jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: No Words Besides I Love You

Author: MahieSparrow (persefone_rj@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jack and Will are miserable apart. But when they reunite, will they be able to tell each other how they feel?

Archive/Notes: Written for CIB's March challenge “No Magic Words”. You can archive it anywhere, just let me know. After the challenge ends, it'll be posted at Aff.Net and some of the lists I participate.

Warnings: Hot Jack/Will smut! Oh, well. ;) A bit angsty by the beginning, too.

Betas: Bambi and Melannen. Thank you,dears!

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Disclaimers: All of them belong to Walt Disney, not to me. The plot belongs to me. And Jack Sparrow belongs to wonderful Johnny Depp. :)
No infringement is intended and I'm doing this for fun, not for money.

'thoughts' "speech"


His constricted heart hurt him. His chest was tight, his mind was drifting.

He felt lonely.

He knew Elizabeth wasn't the one. Their worlds were miles away. He had just allowed himself to dream a little. To smile. That girl was fierce, she was. And he just thought that maybe - maybe - she could look at him and not see the miles that separated them.

But he knew she wasn't the one and wasn't upset that they weren't meant to be.

His eyes closed and he fought the tears that threatened to fall. They should fall. But he didn't want them to. He shouldn't be crying over something that wasn't really meant to be.
And he wasn't crying because of Elizabeth.

The lass was what the society wanted her to be, after all. Though she seemed to be free, they had all been deceived. She wasn't free.

That was why right now she was married to one Commodore Norrington. And he could understand that. He understood propriety. He understood why people were proper.

But now he cried because of that same propriety. The propriety that had made him stay away from the man he loved. That was funny. Who was the proper one after all?

His heart was swelling with pain, as he first stepped into Tortuga. 'Let's try it,' he thought. 'What do I have to lose if I look for him here?' But he fell to his strongest instincts and found himself in a brothel. 'If I can't have him, at least I can slake my lust.'

He gave in to the pleasures of the body. The two whores he had bought did for him all that he wanted. Hands on his butt, mouths on his cock, tongues on his tongue. But his mind was elsewhere. As it had been for some time. And when one of the wenches reached orgasm, a tear rolled down his face.

Would they ever meet again?

Would they ever be together like that?

He left the brothel later that night, with whores clinging to his shirt. They begged for him to come back soon. He was wanted. He knew that, since that first time he had gone to that brothel.

'No man would ever feel unwanted.' That was true. Want his body, they would ever want.

But as he lay on his bed to sleep, dizzy from the rum he drank, he wondered why he felt that unwanted in a town like Tortuga.


He was sitting on the sand, looking at the sky, as the sun rose that next morning. No sleep at all. He felt the sand on his hands, slipping through his fingers. And it made him feel even bitterer. How could sand
remind him so much of...*HIM*?

Another tear made him feel the weight on his chest again. If he had told him...if he said he loved him...maybe they would be together. Maybe they wouldn't. But he would have tried. And not trying was the worst.

Hadn't they always claimed that his tactful manner was a way to hide his cowardice?

Hadn't Barbossa - that mad bastard - said to him that was why he had lost the Pearl? Because he was tactful?

And now he had lost Will, too.

He stood up; put a mask of happiness on his face. Wasn't that what they wanted from him? To be like a mask? To be untrue? So that was what he
would do.

Weeks passed...months passed...and still he smiled when he wanted to cry. Still he thought about the one he couldn't have. No. Not Elizabeth. After their night together on the island, he had allowed himself to dream.

But it wasn't for her that he cried at night.


Several weeks had passed since he had left Port Royal. And still, he couldn't find him anywhere. He had gone to Tortuga. Scarlett and Giselle had told him Jack had just left. Will cursed his luck and left the island searching for Jack.

'Is it not enough?'

He cursed himself for being so stupid. He'd had only eyes for Elizabeth.

The girl had been his savior. When he looked into her eyes on that ship when he was a child, he felt secure. It was ironic, for security would be the last thing she would give him through the years. Their social classes were different. And Will always wondered if he'd ever marry her.

And she had married another.

So Will went in search of his blood. His life. His father had been a pirate. Maybe he was one, too. Jack had told him so.

Why did he believe Jack? Why did it feel right? Jack could be the most deceitful man on Earth.

But it felt right when Jack told him he had to square with his pirate heritage someday. And Will went in search of that man - that weird man of whom he never knew what to expect. Jack was unpredictable.

Will never feared him, though. What if all he needed was to learn to be weird? What if all he needed was to forget all his propriety and dive into a new world? To let go?

It was only after four months that he was able to find Jack at a small port in Jamaica. And, having nothing to lose, Will went to talk to him:


Will had never seen the pirate's eyes widen that much. Jack clasped him tightly in an embrace.

Still bewildered, Will said: "Never thought I'd leave my smithy, my town and my past behind, eh?"

"Not really."

Fancy that. Jack was more proper than Will had thought him to be.
And he, Will, was more daring than Jack - and even himself - had thought him to be.


The tavern was crowded, but Jack's mind was drifting again. Will was there. Will was there with him! The lad had made himself clear. He wanted to go with him. To turn pirate. Not only a pirate. A pirate under his command.

"Why turn a pirate if not under the command of the best?" He had told Jack.

"'M not the best, lad." Jack said sincerely for once.

"I don't give a damn."

Jack looked at him, puzzled.

Will clarified, his eyes intense and blazing: "You're the best *for me*."

Later, with a whore's mouth on his cock in a brothel somewhere...or was he still inside the tavern? His drunkenness didn't allow much room for thought.

What he did know was that the mouth that suckled him was nothing compared with the intensity of those eyes who seemed to say 'I love you' without words.

The words that Will uttered were just the most perfect declaration of love, though Jack didn't know it at the time.


He was on the Pearl. That much was true. He was inside his cabin. Lying on his bed. And drunk. Of course. He was utterly drunk.

"You should sleep, Captain."

The voice startled him. Even drunk, he knew it was Will. But he wouldn't have the mind to wonder what the boy was doing inside his cabin.

So sleep Jack did.

Will looked at him intensely, admiring his tanned body covered by tattoos. Slightly drunk himself, Will licked his lips and lay beside Jack's naked body. It had been a wonder that the Captain hadn't even noticed that Will had taken off his clothes once they got inside the cabin.

Will stripped down as well and looked at Jack's body again. This man was perfection. And if he didn't make a move, Will would.

He was still proper, though. It took him hours to decide if he should ravish his Captain or not.

Carefully, almost shyly, Will lay above Jack, as naked as he was. Jack shifted and opened his eyes, which widened when he saw a naked Will Turner above him.


"I planned this," and Will's voice was different now. He looked again like the boy Jack thought him to be. Not the daring man who had left his life behind in search of his freedom...his liberty...his own being.

Jack touched the face before him, not sure if he was still sleeping. His cheek was warm and the lips trembled, though Will was sure like never before.
But now that he was there, he didn't know what to do.

Jack flipped both of them over and lay above Will. "You'll never know how much I want this."

They kissed like the world would end. Jack kissed Will's neck; savoring that taste he so desired to know. Will just moaned under Jack's touches and caressed his lover's back shyly.

"And here I thought I didn't know you anymore." Jack said lovingly, between long, wet kisses.

"Are you disappointed?" Will asked fearfully.

"Never." Jack grinned. "If ye need me to take the lead, luv, I will. Ye can be sure of that."

Will felt surer: "So ravish me, *Captain*..." He just used his title because it aroused him, and he knew that Jack liked to be called like that. "Do what you want to me. Have your way with me. I'm yours now."

Jack's body was trembling despite himself. He'd wanted this for so long. And he wouldn't waste this opportune moment.

He kissed Will's chest, licking, suckling and biting lightly on his nipples. Will's cock was hard and ready in his hands as Jack stroked him. He kissed Will's perfect mouth again, knowing that he would never forget that taste.

He would never forget that night, and he knew it.

Soon, Jack's kisses were descending again and soon his mouth was on
Will's navel, tongue-fucking it. Will felt the lips on his pubic hairs and then finally at the head of his cock. He whimpered when Jack closed his mouth around it and started deep-throating him.

Will grasped the sheets so hard his knuckles were white. He bucked into Jack's mouth, not wanting to cum yet, but so desperate for the release he had waited for for so long. He fucked Jack's mouth wildly and didn't understand why or when Jack let his cock slip out of his mouth.

"What's wrong?" Will asked, panting hard.

But he knew it. Jack wanted him. Jack wanted to fuck him senseless. Without a word, he got to his hands and knees and looked back. Jack was eyeing his ass hungrily.
"Don't have no oil..." he said apologetically.

Will was going to complain, to make Jack fuck him *right then* but all his words melted on his tongue when Jack started licking him.

Will's cock was so hard that it seemed ready to burst. And Jack thrust his tongue in and out; in and out...Will knew he would go mad if Jack didn't fuck him soon. And when Jack started slipping fingers inside of him, Will almost lost control.

"Fuck me, dammit...Jack...oh, God..." Will moaned while he felt the pressure of something hard and hot sliding into him. Definitely not fingers anymore.

They both moaned and panted in unison, while Jack fucked Will senseless, just like they both wanted. Jack had taken Will's erection in his hand, stroking him hard while he fucked his ass. Will's senses were overloaded and he didn't know what to concentrate on. Soon, though, he gave himself over to Jack and allowed the sensations to wash over him, carrying him ever onward to his release. Jack groaned when he came, just after Will did, and they both fell on the bed, exhausted. Jack lay above Will's sweaty back, his cock still inside his lover's channel.

Will didn't say a thing ,but Jack just *knew* Will felt alright. He knew that what they'd done felt right. So he pressed a kiss to Will's neck and caressed his hair until they both fell asleep. Will fell asleep with a cock inside his ass, a smile on his face and a lighter heart.

Months later, Will and Jack were on the deck on a quiet night.

“Jack?" Will called to his lover.

"Aye, luv?" Jack approached Will, caressing the curls he loved so much as he drew near.

"You never told me you loved me."

Jack loved this Will. Sincere, direct. After they had gotten together, Will was just a shadow of that proper man. He was both daring and sincere.

Jack just smiled: "Do ye really need to hear the words? Because I can tell ye, ye know."

Will pondered over that for a while. "No. I don't need to hear them," he finally answered.

And his lips curved into a smile while Jack kissed him again.

The End

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