jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: On the Account (v. 2.0)
Author: lolita_stardust (uberminx@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After Will ends up on the Pearl, he discovers that Jack "really" is captain of his crew.
Warnings: dubious consent, very slight bdsm
Disclaimer: I don't really own any cute pirates that shag on command. besides, it's more fun playing with Disney's
Posted: Pirategasm, here, will be posted on AFF and Parley when i get the time. Ask if you want to use it anywhere else
Note: this fic has benefited enormously from the tactful and insightful help of yxonomei. I am eternally grateful love and am right now drinking much gin in your honour.
Request: from Christina Morejon. "Will ends up on the Pearl where he discovers that Jack "really" is captain of his crew"

The cabin is a scene of organized chaos; a pallet bed in the corner is covered with various clothes, blankets, a battered tricorn hat; a chest at its foot overflows with knick-knacks, collected from all over the south seas; a not-inconsiderable number of bottles –full and empty- are lodged safely between the chest and the hull of the ship; through a window can be seen the port of Saint Lucia. Two men are in the cabin; the first swarthy, bedecked with trinkets, beads, a bone braided into his mess of black hair. He is unmistakably a pirate and holds the second man over his desk, pinning his arms uncomfortably behind his back.

"Let us recap William. How is it that I find you aboard me ship, in me cabin, bent over me desk again?"

The second man, paler and looking less steady on his feet (perhaps more due to his less than favourable situation than to his discomfort at being aboard a ship) answered as best he could with his face pressed into the desk.

"I wanted to join your crew."

"Join my crew, eh? What about Elizabeth, for whom you gambled both our lives just a few months ago? Whom you swore you'd loved since the day you met her? What of the stares she will endure now that her fiancé has left her, run off to be a scallywag?"

"I couldn't stay, Jack. I'd wanted to start a new life with her, but instead I was swallowed up by her world. She changed once she'd won me, became content just to live out her station in life. I didn't want to be husband to the governor's daughter; everyone would know it was borrowed respectability, that I am no gentleman."

Jack Sparrow, for it was he, listened, though never loosened his hold on William's arms.

"Port Royal didn't feel like home. I tried to think of somewhere I could go, something I could do that I was doing for me – and the only place I could think of was here."

Jack's mouth hardened, his grip tightened, yet his eyes betrayed something of an internal battle. He seemed torn between his joy at finally holding this honeyed youth in his grasp and exasperation at the circumstances that had led them here. He took a deep breath, collecting himself, set his jaw and replied:

"So you come to me, no sailing experience, never been on the account, and ask for a place on me ship, yet ask for no special treatment. From this we can construe, young William, that you were expecting special treatment, yet didn't want me to patronize you by calling it that eh?"

"What did you expect me to do, William? Were you any man new to the sea, asking for a place on the legendary Black Pearl, I'd have laughed you off the docks mate. As it is, you're Bootstrap's son, son of me best bloody mate – how can I not help you? But that would be giving you special treatment, which as, we both know, you do not want. So I invite you to me cabin William, while I think about me little dilemma, and how do you respond?"

During Jack's speech his voice had become more and more biting, dripping with sarcasm. There followed a potent silence.

"Sorry William? How do you respond to Jack?"

"Tried to kiss you"

Will's mumbled response held more than a trace of embarrassment, or was it shame?

Jack lifted a hand to his ear, feigning deafness.

"Sorry? Whelp?"

"I tried to kiss you, `Captain' Jack."

"Exactly. And why did you kiss me, William? Was it supposed to help? Was the stimulation somehow to clear my head? Or did you think Captain Jack Sparrow was sufficiently louche, sufficiently desperately deprived that he'd risk an inexperienced man on his crew in return for some bed warming, even –or perhaps– especially if he was the son of his bloody best mate?"

Jack's voice rose to a roar and he banged the desk beside Will's head, making the lad jump, then, pressing him more firmly into the desk, his hold on the boy's arms tightening until angry red half moons appeared around his fingertips.

Will took a shaky breath, then exhaled sharply, trying to feign confidence.

"I'm sorry if… I mean I didn't intend… The reason I came to you was… sailing with you was the only time I've felt like I might belong somewhere. After my mother died I came to the Caribbean to seek my father and it wasn't until I met you that I felt like I might be close to finding him. I spent years trying to lose myself in Elizabeth, thought the love of a good woman would make me whole, or close to it. Thought if I married her, had a boy of my own, maybe I'd grow into the man he was. But it was that day when I sailed with you on the interceptor that I finally realized what made him leave us, what he truly lived for. It was the ocean, and … maybe it was you."

"When I left Elizabeth, The Pearl was the only place I knew I'd feel safe. I followed you for two months, from Port to port. I didn't know how you'd take me, even facing you I couldn't tell. I didn't want you to accept me on account of my father, I wanted you to want me. No one's ever talked about me the way you talked about my father, no one's ever called me a good man and that's all I wanted, all I still want. But when you looked doubtful, when you looked like you wanted nothing more and nothing less at the same time then I though maybe he was more to you than just a mate, just a comrade. So I tried…"

William's words faded into a mumble and he sniffled slightly into the desk. Jack, with a grim twist to his mouth, turned him over and looked him square in the eye

"William, Yer' not yer father. You've a lot less common sense for starters and some oddly placed morals. And yes, part of my regard for yer father, fine man that he was, is an enduring respect for his skill in the bedroom – or shall we say cabin. But if I take you on the ship's accounts It'll be for yer own sake."

"I wouldn't have expected anything more from you than loyal service as a matter of course, but you are the spitting image of him, and since you offered…"

Jack's hand softened on Will's collarbone and glided into his shirt. He paused fleetingly, expecting some kind of recoil from the boy. When Will's only reaction was to square his jaw, steeling himself to fulfil the offer he had not expected to be taken up on, Jack chuckled darkly and continued.

He unpeeled Will's shirt, eliciting tiny moans, then threw it away from the table. His own followed shortly after. Jack lifted Will to look him in the face then leaned in for a bruising kiss . Sweeping away the scrolled maps and instruments that littered the rest of the desk, the pirate laid Will out and took a moment to take in the view of the boy spread beneath him - all puppy-dog eyes and trembling skin – before he bent down over him, taking a chocolate nipple into his mouth. He took a while to familiarize himself with the boy – pinching, scratching, biting and, when Will squeaked and twisted away from his prying hands, clipping him sharply across the jaw. Ghosting his hands over the boy's smooth skin, Jack nibbled and licked his way down to the boy's navel. He hooked his fingers into the top of Will's breaches and eased them down. He looked up into Will's eyes, wide with apprehension at being so exposed.

"First time with a man, William?"

He got a tentative nod for his question, smiled and slid his lips over the head of Will's cock. Using his hand at the base, he licked his way down and up the shaft, swallowing and sucking `til he had whipped Will up into breathless ecstasy. As he felt the boy tensing up to release, Jack reached up and took the base of the youth's cock in a firm grasp, delaying his climax. After all, they had all night and Jack intended to leave the boy in no doubt as to where his place would be from now on.

He took hold of Will's wrists, holding them tightly above his head and no doubt leaving bruises to be frowned over tomorrow. Gods the boy was delicious when he frowned. Leaning into Will's neck, he inhaled the irresistible blending of salt and fear. He could feel the desire welling up within him, the darker side of him slowly urging him to just dive in and consume this delectable, scared creature whole. He bit down hard against Will's neck, melting slightly to hear the boy's shaky whimper of pain. Leaving go his wrists, he raked cracked and blackened nails down golden skin, leaving tiny beads of blood in his wake, vivid and wet against Will's ribs. Sucking the soft hollow between sharp hipbones begging to be bruised, Jack left no shortage of reminders to Will of this evening. He even - breath catching, control stretched to it's gossamer-thin limits – traced a thin line of burning crimson across the boys torso with a handy blade, careful not to damage him too much, wanting Will to one day enter into this willingly not out of fear or obligation.

Jack was slowly becoming more unwound. This boy, this beautiful boy - whom Jack had long-resigned himself to never possessing – lay beneath him, promising a world of dark possibilities with his tacit acceptance. Jack slid out of his breaches and reached into a drawer to retrieve a bottle of lamp oil. Lifting Will's legs, Jack drizzled oil between them, into the cleft of his buttocks. Following with his fingers, he eased the way into Will, scissoring his fingers. At first the boy stiffened against the invasion but, under Jack's ministrations, he began to relax and gradually to enjoy it. When Jack's fingers brushed a certain spot, Will gasped and pushed his hips down against them. Jack let the preparations continue for a few moments longer, then fell victim to his own desires. He oiled up his erection and placed it at Will's entrance, pausing only to say

"You realize lad, now you given yourself, that you'll be mine from now onwards; no matter who else has you, you'll always remember me – this"

As he spoke he pushed into Will, slowly but unstintingly. Will cried out, arching his back and grimacing in pain. Jack cradled his hips, holding him still until he adjusted to the new sensations and began to make tiny thrusting movements with his hips. He initially let the blacksmith set the pace, content just to watch the complex emotions of shame, fear, desire, pain, play across the boys face.

The thought that this was just the first of many times and many ways he could have Will was enough to set a fire burning in Jack's loins, as it grew Jack's thrusts became harder, more ragged. He began to stroke will, aiming for mutual completion, he at least owed the boy that. The sound of Will sobbing out his climax drove Jack over the edge, muttering Will's name and Spanish curses as he came. Seconds later, will stiffened and spent into his palm.

As they both recovered their breath, Jack gathered the younger man into his arms and murmured against his temple

"So William, welcome to me crew"

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