jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Not a Girl
Author: Leah-Chan (awesome_asherz@hotmail.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: R
Summary: Will is most definitely not a girl.
Notes: Written for doeeyedgrim, who asked for PWP and a non-feminine Will. Hopefully she got what she wanted.
More notes: Thanks much to Jana, my beta, who was ever patient and dealt with my whining.

Anamaria always said that Will would look wonderful in women’s clothing. Give him a hoopskirt, a bonnet, and a dress and he’d be the elite of a woman’s society club, and no one would know the difference.

Jack didn’t think so. He knew Will too much for it. The boy may be pretty, but he was nothing like a girl. Girls didn’t have mouths that swore as much as Will’s did. Will could be crude enough to shock even him. Like that one time Jack had been doing a particularly complicated maneuver with his mouth to Will’s cock, and Will had let out a string of curses, ones that he hadn’t even invented before. He had laughed, of course, and Will’s curses trailed off to a moan, thrusting his hips into Jack’s mouth. A few more wicked things with his tongue and Will had been screaming, coming down the back of Jack’s throat with a shudder. No. Absolutely not a girl in that case.

Will was also well defined, muscled all over, his lean body hard and smooth. The muscles on his stomach rippled when Jack trailed his fingers down them, and he could remember many times those thighs had been digging into his hips, muscles there cushioning what could be a very painful experience. His arms would brace himself against the wall, headboard, or wherever they fucked, or wrap around Jack’s body, holding him there almost forcefully. And there was one set of muscles in particular, ones that Will used to drive Jack mad. Jack would be buried deep in Will, already panting from his younger lover’s impossibly tight body, and then Will would clamp down and it was *sweethotsoimpossiblytight*, and Jack would growl, thrusting roughly into him, losing control.

Women were so bloody proper all the time, bound and ruled by society’s rules and images of them. If a girl kissed a man without proper courtship rituals, or was too friendly with a male, she was labeled a harlot, or slut. They had impeccable manners and were always polite. Will wasn’t he took and gave kisses as free as anything, would pull the cute deck hand into a quite kiss as he was walking by, reveling in the freedom of not being responsible, and bound by society’s restraints. Regardless of who he kissed, and how much he looked like a slut, he was Jack’s, and everyone knew that.

You had to be gentle with women. They would eventually break if you were too hard with them. They also kissed much softer. In comparison to all the whores Jack had taken, he much rather preferred Will’s mouth and kisses. They were hard and rough, tongue licking demandingly, and teeth nipping harshly at Jack’s lips. It was just the right balance between pleasure and pain, and when Jack fucked him, he knew that Will could take it as hard as Jack could give it. He didn’t have to worry that he was being too rough.

So when Anamaria told Jack that Will would make a fine woman, he scoffed. Will was perfect as he was, and he needed no dress to make him decide that he liked Will better as a man. He supposed Anamaria just wanted Will for herself, as since she swung towards woman herself, it was just her way of being jealous. Just then, Will looked over at Jack, eyes smiling and face open, and Jack stared for a moment, caught by his (*beauty*, Anamaria would say) rugged masculinity and handsomeness, and decided that it didn’t matter. Will was Will, and Jack would want him any way. He made his way over to give the whelp a kiss, smiling at the hard kiss pressed to his mouth. Yes, most definitely not a woman.

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