jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Late

Author: Vireyda Magodaly (elemental_elf_013@yahoo.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: PG

Summary: "Wedding? I love weddings!" Then how come he missed it?

Notes: If you’ve ever read any of my things, I relish abhorrent cliffhangers. I’m sorry its so short! But this is my first slash fic that I’ve allowed out of my own sight, so...here goes nothing.

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Contrary to what everyone else thought, Jack did get the invitation to the wedding. He got it, took one look at it and tore it up dropping the pieces into the sea. He knew Anamaria saw him, but he ignored her as he stormed into his cabin.

Will was getting married. Check that. HIS Will was getting married. Check that again. Will wasn’t technically his, but Jack liked to think so. Jack’s heart -- what was left of it -- belonged to William Turner the second.

"Captain?" asked Anamaria from outside his cabin.

"Aye?" he called back listlessly.

"Ship on the horizon. Tis called the Medallion."

Jack’s interest was peaked at the name and he left his cabin and hailed the ship that sailed with no colors. "AHOY!" he called.

"AVAST YE PIRATE!" called a familiar voice.

Jack did a double take. "Will?!" he called, and Will got into his line of sight, leaving the helm.

"You missed my wedding Jack." Will cried sternly.

"Wedding? What wedding?" Jack asked blankly.

Will’s face fell. "You never got an invitation?"

Jack shook his head. "Nay lad. But congratulations all the same."

Will frowned, Anamaria was behind Jack miming something out. She pointed to Jack and then pretended to rip something up and tossed it over the side. Will’s brows rose. Jack turned around the see Anamaria’s hands still and her features arrange themselves into an expression of blank compliance. "Jack..." Will said, a smile behind his voice. "If you didn’t want to go to my wedding, you could have sent word."

Jack wanted to protest, but it would be futile. "Couldn’t see Bootstrap’s boy tied down." Then he changed the subject skillfully and quickly, "Speaking of which, where is said bonny lass?"

Will didn’t bat an eye, "At home."

"I see..." Jack said. "Then I’ll be troubling you no longer mate, go home to your lass and have many children."

Jack turned to walk away catching Anamaria’s look of fury. Will interrupted, "What if I were tell you that I didn’t marry Beth?"

Jack turned, "I’d say, ‘you’re crazy William Turner’ and..." Jack paused, "You’re serious?" Will nodded.

"You’re crazy, William Turner," Jack said.

Will laughed and said, "Thank you. I believe I learned from the best."

Jack smiled too. Then he sobered. "Why?"

"Let’s just say someone else flew away with my heart."

Jack’s heart dropped again, "Then I wish you luck with..." He stopped mid-sentence and fully comprehended Will’s statement. ‘Flew away with his heart.’ Jack smiled but looked uncertain, "Me?" he asked, trying not to hope.

Will offered one cursory motion.

He nodded.


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