jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Pirates Get What They Want
Author: Katie Bilodeau (bgbaby731@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will of course!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack wants revenge, yet Will has given up . . .
Archive: Take what ye want! Give nothin’ back! Just let me know!
Disclaimer: I own the plot . . . to an extent. Johnny Depp *is* Captain Jack Sparrow. Warner Brothers owns everything else.
Warnings: Umm . . . slash, obviously. Guy/guy sex. Actually, I don’t really know why these are warnings . . .
Feedback: Of course! I love it like a fat kid loves cake.
Author’s Notes: I did my best with the argument. I’m not terribly imaginative and I’ve always thought of Jack and Will as a pretty non-argumentative couple. Hope it’s good enough!
Beta: Me! If it needs one, let me know, and I’ll scrounge around.
Written For: Sparkler in the second JackxWill Ficathon. Hope you enjoy this as much as the first, m’dear!!

“Jack, why are you being so adamant in going after the ships of the Royal Navy?” Will asked curiously from his perch on the railing next to the steering wheel.

“B’cause I’m lookin’ fer someone,” Jack replied.


“Someone that ‘urt someone else very dear t’ me,” Jack replied evasively, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Will raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” the former blacksmith said, getting up and stepping closer to Jack. The captain glanced at him sharply before fastening his eyes straight ahead.

“Aye,” he answered quickly. Will sighed and sat down again.

“Jack, forget about Norrington!” he cried. “He doesn’t bloody matter to me anymore!”

“Well, ‘e does t’ me!” Jack retorted. “Anamaria! Take the ‘elm.”

The black woman nodded and moved over to take hold of the wheel as Jack grabbed Will’s arm in a vise-like grip and began pulling him across the deck.

“Jack, what are you doing? Let go of me!” Will struggled against Jack’s hold on him as the older pirate led him below. Jack yanked him along the hallway leading to the cabin they shared and pushed him in. Will hit the table next to the door and fell to the floor. He glared up at Jack, his eyes flashing.

“*What* is wrong with you?” Will hissed, getting to his feet.

“The crew does not need t’ear us yellin’ at each other like this,” Jack growled in response as he crossed the room to sit in a chair. Will took a moment to collect his thoughts before he continued.

“Jack, I still don’t understand why you want to attack the RN,” Will began again.

“Will, that bloody Norrington humiliated ye in front of Elizabeth an’ Swann an’ everyone else in Port Royal,” Jack replied heatedly. “ ‘e threw ye out of the town with no reason an’ no money! Why shouldn’t I want t’ attack ‘is bloody ships?”

“Because I don’t care!” Will shouted back at him, brandishing his arms wide. “He didn’t embarrass you in the town square; he embarrassed me! So I honestly don’t see why you’re all worked up over it.”

“Will, when ye came t’ Tortuga an’ I saw ye in the Lusty Bride, ye looked just like a beaten dog,” Jack told him. “Ye looked ‘orrible. An’ the ‘ate in yer eyes while ye were telling me what Norrington did t’ ye was just . . . terrifyin’! An’ it ‘urt me t’ see ye like that.”

“But I’ve gotten over it, Jack, and I’ve moved on, and I’d appreciate it if you did as well.”

Jack stared at him.

“I cannot believe you’ve fergotten about this already,” Jack told him disbelievingly. “Will, ‘e dragged ye out of yer smithy in the middle of the day, threw ye t’ the ground in the middle of the town square, an’ brought his blade level with yer throat! Ye can’t tell me ye don’t want at least a little revenge fer that?!”

Will’s face tinted a rosy pink as Jack spoke and his gaze dropped from Jack’s face to the ground.

“I *did*,” he answered defiantly, his gaze returning full-force to Jack’s coal-black eyes. “But I gave up on it because I knew I would never get it.”

Jack’s mouth curved into a mischievous grin.

“*That*, m’dear boy, is where ye’re wrong,” he corrected the former blacksmith. “Ye *can* get it. B’cause ye’re a pirate now, an’ pirates can get anythin’ they want.”

Will’s eyes narrowed and he stared at Jack.

“What are you going on about?” he asked. Jack’s grin widened.

“Pirates – if they work hard enough – can achieve any goal, Will,” Jack responded, twirling his moustache. “Ye just ‘ave t’ know ‘ow t’ get it.”

“And how would that go?” Will questioned, his eyes cautious.

“Ye’ll soon see, luv,” Jack told him with a wink, opening the door with a flourish and gesturing for Will to go first. Will slowly walked forward and through the door, jumping when Jack slapped him on the bottom. When he turned around to glare at the pirate captain, Jack gave him his best “who, me?” look. They made their way back up to the deck and Jack took the wheel from Anamaria.

“Ev’rythin’ goin’ a’right, Will?” Anamaria asked him in a whisper as she passed.

“Jack’s just being a little unreasonable, Ana,” the young man replied.

“In what way?”

“His insistence at attacking the RN ships,” Will explained with a sigh. I still don’t understand why.”

Anamaria sighed as well and, with a quick glance towards Jack, pulled him into the stairwell. Will followed, although a bit confused.

“ ‘e’s so persistent in attackin’ the bloody RN b’cause Norrington ‘urt ye,” Anamaria told him in a whisper. “Jack wants t’ keep ye safe. ‘e always ‘as. Even when ye first met. Any other pirate woulda left ye t’ die an’ sailed off ‘appily ever after with ‘is ship. But Jack knew ‘e couldn’t do that. ‘e felt somethin’ fer ye even if ‘e didn’t know what it was at the time. ‘e knew that early that ‘e could never let anythin’ ‘appen t’ ye. That’s why ‘e wants t’ go after the RN so badly.”

Will furrowed his brow as he looked behind him at his captain standing tall at the helm.

“Oh, hell,” he breathed as he turned back to Anamaria. “But what I –”

“Cap’n, Cotton’s done spotted a ship on the ‘orizon!”

Anamaria and Will turned to look at Gibbs, who was pointing behind him at Cotton. Cotton in turn was pointing behind him at a tiny black dot in the distance. Will dashed up the stairs to stand next to Jack as he shouted orders.

“Jack, is that . . .?” Will asked in an undertone, letting his question hang open.

“Aye, luv, that would be a ship of the RN an’ we’re goin’ t’ board it t’ see if our ol’ friend Norrington’s aboard,” Jack growled in response. Then he seemed to remember what they had just argued about and he looked quickly at Will. “Unless, of course, ye don’t want that?”

Will thought for a moment. Then he took several steps forward and pressed himself behind Jack, wrapping his arms around the captain’s waist and resting his chin on his shoulder.

“If he is on the ship, I want a part in whatever it is you’re planning on doing to him,” Will whispered into Jack’s ear. Jack turned as much as he could in Will’s embrace; the younger man could see the surprise evident of Jack’s face.

“What ‘appened t’ givin’ up on revenge?” Jack asked as he looked behind him. Will smiled.

“I’m a pirate, and pirates get whatever they want right?”

“Aye, they do, luv!” Jack exclaimed, laughing. In quick move, he swept his arm out and around Will, drawing him to his side and kissing him soundly. Will was laughing when they parted.

“Better get ready,” he advised, nodding in the vicinity of the growing ship. “We’re catching up.”


“Captain Sparrow, I demand to know why you and your men are running down and attacking my ships!” Commodore Norrington exploded once he had been brought back to the Pearl.

Most of the pirate crew had boarded the HMS Defiance to control her RN officers. Norrington had been, rather rudely, led back onto the pirate ship by Gibbs and Cotton. Jack now stood in all his glory at the top of the stairs, one hand on the wheel, smirking down at the infuriated Commodore. Will was wisely staying out of sight for the moment; he knew when it was his time to speak.

“Captain Sparrow, answer me immediately!” Norrington ordered.

“Mate, ye *know* I don’t take orders from no one,” Jack responded with a little laugh that sent a thrill down Will’s spine.

“Why are you attacking my ships?!” Norrington’s face was currently an interesting shade of crimson and Will could tell Jack was contemplating whether or not he could cause the pompous man to self-destruct. The captain glanced over to where Will was positioned and raised a questioning eyebrow. Will gave a little frown and shook his head.

“Ah, ye’re no fun, mate,” Jack mumbled before he realized what he’d said. He froze as Norrington looked at him strangely.

“Who on earth are you talking to, Sparrow?” he asked disdainfully, looking around. Will threw himself to the ground and crawled behind a pile of rope to ensure Norrington didn’t see him. The commodore turned back to Jack as the pirate began speaking again.

“*Captain.* *Captain* Sparrow,” he corrected in a pained tone, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Why can’t ye ever get that? An’ ‘oo I’m talkin’ to is no concern of yers.”

“*Fine.* Just bloody tell me why you’re attacking my ships!” Norrington shouted, his face now a lovely shade of purple.

“Ah, ye’re back on that now, are ye?”


“A’right, a’right, keep yer wig on,” Jack said, waving his arm around. Personally, Will found this all very entertaining. “I am attackin’ yer ships b’cause ye ‘urt a *very* – and I do mean *very* – good friend of mine. An’ I would like some revenge fer ‘im.”

“I’ve hurt a lot of men, Sparrow, who was it?” Norrington asked him carefully, his jaw twitching.

“*Captain.* An’ I believe ye’ll recognize ‘im when ye see ‘im,” Jack replied mischievously, his eyes twinkling, as he made a barely perceptible gesture to Will. The young pirate stood up from behind his piles of rope and dusted himself off. He started to walk forward with the confidence and carefree manner only a pirate possesses. Norrington glanced behind him and jumped when he saw Will glaring at him, walking past him to stand four steps below Jack.


“Well, what d’ye know, luv? ‘e remembers ye!” Jack exclaimed.

“I’m honored,” Will replied coldly, glaring daggers at the commodore.

“Well, I see your little misfortune truly has gone from bad to worse,” Norrington remarked, his eyes narrowing. “You’re asked to find another port as residence, and you turn to a . . . a *pirate.* Your life honestly is worth nothing now that you’re consorting with the likes of – him . . .”

The last word was said in a whimper as Will had drawn his blade and leveled the point at Norrington’s throat.

“I’m a better man now after joining Jack’s crew than I ever was before,” Will snarled, flicking the sword against Norrington’s throat and causing little slices to appear. Jack moved down two steps and cautiously placed a hand on Will’s shoulder.

“Will . . . are ye gonna be a’right, luv?” Jack asked worriedly, his face softening. Will glanced up at him and nodded, giving him a sort of half smile. Norrington caught this little exchange and the expressions on the faces of the two men.

“Mother of God . . . you’re a sodomite!” he exclaimed, disgusted, as he backed away a step.

“Aye, mate, ‘e is! An’ a bloody good one, at that!” Jack laughed. Will blushed. Norrington looked as though he would like nothing more than to hang the both of them by one of Jack’s kerchiefs – which, come to think of it, is what he was probably dreaming of.

“Thank you, Jack.”

“Anytime, luv.”

Will rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to Norrington.

“You . . . ruined my life. You took away my work, my home, my love, my *life!*” Will shouted at him, slowly descending the stairs as he spoke.

“That’s it, Will, get mad!” Jack stage-whispered. Will ignored him.

“You dragged me, with no reason, out of my work into the town square, threw me to the ground, pointed your sword at my throat –” Here, Will swiped at Norrington’s cheek, leaving a bloody streak. The commodore tripped over Will’s piles of ropes and landed on the ground. “– And told me to leave Port Royal and never to return,” Will finished in a hiss. “Why did you do it?” He placed the tip of his blade over Norrington’s heart and waited expectantly. The older man’s eyes widened in fear.

“ ‘e’s bloody takin’ me own job of threatenin’ people,” Jack muttered to himself, plopping himself down on the top step.

“I did it for Elizabeth! And because her father wanted me to do it!” Norrington finally confessed. “He couldn’t stand the fact a mere blacksmith and a pirate was marrying his daughter, so he told me if I got rid of you, I could have her.”

Will glared at him for a moment before he spun around and looked up at Jack.

“Jack, do you remember where the island Barbossa marooned you on is located at?”


“Set sail for it.”


“Turner, you can’t do this!” Norrington shouted as he was brought up from the brig two days later. “You’ll be hanged for piracy and sodomy!”

“Only if I get caught, mate,” Will replied in a fair approximation of Jack’s drawl with a flair of his hand. Jack laughed and pulled Will in for a kiss. A gagging/retching sound could be heard in Norrington’s direction.

“My men will find you, and bring you to Port Royal, where you *will* hang and I *will* be there to witness it,” Norrington hissed, fighting against Gibbs and Cotton holding him back.

“Yer wig’s slippin’ there, Norrington,” Jack told him disdainfully. Norrington glanced up at it, but was unable to fix it.

“Now, your men have been sent off to who knows where, and who knows when they’ll be back,” Will remarked. Norrington’s face fell. “And do you see that island right over there?” He pointed. Norrington turned around to look at it. “*That* is gong to be your new home!” Will crowed.

“Ye aren’t goin’ t’ kill ‘im?” Jack asked, confused.

“I don’t like killing people” Will replied, looking at Jack.

“Will . . .”

“Jack, he’ll die anyway,” Will explained. “There’s not much on that island except rum and men of the fleet detest rum, don’t they, *Commodore*?”

Norrington didn’t reply; he merely glared at Will and Jack.

“That’s what I thought,” Will muttered. “All right, Mr. Gibbs, cut his restraints.”

Gibbs nodded and moved forward. Norrington looked at him in surprise before turning to the former blacksmith.

“You’re letting me go?”

Will gave a short, barking laugh.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he answered derisively. Jack gaped at Will. Then he stepped forward and pulled the younger man back against his body.

“I rather like this new revenge-gettin’ Will Turner,” Jack purred into his ear, nipping at the lobe.

“Think you can wait five minutes?” Will whispered, his voice heavy.

“I’ll try.” Jack pulled away and started purposefully towards Norrington, who had been watching the display with an expression of revolt (T).

“Jack, what are you doing?” Will called out, confused.

“Ye’ll see, luv,” Jack replied evenly, drawing his sword. He stopped just short of Norrington and leveled the tip of his blade with the tip of the commodore’s nose. Norrington went cross-eyed as he stared at the blade. “If, some’ow, ye manage t’ escape from this island, ye’re *never* t’ come after me *or* me ship an’ crew *or* Will fer any reason whatsoever. Understand?” A single nod. Will was staring at Jack as he delivered his threat with a feral desire burning in his eyes. “Good. Now get off me ship.”

Norrington started towards the plank. Will moved forward and met him several steps short of the edge of the ship.

“Take a deep breath,” he advised before he and Gibbs each grabbed an arm and leg and hauled the Commodore Norrington over the side of the ship to thunderous applause. Will ignored it, turned, and grabbed hold of the collar of one Captain Jack Sparrow.

“Anamaria, take the helm!” he shouted as he dragged Jack across the decks, the sun slowly sinking in the sky.

“Aye, Will!”

“You . . . come with me,” Will growled, his eyes flashing. He pulled Jack downstairs and down the hall to their cabin. The older man was completely bewildered as to Will’s behavior. Once inside the cabin, Will threw Jack against the door and kissed him possessively. Jack’s jaw dropped in surprise, allowing Will to slip his tongue in and delve into his lover’s mouth. Jack started responding to the kiss only when he felt Will’s tongue caressing his own. Will broke the kiss a moment later, breathing heavily.


“I have been wanting to get you back in here since you started threatening Norrington for me,” Will whispered into Jack’s ear, grinding their hips together and smirking when he elicited a moan from Jack.

“I bloody thought ye were gonna yell at me again,” Jack replied. Will grinned and began playing with Jack’s vest.

“Well, someone’s going to be yelling,” he purred as he pushed Jack towards the bed.

Clothes were shed quickly, thrown carelessly around the cabin. Once both men had stripped, Will shoved Jack onto the bed and pounced on him. Jack moaned as Will’s lips attacked his neck, his arms skating over the younger man’s back. Will began moving his hips against Jack to get his attention and caught his lips in a deep kiss. Jack reached down and grasped Will’s erection, flicking his thumb over the head. Will swallowed a moan with much difficulty and pulled Jack’s hand away from his nether regions. He stood up and looked in a drawer of the desk for a moment before pulling out a length of silken rope. Jack’s eyes widened.

“Will, what’s that fer?”

Will didn’t reply and climbed back into bed, straddling Jack. He grabbed both of the older man’s arms and held them above his head. He tied the rope around them and tied the rope to a hook above their bed. Jack looked at him, surprised, as he gave an experimental tug to the ropes.

“Sorry, Jack, tonight’s all about you,” Will whispered into Jack’s ear. Jack squirmed as Will moved down his body, pressing kisses to his abdomen. Finally, Will was positioned above Jack’s dripping member. Will’s tongue darted out to taste the oozing liquid. A low, drawn-out moan escaped Jacks lips. Will dragged his tongue along the underside of the older man’s cock, causing Jack to lift his hips towards Will. Will smirked and lowered his mouth to Jack. He suckled the head, alternating between sucking hard and gently nursing. He didn’t go any further and after eliciting almost continual moans and mewls from Jack, he pulled away and slid up his lover’s body.

“Will . . .” Jack whined plaintively. Will kissed him sweetly, making his way down Jack’s neck.

“Relax, love,” Will murmured. “I’ll have you *screaming* before long.”

Jack replied with a guttural groan. Will grinned as he retreated to the drawer he had taken the ropes from. He pulled a bottle of oil from the drawer and uncorked it, the faint scent of lavender filtering through the room. Jack’s eyes widened when he saw and he started squirming in anticipation. Will chuckled, a deep, throaty sound.

“Impatient, aren’t we, Jack?” Will asked, drizzling a trail of oil over Jack’s chest. He set the bottle on the table next to the bed and began massaging the oil onto Jack. Once the bronze skin was shining, Will picked up the oil again and dipped his fingers into it, coating them completely.

“Will – ohhh . . .” Jack cut himself off in a moan as Will slipped a finger into his entrance. He searched around for a moment until he found what he was looking for. He pressed his lips to Jack’s before he pressed hard onto a little spongy spot inside him. Jack nearly bucked off the bed.

“Christ, Will!”

“The best has yet to come, my love,” Will reassured him, pressing light kisses along his jaw. Slowly, he added two more fingers and scissored them, stretching Jack for what was coming. Jack began writhing under his ministrations, each protest silenced with a long kiss. Finally, he made himself heard.

“Will . . . stop bloody teasin’ an’ . . . bloody *fuck* me already!” Jack managed to bark. In one fluid motion, Will withdrew his fingers, coated his own erection, and positioned himself at Jack’s prepared entrance. “Now!” Jack shouted. Smoothly, Will slid into the tight channel.

“Oh, *God*, Jack . . .” Will moaned as he waited for Jack to adjust.

“Move it!” Jack growled once he was accustomed to the unusual fullness.

Will complied at once and began a slow rhythm, thrusting into Jack and pulling out at the same torturous speed. Each time he barely brushed the little spot that made Jack turn boneless. Just five minutes at this rate and Jack was begging for more. Will quickened his pace a bit and angled his thrusts to his Jack’s sweet spot straight on. The room soon filled with moans, cries, and pants as both men worked to achieve the greatest possible pleasure. Will was now pounding into Jack, his hands gripping the other man’s hips so hard he knew there would be visible marks tomorrow. A bright sheen of sweat covered Jack’s chest and Will knew he was approaching his release. They both were.

“Come for me, Jack,” Will whispered as he once again slammed relentlessly into Jack’s channel.

With a loud, keening cry, Jack spilled between their sweat-slicked bodies. At the sight of Jack reaching his orgasm and the clenching of his muscles around his cock, Will was brought even closer to completion. He thrust twice more into Jack before he came, emptying himself into Jack with his lover’s name on his lips. He fell on top of Jack, both men completely sated. After he caught his breath, Will reach up and untied Jack’s restraints, pulling the captain’s arms to him. He examined Jack’s wrists and lightly kissed the raw skin.

“Don’t worry about ‘em, luv,” Jack mumbled, pulling his wrists away from Will’s hands and wrapping them around the younger man. “They’ll be me battle scars.”

Will looked up at him.

“Battle scars? And what battle, pray tell, did you receive such unusual injuries?”

Jack gave him a lopsided grin.

“Figure of speech, mate.”

Will snorted and burrowed deeper into Jack’s embrace.

“Ye know, luv, that was the first time I ever let anyone take me,” Jack stated conversationally. Will pulled away and stared at him in surprise.


Jack shrugged.

“Never been on the bottom b’fore,” he replied. “Always on top.”

“Oh, Jack,” Will murmured, pressing a long kiss to Jack’s lips.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen ye so . . . aggressive, dominating,” Jack mused, running a hand down Will’s spine, causing him to shiver. “Like it.”

“Yes, well, I’m a pirate and pirates get what they want,” Will reminded cheekily. “In more than one sense of the word.”

“An’ now, I believe, it’s me turn t’ get what I want.” Jack’s grin very much resembled that of a predator. Will yelped in surprise as Jack flipped him over and covered his mouth with a kiss.

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