jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Kokopelli's Flute
Author: Hellborne (the_ferret_mom@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC17
Summary: In 21st century Las Vegas, Will needs help. Jack is just the one to help him.
Part: 1/?
Copyright: Characters, not mine, See the Mouse. Story, mine, but I make no money. He does, but not on this.

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A/N: This was created for Mariana for the Jack/Will Ficathon II. The requirements were these: "Request: I'd like to read a modern-day fic in which J and W discover they were lovers in their past lives as pirates - they have to be surprised by this fact in the present and feel even closer to one another because of that, feel like they're soulmates or something. Restrictions: no Jack or Will death; no ratings below R (which means I want sex.

NOTE: I've never done a present day AU before. Please let me know how I did.

A/N: Here is the first chapter to fulfill the ficathon request...it's going to end up a lot longer though...and I'll publish those chapters here as well.

Chapter 1 – Greetings

Billy Thompson was down on his luck. He stared at the pawn ticket in his hands and sighed. He climbed into his 2000 Silverado and tenderly patted the steering wheel. "Well, at least I can still drive you around till I can't afford to pay the interest." He started the engine and pulled out of the driveway in the 106-degree Las Vegas heat, heading for his cheap motel room and the air conditioner.

He glanced at the buildings going by, not really concentrating on anything but getting to the motel office with the rent money. He almost missed the driveway, turning as fast as he could, screeching around the corner—


He hit the brake, skidding to a stop, quickly turning into a parking place and jumping out of the truck to see what he'd hit. There, on the ground, was what appeared to be a short, lithe woman with long, silky black hair, hugging her knee to her chest, her ass-length hair spread wildly over her, concealing her face, her blue jeans closely hugging her hips, her yellow and brown plaid shirt tied into a midriff. /Damn it! Why me?! There goes my insurance, my truck...hell, I hope she doesn't sue me!/ Billy moved over to her and extended his hand. "Omygod miss, I'm so sorry! Let me help you to my room so that I can call the police to make a report and an ambulance to get you taken care of."

"No cops...please." The voice was not a woman's voice; it was decidedly baritone. "I mean, I'm fine, man. Don't worry about it." The man straightened his leg experimentally as he brushed his hair away from his face. Billy noticed that he would still have thought the guy was a woman. High cheekbones, a heart-shaped face, pouty, full lips, and long black lashes on deep pools that men and women alike could drown in graced him with their presence.

Billy kept his hand extended. "Well, at least let me get you out of this heat so you can rest for a while. We can look at the damage and I can get you to the hospital if you want."

The man nodded and took the proffered hand and stood, wincing as he put his right foot on the ground. "Thanks. I'm Jacob, by the way. Jacob Littlebird. And thanks for agreeing not to call the cops." He allowed Billy to help him to Billy's room and onto the bed. Jacob pulled down his pants, examining his knee, prodding it a few times. "It'll probably bruise, but nothing serious." He pulled them up again and sat back down on the bed. Billy noticed that he moved fluidly, like a cat.

/Damn he's sensual! Men and women alike probably want to go to bed with him!/ He snapped himself out of his thoughts. "I'm curious. Why no cops? Do they want you for something?"

Jacob shook his head. "No, but they don't seem to like `my kind.'"

Billy was confused. "Your kind of what?"

"Well, it's no secret that I'm Cherokee. I follow the `Old Way', so they're always trying to bust me for drug possession. Plus, I'm a professional fortuneteller, so they automatically think I'm some kind of con artist. AND, " he said for emphasis, "I'm a female impersonator. I do Cher over at American Superstars."

/That explains why he keeps himself so "pretty."/ "Well, you can hardly blame them for the fortune teller part. I mean, it's all bullshit anyway. But hey, if people want to pay to hear random advice from a stranger, I'm the last one to argue."

Jacob pursed his lips to stifle a smirk and quirked an eyebrow. "You think all fortune tellers are fake?"

"Well, it's nothing personal, but I stopped believing in fortunetellers about the time I gave up Santa Claus."

Jacob smiled. "Tell you what. Let me prove I'm real. Give me your hand." He held his hand out.

Billy tentatively held out his right hand, palm up, unsure of what the fortuneteller was up to. Jacob took his hand gently and turned it palm DOWN, closed his eyes, and appeared to go into a trance. /Yeah, right. Good act though, and with his looks, he probably makes top dollar./

The fortune teller stiffened, then relaxed, eyes still closed, face slack. "You arrived here four months ago. It took you almost three weeks to find a job, and lost it two weeks ago. You came here trying to...escape?...yes, escape...what you considered a dying economy in South Carolina. You're gay, but rarely admit it even to yourself as you were brought up to believe that it was sinful. You are on your last money, that being from pawning the title of your truck. You once had a lover who made you happier than you've felt since—no, wait. That was from a previous life. You had a girlfriend that was never happy. She could never please you; you were using her to cover the fact that you were gay and felt guilty about it."

"Wait. What about the lover from my previous life?" Billy couldn't believe it. Jacob had been 100% accurate about his life so far, so he was curious about the "past life thing."

"You were happy. You loved each other very much; enough that, when he was killed, you...nah, this can't be right!" He opened his eyes and looked intently at Billy. "Funny, I always figured you'd be Cherokee like me. Who would have figured you'd be Euro?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Many years ago, I was trying to find myself. I was having bizarre visions in my waking hours, and thought I was crazy...delusional. When I took this to my grandfather, he counseled me to go on a spiritual journey with him. He took me into the community's sweat lodge and we sat around the hot rocks. He pulled a couple of things out of his medicine bag and demonstrated to me what to do. Man, the visions we saw! But the one that has haunted me ever since was that of a pirate and his blacksmith lover. Call me a fake or crazy, but when I looked into you just now, I saw the same thing, but from the blacksmith's point of view. And I'll give you my entire client list to prove I've never told anyone this before or made a pass at any of them."

Billy was stunned. He wasn't entirely sure if Jacob was being honest, trying to make a pass, or just plain crazy. But he had looked surprised and a little angry when he supposedly made the discovery so... "Hey, Jacob? I'm not doubting you or anything, but...is there any way to prove that part? I mean...you got my life down perfectly, so I'm curious about it...but...you know...it's a little hard to believe that the same two people would meet out of the blue like this...from another life I mean..."

"I understand what you're going through, man, but that's what I saw. And that kind of thing happens a lot out there...it's called being soul mates. Look. Let's go back to my shop. I've got a sweat lodge in the back, and we can find answers there. I'm sure my spirit guide can help a bit, but you can find yourself there as well. Even if you don't have that particular vision, it'll help you get out of your present predicament."

"Which is?"

"You're screwing yourself right now. Everything you do brings you down further. The visions in the sweat lodge can help you find out why and correct it."

"And this will cost me how much?"

"Nothing but the time it takes to have your vision and go home. I don't take money from people who need it more than I do."

Billy considered it. "Ok, I'll try it. Hell, I've tried everything else. So where is your shop?"

"A couple of blocks from here. I was just walking home from lunch. Oh...only pay one night's rent today."


"I don't know that one, but my spirit guide said to tell you that."

"You talk to your spirit guide just anywhere? I thought that took some kind of ceremony like what you suggested we do."

Jacob shrugged. "Sometimes, you're right. Or I can call him when I need him. But sometimes he intrudes upon me in the here and now, but only when it's important...and he NEVER tells me why. So I'd only pay one night if I were you. Tell you what: If it turns out that Bootstrap was wrong, I'll pay for a whole week's rent for you. That's how confident I am in my guide; I trust him."

Billy shrugged. "Hell, what do I have to lose, right?"

They walked out of the room and Billy locked the door. He helped Jacob into the truck, then went to the motel office and paid one night's rent and returned to the truck. Jacob gave him the directions and Billy started the truck.

Within a couple of minutes, Jacob was unlocking the glass door to an occult shop. He opened the door and held it open for the much taller man. "Welcome to the Lyceum Arcanum. Well, how do you like it?"

Billy looked around. There were books along one wall, candles along another, herbs along the third, and oils on the fourth. In the center of the room, stood a multi-tiered table on which there were many standard occult supplies, including wands, crucibles, and other odd items. The cases around two of the walls were filled with Native American jewelry, kachina dolls, sand paintings, bone and stone knives, willow flutes, etc. In one corner, there was something like a hat rack, with dream catchers, mandelas and medicine wheels. "Wow, this is some place you've got here! All this stuff must have cost you a fortune."

"Not really. Some of the oils get expensive, but I make all the stuff in the cases in the corner, and most of the oils and candles."

"Where do you get all the time to do all this and have an outside job too? I mean, don't you sleep?"

"What's sleep?" He grinned. Somehow Billy thought there was something missing about the grin, but he couldn't figure out what. "Actually, I sleep at least two hours a night. It seems to be enough for me, so I just keep making things till I run out of stuff to make it with. And I have a few people that come in and teach magick several times a week, and I get 10% of that for providing the venue." He pointed at a heavy "Indian rug" hanging on the wall at the back of the store. "Through there is the rest of the setup, and the way to the sweat lodge." He held the rug aside and ushered Billy through to a hallway heading back to a door. There were two doors on each side of the hall, two of which were labeled "classroom" one of which was labeled with the universal sign for "male/female restroom," and the one on the left next to the back door was labeled "janitor's closet/hazardous materials."

Billy stopped at that door. "I'd have thought you would use natural cleansers."

Jacob laughed. "I do. That's my apartment. But what you're looking for is out here." He proceeded to the door at the end of the hall and opened it. The back yard was fairly large, and filled with riotous colors and smells. "My herb garden."

Dead center in the back yard was the sweat lodge dug into the ground, with a lit adobe oven next to it. There was a pond completely surrounding the oven. Jacob opened the door to the sweat lodge and put a rock in place so that it wouldn't close again. He took off his knee-high, black moccasin boots and socks and put them next to the door, then walked into the pond, grabbing some tongs on the way. He took some stones out of the fire and put them on a tray. Then he carried it into the lodge, telling Billy to follow him. After taking off his shoes and socks, Billy followed, closing the door when Jacob instructed him.

Jacob put the stones into a stone-lined pit in the center of the round, adobe lined lodge and sat down between a bucket and a brazier, removing his shirt and putting on a headband. He tossed another one to Billy. "Sit down, be comfortable." He pulled out a twelve-inch bundle of some kind of herb that had the end burned, and put it in front of him. He lit something in the brazier, and it flared up merrily, then died down to a small burn without flames. Billy took his tee shirt off and sat on a blanket next to the bucket, putting on the headband and watched the petite man before him as he dropped various herbs into the brazier.

The smoke came up and gave the lodge a very pungent smell that Billy couldn't identify. Jacob took the foot long bundle and stuck the end into the brazier, causing it to smoke. /Hmm...smells nice./ Once the herbal smell permeated the room, Jacob ladled water onto the stones in the pit, which brought up a lot of steam. He continued ladling until it was thick and hard to see and sweat was pouring down their bodies.

"Close your eyes and relax." Billy did so. "Now we shall see what we shall see."

Billy started getting a bit light-headed and looked through the steam at Jacob, who had somehow developed darker, deeper eyes, as if he were wearing kohl. He tried to shake his head to clear it, but fell back, looking at the steam swirling around the ceiling. He knew it wasn't caused by the heat, but he couldn't move. As he watched the ceiling, he saw a part of the steam open, beckoning to him, and he had to follow...

* - * - *

Jack took Will's throbbing manhood deep into his throat, making the sweaty blacksmith below him shiver in delight. He pulled off until just the crown remained between his lips and smiled, watching the golden body undulate under his tender ministrations. His hands roamed delicately along Will's straining abdomen, a finger dipping into the shallow pool of sweat in his navel.

"Jaaaaack..." Will moaned with need. "Pleeeeeease..."

Jack lifted his head and grinned. "Patience, my love. This is your night." He dipped his tongue into Will's navel, lapping up the sweat; moving his tongue all over the quivering body beneath him. Will watched him, entranced, his nipples rock hard from the sight of his lover. Jack was smiling tenderly as he reached a nipple, then grasping it between his teeth and flicking his tongue against the tip. He grasped Will's hips and held him down as the boy tried to arch his back, begging...pleading...blubbering incomprehensibly as he became undone; finally screaming Jack's name as his member spewed forth its essence with such gusto that it splashed all over the side of Jack's head and face. Jack laughed. "Ye know ye'll need t'clean yer mess, luv. Tha's me rules." He licked up the trail leading to Will's spent member, finally licking around the head and in the tender slit at the very tip. As he moved up Will's still-trembling body, still giving the ex-blacksmith's abdomen and chest butterfly kisses as he went, Will began to sob. "Jack...please...no more...You'll kill me!"

Jack stopped and grinned. "Ye'll die a happy whelp then. Besides, I can go four times hangin' upside-down from the ceilin'. Or don't you remember last Tuesday night?" Will grinned at the memory. "So you can do four on your back." That said, he moved his body onto Will's, a nipple in one hand, both their manhoods in the other. "Now clean me off and prepare to die."

Will bent his head up to lick his thick, milky essence from Jack's face. As Jack lovingly rubbed their velvety organs together, Will whimpered into Jack's mouth as the older man plundered his with a deep kiss. Jack released Will's manhood and took his thigh in his hand, lifting it. Will got the idea and wrapped both his lags around Jack's waist, tipping his hips so that Jack had easy access to his hot entrance.

Jack pushed in easily, his cock sliding through his own juices from only a few minutes before. He felt Will clamp the ring of muscles that always made Jack soar, and Jack let a growl escape as he plunged into his lover, his stiff member dragging hard against Will's sweet spot. He grasped Will's now rigid member and started pumping it in rhythm to his thrusts. Every stroke of Jack's length made Will see stars, and he finally began screaming and babbling, his eyes wide open and unseeing; his seed spilling over Jack's hand between their sweating bodies.

Jack felt his manhood being milked by Will's convulsing heat, threw his head back and rammed home, cumming hard into his lover and collapsing on top of him, holding, cuddling, and babbling as they trembled together through the aftermath of their passion. Jack was sobbing gently into Will's neck. "Don't you ever think of leaving, William Turner. I love you too much to allow it."

Will began to pet Jack's head, smoothing his hair and moving dreadlocks and trinkets out of the older man's face. He smiled. "Never would I do that to you, old man. You'd never be able to live without me. And yes, I love you too, Jack Sparrow. You never forget that, either."

Jack smiled. "I won't, lad. I won't."

* - * - *

The scene swirled as Billy tried to sit up. He managed to pull himself up onto his elbows and look at Jacob. Jacob's face seemed older, somehow, and his eyes still seemed darkened with kohl. Then he realized that the face of Jack Sparrow was superimposed over it.

The steam swirled, opening another vision. This time, another man, dressed in tunic, breeches, and boots, with a blue scarf holding his long curly tresses from his face, was speaking to Jack Sparrow.

"Jack, congratulate me! I'm a father! Elisa wrote and said it's a boy. William Turner the Second. I want you to be Will's godfather."

"I'm honored, mate! And congratulations Bill! I'll be right proud to be the little pirate's godfather."

"Oh, he's not going to be a pirate, Jack. And if anything happens to Elisa and me, you'll need to give up piracy."

"For you and Elisa, Bill? Anything. The little tyke'll never know. I promise."

* - * - *

The steam swirled again, but Billy somehow kept his purchase, only to see "Bill" dressed in similar clothes as before, speaking to Jacob, who was paying attention as if this were an every day occurrence. /Perhaps to Jacob it is./ As he was rather transparent, Billy assumed that Bill was some kind of spirit this time, not a "vision."

"I've given him back to ye, and you'd better keep him safe this time, savvy? You're the guardian and guide for his spirit, so make sure you guide him safely this time!"

"Yes, Bootstrap. I won't fail you again. So let me get on with my job. Now that I've found him again, I won't let him go. I swear it."

"Then we have an accord." The spirit disappeared.

* - * - *

The steam thickened as Jacob /Jack?/ made his way around the pit in the center and opened the small, round door. Billy caught him before he could do anything else and kissed him, his tongue seeking entrance. When Jacob refused, Billy looked him in the face, his arms still around the much smaller man. "Why not? Didn't you see what I did?"

"Yes, but this is a sacred place, and I won't have it defiled just because my soul mate has found his way back to me." He grinned. Billy noticed his perfect, white teeth, and realized that what he'd thought was wrong before was that Jacob didn't have the gold teeth that Jack Sparrow did in the vision. "Not when my apartment upstairs is just waiting to be defiled..." He motioned the sweat-drenched man holding him to take his shirt and exit, then crawled out after him, closing the door afterward. They grabbed their shoes and socks and walked inside the shop. Jacob took out an intricate-looking skeleton key and opened the door to the "janitor's closet." Billy grinned; there was a stairway leading up to another floor.

As he reached the landing, Billy could have sworn he'd stepped into the Twilight Zone. The furnishings were basically early Native American, but with the added feather of a huge entertainment center along one wall with a sixty-five inch high-definition television in the center. The carpeting was nothing more than a plethora of sheep skins on a hardwood floor, and there were more skins on the hand-made sofa and chair. There was a large mandela on the wall over the sofa, and a large clay plaque over the chair with a man in costume /perhaps a God?/ playing a flute and dancing carved into it.

There was something that resembled an altar against the wall adjacent to the stair landing. Above the altar, instead of a mandela or other Native American art, there was an oil portrait of Will Turner in full pirate regalia. His shadow was a silhouette of Jack Sparrow. A teakwood carving of a sailing ship sat on the altar itself, two white candles on either side of it.

There were four open doors leading from the room. "Well, what do you think?" Jack waved his hands expansively.

Billy was astounded. "It's magnificent!"

"So, would you like the full tour, or do you just want to see the bedroom?"

* - * - *

Billy sat at the kitchen table, drinking the tall glass of ice water as he watched Jacob drink his. He noticed that Jacob's Adam's apple didn't show. Jack noticed what Billy was looking at and grinned. "I had to get it shaved for my night job. They didn't want a `female impersonator.' They wanted a `celebrity impersonator' that could pull off a good Cher. Well, I already look enough like her and can sound enough like her that they wanted me. So they told me if I could take just one more step, they'd double their offer."

"But you've still got..."

"Oh yeah, I could never even think of parting with `His Majesty,' no matter how much they offered!"

Bill giggled. "'His Majesty?'"

"Of course. All people bow down before him when he `holds court.'"

Billy laughed. "I guess that'll include me."

"Only if we hurry a bit. I've got a show in three hours. So would you rather rush it before the show and bring your stuff over here when the shop is open, or move your stuff in now, come and watch the show, and then have a leisurely all-nighter with `Cher?'"

As Jacob mentioned "bring your stuff over here," a tear developed in Billy's eye. "You want me to stay here?"

"You heard Bootstrap. If I let you get away he'll kill me. Besides, I've been waiting for you for over fifteen years...ever since I was twelve. So let's go pick up your stuff and return the key."

Billy looked at Jacob accusingly. "You knew. That's why you told me to only pay for one night."

"No, but after looking into you I had a suspicion. Bootstrap knew, though. That's why he told me to tell you that." Jacob's eyes widened. "And that's why he pushed me into your truck! I don't know whether to kill him or kiss him, so to speak." He grinned. "So I guess I'll just kiss you instead." He stood up and planted himself on Billy's lap, kissing him deeply. By the end of the kiss, both men were quite obviously hard; their nipples tiny pebbles on their chests. "So, hot and fast sex that we may have to stop rather abruptly and move your stuff tomorrow, or move it now and spend all night with Cher?"

Billy grinned. "Cher's ok, but I'd rather spend all night with you."

Jack smiled, a tear in one eye. "Ok, but I think I'd better warn you, I may look like I'm petite and submissive like a girl, but when it comes to sex, I'm all man."

"Like in the vision?"

Jacob grinned wolfishly. "Yes. Very much like that." He looked at the clock on the wall. "We'd better get going."

* - * - *

They moved the stuff in record time, and after a quick but hot shower together, Billy put his clothes in an empty wardrobe that seemed to have been waiting for him, as Jacob started his transformation into Cher. Amazingly little was needed beyond adding a bit of makeup and putting on the costume. Jacob's eyelashes were already long and full, and with a tiny bit of plucking, his eyebrows were perfect. He shaved, but Billy couldn't really tell, as Jacob's face had been baby- bottom smooth when they'd kissed. He did apply a latex lump on his straight nose to more resemble the singer's, and he glued on some gorgeous red-glittered fingernails. Then he opened the closet. Inside was a fortune in women's eveningwear. Sequins, satin, velvet, lace and leather of all styles and colors filled the entire walk-in closet. A riot of colors, it seemed each had their own pair of shoes to go with them, all of which had at least six-inch heels. Billy stopped what he was doing and walked over to have a look.

Jacob grinned. "She's a hell of a clothes horse, isn't she? But she never fails to impress," his voice changed perfectly to match Cher's, "and I've NEVER been found out as a guy." He picked out a beautiful red sequin slit skirt and midriff blouse with beading hanging from it, with matching red sandals with seven-inch stiletto heels. His voice remained Cher's as he dressed. "This one has them having cardiacs in the aisles." He put on a pair of black pantyhose with red glitter and a red lace G-string. "I waxed yesterday." Billy noticed that the pantyhose had a leather lining at just the right place to keep Jacob "flat" in the nether region. With the G-string on, it was invisible, but it made it so that it was literally impossible to tell he was male. As he put on the costume, he smiled. "This isn't 70's television, so I get to show off my navel." He put the slightest touch of rouge in and around it, giving it a very sexy highlight.

Billy watched as she (he could no longer really think of this person as anyone but Cher—the mannerisms were perfect!) tied some red beading into her long, silky black hair. "Too gaudy?"

Billy laughed. "Not for Cher. Maybe not gaudy enough!"

Jacob applied a hint of red body glitter to his eyelids. Matching beaded earrings and necklace and several hoop bracelets finished the ensemble. She stood up and turned around for Billy, obviously showing off.

Billy applauded. "My God you're perfect. I can't even picture you under that! About the only difference between you and Cher is that she wears two to three-inch heels, not seven."

"I have to compensate because she's taller than I am. I had the chance to meet her once while I was in costume. These heels make us just about the same height. Though I'm three dress sizes smaller than she is."

"Did she talk to you?"

Jacob grinned. "Yeah. She wanted me to do double work for her. I turned her down."

"Why? I'd think it would be more money."

"It would have been, but the scenes I'm talking about would have made the front page of the National Enquirer if I'd have done them."

Billy thought for a second, then he blushed, his mouth making a perfect "O."

Jacob nodded. "Yeah. So I turned her down for `personal reasons.' To this day she still thinks I'm a woman!" They both laughed. Jacob grabbed a red, white and blue outfit and folded it neatly in a garment bag, putting a pair of matching shoes in with them. He shrugged. "They've got a patriotic end number, with everyone in red, white and blue."

She had Billy put on his best suit, picking out one of her own silk ties to go with it.

* - * - *

Billy drove them ("You should see what happens on the bus!") to the hotel, and they walked arm in arm through the lobby, having to stop several times on the way to the theater in order for Jacob to sign fliers and photos as "Jacqueline Loon." Apparently her signature included a small drawing of a loon as the "L" in Loon. When they finally made it to the theater, "Jacque" went directly to the concierge desk. "Matthew, I want you to treat this man right." She winked at Matthew, who nodded in understanding.

"Yes, Miss Loon. I understand completely." As Jacque left to go backstage, Matthew took a card directly out of a desk drawer, typed a bit into a computer terminal, and handed it to Billy with a purple ticket to the show. "Use this card like a Visa anywhere in the hotel. Food, room, drinks, souvenirs, and even gambling are all covered. The show starts in an hour and a half. Don't wait in line; just go to the door over there and present the card and the ticket and the usher will seat you at your table. The ticket is good for up to a party of four, so if you have some friends you'd like to bring, feel free to do so. One warning: tonight you are "Cinderella at the Ball" in a way. The card automatically stops working at checkout time tomorrow. That's 11:00 am. Enjoy your evening." He bowed slightly. Billy thanked him and wandered around the casino till show time.

* - * - *

The show was great. Elvis, Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera were good, but Cher truly stole the show. She did two musical numbers in the middle, and was the centerpiece of the patriotic finale that Billy was warned about. During her first song, a slow, love song, she walked off the stage to where Billy sat and sang to him, one arm around him. She kissed him on the cheek as she stood to finish, leaving a lipstick memento where her lips had touched him. Her second number was "Indian Reservation." It started normally enough, but in the middle of the song, the music stopped and the stage went black.

A soft, diffused orange light grew in the background like a hint of sunrise. Jacque's silhouette was seen standing tall and sideways. In her hands was a flute of a sort, raised to her lips, her head lifted to the sky. A beautiful, yet forlorn tune began low in volume; so low that Billy wasn't sure if he really heard it or not. As it rose in volume, it changed. Still forlorn, the tune took on the aspects of the call of a loon on the marsh at dawn. It was difficult to tell whether the music changed from live to tape, or if it had been taped music all along, but Jacque brought the flute to her side and stepped to the front of the stage, sitting down as a dim spotlight was cast upon her. The sound of the loon flute was the only music playing. When she spoke, her voice was soft and sad.

"I am Loon. Storyteller. Teacher. Listen to my song and you will learn it. "Hear my song, and sing it. The old ones who lived in this land listened to my song. They heard me. And they sang. They hunted only by necessity and all shared the harvest from the land.

"I am Loon. They shared their great knowledge with the White Man out of the brotherhood that dwelled in their hearts. In return, the White Man brought death and disease.

"I am Loon. The People were kind. They believed that spirit of the White Man was dead, and wanted all other living things to be dead, but with guidance would learn to be like the People. They were patient. They were wrong.

"I am Loon. Those few who were left of the Great Nations were captured and imprisoned, walking a Trail of Tears from Eastern Tennessee to the desert plains of Oklahoma, where little could be found to sustain them.

"I am Loon. As the tribes of the People have learned the White Man's laws, they are beginning to come back. When the White Man tries to take our lands because oil is found, we fight them in their own courts and win. When we build casinos for the White Man to pay us for his amusement, we gain White Man's power. We will never be what we once were. But we shall always be what we always have been. We are a proud People, and bending to the White Man is very hard, it does no good. We will never be like the White Man. This is the song the White man sings to us. Soon, the White man will hear my song. They are already beginning to listen.

"I am Loon. Hear my song. It is not a happy song, nor is it a sad one. It is a laughing song. It is joy in the day. It is a warning in the night. I sing at dusk. I sing at dawn. It is a True song, and you will learn it by listening. Many will listen, but only those who hear it, will sing it. Will they sing to the dawn? Or, will they to sing to the darkness? I do not know.

"I am Loon."

With that, she put the flute to her lips and played counterpoint to the recorded flute. The other flute faded, and Jacque stood, still playing, the spotlight fading out as she moved to the rear of the stage. She ended the solo as it began, her silhouette playing the flute to the heavens, then the back lighting died with the final call of the loon.

The song abruptly started again, and by the time it was over, there was not a dry eye in the house.

After the show, Jacqueline walked out from backstage, back in the red outfit, garment bag under her arm. She put her arms around Billy and gave him a big kiss. A man with a camera and a tape recorder clicked off some photos of them in that position. "So, Jacque, this looks serious. You've never brought a boyfriend to the show before. Who is he?"

She smiled. "Hi Greg. This gorgeous hunk of man is Billy, and you'll have to ask him how serious it is." She kissed Billy again, nuzzling his ear.

Greg turned to Billy. "So, Billy. How serious are you about Jacque? A lot of men will be heartbroken because of you, you know."

Jacque softly whispered something in Billy's ear and kissed it for good measure. Billy thought for a second, looked at Jacque and kissed her on the forehead. "I think I'm the luckiest guy in town, and I just hope my luck holds."

Jacque nodded, smiling. "It will."

"Jacque, what do you think of the rumours that Caesar's is thinking of offering you your own show?"

"I haven't heard that one, but I'm quite happy here."

The reporter thanked them and left.

As they walked out, Jacque was stopped for autographs several times before they got to Billy's truck. "They entered the truck and Billy started driving. "How on earth do you put up with all that?"

Jacque shrugged. "It comes with the job. Don't worry though. You don't have to come with me anymore if you don't like it. By the way, what all did you get with the card they gave you?" Her voice was still Cher's.

"Just the two sodas during the show."

"So you haven't eaten?"

"Not since breakfast."

"Neither have I. Turn left."

Billy followed Jacque's directions to a very nice-looking restaurant. "Just remember to call me Jacqueline or Jacque. As long as I'm wearing the costume, that's my name, ok man?"

"No problem, Jacque. Can't wait to get you out of that costume though. Jacque may have given me a hard-on, but I want Jacob to take care of it."

"No problem there, my darling." Jacque grinned.

They walked arm in arm into the restaurant. There was a crowd waiting for seats, but as soon as the maitre d' saw Jacque, he motioned them over. "Your usual booth, Miss Loon?"

"Thank you, Arthur. That would be perfect." She signed a couple of autographs before they followed Arthur to a table.

The meal was better than Billy had eaten in his life, and was only interrupted a couple of times for autographs. The rest of the time was spent nuzzling and kissing.

* - * - *

When they finally got back to the apartment, Jacque stood before Billy. "Now, do you want to start like this, or shall I just take it all off first?"

"Like I said earlier, I want YOU."

Jacque grinned. "You got it." She walked into the bedroom and started undressing, carefully putting the clothes in their rightful places. Last to go were the panties and the pantyhose. "I need to wash off this makeup. Care to join me?" His voice had finally returned to its normal, mellow baritone.

Upon seeing Jacob's naked body and hearing his natural voice again, Billy felt himself instantly harden. Jacob noticed and laughed. "Come on then." He walked over and started undoing Billy's slacks. Billy removed the jacket, shirt, and tie. He stepped out of the rest of his clothes with Jacob's help.

As Jacob stood up, he bumped his head into Billy's throbbing, hard cock and grinned. "Hey, be careful with that baseball bat. You'll give me a concussion! You trying to beat me senseless or something?"

Billy chuckled. "No...maybe fuck you senseless, or beat you off...but never beat you senseless!"

Jacob straightened and hopped up onto Billy, throwing his arms and legs around him and holding on, kissing him. "Let's shower quickly; I have something to show you."

Billy reached below Jacob's perfect, rounded ass cheeks and raised them slightly, maneuvering his stiff manhood into position. Jacob felt the velvety bulb at his opening, smiled impishly and bounced, throwing his slight weight down as hard as he could and impaling himself fully with a howl of pain-filled pleasure. Billy was so surprised that he was afraid he would drop the smaller man and cum at the same time. He moaned and grabbed Jacob tightly as the entertainer started moving his hips. Jacob grinned. "Well, are you going to walk to the bathroom or just stand there with your cock up my ass?" He tightened the ring of muscles into a strangle-hold on Billy's thick organ.

Billy could barely breathe, let alone concentrate on walking. He sat on the huge waterbed, arms still around Jacob. "If I try to walk while you do that to me, I'll end up dropping you as I faint."

Jacob moved up and down on Billy's member, shifting his position so that the hard cock inside him struck pay dirt on every thrust, making Jacob shake in his ecstasy, which had Billy screaming Jacob's name and spilling deep inside him.

Jacob grinned and climbed off Billy. "Let's get to the shower." He took Billy by the cock and led him into the bathroom, starting the shower and climbed in, followed closely by Billy. As Billy tried to take hold of Jacob's manhood, Jacob stopped him. "Not yet." He washed Billy thoroughly, using a tub attachment to give him an enema as he sucked him off, swallowing his seed and making yummy noises. "I do love popcorn! You taste delicious, my darling!"

Billy was breathless, his knees weak. "If you keep this up, I'll conk out before you get off."

"Don't worry. That won't stop me. You'll just have some good dreams." He washed his face and his body completely, inside and out, and turned off the water. "Follow me."

Billy followed the smaller man back to the bedroom to what he thought was the back door. He was right in a way, but instead of another staircase leading down, there was a balcony with five foot high wooden fencing around it and a large hot tub on it. The decking around the hot tub was just wide enough to lie down on for a tan /or whatever/.

Jacob flipped a switch and the water began to bubble. The fences were just high enough that the neighboring lights didn't interfere, and the night sky was filled with stars. Jacob grabbed a flute, climbed the steps to the deck, put one delicate-looking foot into the water, then climbed in the rest of the way. "You coming?"

Billy grinned. "Twice already." He climbed in and sat Jacob on the top step inside the huge hot tub. "I guess it's time for me to `bow down' to `His Majesty.'" He knelt before Jacob and took his manhood in his mouth as the smaller man began to play the flute. Running his tongue along the bottom vein of Jacob's member, following the haunting tune of the flute, Billy's mind began to wander.

* - * - *

Will continued licking Jack's sac while teasing the crown of his weeping member. He looked up at Jack's face, which he saw was filled with contentment and adoration.

Jacob watched Billy's head bob up and down on his cock, the sensations almost more than he could bear. He took a deep, calming breath and smiled as Billy worshipped him.

Not wishing to spill so quickly, Jack tried to pinch the base of his lust, but Will swatted his hand away and lifted his head for a moment. "You said you could go six times. If you don't admit you were bragging, I'm holding you to it."

Billy pulled Jacob into the water so that only his head remained on the step, his silky black hair forming a shadowy halo around his head. Billy took a deep breath and dipped below Jacob, his tongue finding the hot shuddering opening and pressing in and moving it around in such a way that Jacob started bucking his hips, yearning for more.

Will opened the small oil bottle again and dribbled some all over his hand. He sent three fingers into Jack's heat all at once, causing the older man's eyes to go wide, babbling in pleasure as his thick seed shot up like a fountain, landing on his belly in large, droplets.

Jacob was beside himself with pleasure. He watched Will as the ex- blacksmith forced another slick finger into Jack's heat, and felt Billy's tongue making his muscles relax completely. He hoped that the vision wouldn't confuse his newly reacquired soul mate.

Billy broke the surface of the hot, bubbly water gasping for breath. Jacob looked at the wild, lust-filled look on the man's face and smiled at him, humming in much the same tones as the now-abandoned flute.

Jack was flailing uncontrollably, out of breath and trying to get away from the hand that was deep inside him fairly tapping out rhythms on his sweet spot and the younger man's bellows-like mouth as it tried to suck the life out him. Will kept his weight on the pirate, his free hand keeping his hips from moving too much.

Billy bent over and took Jacob's full length down his throat and swallowed over and over again till he had to back off for air. He began sucking hard on the crown as he tried to position the smaller man so that he could enter him as well. Jacob laughed quietly as he pulled Billy's head out of the water. "You're going to drown yourself that way." He pulled his perfect rear end up onto the deck, his dancer's legs dangling into the pool. Billy climbed between his legs and started suckling Jacob's crown again, positioning himself at his heat and thrusting hard, pounding into the smaller man as he sucked.

Will inched his hand in farther, sending his thumb into the older man's opening and pushing until he was embedded as far as he could go. He pressed his fingers upward and watched, fascinated, as he saw the movements through Jack's belly. Jack was lying still since the latest intrusion to his body, his chest heaving as he tried to continue breathing. His eyes were open and glassy, and a soft whimper escaped his lips between ragged breaths. His manhood wept almost continually, making Will swallow often.

Billy's eyes started to glaze over, though the fire still blazed deep within him. He lifted his head and arched his back, plunging deeply into his lover, lifting Jacob's legs over his shoulders to give himself better purchase. He took hold of Jacob's throbbing manhood and began fisting it in rhythm to his own thrusts. Jacob's hands grabbed the edge of the hot tub and he began shoving his hips onto Billy's throbbing hardness to get the deepest penetration. His screams pierced the early morning air as the orgasm enveloped his very being.

Will began to slowly pull his hand out of his lover, giving him several brushes against his sweet spot before finally withdrawing completely. His head began to bob slowly up and down, his tongue following the pulsing vein from crown to base and back again. He grasped Jack's sac and felt it tighten, ready to release, and within another short moment, Jack's seed filled Will's mouth and he had to swallow several times or lose some of it. When the flow finally stopped he looked up at Jack's face. Jack had apparently passed out during completion, as his face was completely slack with his tongue slightly poking out of his open mouth. Will smiled and kissed it, pushing it back into Jack's mouth and cuddling against him. "Six." He looked at the unconscious pirate and grinned. "You made it, and I'm proud of you, old man. Just don't you dare try that on ME."

Billy started cumming uncontrollably, his head and back arched as far as it could go, spilling deep into Jacob. As the last pulsations left him, he took Jacob's legs off his shoulders, scooped him up and carried him into the bedroom, laying his gently smiling lover on the waterbed and climbing in to cuddle close to him. "I know we just met earlier today, but I love you, Jacob."

Jacob kissed him gently. "I've loved you since I was twelve that I can remember, and Bootstrap says we first met in 1720, so my heart soars to hear you say that. I love you too, Billy."

Billy propped himself up on one elbow. "That wooden flute music in the show. All of it was you, wasn't it?"

Jacob yawned. "Yeah. I recorded it when I first decided to do that number. Just think: I get to play with myself on stage three times a week."

Billy smiled. "You play the wooden flute beautifully."

Jacob yawned again. "Not as well as you play the `skin flute'." He kissed Billy on the nose and fell asleep, a contented smile on his beautiful face.


continued in part 2

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