jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Letting the Punishment Fit the Crime
Author: Hellborne (the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Jack/Will, Jack/Other
Rating: NC-17
Summary: They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Those
people never met Will Turner.
Warnings: Torture, Rape, Lemon, Slash
Copyright. Characters, not mine. See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I
make no money. He does, but not on this.

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NOTE: Made for JackXWill fic challenge 1. Although I've done PWPs before, I've never done one without a lead-in. How about letting me know how I did, eh?

"Lad, would you PLEASE turn me loose My arms are getting tired, and you haven't even told me why you've shackled me spread naked `tween the floor and the ceiling yet. All you've done is sit there staring at me fish-eyed since I woke up."

"Shut up, Jack." Jack looked shocked. "You heard me. And no, you haven't been punished nearly enough for what you've done."

"What have I done to you? Whatever it was I'll make it bettah! Just let me down, whelp, and I'll make it up to you!"

"You can't. What you did was inexcusable, and I'm going to make sure you don't even think of doing it again. I love you, Jack Sparrow! And I THOUGHT you loved me." As Jack twisted to follow him with his eyes, Will walked around the pirate and took something out of Jack's sea chest.

Jack's eyes widened as he watched the beautiful boy holding the cat-o- nine-tails that Jack kept for extreme crimes against the ship's articles. He'd almost forgotten he even had it. "At least tell me what my crime is. Even a man on the gallows knows why he's being hanged."

Will frowned. "You really don't know, do you?"

Jack shook his head. "No idea."

Will let fly a well-placed lash of the cat on Jack's back and walked back around him as Jack let out a hiss. "Jack, last night I saw you."

"Saw me? Doing what?" Jack was sure he knew what Will was talking about, but he wasn't admitting to anything.


He decided to play innocent. "Aye, and what of it? I speak to Anamaria several times a day. Is that so bad as to deserve this?"

Will walked around behind him again, letting the cat fly. Not being ready for it this time, Jack let out a yelp as he walked back in front of him. "Not talking, Jack. You were in the shadows on the foredeck with Anamaria on her knees and your breeches around your ankles!" He untied the leather strap that held his queue and shook his hair free, getting onto his knees. "She was basically doing THIS." He took Jack into his mouth, alternately moving his tongue around the crown and sucking hard. He moved off of the swiftly hardening manhood and smirked as Jack squirmed and moaned. "Do you mean to say that you don't remember that?"

"Not really...perhaps you could `remind me' a bit more?" Jack's member was quite hard just thinking about what Will was doing.

Grabbing Jack's cock hard, Will wrapped the leather strap tightly around the base of his length and his sac, cutting off any possible release for the randy pirate. "No, Jack. Admit what you did and it'll go easier on you." He took Jack into his mouth again and worked his mouth around the crown.

Jack moaned loudly. "Lad, I admit I got carried away last night. But you told me you were too tired to do anything and went to sleep, leaving me frustrated enough to bed Mr. Cotton's Parrot, love!"

Lifting his head to look at Jack, Will sneered. "You should have just come with me to bed and dealt with it yourself! It's not like I haven't had to do that when YOU'RE too tired!"

Jack screamed as Will bit him just below the head of his tightly bound organ. For some reason, Jack's voice sounded strained. "Whelp, when I get free you're going to pay for this!"

Will licked around Jack's manhood, following the bite line around and making Jack squirm and moan loudly. Reaching around behind the helpless pirate, he placed a finger to Jack's opening.

Jack puckered his arse. "Don't we need a bit of oil for that, love?"

Will took Jack's now painfully hard member into his mouth. "Mm umm." His finger pressed in, making Jack's breath hitch and his bound length twitch. Will started humming as he moved his finger in deeper, looking for that...special...spot...

Jack screamed as stars blotted out his vision and made him ache for release. "PLEASE, William! Release me and I'll give you pleasure as you've never had before!"

Will lifted his head and stood up, leaving one finger inside Jack to massage his sweet spot and moved behind him again, watching Jack's helpless length twitch uncontrollably, unable to cum. He pulled his finger out quickly, moved Jack's hair to the front of his shoulders, took Jack's earlobe between his lips and teeth and started licking and giving feathery kisses all around Jack's ear and back of his neck as he unbuttoned his own breeches and positioned the head of his stiff manhood at Jack's opening and pushed his way in.

Jack screamed. "OIL!"

Will grinned evilly, whispering in Jack's ear and blowing gently. "No, Jack. You don't deserve it." He backed most of the way out and plunged home, scraping along the sensitive nerve endings and grunting.

Jack groaned in frustration and ecstasy as the ache in his balls grew to unbearable proportions. "William, PLEASE!"

Will pounded his length home again and again, ignoring Jack's writhing and pleading. He could feel himself losing control and bit into the back of Jack's neck, drawing blood and marking Jack as his. The taste of Jack's blood made him lose control completely, thrusting as hard as he could, spilling his seed deep within his captain.

As Will pulled out of Jack's entrance and took the older man's bound, reddened manhood in hand, he moved in front of him again and licked the sensitive slit. "Have you learned your lesson, Captain?"

Jack needed release so badly that he was weeping. "Oh gods I've learned it SO much! Please William! No more of this torture!"

Will frowned and produced a dagger, which he held at the base of Jack's sac. "I don't trust you. Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous. And you are one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. So...what have you learned, Jack?"

Jack moaned, torn between fear and frustration. "No more cheating on my good blacksmith...no matter what. I swear, my William, on pain of death, not to look further than your good self ever again. Now PLEASE, William!"

Will barely nicked Jack's sac and licked it clean, grinning as he put the dagger away again. "And I'll give you `pain of death' if I ever catch you at it again, savvy?" He took as much of Jack's length into his mouth and quickly freed the bindings.

The Pearl echoed with Jack's screams as he shot his seed into Will's mouth longer and harder than he'd ever done in his life.


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