jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Lies
Author: Smiley (sweetdignity@aol.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: PG
Summary: Will has his own reasons for his trysts with Jack.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Which is a shame.
Warnings: SLASH!
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A/N: This is the sequel to Unfaithful from Will's P.O.V. You don't really have to read the first part to understand this but it would help.

Ever since I was rescued from the unpredictable and enigmatic sea, I had believed that what I wanted, what I needed, was to marry my savior, which evidently was Elizabeth. When she was kidnapped I believed what I told Jack. That I would die for her. I was willing to go to unbelievable extents to safe her. And I did.

I freed a wanted man from prison, I commandeered a ship from the Royal Navy, I sailed to Tortuga with a crazy captain, and I gave myself up to cursed pirates to safe her life. In the end, everything worked out to my convenience. I had found a new friend in Captain Jack Sparrow and I become conscious, of the fact, that my love for Elizabeth wasn't one-sided.

I was completely at ease with my life after said adventure. I mean, who wouldn't be? I was engaged to the love of my life and I had finally figured out why my father hadn't be present for more than half of my childhood (not that his reason for not being there was great, but, now I didn't have to wonder what had happened to him and I had no reason to keep believing that I was the reason for his leaving).

The day I saved Jack from his rather cruel death, I had watched the Black Pearl sail away, wondering whether I would ever see Jack again. But, these thoughts were filed away in the darkest corners of my mind, and for a few months all that I occupied myself with were the plans for my upcoming wedding. When it came time to write out the invitations I had presented Elizabeth with the idea of inviting Jack. But, she refused, calling him a poor excuse of a man and a despicable one at that. That was the only thing we actually fought over. In the end, she won. And Jack was not added to the list of wedding guests.

The wedding itself went rather well. A whole lot of Elizabeth's "friends" were present and I didn't fail to notice that none of mine were even invited. For about two months we lived in complete bliss and I was already planning on moving out of the governor's mansion with my radiant wife, when, out of nowhere Captain Jack Sparrow waltzed himself back into my life.

I have to admit I was pleased to see him. He was the only person I actually trusted. Since, there wasn't a chance in hell that I was going to confide in those hypocrites Elizabeth insisted on inviting for afternoon tea. I knew that Jack couldn't come visit me at home, and for that reason we started meeting at one of the local taverns once a month.

In a way, he was the only real link I had to the outside world. And I was glad for that because I couldn't stand all the pampering that the maids bestowed upon me at the mansion. The more Jack visited the closer we became and I took to telling him all of my marital problems. Most people don't realize it but Jack really is a great listener. He could sit there for hours listening to me whining about my life and afterwards he would give me a small smile and a pat on my shoulder, reassuring me that everything would be all right. And this small gesture gave me hope because I knew within my heart that those smiles were reserved for me and that I was the only one that got to receive them.

It didn't take long for me to notice that all the drunks in the tavern would stare at Jack and me whenever we sat in our usual table. On rare occasions when I felt extremely uncomfortable because of their gazes, Jack would lead me to the Pearl, and we would talk for hours within his cabin.

When I mentioned this to Jack he simply laughed and as soon as he noticed my befuddled expression he explained that they probably thought we were lovers. I was appalled by this and argued that they would never think such a thing but Jack simply shrugged and told me that sooner or later I would realize he was telling the truth.

And like always, Jack was right. It seemed that all those men in the tavern weren't as drunk as I though them to be. Given that, one way or another, it spread around town that the son-in-law of the Governor was meeting every other day (leave it to those morons to exaggerate about the whole thing. Honestly, Jack wasn't as stupid as to risk his life by coming to visit me so often!) with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and during these visits we would go to one of the rooms in the tavern and bugger each other.

When I told Jack that he had been right and that I never thought possible that those drunks would spread such lies, he gave me one of his feral grins, and simply replied that he could remedy that. I should have known better than to question him further but, being the stupid twit that I am I went right ahead and asked. I watched as Jack stood up, downed the rest of his drink, took my arm and started walking towards the direction of the tavern's room. I had no idea what he was planning but I finally gathered some idea of what was going through his mind when he locked the door behind him after pushing me in.

I still remember that night, as if it were yesterday.

"Jack, what are we doing here?"

"You don't want those `drunks' spreading lies. Right?" He replied as he rid himself of his effects and shirt. I found that I couldn't speak or take my eyes away from his now exposed chest so I simply shook my head.

"That's what I thought. That's why I'm going to fix it so that they don't say no more lies but instead speak the truth."

At that moment realization hit me and I completely understood what Jack meant to do. I tried to stop him but I knew that I wanted what he was offering and when he kissed me all I did was open my mouth and let him in. Elizabeth did cross my mind at the beginning, but, she was forgotten once Jack began licking and kissing my body, and after my howl of completion I realized that sex was never this good with her, and that the feeling of Jack's sated body on top of mine was something I wanted to experience more than once.

That night, I'm not ashamed to say, was the night for which I developed a taste for men, or more precise, a taste, a craving, for Jack. I discovered that I had developed an infatuation with Jack's kisses, arms, legs, arse, everything. He was the only one capable of arousing me with just a look and every time he looked me in the eyes I got lost in those dark, sinful, irises.

I couldn't get enough of the pirate captain and it seemed that he couldn't get enough of me either. His visits became more frequent and whenever I was with him I couldn't help myself from reaching out and touching him. Whenever I felt like escaping from the listening ears of the taverns inhabitants, for I knew that they listened, Jack, like before, would lead me to the Pearl, and there, within his cabin he would ram into me, over and over again (most of the time when we fucked on dry land Jack would allow me to breach him, he wasn't as steady on dry land as he was on the Pearl). By the fifth or sixth time that Jack brought me aboard his ship the crew was already greeting me like an old friend and I knew that they weren't bothered by the fact that I was Jack's lover. In fact, they seemed pleased because according to Piotr Jack was always happier after one of his visits to Port Royal and if Jack was happy it resulted in more loot for the crew.

Despite what others thought, I did care about Elizabeth. But, I couldn't bring myself to give up Jack for her and as the months went by I realized that I no longer wished for a woman's touch. The only hands I wanted to feel were Jack's.

That's why I figured that it would be much easier for us to sleep in separate rooms, because I was sure that Elizabeth had heard about Jack and me. She made it rather obvious I suppose. Always bringing Jack up during our conversations and besides with the meddlesome maids she had working for her she was bound to have heard something.

During Jack's last visit I realized that I had to pick what I really desired. The sea with the man I love by my side or Port Royal with a no longer appealing wife. Of course, this wasn't a hard decision to make and after I had fucked Jack senseless, I never looked back. I boarded the Pearl with Jack, and though I felt bad about just leaving Elizabeth, I was determined not to lose my lover. My captain. My one and only true love.

The End.

A/N: Hope you all liked and I'm working on the epilogue to "Unfaithful" which is from Jack's POV.

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