jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Ironic

Author: Mahie/EvenStar (persefone_rj@hotmail.com)

Pairing: Jack/Will

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jack is sad because he thinks Will will never love him back and Will is sad because of the same reason. What is going to happen?

Part: 1/3

Timeframe: shortly after the events in PotC.

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He didn't know why he was looking at the sea again. Yes, again. How could it be possible? It seemed it was now almost automatic. Will Turner left his smithy and walked to the beach every night. He sat on the docks, looked at the sky and the waters that seemed so calm now. That was his life these days - calm.

So much calmness it was a complete boredom. Will didn't understand why he kept this habit of going to the beach every night. It was clear, but Will couldn't see it. He missed a certain pirate captain who had left for the sea. Yes, Jack Sparrow would never belong to anyone. He was a pirate; and that explained it all. He only loved his ship and treasure. Oh, don't forget the rum and the whores. Right?

- Right? -

But still, William Turner couldn't realize he was looking at the sea
searching for something - someone - he couldn't find in the waters. He
took no notice he was thinking about Jack. Well, at least not in *that* way.

'Jack is my friend. Whenever he gets the chance, he will look for me.' And Will tried to deny that he missed the pirate so much. He wanted to believe it was just a friend's normal behavior; of course he missed his friends when they weren't around!

And as the moon was high in the sky, Will left the beach and went home.

Now there was no Elizabeth he could think of. The lass had decided to marry Norrington after all. Will was sad to know it, but only because of his ego. He had fallen deeply in love before he shared his first kiss with Elizabeth, the day Jack had escaped from the gallows.

And he hadn't fallen in love with her.

From the first day he met Jack, he was stunned. He got angry with the pirate, for sure. He had called him an eunuch and had threatened Elizabeth. Will was very angry the first day he met Jack, but...he couldn't *not* notice his kohl-lined eyes and the way he seemed - and he *was* - so exotic.

Will sat on the docks and a single tear rolled by his cheek. And then
Will realized how much he missed Jack already; but still tried to deny it was love that he felt for the pirate.

'But he'll never come back here. Norrington and the others will be
ready to hang him. Besides, there is nothing he can do here; and I don't really think he'll be looking for me that often. Jack only does what he wants. He belongs to the sea and the sea only. Okay, perhaps he belongs to the Pearl, too.'


The next day Will was at the beach at night, as usual, and he saw a little boat docking. He frowned. It was not one of the Royal Navy’s boats nor was it a boat from Port Royal.
The person who was on the boat came off and Will saw that it was her.

It was Annamaria. Will's heart started thumping on his chest; Annamaria reminded him of Jack. But Jack wasn't with her.
She paid the boatkeeper and headed for the market. Will called her as soon as he could:
"Annamaria!!" He smiled.

"Will! It's so good to see you!!!" she went over to him and they hugged one another. They had become friends since their adventure together. 'I was looking for you,' Annamaria thought.
"How is Miss Elizabeth?" the woman asked.

Will fell silent. Annamaria frowned and said: "Did I say something wrong?"

"It's okay." Will replied. "But...we're not together anymore. She's
just married Norrington."

"Oh, Will, I'm so sorry..." she said, sincerely concerned.

"Thanks. But maybe it is better this way.”
Annamaria didn't understand why Will said that, but asked no questions.

Will asked her: "And what brings you here?"

"I'm going shopping. Our stocks are running low. We've been traveling a lot."

"Shopping?" Will laughed. "Thought you and the crew only plundered."

Annamaria laughed as well and said:
"Not many ships nowadays...actually, there *are* many ships, but..."
"But...?" Will frowned.
"Never mind," she dismissed it with a wave of her hand.
Will asked: "And how's the crew? Gibbs and the others...and how's Jack?"

"They are fine. Well, except..."

"Except for whom?"

"Jack's not very well. That's why we haven't plundered many ships
lately." She sighed. "But he's a good captain and a great person. I have nothing to complain about."

Will was worried to know Jack was unwell. He said:
"What's wrong with Jack?"

"I dunno." She replied. "Nobody knows. He doesn't talk. And nobody feels comfortable to ask. The man is a shell!"

"Since when has he been like this?"

"I believe it's...oh, I'm not sure, Will. But I think it began just after we left Port Royal on that day you saved him from the gallows."

Will was astonished. He asked: "Do you think he's kind of...depressed?"

"Aye. Something like that. He's not interested in piracy, or even the Pearl. And you know he loves her."

"I do." Will replied. He was so worried now. So he asked: "Where's the Pearl docked?"

"It's near that island." Annamaria pointed to a distant land mass. "We couldn't dock here, you know."


Annamaria seemed deeply in thought and then spoke:
"I was thinking...could you talk to him, Will? I believe he will listen to you. Besides, it'll do him good to meet again a person he likes so much."

Will's heart started thumping harder. He answered:
"Sure I will talk to him."

"Come with me to the market. Then we'll go to see him.

"Okay." Will replied.

After quickly finishing their shopping, they went by boat to the Black Pearl.

Will asked: "Do you and the crew have any idea of why is Jack like this?"

"My woman's instincts say it's his heart."

"What?" Will didn't believe it. "But Jack is so free, he meets so many women."

"That's why I think it's a love matter. He's not used to falling in love with anyone."

Will’s eyes were wide open:
"Do you think he's in love?"
"Aye. And he doesn't know what to do about it. You're right, Jack's wish of freedom is bigger than anything. Loving is so much complex to him. But it's just what I think, I'm not sure."

Will nodded. His heart was in his throat. He surely didn't want to know whether that was true, if Jack was in love with someone.

'Wait,' Will thought. 'I don't think it's possible. Jack cannot be in love. No, Annamaria may have misunderstood all of this.'

They made it to the Pearl. The lights were off, for no one there wanted to be noticed by the Port Royal Navy. Annamaria climbed on to the ship and helped Will aboard.

Jack was sitting on the deck, his back to them, and didn't notice they had arrived. The captain looked at the sky, wondering.

Annamaria whispered:
"He passes all nights like this, Will. Looking at the sky. And I hear him cry sometimes. He barely leaves his cabin during the day."

'Oh, God,' Will thought.

Jack seemed to hear them and turned around. His eyes went wide when he
saw Will. The lad smiled at him and Jack smiled back, genuinely.

continued in part 2

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