jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Longing
Author: doeeyedgrim (doeeyedgrim@ididitmyway.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will (duh)
Rating: Only around PG…a little bit of tension and kissing.
Summary: Somehow everything looks different aboard the Interceptor… especially Jack.
Disclaimer: Jack, Will, and everything else that is Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Disney. Not me.
Feedback: Much appreciated. Lusted after, actually.
A/N: Written for Maria aka Mela, for the second Jack/Will ficathon. Her request: Will is only going after Elizabeth out of duty, to repay her and her father for saving him 8 years ago. Jack and Will are on the Interceptor before they get to Tortuga, where Will finds himself attracted to Jack and acts on it. How it plays out is up to the author. Anything but death!fic goes.
Hope you like, dearie!

Dark eyes and gold teeth, both glinting with mischief when he smiled. Jangling trinkets in his dread-locked hair, a laugh that tempted like the devil himself. Tan skin that seemed to glow and that Will knew would taste tangy of salt and sea.

Abruptly Will sat up, panting in the darkness. Not again. Another one of those damned dreams, always vague and disconcerting, but most definitely about Jack. His rough hands on Will’s body, his purring voice in Will’s ear…it was too much.

But Will knew of nothing he could do. He wasn’t one to voice his emotions in any case, and admitting his lust/obsession to the pirate captain who was also the object of said lust was, quite frankly, impossible.

The next day, Will was standing on the deck in the open sun, watching Jack at the wheel. Noticing the faint curve of the pirate’s hips, the faraway expression on his face, Will realized that, above all, he had to do something. He just couldn’t go on like this…watching Jack, lusting after him, and doing absolutely nothing about it.

He didn’t even realize he’d stood up, until he was facing Jack and the pirate was standing all too close to Will, as was his wont.

“What is it, whelp?” Jack asked, blinking owlishly and raising his chin as though he was trying to make himself look taller, like Will wasn’t fully aware that the captain was approximately two inches shorter than he himself was.

Will had intended to say something witty. Honestly, he had. He’d wanted to make some snide remark about pirates that would set Jack off, and the only reason Will wanted to do that was so he could watch Jack’s hands flail and his hips sway as he stalked back and forth along the deck, forgetting that there was no one steering the ship.

But instead, Will kissed Jack. Clumsy and unpracticed though he was, he made up for it with his enthusiasm, leaving Jack looking amused, gently touching his own bottom lip and furrowing his brow when Will finally pulled away.

“Alright, then.” He said and looped one arm lazily around Will’s shoulders, bringing him in for another kiss.

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