jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Love and Betrayal

Author: Spooon (spooon@shawcable.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Will and Jack are stuck in the brig of the Dauntless.

Disclaimer: Who's the owner of the boys who shag for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

For: Mariana again. Aren't you lucky.

Author's Note: Okay, I may possibly have taken a couple of liberties with the "romance" part of this request. If you meant "hearts and flowers and candles and wine" then you're going to be sorely disappointed. If you meant "love and cuddles", then we're good. I think. Um.

The brigs were completely full. Even a grand Naval ship such as the Dauntless had only so many cells, and the Black Pearl's crew were numerous. The last few pirates were on deck, being shackled to the railings for lack of a better place to put them for the trip back to Port Royal.

This is where Will sat, leaning unhappily against Jack's solid shoulder, watching as yet another sailor was sent below to fetch yet more irons. It was a bloody great fuss, carrying so many men who were only going to die on the other side, but Commodore Norrington would never allow the unlawful slaughter of men who were no longer resisting arrest and could be given a proper, tidy, *lawful* hanging.

An almost comforting warmth seeped through Will's shirt from the pirate next to him. He badly wanted to be holding Jack, or Jack to be holding him, and very nearly acted on that desire -- might as well be hanged for sodomy as for piracy -- but he knew what harsh words and treatment such a display would invite from both the Marines and the other prisoners, and preferred to have his last days with Jack be less unpleasant than that.

So instead he just sat with his lover, trying not to show his despondency. He didn't seem to have done a good job, because Jack's hand came up to rub unobtrusively at his back.

"'S all right, lad," came the soft statement. Will didn't answer, because it wasn't all right, but drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs, resting his chin on one knee. He had known when he first broke Jack out of gaol that his own execution was a very likely eventuality, had been fully prepared to die for Elizabeth. But back then -- had it really only been two weeks? It felt so much longer than that -- he had thought she was the only one who mattered. Make no mistake, Elizabeth's safety was of the utmost importance and, now that the cursed pirates were no longer a danger, he was immensely proud to have succeeded, and would go calmly to the noose.

But Jack, his beloved, wonderful Jack, was going to be executed, too. The strong, warm hand was still on his back, and he luxuriated in the gentle touch. Before Jack, the last time he had been touched with kindness had been eight years ago, when Elizabeth had brushed his hair out of his face at their meeting, and he'd been mostly unconscious at the time. Jack always, even now when he didn't deserve it, showed more love and tenderness than Will had ever felt in his life.


"Easy, Will," Jack said, pushing him back down onto the bunk in the captain's cabin on the Interceptor. They both were barefoot, and though Will was naked to the waist Jack still wore his shirt. Jack had been kissing Will's neck and trailing both hands down his sides when a previously unknown sensitive spot below his ribs, on the left side, had made him buck nearly upright.

"You like that spot then, lad?" Jack asked once Will was settled back onto the bunk, and with a wicked grin bent to apply his lips and tongue to it. Will cried out and writhed under the sweet assault, his hands clutching at Jack's head.

"Jack, Jack, Jack…" The searing hot mouth moved sideways, across his belly, down the light trail of hair, and teased at the base of his prick. "Jack!"

Then the marvelous rough tongue that had come to mean so much to him in just a few short minutes was gone, leaving goosebumps as the trail of moisture dried, and Jack was sitting up on Will's thighs, his hands busily unlacing his shirt. Will watched with wide eyes as the tanned, scarred, tattooed torso was bared, and his hand reached up of its own accord, stopping just shy of touching the leanly muscled chest.

Jack smiled kindly at him. "You can touch if you like, Will." And his eyes closed in pleasure as Will tentatively closed the distance, stroking gently at a rare patch of unmarked skin. Every touch made the lump in Jack's breeches move, and Will couldn't help but reach down to find how that felt under his hand.

"Y'ain't shy, love, I'll give you that." Jack grinned easily, a slow, feline thing that made Will's own groin tighten unmercifully, then pulled Will's hand away, twining their fingers together. Will's hand ached with the loss of that hard heat.

"Please, Jack, I want to touch you. And I want you to touch me."

"And we are, love." Jack opened Will's breeches with his free hand, then his own, and bent down for a kiss. Will groaned into Jack's demanding mouth as the movement pressed their erections together. His hand broke free of Jack's grip so he was able to wrap both arms around Jack and hold him close while sucking on that beloved tongue. Dimly he registered Jack pulling their respective trousers down and working them off, but it didn't seem important until they both were naked and Jack's hands were under his rear, squeezing gently and lifting to grind down against him. Will yowled at the friction, breaking the kiss.

"Yes, yes, Jack! Oh, harder!" His nails dug into Jack's back, leaving little half-moons between ancient flogging scars.

"Easy, Will, easy. First time, innit? Don't want t'go hurtin' you."

"I don't care, I want you!" Will sucked on Jack's neck, raising a red welt. "Please, take me! Now!"

"Patience, darling." Jack slipped his fingers into Will's mouth to moisten them. They were salty and rough, and Will swirled his tongue around them, nibbling a bit with his teeth when he felt daring. Then he gave a particularly hard nip -- it would have broken lesser skin, but Jack was sufficiently callused that he merely drummed his fingertips blithely against Will's tongue and pulled out.

Jack settled between Will's legs and those wet fingers patted lightly at his opening, not entering yet, just touching. Will gasped and shivered, spreading his legs wider, trying to encourage Jack to touch him deeper. But Jack did not, only tracing soft circles around and around, and kissed him; his lips, his jaw, his chin, his cheeks. Will clung to Jack's shoulders and returned the kisses as best he could, rocking his hips up, still wanting more.

Jack's other hand came up, rubbing and tugging on Will's nipples, making him moan and arch up. Then one finger prodded purposefully at his entrance, opening him just slightly before retreating and then returning to repeat the infuriating teasing.

"Please, Jack!" Will let go of one shoulder to reach down and cover Jack's exasperating hand with his own. Jack smiled at him and slid the finger in, ever so gently. Will panted at the stretch, gripping Jack's hand to hold it in place.

Jack wriggled his finger, stroking Will's insides. He had to pull on Will's hand to work the other wet finger in, caressing him and loosening the muscle, and then Will tightened his grip further and started gently bucking his hips into the touch. Jack's fingers were rough but wet and his nails were, surprisingly, neatly trimmed, so his careful rubbing felt delightful, though the stretching twinged a bit at first. Will clung to him desperately, nuzzling and kissing along Jack's bearded jaw.

"You sure this is yer first time, lovey? Ye're very, very good at this." Jack smiled as Will licked along the same path his lips had just followed, trying to imprint the taste of those wiry little hairs on his tongue.

"Yes, I'm sure. You bring it out in me, Jack." Will had never felt so wanton before. Had never felt wanton before at all, in fact. But here he was, naked with a man, forcibly holding that man's hand between his legs, and tugging on those little beard-braids with his teeth, and he never wanted to stop. "Oh, Jack!" The fingers tried to slide out, but Will held Jack's hand too tightly in place so they obligingly resumed twisting and flexing inside him. He purred, bucking up harder onto the lovely fingers, and Jack kissed along his cheekbones and the bridge of his nose.

"Ye're precious, darling. Ye're so sweet and willing." Jack's voice dropped to a whisper. "If ye give me back my hand, I can fill ye much fuller. Wouldn't tha' be a fine thing, Will?" Will sucked on Jack's earlobe, flicking his tongue against the small ring there before reluctantly easing his grip on Jack's hand. He didn't release it fully, and Jack had to struggle to pull his fingers out but he managed.

Jack spat in his hand a few times, and encouraged Will to do so as well, then rubbed it over his cock. Will clutched Jack's shoulders again, spreading his legs shamelessly wider, bracketing Jack's hips, and begging. "Hard, Jack. I want it hard."

"No, no, Will. Hard's for later. I'll not be hurtin' m' lovely, virgin lad. We've no grease, leastways none I'd trust inside yer pretty arse." Jack kissed him again. "If I'm to be breakin' yer seal we need to do it slow and gentle-like. Trust me."

Will huffed impatiently. He considered claiming that he *had* done this before, but knew he was a bad liar, and changing his story now might make Jack stop altogether. So he just begged again. "Please, Jack, fill me." He reached back down and stroked Jack's erection, trying to encourage it closer. Jack went, pressing his cockhead against Will's entrance, hard enough that it tried to open for him but not so hard that it succeeded.

Now Jack placed his hands on either side of Will's face, looking into his eyes, stroking his cheeks with his thumbs; lips almost to Will's, not kissing, just stopping a hairsbreadth shy of making the lightest possible contact. "You know once I've taken you, you will be mine. Mine to touch, and to hold, and to love," he breathed into Will's mouth.

Will sighed "yesss" and pressed his head back into the worn pillow as the pressure against his aperture increased, more and more, and more, and then Jack broke through. Will gave a short, startled cry at the stretch, so much more than Jack's fingers, and flung his legs around Jack's waist. "Yes, take me! I'm yours!" Jack kissed Will's mouth demandingly as he eased more of his shaft in slowly; the spit relieved most of the friction but he still only advanced half an inch or so with each thrust of his hips. As he pressed deeper he left the bruising lips and dropped kisses down Will's hot cheek to his ear, into which he murmured sibilantly.

"That's it, open to me, you sweet boy; let ol' Jack make you feel things ye've never felt before. Ye're mine now, Will, an' I'm goin' ter make you come wit' my tadger sheathed to the hilt inside ye. Then ye'll always be mine. My treasure, my precious Will."

At last Jack's hips were flush against Will's buttocks. They clung to each other as Jack started rocking, and in his fresh exhilaration Will almost laughed at the strange sensation of dragging his nails down Jack's oddly textured back. He didn't, though, because his every breath was better spent on the heartfelt groans he made as Jack advanced and withdrew, and advanced again. It was maddening, the rhythm far too slow but the friction too much; increasing the speed would hurt more than Jack would likely risk, and the only way to reduce the friction would be to very nearly stop entirely. So Will just clung to Jack's neck, peppered his face with kisses, and tried not to go insane.

Gradually Will's channel loosened further, adjusting to the still-new invasion, so they were able to pick up their speed somewhat, whispering words of affection and desire. Will's fingers and toes curled as Jack's hand found his cock and they moved together languorously, still kissing between endearments.

The pleasure deep in Will's belly became a burn, and slowly spread outward, stilling his tongue and driving out his thoughts. But Jack did not speed up yet further, instead keeping the slow pace, barely stoking the fire he had lit. Even when Will wriggled helplessly, Jack only sped up his hand's movements, and that wasn't what Will wanted at all. He wanted to be pounded into the bunk, which wasn't ever going to happen because Jack was so adamant about not injuring him.

"Ye'd rip right open, love, ye're very delicate inside. I'll not hurt you, my sweet darling. My Will. I promise, soon's we find some oil I'll ream you hard as you like. But now ye're still new to this." Jack's hand was moving faster than Will had known a thing could move, but his thrusts were still absurdly slow and gentle. It was almost against Will's wishes that his passion continued to climb, but he couldn't fight it, just fisted his hands in his pirate's hair and kissed his face and neck, rocking into the firm touch.

It took him by surprise when his lust finally boiled over and he spilled into Jack's hand with a soft moan. Jack held him through his tremors, kissing him and telling him how beautiful he was in his pleasure.

Will still clung tightly to Jack even after his climax had passed, whispering I-love-yous and I-belong-to-yous until Jack reached his own peak, growling assent as he branded him inside.

They held each other close long after their heartbeats had slowed.

<end flashback>

And then Will had betrayed him and left him to die at the hands of his old crew, simply because he had overheard Jack talking with Gibbs, and assumed the worst. Not only had he knocked Jack unconscious to prevent him enacting his plan, whatever it was, he'd told their ragtag crew that Jack had fallen behind, knowing full well what that would cause. It had seemed to make sense at the time, but now Will just felt wretched. The only thing that made him any better than the mutineers was that he had only taken the Interceptor and not the Black Pearl, and he wasn't completely positive that meant as much as he hoped.

Why had he instantly assumed that Jack had planned all along to hand him over to the other pirates? Why had he then assumed that the soft, loving words and touches were but a ploy so Jack could have his way with him, a virgin, before sending him to his death?

Even after Will's monstrous betrayal Jack had come back for him. He could have stood silently aside and let the Marines kill the newly-uncursed pirates, besides Barbossa of course. Or he could have gone through with the plot of taking the Dauntless, and if he'd only waited until after the curse was broken to declare his true intentions he could then have gotten his revenge, and taken the title of "commodore" for himself if he so wished. But instead he'd saved Will, and in the process lost all; his Pearl, his armful of meticulously chosen swag, his freedom, and soon he would lose his life.

It simply wasn't fair. Jack was a good man. Better than Will, at any rate, though that wasn't much of a comparison.

"What'yer ponderin', Will?" Jack slung a strong arm around his shoulders and drew him close. Will cast a quick, nervous glance around; the sailors were all working and the other prisoners were all dead asleep. Jack must have been waiting for this opportune moment. How could he be so considerate, here, now?

But Will swallowed his self-loathing and snuggled gratefully into Jack's embrace. "I'm just thinking that there's no one in the world I'd rather be executed with than you."

"They'll not hang you, lad," Jack said in a voice that suggested it should have been obvious, nuzzling behind Will's ear. "Th' good Commodore's only marryin' your Elizabeth because he saved yer life. He won't risk the betrothal now by turning around an' killin' ye, savvy?"

Will started. The thought that Jack would die and he would walk free had not even occurred to him. "But you will raise a glass t' the memory o' yer friend Jack e'ery so often, won't you, my sweet Will?" Jack continued, and Will turned and hugged him wordlessly. He didn't want freedom in Port Royal. With Elizabeth marrying someone else, there was truly nothing left for him there; and he had already made his peace with never returning to his home or to the smithy. But now he was determined. If he was indeed released, he would return to the smithy and he would arm himself.

He would not leave his Jack to die, again. He would redeem himself. He would escape with Jack, or hang next to him.

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