, he saw it. He sat there, frozen, and stared. It couldn’t be!

It was The Black Pearl.

Slowly, he climbed to his feet. He stood on the edge of the cliff face,
eyes never wavering or blinking, watching the ship come closer and
closer. Finally, he could see the crew, waving at him, and at the helm,
the captain himself, Jack Sparrow.

“Jack…” Will breathed. “They were wrong, it wasn’t the Pearl at all,
you’ve come back to me, you didn’t leave me….” And then he saw.

There was no wind.

There was no wind, yet the ship’s sails were full. The Pearl looked as
though she were new made, gleaming from stem to stern. Her battle scars
were all gone now. And his father stood at the bow, waving at him.

Jack grinned at Will, and waved at him, motioning for him to come, to
join them.

He understood.

Will smiled. Calm swept over him. He wiped the tears from his face. He
straightened his back. He held out a hand and stepped forward….

William Atherton jerked upright in bed. His heart was pounding and he
was shaking, covered in a cold sweat. Behind him, his lover, Jack
Dalton, sat up, wrapping an arm around him.

“Will? You all right?”

Will laid back against Jack. “I… I don’t know.”

Jack pressed a hand over Will’s heart. “You’re heart’s beating like
mad… you’re shaking! What’s wrong?”

“Just a dream, that’s all. Just a dream.” He held Jack’s hand over his
heart. They laid back down together, tightly entwined. Will stroked
Jack’s arm and looked into his eyes. Sometimes, it seemed that Jack was
the older of the two of them. Placing a hand over Jack's heart, he
asked, “Jack? Do you believe that we live more than one life?”

Jack grinned down at his lover, dark eyes shining with a mad joy.


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