jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Kissing Men
Author: kHo (khohen1@bellsouth.net)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Will finds out something about Jack that simultaneously frightens him and makes him curious.

Jack smiled at the boy as he leaned against the wall, trapped beneath Jack's body.  His right hand lifted to pluck at the slightly puckered shirt.  "Frilly shirt you have here," he said just below his normal speaking level.  "I'd wager it cost a pretty penny..."

The boy smiled, laughing slightly.  "I didn't think we came out here to talk money, Captain..."

"Jack, love," Jack said, leaning closer, stopping just short of kissing the boy.  "And your name is..."

"Jacob," he said, already breathless.

"Jacob," Jack slurred out, smiling at him and pitching forward, capturing the boy's mouth beneath his own.  

The tavern they'd met in had been musty and dusty, and was filled with the miscreants of the sea.  This boy, Jacob was his name, didn't belong there.  He was pretty, with delicate features, his boots too clean and with too few scuffings.   As his crewmen drank, and flirted with the women of the land, Jack had watched the boy watch him.  When Jack had winked at him the boy had blushed, and when Jack walked over to him the boy stuttered a hello at him.

He made sure his crew was at the other end of the tavern before he wound his spindly fingers around the younger boy's leg and told him to buy him a drink.  The boy had awkwardly raised his hand for another round of ale as Jack peered once more behind him, his eyes searching out the young Will Turner, making sure that he most of all didn't see what was going on.  He watched with amusement as the boy flirted without meaning to with him for the better part of a half hour before grabbing the boy's shoulder and ushering him out into the alleyway.

He could tell it wasn't the boy's first experience with a man by the way he didn't yelp when Jack's hand fluttered over his jean clad legs, brushing gently against the erection bulging through his pants.  He heard a gasp as he squeezed slightly, but something in the back of his mind told him the gasp hadn't come from beneath him.  He pulled his head back and looked over his shoulder to find Will watching him with wide eyes and a ghostly white face.  

He grimaced and looked at Jacob, extracting his arms from about the boy's fragile frame.  "Sorry, love," he said, smiling slightly at him.  "Some other time."

Despite the boy's 'but' Jack didn't hesitate as he walked in the direction Will had been seconds before, frowning to himself and cursing Will's curiosity.  Peering around a corner into the next alleyway he smiled to himself when he saw Will's hunched frame, leaning against the wall and trying to catch his breath.

"Runned off like a true coward, there," Jack said, stepping slowly towards Will.  "Could've atleast stayed to watch the show."

A fleeting look of fright passed over Will's face before a mask of anger replaced it.  "I'm no coward."

Jack smiled to himself.  "Aye," he said, nodding as he neared him.  "But it's easier fer ya ta be mad at me than 'fraid of me, ain' it?"

Will's eyes turned toward the floor for a moment before his hand lifted to brush back his hair.  "Not afraid of you," he said softly.

"What then, love," Jack asked, leaning against the wall beside Will on his shoulder.  "Disturbed?  Disgusted?"

"Surprised," Will said, looking up at him.

"Ah," Jack said, nodding and looking away from the younger man's face.  "His lips say surprised, his eyes say frightened."

"You were..." Will started, faltering.  "He was... the both of you..."

Jack looked at him, cocking an eyebrow up.  "Kissin' mate... surely ye've heard of that."

Will's eyes narrowed again, annoyance apparent once again.  "Not with other men, I haven't."

Jack frowned at him, giving him a once over.  "In a town like Tortuga," he said, quirking that eyebrow once again.  "You've never seen that before?"

Will frowned, licking his lips.  "I guess... I guess I just never looked."

Jack laughed, reaching out and running a finger down the side of Will's face, his smile broadening as Will recoiled slightly.  "Need to work on your observational skills, love," he said.  "Always know what's going on around ya."

Will nodded, licking his lips again in a nervous habit.  "Why?"

"Why what, mate," Jack asked, letting his hand fall to his side.

"Why were you kissing him," Will asked, quirking his own eyebrow up.

"I like kissin', love," Jack said with a shrug, smiling rakishly at him.

Will pressed his back harder into the wall, uncomfortable with the proximity of Jack.  Jack always stood too close, and Will had learned to accept that, but this time seemed somehow different.  "With a man," he asked, his voice soft and full of wonder, if not still a little fright.

"Yes," Jack said, pushing off the wall and stepping directly in front of Will, propping a hand on the side of Will's head against the wall so he could lean close to his face.  "Even with men."

"Are they..."  Will paused, finding it increasingly hard to breathe.  "Do you find it... more pleasurable with a man?"

"Not more, love," Jack said softly, letting his gaze drop to Will's mouth for a moment before continuing.  "Different."

"And lust," Will asked, his voice still barely audible over the low howl of the wind blowing through the alleyway.  "The lust is there for men as well for you?"

Jack's mouth curved slowly, his teeth glinting just slightly in the moonlight.  "Unmistakably."

In the back of his mind Will knew what Jack was thinking.  He'd deciphered most of Jack's tricks by now, finding that the look in Jack's eyes was really all one needed to pay attention to if you wanted to know his intentions.  Those eyes of his told stories no words would ever be able to.  He knew he should walk away from those eyes before they met his own.  He stayed, though.  He was immobilized, he found, by nothing other than Jack's presence.

"How many..."

"Oh, Will," Jack said, his head lolling to the side as he laughed softly.  "Let's not start counting.  I've had one too many rums tonight to start the internal abacus."

He knew before he asked it that it was the one question that need be left alone, but he asked it anyway.  It started out as something that he wanted to file away and ask another night, because Jack was too close right now, and he was smiling a little too lazily, and his eyes were a little too dark right now for any good to come of it.  "How is it different?"

"Well," Jack said, licking his lips and raising a hand to run a finger lightly over Will's lips, grin widening when Will's eyelids almost imperceptibly lowered.  "They're rougher, for one... used to leading, you see.  Used to being the aggressor..."  Will swallowed, feeling the rest of the world cease to be as his eyes met Jack's.  "So, unless you've found a particularly feminine partner, it's frequently a constant battle as to who's going to take it further..."

Jack's eyes drifted down Will's face, his fingers skating over the fine bone structure, gliding softly down the long neck.  "Then there's the tongue, which actually is quite different from a woman's... more agile, stronger... more eager."

"Eager," Will found himself asking, too lost to be embarrassed at his breathlessness.

Jack smiled, leaning closer to him.  "Aye, love... eager.  They want to taste more... want to go further... less inclined to hem an' haw about it."  He lowered his mouth to Will's ear, whispering.  "Ready to claim what's theirs with their tongue before anything else has a chance to."

He dipped his head slightly and placed his lips to Will's neck, resting them there lightly and gauging Will's response.  He could feel Will's pulse thudding beneath his lips, quick and strong.  Kissing it lightly he opened his mouth to run his tongue over the chord on the side of Will's neck, biting lightly before lifting his head.

Will struggled to find his voice, cursing the arousal suddenly strangling his vocal chords.  "Jack, what are you doing," he whispered, his hands clutching at the bricks on his sides.

"Showin' ya, love," Jack said, his lips just inches from Will's, his eyes open and searching Will's own.  "How men is different... no better, no worse... jus' different."

Before Will had a chance to recover his thinking capabilities Jack leaned forward and closed the gap, pressing his lips softly to Will's.  His left hand closed around Will's wrist, pinning it to the wall as his right listed to thread into his hair.  After a moment Will began to return the kiss and Jack did a silent victory dance in his head.  He felt Will shudder slightly underneath him and opened his mouth, shoving his tongue past the vague resistance in Will's lips.

He was just about ready to pull back when he felt Will's hand snake around his back and pull him closer.  As a test he let go of Will's right hand, resting his hand on Will's hip as their kiss deepened and became almost frenzied.  He groaned into Will's mouth as he felt his hand wind in his hair, gripping slightly as he pulled Jack even closer, mashing his mouth harder against the pirate's lips.

When Jack pulled back he let his hand trail lightly down Will's neck and torso, smiling lazily as his shirt shifted and a sliver of darkly tanned skin glistened in the moonlight.  "Different, see," Jack said with a slightly shaky smile, still recovering from the ferocity of their kiss.

Will nodded slowly, breathing deeply as he tried to catch his breath.  "Can't help feeling I've somehow been changed," he said, a hand raising to rest over his heart.  "Never felt that before with a man," he said, his eyes raking over Jack's lithe form.  "Never had these thoughts before," he said, his eyes raising to meet Jack's.  "For a man."

"Not changed, love," Jack said, putting an arm around Will's shoulders and stearing the younger man back to the tavern.  "Just opened."

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