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Title: One Night
Author: EliBad (elibad@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Will turns the tables.
Disclaimer: No actual Disney Characters got lucky, it's all just a glorious dream.
Warnings: Un-beta'd claptrap.

The kiss was devastating. Jack moaned low in his throat and tightened his grip on the back of the neck under his hand.

He had been expecting a fight, resistance of some sort to this sensual assault. Instead, he'd gotten a low sound, much like a whimper, and surrender. A deep shudder that preceded a mouth- opening groan and acquiescence.

And he'd taken full advantage of the response, pushing his tongue deep into the sweet, welcoming warmth of the mouth under his, tangling and engaging the tongue that waited there for his own.

One arm slid low around Jack's waist, anchoring him close. The other arm was attempting to maintain the grip on the rum bottle held in shaking fingers, while pulling to get Jack to release his own grip on the wrist.

Jack took a step forward, pushing the body in his arms against the door, slamming the captured arm hard enough to make it loose its grip on the bottle, which crashed to the floor splattering rum and broken glass across the surface.

Jack's newly freed hand grabbed the side of the head tilting it to an angle better suited to his continuing oral attack, fingers sliding through silky stands of sun kissed hair. Two hands gripped Jack's waist.

A pressing need for air required Jack to pull away from the marvelous mouth beneath his, working his way across the jaw and down the side of the neck, nipping gently at the Adam's apple.

"Jaaack!" His name was breathed out in a moan.

"Quiet, boy." Jack growled, biting down gently at the juncture of neck and shoulder, tongue sweeping out to sooth the hurt. He ground his groin roughly against the boy's burgeoning erection, eliciting a moan and a tightening of the hands at his waist.

"Dammit Jack", the boy hissed, "you made me drop the rum."

"I'll get you more later", Jack murmured against the warm throat under his lips, "Now, I am pretty sure I told you to be quiet."

"The bottle broke, made a mess," came the gasped reply "'sides it was your damn bottle!"

"Aye, lad, it was." Another bite, this one harder, eliciting a gasp, "Grabbed it, drank almost all of it before I stopped you"

"Grabbed it!!" indignant and breathless, "You offered it. And it was half empty"

A clever mouth had released the tie holding the tunic closed at the base of the boy's throat, and was now working its way down to a tight little brown nipple.

"Now, lad, why would I do a thing like that?" Jack's voice was muffled against the boy's chest, his tongue leaving a moist trail. "I don't share me rum, luv. Everyone knows that. And the bottle was full."

"Right." Hands slid from Jack's waist down to grab his buttocks.

"William!" Jack straightened up and nipped at the boy's lower lip, "that's indecent."

He again ground his hips against the boys. The boy's pushed back.

"Will," Jack gasped, "that's definitely indecent."

"You started it," another push, followed by a slow grind. "Besides, you set me up."

"Pirate, luv," Jack pulled Will's head to the side and again bit down on his neck, sucking to pull the blood to the surface, marking him. "And yer easy, incredible easy."

A tightening of the grip on Jack's behind. "Watch it, luv." Another slow grind, a push of the hips, a pull on the buttocks.

"I love it when you get all growly" Jack purred, sliding a free hand down to rub against the boy's groin. "I love that yer easy."

Another growl and a release of the grip on Jack's rear, rough hands flattened against the door, hips pulled away.

Ah, yes, the fight he was expecting earlier, would he ever learn to keep his damn mouth closed. "Growly, and not so easy, I'll take you anyway I can get you." Jack cajoled.

The reply was a snort and a wiggle. Jack drew his brows together, swung his head up and looked into the boy's face.

Will was grinning, a look that went right to Jack's groin. He pursed his lips to the side, tilted and swung his head again, waiting for an explanation.

"This is our way, right. The game we play. You do something to annoy me, set me up. Then you jump me. But you've already got me I'm angry, so, I tell you to "sod off". You turn on the charm and try to talk me into something improper." Will wiggled again, "Eventually my body overrides my better sense, I give in, and you ravage me."

Jack raised one eye-brow, "So what was all this then?" Another wiggle, Jack bit back a groan.

"Just trying to keep things interesting." Will's grin turned predatory as he pushed himself away from the wall. Grabbing Jack's hips again, he steered him backward towards the bed.

Jack smiled, this definitely was interesting. The back of his legs hit the bed, and with a quick shove from Will he landed with an "oof" on the bed. Very interesting indeed.

Will was right, it was always like that, always a fight, a struggle. At first that was what Jack had wanted, craved. A challenge, the contest of wills, overcoming Will's will.  

Eventually that started to lose its appeal. Will was by far the most interesting individual that Jack had had in his bed in a long time, if ever. It was the passion and fire that Will had, that he'd demonstrated when they'd first met, that had led to Jack seducing the lad, and he adored the results in his bed.

Will climbed on top of Jack straddling his hips, bending down to lock his mouth onto Jack's chin just past the beard, teeth nipping gently. Jack pushed his hips up desperate to make contact with the boy once again.

"Ah, ah, ah. None of that now Jack." Will muttered against Jack's throat while he pulled his hips out of reach.

Jack growled and moved to grab Will's hips, but Will was quicker and he intercepted Jack's hands with his own and pinned his arms with his knees. "I love it when you get all growly." Will purred as his clever, clever tongue swiped at Jack's ear, tickling the interior.

Jack grinned at hearing the words he'd used only minutes before.  Will had a forceful personality, and he was often a man to be reckoned with. His skill with the blade and quick mind could not be ignored. But when it came to personal and intimate matters Will lacked the self-confidence and assurance to exert him self authoritatively. He'd know too much loss and too little care.

It was this lack of experience with intimacy and emotion that had cost the boy his girl. But Jack placed all the blame for that with Elizabeth. If he could figure out the boy, Miss Swan should have seen it at a league in the bloody dark, Jack was, after all, exceptionally self-centered, only noticing those things that could be of benefit to him. But either she hadn't seen it or she'd decided that it wasn't worth the effort. Too much work to overcome the boy's insecurities.

Jack had not made any real effort to scale those walls himself, again, no benefit to him. He had decided that he wanted the boy and had set out to seduce him, with very little thought to what Will wanted. He was a pirate after all. Take what you can, give nothing back.

But just because he'd single-mindedly pursued his own ends with young Mr. Turner, didn't mean he was unaware of the boy's issues. He had in fact used them to his own advantage. Guess they had been of benefit to him after all.

Will's loneliness and craving for affection and care had made him susceptible to Jack's wiles. Not that he hadn't fought them, and didn't still. He was after all extremely stubborn and headstrong. But he had never allowed himself contact with another, pining away for Miss Swan as he had, hoping to make himself worthy.  In the end it hadn't mattered, he'd lost Miss Swan, and that loss had been Jack's gain. Will's basic human need for contact eventually overcame his objections.

But Jack also suspected that it had been an excuse, Will saving him self for true love. The fact was Will was terrified of intimacy.  It had been easy to save him self for Elizabeth, she had been so far above him. There had been no real chance that anything would come of it, therefore he didn't risk himself emotionally, not really anyway.

But something had come of it. When the boy had risked all to save her, and subsequently won the prize, he'd found himself where he'd never expected to be, and hadn't know how to handle it. The fearof more loss and pain had caused Will to lose himself. Becoming what he believed Elizabeth wanted and needed, subduing the bright, fiery, opinioned lad that had won her heart in the first place. It had undoubtedly been a huge mistake on the boy's part, trying to model himself after Norrington.

A sharp nip at his ear, and a growled, "Am I boring you Captain?" returned Jack's attention to the warm body above his. He arched himself under the boy trying to make contact.

"Not a chance, luv. Just trying to keep myself together, as it were." Jack grinned into the pretty face just above his, lifting himself to try to make contact with the very tempting lips.

Will pulled back slightly denying him contact once again. Eliciting a moan, Will smiled and initiated his own kiss, pushing his tongue past Jack's teeth and running it gently across the roof of his mouth.

Jack moaned and pushed his pelvis upward once again, this time making contact, and moaning again. The kiss was deep and devastating, the boy had certainly mastered the art of kissing. It was like being consumed. Lips, tongues and teeth battled and Jack willingly surrendered himself to Will.

Between breath stealing kisses, Will managed to get both him self and Jack undressed, while keeping Jack and his hands restrained, and increasing his arousal significantly. Jack grinned painfully up at the lad when they were both naked and Will was once again holding himself just out of his Captain's reach.

"That's a neat trick, son." Jack purred wiggling in a manner, intent to seduce. The boy was driving him mad, well madder, anyway.

"Glad you approve Captain." The look on young William's face was down right predatory. Jack feared he would come from that look alone.

"Alright, luv, you've proven your point." Jack was getting desperate, "on with it." He truly was beginning to fear that this would be over before it began, for him anyway. Will was still young enough that he recovered like a mink.

"What's wrong Jack, worried that I've learned all your tricks," was breathed against Jack's ear causing him to shudder and moan. And Sweat. Will's youth and ability to bounce back quickly was one of Jack's favourite things about him. Making the boy come 2 or 3 times a night was not uncommon, and it often left the lad in an exhausted, quivering heap. Jack doubted that he would handle such a thing nearly as well.

"William!" Jack tried for stern. Now desperately pushing his hips down into the bed, hoping to reduce contact, and prolong his stamina. "This is insubordination."

"You can have me flogged later, after I'm done with you." Will slid his groin against Jack's.

"Don't think I won't boy." Jack threatened and atthat moment he meant it. Will flinched, and it brought Jack back to his somewhat addled senses. Dammit, it was times like these that the boy's insecurities were a bother. "Get on with it!"

As much as Jack disliked the fact that Will had visibly wilted, it seemed that he would be spared the humiliation of being forced to completion before anything interesting had happened.

Or maybe not, Will's wilt had lowered not just his spirit but his hips as well and the contact had Jack on the verge of explosion.

"Damnation." Jack hissed, arching up into the contact, "you'll be the death of me yet, mate."

Will's predatory grin partially returned and he ground his groin against Jack's with intent. His lips attaching to the side of Jack's neck, as he ground his hips in a quick motion against Jack's

Jack's eyes rolled back in his head, "God… bloody whelp!" He gave up the battle and his is body convulsed in release.

Jack regained his senses to the feeling of Will licking his stomach clean.

"Good God!!" Jack arched up into the teasing tongue, "Damme Boy, you will be the death of me!"

Will grinned up at Jack, licking his lips, "but what a way to go."

Jack could only stare at Will, still languidly cleaning up Jack's mess with long strokes of his wonderful tongue, he looked debauched and strangely sweet. "Tis truly the way I would choose." He returned Will's grin, "Er, come up here will you, er Will."

Will arched an eyebrow at Jack and stayed where he was, gently rubbing Jack's lower stomach.

"Come on luv, I'd like a cuddle and a kiss." Jack batted his long lashes at Will and tried to look innocent.

Will laughed, "Who are you trying to fool?" But he slid upwards to place a chaste kiss on Jack's pouting mouth.

Jack's hands were now free and he grabbed the boy and pulled him down for a deeper kiss. He wanted to flip the boy over and ravage him, but this was Will's show and he was hardly at full potency, even though he was definitely showing returning signs of interest.  He shivered recalling the feel of that velvet tongue on his stomach.

Will pulled away with a smirk, "You lured me up here."

"Pirate." Jack licked at the neck so tantalizingly close. "Besides, that was just me kiss, how about me cuddle?"

Will laughed, a sound that only increased the interest the lower half of Jack was exhibiting, for all that it was a rare sound.

"What exactly do you require for your cuddle, Captain Sparrow?"

"This." Jack wrapped his arms around the lad and pulled him down and to the side, nuzzling his nose into Will's throat, placing the occasional kiss along its warm length. Running his hands gently over the smooth, strong back. Moving to release the boy's hair, unleashing the sweet curls that so embarrassed and frustrated Will, but that Jack absolutely adored.

It was these moments that Will understood the least and seemed to crave the most, the close intimate contact that had more to do with affection than sex. Jack would have been content to continue in such a fashion, if the boy hadn't been ready to go off like a poorly primed cannon. And he himself wasn't returning to an almost painful state of arousal, frighteningly quick. The boy would truly be the death of him.

With a last touch of his nose to Will's ear and a soft, chaste kiss, Jack pulled back smiling into the lad's slightly dazed face. "Alright then luv, that's me cuddle, and I've had me kiss." He laid back, smile turning into a wolfish grin. "I'm at yer mercy."

Will shook his head a slightly as if he was trying to clear it.  Then rolled back over Jack, lying over him as a posed to straddling him. He bent his head and once more locked his mouth to Jack's.

Jack groaned and spread his legs, wrapping them around Will's waist. As Will settled between them, he pulled back, startled, to look into Jack's face.

Jack smiled gently up at Will. They didn't do this often, and up until now Will had always been the one…boarded. Jack, himself, hadn't been boarded in a very long time; he hadn't trusted anyone enough. But this felt right. And it was only fair, after all.  Will trusted him, and Will was truly the only one he trusted.

Jack reached up to pull Will back down and into another kiss. Now that he had made his decision he wanted it now.

Releasing Will, Jack reached back into one of the compartments at the head of the bed, pulling out a pot of balm. With a wolfish grin, he handed it over to Will. He then flopped his arms out onto the bed away from his body.

"I think I may have mentioned this already, but I'd appreciate it if you'd get on with it."

Will grinned as he took the pot, leaning up on one elbow. "It was significantly less polite last time, as I recall and it was proceeded with a threat of a flogging."

"Flogging!!" Jack returned, feigning surprise, watching the boy open the little pot and coat a couple of fingers "I do believe that your memory must be faulty, I would never stoop to such actions. To making such base threats." Jack adjusted himself allowing the lad better access. He gasped, and arched his back as one well-oiled finger teased and then slipped gently into him. 

"No! Of course not." Will returned, grinning as he slowly thrust his finger in and out. "Just like you don't share your rum, right?"

One finger became two, causing Jack to shudder, "Exactly!" He gasped, "You are a very bright lad. And may I add, observant and multi-talented."

Will arched an eyebrow in question, removing his two finger only to return with three, thoroughly enjoying Jack's choked gasp. "Observant and multi-talented?"

Jack bit back a moan, very much enjoying the sensations Will was creating within him. "Yes lad, observant and multi-talented. You know what you're doing, I'll give you that."

Will laughed and bent forward to give Jack a quick kiss. "Now where have I heard that before?" he muttered against the mouth below his.

Jack moved his arms up to wrap around the body above him, "Aye, lad, meant it then and mean it now."

Will smiled and rewarded Jack by curling his fingers forward and stroking the volatile bundle of nerves located within. Jack rewarded him by growling and arching up into him.

"Alright lad, we've had this conversation before, and it getting repetitive. Get on with it!" Jack growled tightening his arms about Will pushing his hips up to grind his groin against Will's.

"Aye, aye captain!" Came the laughing reply, "give me a chance to er, grease up, and we'll be on our way."

"Move it along then. Keep me waiting much longer and the flogging I threatened earlier will become reality." Jack moved his hands down the long, smooth back to the tight, round bottom and squeezed sharply.

"Keep your hands and your threats to yourself, captain. Right now I'm in charge." This was punctuated by another pass of Will's fingers over that sensitive nub that caused Jack to shudder.

"Right lad, you're in charge. Would it help if I begged?"

Will laughed again, a sound Jack was quickly getting used to, if for nothing else that the affect it had on his groin. "No need to beg, captain. I'm more than willing to get on with it, as requested."

Will removed his fingers, and applied the slippery ointment to his throbbing cock with a low growl.

"Watch it luv," Jack muttered, "you haven't gotten me in this state just to abandon ship now."

"It's under control captain!" Will returned, his smile strained.

"I have all faith in you lad." Jack reached up to give the boy a quick kiss.

"Nice to know Jack." Will smirked, as he re-adjusted his position and rubbed the head of dick against Jack's puckered opening and eased his way in.

"Alright then lad," Jack moaned, "alright then. Good form." He arched up into the long, lean shape above him, tightening his legs around the boy's waist.

"Thanks Jack," Will groaned, "its nice to be appreciated."

Jack grabbed Will's head and mashed their lips together, slidinghis tongue into the boy's warm, welcoming mouth. He let his tongue tangle with the Will's for a few moments, before pulling back.

"Oh, you are appreciated luv, don't doubt that." Jack whispered against the lush mouth, "But, you'd be better appreciated if you moved."

Will chuffed a snort of laughter, "That, my Captain can be arranged." He muttered as he started a gentle rhythm.

"That's a good lad, and nice touch on the `captain'." Jack gasped, the movement sending shivers of pleasure up his spine.

"Jack," Will growled, increasing the speed of his thrusts. "Shut the fuck up."

"Just keep doing what you're doing boy and mphfff." Jack was cut off as Will dropped his head and plundered his mouth.

Jack arched and gave up, he was pretty much past coherent speech anyway, not that he was ever particularly coherent.

Will had settled into a good rhythm, not too fast, not too slow.  Perfect to make Jack's eyes roll back in his head. This effected was only increased when Will began stroking Jack's desperately hard cock.

Jack wrenched his head away from Will's panting, "God! Will! Harder! Please!" Right, coherence currently not an option.  But obviously not really required, as sweet, sweet William increased his pace, buffeting into Jack with just the right force.

"Bloody brilliant! God yes, oh, oh oh, God, Will! Yes! I'm done, I'm done, I'm done for. Oh God luv. " Jack babbled wrapping his arms and legs tighter around Will, pushing himself into every fierce thrust Will made, as with a rough, growling yelp he came for the second time, covering Will's stroking hand and his own quivering stomach with his pearly offering.

As he recovered his breath, Will's thrusts became erratic and with a howling groan, he came, pumping his own essence deep into Jack.

Will collapsed onto Jack, eliciting a groan, followed by a chuckle.

Jack petted the boy's sweat dampened curls, pressing kisses to the side of his face and head.

"Jack… I… think… it is… quite possible… that… that did… indeed… kill me." Will panted against Jack's damp throat.

"Nonsense luv," Jack chuckled with real affection, "your far to young to die from such activity. More than likely you will be ready to go again in a quarter of an hour, while I cower in fear of my very life."

An amused snort was the only answer Jack received, but it was enough. Jack was finding that making Will laugh was as addictive as making him scream in passion.

The boy was growing heavy with sleep, his weight increasing on Jack as he relaxed and drifted into the arms of Morpheus.

Jack continued to stroke his head and administer kisses, "Will, luv, as much as I'm enjoying the moment, if we stay like this, we er…will stay like this."

Will grunted and rolled away from Jack, much to his regret. Once Will was settled on his back, he sighed and began to drift again.

"Er, Will, aren't ye going t' clean up yer mess." Jack motioned at his sticky stomach.

Another snort and Will turned to his side away from Jack, "'s your mess." came the muttered reply, "you clean it."

"May be my mess, but your responsible luv." Jack cajoled, poking the sleepy man in the shoulder. Will was cute when he was cranky.

"Blame it on the lad, and he'll clean it up." mocked Will, still turned from Jack, refusing to rise to the constant poking on his shoulder.

"Fine!" Jack exclaimed reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing the first thing he encountered. Grinning when he noticed that it was Will's shirt. He proceeded to wipe him self clean.

He then grabbed Will's shoulder and rolled him onto his back, and ignoring the grumbled complaints, wiped his stomach and hand clean, running the soft cloth over a few other interesting areas before tossing Will's now soiled shirt over the side of the bed. Will will be pissed come morning when he sees that. Jack grinned in anticipation of the discovery and the subsequent argument, as he draped himself across the boy's chest and settled for sleep.

Tonight had been interesting, tomorrow would no doubt be just as interesting. Lord knows Jack Sparrow hates to be bored.

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