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Title: Learning
Author: Vireyda Magodaly (elemental_elf_013@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: PG-13 for mention of blood
Summary: "Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous." So William learns.
Disclaimer: I don’t own, at all.
Authors Note: Why is everything I write prose now-a-days? Anyone want to answer me that? THERE WAS NO DIALOGUE HERE. I LIKE FONGING DIALOGUE! G’roar...
Feedback: Would be insanely appreciated, because I'm not sure how much I like this, maybe if OTHER people liked it...I'd like it more...*shrugs* either way, feedback is like food.  I need it to survive.

William knew beautiful things. He made them everyday, every hour, every week. He lived amongst the shining and the bright. His swords, whether they reflected sunlight, or the moonlight were the brightest lights he’d seen. With the soft light from his candles, the metal seemed soft enough to touch. But sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous.

His swords, they cut and slash, and can easily spill blood, but when cleaned from the blood and gore of a fight, it shines the brightest virgin silver, until it spills blood again.

Elizabeth was beautiful. Beautiful beyond mere words, and she was dangerous. She broke William’s heart, leaving him for Norrington, and leaving him behind. Women were dangerous creatures when they held your heart, they could cherish it, or they could crush it. The beautiful ones, Elizabeth, crushed more than they cherished.

William’s mother was beautiful. She brushed her hair one hundred times every night to keep it smooth and silky. She had callers from time to time, all wishing her hand in marriage, and she would turn them away. Then, she grew sick and died of consumption, leaving William alone with only the memory of his bright, shining mother. She was dangerous too, leaving him alone to go on a ship where he knew no one and could do nothing.

The Aztec gold was beautiful, bright, shining, sparkling in the moonlight. It made your hand itch to reach out and take. But then you remember the danger, and you’d snatch your hand back. William knew how dangerous these coins were. They’d steal your life, your love, your lust, your humanity...and that was more dangerous than anything else he’d known in life.

Then there was Jack. Jack was beautiful. He was handsome and strong and William, for a time thought that the eccentric pirate could do anything. Jack was beautiful. William wanted Jack for himself, wanted Jack to want him. Jack did want him, it turned out, but it came with a price. William couldn’t leave. Not if Jack were to give William his heart, and Jack would give William his heart, and was willing. William promised to stay, and Jack made William for one night (and many nights after) feel beautiful too.

Jack was like William’s swords, bright and shining, soft as water, almost completely harmless looking. Until you touch them wrong, and your hand is sliced off at its roots. ‘Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most dangerous’ William mused to himself, looking at Jack’s turned back in the morning sun. But, just like William’s swords, time and use could wear the edges down, making it less dangerous, and safer to handle. Jack would just take time... not that William wanted him too. Because, like everything, beauty has a price.

William learnt that.


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