jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Mate

Author: Elven Eyes (grey_elven_eyes@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: NC17

Summary: A prison guard forces Jack and Will to have sex against their (initial) wishes.

For: Salina Conlan
Requests: (1) First time, and (2) “outside force/third party that for whatever reason makes Jack and Will have sex against their (initial) wishes.”
Restrictions: (1) Character Death and (2) “all that overly sappy lovey-dovey-ness.”

Warnings: Two MALES having SEX and doing NAUGHTY things to one another in the company of another (VOYEUR). So…voy, questionable consent, and general weirdness. Any questions?

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I did not create these characters, I just borrow them from our favorite mouse and screw them around. ^__^;; I mean…oh never mind.

“Any more bright ideas, -Captain-?” A disgruntled snort came from underneath the hat perched delicately on Jack’s face as he leaned against the grimy prison wall. Will rolled his eyes at Jack, shrugging off the pirate’s irritation with a dismissive wave of his hand before turning back to the cell’s bars, resting his forehead against the cold metal.

“Don’t ye be waving yer hands about at me, lad. It’s -your- fault we’re in this mess, or don’t you remember? Do ye need me to remind ye?” Jack’s hand fluttered to his hat, yanking it down off his face to reveal an annoyed expression. He stood up, dropping the tricorn hat on top of his coat that he had been sitting on and waved his hands about, mocking the smith in a high voice. “’But Jack, it’s the right thing to,’ or ‘I’m going to save them whether you want me to or not,’ or me personal favorite, ‘I don’t -need- yer help, Jack. -I’m- not a pirate.’”

Will scowled, his eyes narrowing and his jaw growing rigid. “I did -not- sound like that,” he huffed, turning from the older man, squaring his shoulders and tightening his grip around the cell bars.

Jack raised an eyebrow at the stiff posture, and just to irritate the man that put them in this problem in the first place, he clapped a hand onto Will’s shoulder, spinning him around to face him. Will looked about ready to kill, but the look on Jack’s face and the dangerous glint in his eyes made him keep his mouth shut. “Listen, Will. When the captain said ‘no’, he meant ‘No way in hell are we going to save those people.’ Ye -are- a pirate now, Will, and I don’t want you doing all those damn ‘heroic deeds’. You have to understand that. Because if you can’t, -this- is where we end up.” He signaled with a wave of his hand at their living arrangements.

A bed was in the corner though it could hardly be called that. Even the stone floor seemed to be cleaner than that filth pile they assumed was once a bed, but through so much torture and abuse, it had become nothing more than a bit of hay and several substances that they could identify as blood, dirt, or vomit.

Jack’s obsidian eyes glittered with a severe look, and he sighed at the expression of confusion on Will’s face. “I mean, those people tha’ you wanted to save made you their prisoner. Tha’s one the ‘o the reasons why a pirate’s first rule is to look out for himself. Do ye understand?”

Will lowered his eyes, nodding, giving Jack the strangest vision of a child that just wanted to help his mother cook, but ended up being shooed out of the mess he had made.


Hazel eyes slowly rose up to meet his, and he squeezed the firm muscle of Will’s shoulder in reassurance. “We’re goin’ to be okay. After all…I’m Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy, whelp?” A gold and ivory grin lit up his face, and he stepped back from the smith, turning from him as a smile crept up on Will’s features too.

“Savvy, Jack.”

Jack sat back down, leaning against the wall nonchalantly as Will sat next to him on the floor, leaning against the wall with one knee brought up to his chest, the other stretched out for a mile in front of him. He was a fine looking boy, Jack thought, ‘cept for those freakishly long legs that made him look almost maidenly sometimes. Angular face, and long eyelashes hiding hazel eyes, and the pale skin, and the lithe frame may not have helped either, but Will was still a strapping enough young man.

Jack pulled the hat back over his face, deciding to ignore the presence of the boy next to him and sleep instead. Will sighed, slumping in his place next to the pirate, and closed his eyes.

This was going to take a while.


The guard stood in the stairway, shoulder against the wall as he watched the two men. His captain had said that no one was allowed to touch them, and with the way the younger man was built, he was -not- happy about the order.


Captain hadn’t said anything about them doing things to each other.

He wouldn’t be going against orders…


Will tucked a stray curl behind his ear, finally opening his eyes as he heard the sound of keys rattling and the lock clicking. He heard rather than saw Jack’s breath slow purposely to give the appearance that he was asleep, and looked up at the guard.

He was filthy, but Will was sure that if he had cleaned up, he’d be fairly handsome. Somewhat wavy black hair highlighted with browns and slight grays was held back tightly at the back of his skull, tied in a knot of some kind with braided strands above his ears. Light blue eyes were glinting hungrily, and the guard smirked at Will. Stubble covered his chin and cheeks, giving him a very rugged, wild man look, and the dark clothing he wore accentuated his muscular frame. He wasn’t lithe, with a not-quite-frail frame, like Will, or wiry muscle like Jack, but built, and armed to the teeth.

“Up, you worthless dogs!” His eyes narrowed dangerously at the two sitting on the floor, but still held that ravenous look.

Will jabbed Jack in the side with his elbow sharply, mainly for show because he knew the pirate was still awake, simply feigning sleep, but nonetheless causing Jack to growl and smack his arm.

“Watch it, eunuch! I was sleeping! Ye never wake a man when he’s sleeping! It’s—”

“—Bad luck?” Will raised an eyebrow and jerked his head to the guard, indicating his reason why he had woken up the grumpy pirate to begin with. Jack scowled at Will and then stood, swaying slightly with the drunken way stance he always held.

A tricorn hat was placed dexterously on his jacket and he turned to the guard, crossing his arms and waiting for him to speak.


Will looked indignant at the guard, and though it wasn’t exactly what Jack was expecting, he was not as offended as the smith. The pirate sighed and leaned against the wall, hips pulled forward as his shoulder blades rested delicately on the grimy cell wall.

“No.” He stated plainly and without argument. However, Jack still wondered…“‘M curious mate…why?”

Will turned wide eyes at Jack, mouth still slightly agape at the strangeness of the situation. A guard was asking them to strip, but for what reason?! He was male! The guard was not likely to see what he couldn’t see any time on his own!

The guard smirked and pulled out one of his swords fluidly, swiftly aiming it at Jack’s throat, the tip pressed delicately against his Adam’s apple, following it as the pirate swallowed somewhat nervously.

Will could tell. Jack was always in control of a situation, but this was the first time.

The first time that the look in his captain’s obsidian eyes was one of apprehension.

The first time Jack didn’t know what to do.

And the first time Will was really, truly worried about their circumstances.

“Listen, -Sparrow-. You’re goin’ to do what I tell you too, and you’re not goin’ to make a fuss. Strip. -Now-.”

Jack glared daggers at the man as he reached for his sash, untying the complicated thing and letting it fall to the floor as the guard stepped back, pressing his back to the cell door and watching the pirate take off his clothes.

He held up a hand, signaling Jack to stop as he shrugged off his shirt, and faced Will, raising an eyebrow expectantly. The poor smith was in too much shock to realize that he was supposed to be undressing as well, and did not notice the man until a sharp pain on his collar bone shook him from his trance. He hissed and looked down, examining the damage done by the sword, and brought finger tips up to collect the blood blossoming on his skin and starting to ooze down his chest.

Quickly unbuttoning his shirt, he held it open as the wound bled slowly but with little pain, down his chest, staining pale skin crimson. He shrugged off the jerkin and shirt, letting it fall to the ground with a soft sound as it hit the straw littering the floor, and starting unlacing his breeches.

Will nearly jumped out of his skin when a sun bronzed hand pressed a piece of cloth to the wound, slowing the flow. The rag was a piece of fabric from the end of Jack’s sash and it was holding the wound rather well.

Hazel eyes watched in slight fascination, and then traveled the length of the arm, up the neck, past the braided beard, into the impossibly dark, kohl-lined eyes of his captain. Jack looked at him and let a gold-laced grin light up his features. He wiped downwards, gathering up the blood, and Will smiled in thanks.

The guard hadn’t said anything, but leant quietly, watching the strangely erotic scene, though neither man had done anything sexual or even acted as if something could have been sexual.

He wondered why the pirate and the smith seemed to be just…-friends-.

Because –that- thought had never really occurred to him. Surely, the two men could sense the attraction they bore for each other! Surely, they wanted to ravish each other on the spot every time they finally saw one another again! Surely, they couldn’t –not- keep their hands off the other!

The very idea seemed implausible.

Jack pulled his hand back as Will reached up and tried to take the cloth from him, wiping down to clean up the rest of the blood that had almost reached his navel. Will started, when the pirate’s fingers grazed his nipple, tickling slightly, though he was not ticklish in the least, and he would maintain that, even if Jack was biting his lip to keep from laughing.


Jack looked at the guard from the corner of his eye and handed the bloody cloth to Will, stepping back and turning to the brawny man. With a curt nod of his head, the guard signaled for them to continue.

“Take off his clothes, Sparrow.”

The pirate was starting to get an idea as to what this guard wanted. Normally, the guards wouldn’t be allowed to touch the prisoners, but that was not to say that the prisoners couldn’t do anything to each other. Or…did these people let their guards do things to the prisoners? Either way…

Force. It was all about the guard’s power over them.

Hmmmm…perhaps the guard had a fetish for watching others? That was –very- interesting…

“Jack…why does he…?”

The pirate looked up at the mention of his name, pulling himself out of the trance to see hazel eyes and an eyebrow raised in confusion.

He really hated the fact that Will would be caught in this. Jack –did- think the boy could handle the fact that men could love other men, but finding out this way was -not- exactly the way he had hoped to have Will learn.

Will, for his part, looked puzzled. The guard wanted Jack to remove his clothes? But why? It didn’t really make any sense, mainly because Jack was a man, and Will was a man, and the guard was a man. What could they possibly do to one another that would amuse the man without their clothes…?



Was -that- possible between two men?

Will looked up to see Jack sigh and turn back to him, one tanned hand going to the laces on his breeches, untying slowly and precisely, the other settling on his ribs, fingertips barely grazing.

Will jumped slightly, because the long fingers were rather cold, as was the entire prison.

“Get him hard, Sparrow!”

Jack closed his eyes and sighed, turning back to the guard and opening his mouth to protest, only to clamp it shut when the guard pulled out his pistol and cocked it.

“What were you going to say?” The guard smirked at the narrowed eyes from the pirate, and Jack turned his back to Will, shielding the boy, in a way.

“I was goin’ to say, ‘what if I don’t?’” Jack shot back, glaring at the sentry.

The guard’s sneer intensified and he got off of the cell door, walking up to Jack while holding the pistol level at Jack’s chest.

“If you don’t, then -I’ll- take the boy, and the whole lot of us will get a go at him.” He responded icily, poking Jack’s chest threateningly with the firearm to emphasize his point. “Better decide what you want quick, Sparrow, because if you don’t, then we’ll all get to break him anyways.”

Obsidian eyes were mere slits in his fury, and hazel orbs were wide with disbelief. But Will decided to make Jack’s decision for him. He clapped a hand on his captain’s bare shoulder, and Jack looked behind him at the smith.

“Jack, I’d rather it be you.” He said it clearly so the guard could hear him, and he sent a look of pure venom at the blue-eyed man.

Jack nodded solemnly, turning back to the guard and growling out the words. “Ye heard him…he wants -me- to do it.”

The sentry narrowed his eyes at Will, who merely glared in return, and Jack turned back to the smith. The pirate placed a hand on his sternum and pressing him against the wall as he inserted a knee between the smith’s long, strong legs, rubbing slightly to get this over with. He laved his tongue along Will’s clavicle, lapping up any excess blood on the pale skin.

“Just one thing, Sparrow.” Jack stopped in his ministrations and rolled his eyes to look back at the guard.

“Yer famous for being a notorious captain, especially in Tortuga with all the whores. Here’s the one thing you –must- do: the boy has to come, but ye can’t lay one bony, filthy hand on ‘is cock to do so, -savvy-? Or else we’ll take him anyways.”

“Jus’ ‘cause I’m a pirate, it doesn’t make me filthy,” Jack huffed indignantly. Will rolled his eyes, wondering if Jack had heard any of the rest of what the guard had said. The pirate shot another offended look at the guard and then turned back to the younger man.

Will was a little apprehensive. While Jack had been bickering with the guard, he had remembered something Elizabeth had told him when they were young. The girl, though raised to be proper and the like, knew much more about the lives of sailors and pirates than Will did, having grown up around the naval men and knowing Commodore Norrington so well. She had overheard from sailors, not aware she was there, what they did on those long months away, and when she had tried to explain it to Will, he hadn’t known what she was talking about.

Of course, since she knew he was a pirate before even Will did, she must have found the idea that a young boy didn’t know what his…-kin- were accustomed to doing when stuck on a ship for many long months to be quite amusing.

Now that he thought about it, Will did –not- find it entertaining.

His mind stopped wandering as Jack nudged his breeches under his hips, pulling them down even further as his mouth traced muscles and his…by all that’s holy! Will’s hand clapped over his own mouth as Jack dropped to his knees and instantly started nuzzling the problem he was starting to develop.

Wasn’t there supposed to be bed involved? And there as no way in hell he was going to risk sitting on that filth pile. Thoughts raced through his head, yet he voiced none of them, questions chasing each other around like leaves on a windy day. Jack placed his hands on Will’s thighs, pushing slightly to get the smith to lean against the wall, and he sat up on his knees, pressing his tongue into Will’s navel.

Wasn’t something like this supposed to be sweet? The younger man couldn’t figure out why this was all happening so fast. He looked down at Jack, only to find that the pirate was giving him a look of concern. Worried that he was doing something wrong (and not sure what was right in a situation such as this), he cast an apprehensive expression of his own at Jack, eyebrows drawn together in distress.

Jack stood up slowly, letting his fingertips trail lazily along the outside Will’s thighs, on his hips, at the gentle curve of his waist. Obsidian eyes peered into his, rubbing soothing circles on his skin, and Jack leaned forward, pressing his forehead to the smith’s tenderly.

“Have I ever given ye reason not to trust me?”

That one question brought him back. He remembered the last time he hadn’t trusted Jack that things had gotten out of hand, and much destruction had ensued.

Most of it had been his fault. And he knew that. His actions had been rash (and stupid), but he was able to claim full responsibility now that he realized that it had been on him this entire time.

Jack slid his hands down, coaxing at Will’s arousal as he nipped lightly on the younger man’s Adam’s Apple. He pulled back as the smiths’ eyes fluttered wildly, and then he focused those dark eyes on his captain’s kohl-lined ones.

It wasn’t spoken.

They both knew what one boundary that they couldn’t cross.

It would be…insincere on both their parts.

Jack gave him that look, and Will knew exactly what he meant. They wouldn’t kiss. They wouldn’t be so untrue to each other, and let their bodies betray them to that extent for the guard’s cruel desire. But Jack figured that since the guard had said no “hands” on Will’s cock, it did not limit him from using everything else, including his lips and tongue.

And as Jack slowly sank to his knees, placing his hands on Will’s hips as the smith leaned against the cell wall for support, taking him in his mouth, he knew that Jack would still be his friend after all this.

And, just before he lost coherency of thoughts and words and started gripping the cell bars next to his head so tightly his knuckles turned white, Will was wondering just how they planned on killing the guard before they escaped.

His mind and body were lost in a whirlwind of feeling and touch, fire and ice, and his muscles tightened everywhere, letting the pirate have what he wanted. Will completely forgot the guard was standing there, watching them with such intensity that he should have had holes burnt in his skin, and he just let Jack’s name be torn from his throat in a strangled cry.


Will hissed at the initial intrusion of Jack’s finger, and he had a strange feeling as the pirate’s digit seemed to search for something. His back was to the guard since he was facing the cell wall, fingers wrapped around the bars loosely, and he wriggled slightly.

And about then Jack crooked his finger.



“Jack! Wha—what was that!?”

Jack grinned, knowing that what the guard wanted him to do was going to be a painfully easy now. He looked up the smooth back and saw the smith staring back at him with incredulity. Jack winked, and then pressed again.



Hazel eyes glazed over as Will threw his head back, biting his lip to prevent himself from yelling out. His hair tumbled over his shoulders, mahogany curls mixing with honeyed waves as he squinted his eyes shut.

A second finger joined the first, then a third, and soon Will was pushing back on the questing digits, letting out more of those absurdly arousing moans that went straight to Jack’s groin, making him painfully hard.

“On with it, Sparrow!” the guard barked from the corner.

Jack merely grunted at the impatient blue-eyed in response. “You…said…that I can’t touch him. So. Shut. Up.” He twisted his wrist, making Will cry out.

“Gods! Jack! Just do it!”

“But Will---!”


“Demanding little blighter…” Jack muttered under his breath, bringing his other hand up to spit in it and coated himself before pulling his fingers out. Will whimpered at the loss, but soon Jack was pushing himself into the smith, and he winced as he was breached for the first time.

It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but not altogether painful either. Since Jack had spent his time in preparing the smith, he felt more of an uncomfortable stretch that went on until Jack was fully sheathed inside the younger man. The pirate’s hands played about his waist for a moment before his right hand slid to fit on his hip, and his bronzed left hand went over his own pale hand.

Jack was pressed flush against his back, and he was buried deep inside him. Will pushed back slightly, panting as Jack pushed forward at the same time, not moving too much, but enough to feel just a little strange. The older man pulled back, holding the smith’s hip to keep him from moving too much, and then thrust back in, listening to the sharp gasp that escaped from Will’s lips.

As Will started to meet his thrusts, Jack’s hand started to inch down, only stopping himself when he heard the guard have a quick intake of breath and moan quietly (in lust?) at the noises that were coming from Will’s throat. Purrs and groans, growls and a sudden primal cry every once in a while, and Jack decided that he was going to make the whelp come harder than anyone else would make him…not that the boy had ever done it before if the blush he wore earlier was of any indication.

Now that blush had turned into pure wanton abandonment, and his face was flushed in his passion.

This was not an ideal first time, and Will would –never- have expected that his first, most intimate moment of all time, would be with a man! And Jack Sparrow! A pirate to boot!

And he didn’t think that he’d be enjoying this so much. Every time Jack thrust into him, he’d hit some spot that made the younger man see nothing but pure white. Something was building inside of him, and though he couldn’t figure out what it was, he knew that it was going to be unleashed somehow, and -very- soon.

Jack thrusts hit –that- spot again and again, and he knew that whatever it was that was threatening to burst was going to be set loose very…



Jack hit that spot again, and Will let his body take over, tightening to excruciating points and then bursting, body shaking uncontrollably as he came. Jack felt Will’s muscles tighten, and that’s what sent him over the edge to euphoria as well, letting the smith’s name fall from his lips in an awed expression.

Will felt Jack's chest heaving against his back, and he felt the pirate's braided and beaded hair against his naked skin. He was trying to regain his breath, so he wasn't really too worried about telling Jack to get off of him.

Besides, it seemed a bit rude.

However, Jack suddenly let out a very low, throaty growl and wrapped his arms around Will's waist, pulling the smith against him as he sat down on the bench, in the process dragging Will with him and keeping himself inside the younger man. His jacket kept them from actually touching the disgusting surface of the bench, and Jack snatched up a shirt and pulled it over Will's lap.

Will, not quite comprehending the situation until now, blushed a deep shade of crimson when he thought about how he had acted. He might as well have been a strumpet, a whore! He felt shamed for what he had done, knowing now that he not only felt like a complete harlot, but now he could be hanged for sodomy!

Jack was still inside of him. He wriggled slightly, muscles feeling the foreign part, and face flushing even further when he remembered that he had asked for it...begged for Jack to do...that...to him...

At least now he wasn't nude for the guard to see.

Well...not entirely nude.

However, while Will was thinking of his current state of dress, Jack was blinking, trying to get the stars that flew in front of his eyes to go away with the way that Will's arse had wriggled in his lap (and since he was still inside said arse), stimulating his hypersensitive skin and shooting electric sparks to tingle his nerves.

Oh no.

Jack almost winced when he realized that due to the stimulation that Will provided, he was starting to get hard again (problem number one). He was still inside Will (problem number two), and was sure that the smith would feel it since he was not a simpleton, and something like that was not exactly unnoticeable when it's hilt deep inside you.

Plus, the guard was still watching them. (problem number three)

Jack felt a sudden protectiveness towards Will right now. He had looked over while he was swivving the smith once or twice and realized that all the looks of lust from the guard were aimed at Will specifically.

He wasn't jealous (much) that those looks weren't intended for him, but he felt offended that the guard would dare look at Will like that.

The pirate shoved all thoughts into the back of his mind; after all, the guard had his show, now he should beat it! Jack narrowed his eyes at the sentry, his chin on Will's shoulder as he hugged the smith to his body and growled in the back of his throat, reminding the younger male very much of a territorial animal.

Not in a scary way. Just in a...possessive way.

Will moved slightly in Jack's lap, feeling the pirate growing harder inside of him, but not wanting to reveal that to the guard. He didn't want to be watched again, mainly because he didn't even remember that the sentry had been there when he let Jack pull him over the edge the first time.



The guard snapped out of his lusty trance, whipping his head to listen to the voice shouting from up the stairs.

"We need you up here! The fort's under attack!"

Muttering a few curses under his breath, 'Dorian' unlocked the cell door, keys clattering as his hands shook with the intensity of the previous actions of the two men he had been watching. He now had a very uncomfortable problem in his breeches, but he would probably have one of the wenches at the taverns take care of it.

The cell door was locked behind him as he rushed off, running up the stairs and unsheathing his rapier as he went.

This went relatively unnoticed by the pirate and the blacksmith.

For they were both rather distracted.

By what the other was doing to them.

Jack, still with a lap full of Will Turner, was slowly coaxing the younger man back to full arousal, letting his hands do whatever the hell they wanted. While he felt the smith wriggle in his lap and toss his head back, dark waves teased the pirate's skin, he saw the long column of flesh that was the boy's neck, feeling a pure, raw desire to mark it and claim the boy as his own.

"Oh...oh gods...Jack...He's already gone..." Moans and pants and random warnings tumbled off of Will's lips, and Jack paid little attention to them. Nothing was really setting him off about the situation, but that little nagging voice in the back of his head was saying "Whoa! Slow down!"

And of course, that nagging voice made his mind wander slightly, and while he was rubbing the boy's thighs, said nagging voice decided to freak out and just say:


This was Will!

Will Turner, who had risked his life to save a girl that he loved as a sister (though at the time he hadn't realized it). Will Turner who put a pistol to his own head in order to save Elizabeth and his crew. Will Turner who helped him get the Pearl back.

Will Turner! The son of his deceased best friend!

Yet Jack ignored the conscience, and kept his primal urges, still spreading Will's knees, pulling the lad into his lap and placing his hands on Will's hips, moving the smith as he worked the boy's arousal with this 'bony, filthy hand' simply out of spite to the guard (even if 'Dorian' had went off somewhere else). He kept rubbing his hands over the entire expanse of flesh on him, and then he decided on what he had been dealing with earlier.

And he marked Will.

Right about then Will came, crying out Jack's name and trying to hold on to anything, which ended up being the pirate's hands on his thighs. Jack came deep inside the smith for the second time, biting down on pale flesh, marking the smith, that's when someone spoke from the bottom of the stairs.

"Well, Captain. Ye should get some clothes on, else we won't be able to take ye two back to the Pearl. Unless ye want me to take yer ship as reimbursement for the one ye stole from me. Or I can come back in a couple days time..."

Anamaria, first mate to the Pearl, was holding the ring of keys in her left hand, dark hair tied back by her bandanna, eyebrow raised in amusement as she stood in front of the cell.


They had been back on the Pearl for a week.

And Will and Jack had not spoken in that entire time.

Not even acknowledge each other.

Whenever they needed something that even remotely dealt with the other, they would find the nearest crew hand, or the most trusted (Anamaria, Gibbs, and Mr. Cotton's Parrot), and ask the other whatever had to be done.

Well, to be much more specific, Will was refusing to talk to Jack, and since Jack was as stubborn as Will most, if not all the time, he too refused to talk to Will.

But it was driving him insane.

Yes, Ana and Gibbs were there, but they weren't the same. They were fellow comrades.

Will was a friend.

And he was sure that he had totally fucked up the friendship for one more romp in the cell.

Was it just a romp? Was he really so stupid as to throw away one of his male friends for sex?

Whatever it was, he wasn't sure, and right now he didn't care. He just wanted his friend back.

Jack called Anamaria over, handing her the wheel as he strolled down below, drunken sway absent as he walked slowly. He walked into his room, and he locked the door behind him, walking over to the window. Now that he thought about it, a few days prior to their getting captured, he'd been thinking...


Will stood awkwardly, looking at the door to the Captain's Quarters. He was currently trying to sum up the courage to knock on the door.

He needed to talk to Jack. They needed to discuss what had happened between them, and Will felt that the pirate was too damn stubborn to say anything about it. He wanted to tell Jack that...well, it had been his first time, not that the older had been bad, because he had actually been very, very good, but that it had not been an ideal first time, and that he didn't like men, or at least he didn't think he liked men, but...

Shit, this was so complicated.

Will rubbed his forehead and sighed, trying to massage away the headache that was threatening to surface. Winged eyebrows drew together in distress, he thought about their time in the cell, wondering if it actually meant anything to Jack. He wanted to know, since they were both men, that it was just swivvin', not any sort of emotional attachment.

Jack was his friend!

Besides, Will was not some lovesick maiden. He was a man!

But he was still absolutely mortified!

Anamaria still teased him in an offhand manor, but she had promised to both Jack and Will that she wouldn't say anything to the rest of the crew about what had happened. Every time she said something about needing to do anything that may have involved talking to the captain, she would wink in a most lewd manner. And, of course, Will would always mumble about having to do something else and have the dark-skinned woman talk to Jack instead.

Will bent down, scratching his calf under the boot that snugly fit his legs, and didn't notice that the door had opened until he straightened back up.

And consequently bumped heads with his captain, who had been looking down at the smith trying to figure out what the hell he was doing.

Jack yelped indignantly and fell back, tripping over his own two feet as the back of Will's head hit his forehead. He reached for something, which ended up being Will's wrist as the smith reached to catch him, and stumbled to regain his balance.

The pirate looked up, kneading his forehead as Will rubbed the back of his head, wincing at the sore spot starting to form at the base of his skull. Will frowned as he rubbed the tender spot, and Jack smiled slightly as he looked up at the glowering smith.

They shared a smirk at their situation, but then realization dawned on them, making their smiles falter.

This was going to be awkward.


"Why, Jack? Stop evading the question and tell me!" Everything about the smith radiated anger, from the narrowed hazel eyes to the jaw drawn taut, his fists clenching rigidly to the way his feet were rooted to the floor.

Jack stopped fiddling with his rings and turned his face up to look at Will, eyes veiled from revealing any emotion and his expression neutral. The look that he received from the younger man when he was about to protest made the pirate bite the remark he was going to say.

"I want the truth, Jack." Will's voice was stern as he placed his hands on his hips, raising an eyebrow in expectancy.

Jack sighed and stood up from his chair, the backs of his knees forcing it back as he waved his hands about. "I...I don't know why! Somethin' just happened to me, and I went along wit' it!"

"'Something happened'?" Will's tone was dry, definitely not believing the pirate.

"'Tis true! I swear on my honor as a pirate, that I wouldn't have done it otherwise." Jack took off his hat as it slipped down, throwing it on the table that stood between them.

"A pirate's honor is not comforting. And why the bloody hell did you do...that--" Will pointed accusingly in the area of Jack's crotch, face flushing in embarrassment at the thought of what they had done, "--again, when you didn't have to? The guard was gone!"

"I'm sorry?" Jack winced and put his hands up defensively when Will slammed his fist on the table, rattling the small piece of furniture and the map laid out on it.

"That's not good enough!" Jack could tell that some of the noise above had faltered, and it was probably due to the fact that Will was yelling at him. "You think that you can just apologize and it will all be better, Jack?! I will tell you now, your 'word' and your 'apologies' mean nothing to you, so they mean nothing coming from you!"

Jack felt offended. How dare he! The pirate was not going to stand by and let that impudent whelp think that he had no say in this matter. "Now, see here, young Mister Turner! Do you want to know why?!"

Will narrowed his eyes even further, crossing his arms over his chest. "Oh please, do go on." His voice was laced with sarcasm, and he continued, "I would like to know why my captain, one of the few people I can consider a friend, decided to have his way with me against my will, and for his own personal pleasure!"

Jack leaned over the table, eyes glinting angrily, and he growled out his response. "I didn't do anything against yer will. I would never force meself on anyone, contrary to popular belief. An' ye seemed to enjoy yerself rather well, I might add."

The smith flushed further in anger and embarrassment, biting out a question through clenched teeth. "What are you trying to say, Captain?"

"Tha' perhaps I'm not the only one who may have wanted it, mate."

"Wanted it!? Jack Sparrow, you are one of the most inane and insane person I've ever met!"

Jack smirked and brought a hand up to cup Will's chin. "Try to smile, luv. It would be most becoming on you."

Will's eyes widened. What? When had the conversation turned? One minute Jack was angry with him, now he was saying he wanted him to smile? His brows furrowed as Jack released his face, but continued to lean over the table and study the smith intently.

"What do you really want, Jack?" Will lowered his voice, his pretty face far more confused and skeptical than angry, and Jack's smirk transformed into a genuine smile.

"A mate."


Jack leaned back, gracefully flopping back into his chair and propping his feet onto the table, tucking his hands behind his head. "A mate."

"'A mate'? Jack, I don't understand..." Delicate eyebrows furrowed, and that brow crease the boy seemed to never get off his face deepened.

Jack's smile never faltered as he shook his head slightly, bringing his hands back up to fiddle with the rings. "I want a friend."

"Jack, I am your fri--"

Jack cut him off. "No. Someone that I would trust with my life, and they could trust me with theirs. Someone I know will watch me back at all times," as he spoke, his words grew more heated and he stood back up, pacing, "Someone that would take the bottle away when I'm three sheets to the wind, someone that will be there for me at all times, someone that would follow me into the grave, someone that--"

A calloused hand was pressed against his mouth, and Jack speech muffled for a second before he stopped talking.

"Then what am I, Jack? Why else do you think I searched for you when I left Port Royal? Why is it that I helped you get the Pearl back, I saved your life from the gallows twice, that I've hid your rum when you're so piss-drunk that even the crew notice? Jack, you're..." Will trailed off, letting his hand drop as he turned away, facing the window, and the setting sun painting his pale features with hues of gold and red.

"I'm what, lad?"

Will sighed and looked over his shoulder at the pirate. "You're not my captain, because that's not why I'm here. I'm here because you're my friend, and I knew that despite how infuriating you are, how you always call me names, how I barely withstand your derision, and how I want to smack you with an oar, or perhaps the hilt of my sword, once more...you're still my friend, and my first."

It was Jack's turn to look confused. "'First'? First what? Friend? Mate? Captain?"

Will smirked and turned back to Jack. "All of those things Jack, and many more. You're...you're the first person I've ever really, truly trusted, and that's a sad thing, since you are, in fact, a pirate."

"What about Lizzie?"

Will chuckled at the nickname Jack had taken to calling the fiery woman. "Liz...she's a different story, simply because she's like a sister to me, and she is, very obviously, a woman. I feel the need to protect her, simply because she is my family, and she's a bit more delicate than you are, Jack."

Jack looked offended. "And you think I don't deserve to be rescued like some maiden?"

Will rolled his eyes. "What? Do you want me to sweep you up off your feet and save you from anything and more?"

The pirate nodded. "Yep."

The younger man brought a hand to the bridge of his nose. "I meant it as a joke, Jack...but if you truly want that to happen, you'll have to wear a dress. I'm not going to be the only one embarrassed."

"Tha'd be about right."

"You're incorrigible, Jack."

Jack’s mischievous grin slid into place as he scrunched up his nose to make a face, standing up and sashaying over to stand in front of Will as the smith leaned against the table. “But ye still love me, don’tcha?”

Will rolled his eyes again. “I suppose I do.”

Jack clapped his hands together victoriously. “I knew it! Ye do love me!” He let his hands rest on either side of the boy sitting on the table, and brushed his nose against Will’s as he smirked at the lad.

The smith returned it with his own smirk and pulled back before Jack could kiss him. “That doesn’t mean I have to like it.” At Jack’s offended look, Will ducked his head and covered the pirate’s mouth with his own before he had to listen to any more of Jack’s bickering and ranting.

Of course, that didn’t stop Jack from trying to mumble his protest between breaths of air.

Maybe the lad was the incorrigible one.

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