jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: One Man Down
Author: Sparkler (xsparklerx@hotmail.com)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Will (duh!)
Summary: A visit to the Isla de Muerta holds some surprises that Jack would have preferred to avoid.
Warnings: Slash, some angst, character death (though not Jack or Will)
Author’s notes: Written for the second JackXWill ficathon, held by the wonderful Sparrowhawk, to fulfil this assignment:
Written for: Yours truly
Requests: Jack and Will have to be in a steady relationship (rating over PG), story with action/adventure and angst
Restrictions: No Mpreg, no PWP or too much sap

Yours Truly: I hope I have met your requests, and that you enjoy this fic. Though I do not usually write action/adventure stories, I have done my best and hope it meets your expectations! ^_^

“Jack,” Will murmured, shaking the pirate’s shoulder lightly in order to wake him.

“Mmm…wassup?” Jack asked, still bleary with sleep.

“We’re here,” Will said, still crouched down next to their bed, knowing Jack would want waking up to be able to see them anchor the ship.

“All righ’, ‘m up,” Jack slurred, slowly rolling over and sitting up on the bed, his mind still a little woozy from the lack of sleep over the past few days. He and Will slowly made their way up on to the deck in time to see their large ship pulling up to the shore of the fabled Isla de Muerta. Jack smiled, gold teeth glinting in the sunlight as they sailed into the cove of the island.

The older pirate instantly headed up to the helm of the ship and began shouting orders at various member of the crew, effectively taking control of the situation. Will leant against the side of the ship, smiling fondly up at Jack as he did what he did best. Well, one of the things he did best, Will though with a mischievous grin as he headed over to the starboard side to help a couple of men in lugging the plank across the gap between ship and land.

The ship’s company were soon all safely on the small island, exploring it thoroughly for any hidden caves or treasures, each person careful to stay away from the box of cursed gold in the centre of the treasure-filled chamber. All of them had been scared witless by the bone-chilling tale Jack had relayed to both the old and new crewmembers before they arrived as a warning against the contents of it.

They were, however, not as careful about other things such as security, as Anamaria found when she was startled by a small monkey leaping up onto her shoulder. Jack’s attention was attracted by her scream and he had soon made his way over to her to see what the matter was, his face turning to a sneer at the sight of the well-remembered monkey, ‘Jack’.

Anamaria was soon over the shock of seeing the monkey, though, and seemed positively delighted by the animal. She was soon refusing to be parted from it, much to Jack’s dismay. He didn’t know whether he could live with something that reminded him so completely of Barbossa.

It was as they were arguing the point that the first gunshot rang out across the chamber. Instantly, chaos overtook the cave, the pirates eager to see who the intruders were while at the same time scrambling for their weapons.

Anamaria spotted them first, men appearing from behind the largest rocks in the cave. She shouted a warning over to Jack, immediately regretting her action as many of the men looked over at her with something close to a leer. But Jack had got the message and had drawn his sword, heading towards the men with all his crew loyally behind him, Will by his side.

The fight was a fierce and brutal one, and it took Jack all he had not to repeatedly check behind him to see how Will or anyone else was coping. He busied himself with destroying each unfamiliar face that came in his path, by now used to ignoring the guilty pang he felt each time he struck a man down.

It was only as he was engaged in a fight with one larger man – who was undoubtedly the captain or leader of the enemy group – that Jack’s concentration slipped. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Anamaria receive a slash to the shoulder. It was evidently too much for her, who already had several wounds so far and she fell, going paler by the minute.

Cold fury overtook him, and blocking a blow from the captain, Jack got away long enough to impale Anamaria’s attacker on his sword and spit on him for good measure. He was about to lean down and check on Anamaria, but was challenged again, so he was forced to get up and continue the fight, now attempting to ignore the niggling worry at the back of his mind too.

Will, who had been estranged from the rest of his crew found himself in the middle of a group of snarling, smelly men; all swords raised and evidently ready to strike. He quashed the stab of fear that threatened to overtake him for a moment and lifted his own sword high; ready to defend himself against anyone who cared to attack him. And he wasn’t thought of as one of the best swordsmen in the Caribbean for nothing – just minutes later he was surrounded by fallen bodies, none of the untrained, uncouth rogues having a chance against Will Turner.

Breathing heavily after his exertions against the men, Will turned around to find many of his crewmembers standing looking quite dazed at the speed of the fight. Several men were standing over a group of men who had surrendered, who they would no doubt take as prisoners, though Will couldn’t be sure. He couldn’t say he cared much at this moment either – it was Jack he was concerned about now.

Jack was stood completely still, eyes staring yet unseeing at the body of Anamaria, who hadn’t managed to make it through. Will half-walked, half-ran to Jack, immediately taking him in his arms and leading him away to the ship, knowing he needed to be alone, or at least get away from the horrendous scene for now.

The other crewmembers, more than used to the couple by now, let them go without a word. Gibbs took over in the cave, focusing on getting the people who were still alive out before anything more happened – or he had to take care of the bodies, one bit of the job he had never enjoyed.

Will had to practically drag Jack back up to the Pearl, as his limbs were still slack with the shock of losing one of his oldest friends. He guided him straight back to their cabin and sat Jack on the bed, kneeling down in front of him and taking Jack’s hands in his.

“Jack … love,” Will said softly, successfully gaining Jack’s attention – well, if that’s what you could call Jack’s sorrowful eyes meeting his. Will was thankful for at least some kind of reaction, even as meagre as that.

“Jack, darling, come on, don’t blame yourself for any of this. It’s not your fault you know,” Will assured, correctly guessed the way Jack’s thoughts were headed.

This seemed to strike a nerve with Jack who immediately snapped out of his daze, shouting, “But it was my fault! I should have got over there sooner!”

Will, not in the least startled by the outburst, stayed silent for a moment while stroking Jack’s hands with his thumbs in soothing circles. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

Jack felt the need to justify himself and nodded furiously in agreement.

“I-I was fightin’ th’ cap’n o’ those … those miscreants! An’ I saw her ou’ the corner o’ my eye, getting’ slashed by that bastard. It must have been the final blow for ‘er. I saw it, Will, why didn’t I do anythin’ about it? I got him though, afterwards. He had no chance. I just – I can’t believe there was nothing I could have done.”

Will didn’t know what to do about the utter despair he clearly heard in Jack’s voice because he felt he couldn’t stand up for his friend, so he opted for simply putting his arms around him.

“It’s not your fault,” Will said gently, over and over again. “There was nothing you could have done.”

Slowly, Jack relaxed in Will’s rocking arms, curling up against him and revelling in the security and love he found in the embrace, content for the moment to trust Will and silently grieve for his lost friend.


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