jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: History
Author: Sparrow's Blackbird (sparrows_blackbird@yahoo.com)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC17
Summary: Will wants to know more about Jack's past.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, or any other characters from 'Pirates of the Caribbean', I'm only borrowing them and will return them relatively unscathed.
Warnings: somewhat graphic male/male sex
Written for: Sirocco. Requests: (1) Will wants to know the story behind Jack's beard -- braids, beads and all. (2) Happy ending. Preferably PG-13 or higher. Restrictions: No darkfic, including canon character death and non-con.

Jack Sparrow rolled over, reaching out. His eyes flared open. He searched the cabin, lit only by moonlight. He was alone. He rose, taking time only to pull on his breeches before going topside. His eyes roamed over the ship. He acknowledged the guard astern, turning to look toward the bow. He smiled.

Will Turner stood at the bow, also only clad in breeches, his lean golden body silvered by the moonlight, turning him into an ethereal sea-creature. He could almost be a mythical merman, come aboard to lure men to the sea. He was the most beautiful creature Jack had ever seen, and one of his most precious treasures. Only the Black Pearl equalled his place in Jack's heart.

Will stretched his arms over his head. The red, green, and blue sea serpent drawn over his back rippled with the movement of his muslces, seeming almost alive. The great black pearl clutched in it's talons almost gleamed and the sparrow sitting between it's ears looked as if it were bobbing it's head. The serpent's tail disappeared under the waistband of Will's breeches, and Jack knew it curled around Will's right leg to just below his knee.

Jack walked up behind Will, waiting a moment to ensure the younger man knew he was there before placing his hands on Will's hips. Will only tilted his head to the side and looked at him, smiling.

"Why aren't ya sleepin', whelp?" Jack asked softly, sliding his arms more fully around Will.

Will leaned back a little and sighed, shrugging. "Just couldn't sleep. Thought I'd come look at the stars." He turned back to the sky.

Jack pressed a kiss to Will's shoulder. A moment later, he placed another on the back of Will's neck. "Jack," Will said softly, turning to smile at him. Jack shot the guard a signal and he hurried below with a wide grin.

"Now, young William, what can ol' Jack do to help you sleep, hm?" He draped his arms around Will, one over his right shoulder, the other under his left arm, hand settling on his belly to lightly rub.

Will purred under Jack's caress. "I want you, Jack. Want you to fuck me, right here, right now." He settled his ass against Jack's groin, feeling Jack's cock filling against him. He grinned smugly, Jack wouldn't be able to resist.

Will laughed as Jack spun him around and kicked his feet out from under him, lowering him gently to the deck and settling on top of him. Will's fingers slid into Jack's hair as Jack showered him with kisses, his thumbs rubbing back and forth over Will's nipples, grinding his cock against Will's, whining as they were still separated by their breeches. Jack sat back and quickly stripped both of them, settling himself again on top of Will, nudging his legs apart. Will was still slick from their earlier love-making and Jack slid easily into him and it was Will's turn to whine as Jack refused to move until Will was clutching at him, begging him to move, as Jack wrapped a hand around Will's cock and slowly stroked him, his hand moving slowly up and down, his grasp not tight enough to satisfy, only to tease.

"Please, Jack!" Will pleaded.

Jack leaned over Will. His hair was tousled, his eyes wild, his face flushed. Oh, yes, he was exquisite. He gripped Will's curls, making him look at him. "Tell me, William. Tell me what you want."

"Just fuck me, Jack, please!"


Will stilled, eyes locked with Jack's. He reached up to place his hands on either side of Jack's face. "Love me, Jack."

Jack dove down to catch Will's lips with his as he began to slide slowly in and out of the younger man. He didn't release him until he had to, leaving them both gasping for air. He held Will down and pounded into him until Will arched under him and screamed his name as he came without Jack touching his cock again. The sight and feel of him pulled Jack's orgasm from him, as well. He collapsed on top of Will, who wrapped his arms and legs around him and spoke softly into his ear as they slowly came down.

Just at dawn, the two men rose and dove into the sea to bathe in the cool waters of the little cove they were anchored in. That was the signal for the rest of the crew that it was safe to came up and start the day.

By noon, the Black Pearl was on her way, searching the waters off the Bahamas for any prey worth bringing down. They came upon a Spanish galleon a short time later, obviously island-hopping, keeping close to the many small islands that made up the Bahamas in an effort to avoid detection. But their luck had just run out.

Jack handed the spy glass to Will. "Look how low she rides in the water."

Will studied the ship for a moment, then looked at Jack. "You think she's loaded with gold?"

Jack nodded. "I do, boy, I do." He grinned, his gold teeth flashing in the sun.

It didn't take long to catch up to the heavily loaded galleon and overpower her. Soon, the pirates had her, their sailors quickly overpowered when they were boarded.

Will had stripped off his shirt, so his tattoo could easily be seen. He'd earned a name for himself since joining the crew of the Black Pearl two years before. He'd learned to find joy in the hunt, in the fight. 'Dragon' Turner, they called him, who answered to no one but Jack Sparrow. He fought at Jack's back, they protected each other.

The captain dropped his sword, and signaled surrender. His men began dropping swords and pistols. Jack began walking toward the captain, lowering his sword slightly.

The captain's move came as a surprise. He drew a small pistol, called a 'Queen Anne' and measuring no more than eight inches, from his coat and shot at Jack. Jack was shoved to the side, stumbling, only to catch himself on the main mast even as a pair of pirates tackled the other captain to the deck and restrained him.

Jack looked around and froze. Will lay sprawled on the deck. Jack watched as AnaMarie and Gibbs knelt beside him. Blood covered Will's face, pouring from a wound to the head. Jack felt as if he couldn't breath, a tight band had wrapped itself around his chest. Sound came from far away, just a roaring in his ears. He finally realized it was himself, screaming. He had grabbed a sword from the man nearest him and lunged at the captain, who scrambled backwards, terror now written on his face. He pleaded for his life, crying, but Jack was merciless, advancing on him, his face a demon mask.

Behind him, in AnaMarie's arms, Will stirred. "Jack," he called.

That low-moaned call of his name stopped Jack. He turned. AnaMarie was cradling Will, holding a cloth to his head. Blood soaked the cloth and had streamed over Will's face, but he was alive, looking at Jack with pain-filled eyes.

"Jack, he's alive. Will's alive." Gibbs had been repeating himself for several minutes, trying to get Jack's attention.

Jack stared at Will. He spun back to the Spanish captain and threw the sword at him, which lodged in the man's belly. He screamed and dropped to his knees. Jack moved abruptly to Will's side. "Throw *that* overboard," he growled, gesturing to the captain. "Put the rest of them in longboats with a cask of water per boat and set them adrift. We're within sight of land, they have a chance. Gibbs, help me get Will back to the Pearl. AnaMarie, you're in charge of this ship. Take half the men and take her home. We'll follow on the Pearl."

By 'home', he meant the uninhabited island they had claimed, and where they had moved Barbossa's treasure from the Isle de Muerta. Some of the sailors families had built homes there, and Jack and Will were having a home built for themselves there. They had decided to call the island St. Christopher's Island, after the patron saint of travelers. It had quickly been shortened to St. Kitts.

"Aye, sir."

"Jack." Will clenched a fist in Jack's coat.

Jack grasped Will's hand. He could see the younger man was in a lot of pain. "Just hang on, Will. We'll get ya back to the Pearl and you'll be fine. You'll see. Just try to relax."

Gibbs came back to them, and leaned down and lifted Will into his arms. Will's eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. "It's best this way, Jack. Now, let's get him back to the Pearl."

The two men managed to get Will to his and Jack's cabin without jostling him too badly. As they eased him onto the bunk, he groaned.

"Will? C'mon, whelp, open yer eyes for me," Jack cajoled softly.

"Jack?" Will opened his eyes but immediately closed them again. "Too bright. Oh, gods, sick."

Jack barely got Will onto his side in time, as Gibbs rushed forward with a bucket and Will threw up. Jack held his hair back and Gibbs closed the windows, darkening the room. When Will finally stopped throwing up, they settled him on the bed and Gibbs, who was the best they had as a doctor of any kind, cleaned Will up and stitched and bandaged the wound to his head.

Finally finishing, Gibbs drew Jack to one side. "He took a hard blow to the head. I don't know, Jack, I'm no doctor. I didn't feel any damage to the skull, could be he's just concussed. Don't let him sleep for the next few hours. If he's still lucid at moonrise, it'll be safe ta let him sleep a little at a time, wake him every couple hours. That's the best I can tell ya, Jack."

Jack clapped Gibbs on the shoulder. "Yer a good man, Joshamee."

"You stay with Will, I'll look after things topside."

Jack turned to Will, sitting beside him on the bed. "Will." Will looked at him. "You can't sleep, whelp. Not yet."

Will nodded wearily. "Talk to me, then, Jack."

"What do you want me to talk about, lad?"

"You know all 'bout me. Tell me 'bout you. Tell me why you wear your beard that way."

Jack stroked his beard, braided into two braids with beads on the end. He grinned, nodding to himself. "You might like that story at that, lad." He took a cloth and wrung it out, then placed it on Will's head. The cool cloth helped with the pain a bit.

"I was an orphan, lad, much like you, 'cept I lost my folks a lot earlier. I was maybe five, six years old. They died of some sickness that come through the village we lived in. Lots of folks died. I was sent to an orphanage. Twern't a nice place atall. Dirty, we dressed in rags, there was never enough to eat. We had to learn to fight for every scrap we got.

"I had a friend, though. A good friend, name of Lucas. We helped each other. Protected each other. People knew, you see one, you see the other.

"Summer I turned twelve, we ran away. We decided to go to sea, and started tryin' to get hired on as cabin boys. Most times they preferred orphans for that job, no one ta miss 'em, see, if somethin' happened.

"By chance, Lucas helped a man out who was havin' trouble with his horses. Lucas always did have a hand with the animals. Turned out the man raised horses, was a minor lord. 'E liked the way Lucas calmed his horse, and offered him a place and trainin'. Lucas didn't want to leave me, but I'd just found a place on a ship. We decided we needed to do what was best for us. He went with the lord and I went on the ship."

"Did you ever see him again?"

"Few years ago, not long 'fore I got the Pearl back. 'E's doin' well, got some land of his own, a good reputation for havin' good stock an' an honest man. Married, three lads of his own."

"And what happened to you?"

Jack laughed. "Wasn't 'til we was in Caribbean waters I found out I'd signed onto a pirate ship. Captain's name was Nathaniel Avery. We crossed paths with a ship and Cap'n Avery decided to board her. 'E ordered me to stay in his cabin. But I didn't. I snuck out and was watchin'. Some of our men, includin' Avery, boarded the other ship. The fightin' was mostly over, but the cap'n didn't want to give up. He and Avery were still fightin'. Avery slipped in some blood and went down. The other cap'n was about to kill him.

"Durin' the fightin', I got my hands on a loaded gun. I shot the cap'n in the back." Jack closed his eyes as the memories washed over him. That had been his first kill, and he would never forget the surprised look on the other man's face.

"The rest of the fightin' stopped then. Avery said he wouldn't forget that I'd saved his life, an' one day, he'd repay me with a ship of my own, if'n that's what I wanted. I did.

"Yer father was on that ship. He was cabin boy for Avery before me. He was a bit older than me, seventeen. Avery let him stay with me. He taught us to read and write. We had a pallet in a corner of his cabin. We became friends. Bootstrap watched over me. He and the others on the ship, they taught me about fightin', about the sea, about bein' a pirate.

"I was real young, Will, an' babyfaced, even when I got older. I didn't like killin'. I saw Avery intimidate ships inta givin' up without a shot fired or a man lost. I wanted that. But I went about it a different way." He grinned wryly at Will. "I grew my hair long, started braidin' it like the natives. Bootstrap teased me about it, said I looked like a girl. I decided to grow a beard, so I'd look older, and more manly. Ol' Bootstrap got me drunk one night, and braided my hair an' beard. 'E didn' have any ribbons and pins, so he used coins and whatnots he found lyin' about, buttons and such. An' he lined my eyes with kohl, like the whores in Nassau used.

"Early next mornin', we was attacked by a British Navy ship. They'd already boarded us by the time I got above deck. I started yellin' and run right at the nearest redcoat I saw. Happened it was the cap'n. He saw this demon comin' at him and pissed hisself right there."

Will laughed, wincing at the pain it caused. "I guess he'd never seen anything like you before."

"Nope. Some of his men jumped overboard, screamin' about demons. We was able to get away that day. Some of the men started buyin' little trinkets for me to braid into my hair, said they had to keep their demon lookin' frightful.

"About the time I turned nineteen, we come upon a ship. She was a beauty, but neglected. When we boarded her, we found her hold full of slaves. Pitiful creatures. Horrible conditions." Jack shuddered at the memory.

"Avery didn't hold with slavery. That was one thing he just couldn't abide. We put the captain and crew in longboats, no oars, no water, no food, and set 'em adrift. We couldn't take the slaves home, most of 'em were dead anyway. We left 'em with a tribe of natives we was friendly with.

"But that ship. We wanted that ship, Bootstrap 'n me. Avery could see the way we looked at her we already loved her. He was ready to retire, himself, getting' too old to fer piratin'. So he give her to us. Some of the men come with us, we sailed to Nassau to find a crew and get her overhauled."

"That was the Pearl," Will said in wonderment.

"Aye. That was the Pearl. 'Course, that weren't her name then. We decided to rename her, to recreate her from a slave ship to a pirate ship. We though up a lot of names, but couldn't decide. Then one day, Bootstrap was talkin', more to himself than to me, and he says, I wonder how my Pearl is."

"My mother?"

"Aye. Last time he'd seen her, she'd just found out you were comin', and it'd been about four months since then. She was beautiful, your mother, with coal black hair an' eyes. I says, she's probably glowin' like a black pearl. An' we looked at each other, and that ship sang for the first time under our feet, an' we knew that was her name.

"Bootstrap didn't want to be captain, nor first mate. Laughed and said it was too much responsibility. So one of the crewmen we hired on acted as mate. Went through three in the next five years, until Barbossa.

"'E was good at keepin' the men in line. Good at doin' things I didn't want to do. I was blind, Will. 'E did it slow, replacin' men who left or was killed with men of his choosin', men I'd never have hired. And then came the mutiny.

"I was left with nothin' but the clothes on my back and that pistol and a burnin' desire for revenge and to get my Pearl back. I needed people to think I was crazy, and a crazy man doesn't have much. There were times I was actually carryin' a fortune in jewels and coins, and no one knew."

"Because of the braids and beads?"

"Aye. I became a petty thief and pickpocket. Did whatever I had to to follow the trail Barbossa was leavin'. He traveled all over the world, trackin' down that Aztec gold, an' I was right there behind him."

"Yet it all ended where it had started, right here in the Caribbean."

"Aye." Jack realized the moon was up, the silver light pouring in the window. He studied Will closely. He wasn't so pale anymore, and his eyes were more alert. "Think you could sleep a bit?"

"Yeah. Head still hurts."

"An' probably will for a few days." Jack leaned over Will, hands on either side of his head. "I thought you were dead," he said softly. "It felt like my heart was ripped out." He covered the hand Will placed on his chest with his own, brought it up to kiss Will's palm. "Don't ever leave me, William Turner."

"I wish I could make that promise, Jack, but you know I can't. No one can. I can only do my best." Will caressed Jack's face. "I love you, Jack, and I want to be with you as long as we both live."

Jack leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss to Will's lips. "I need to speak to Gibbs. I'll be right back. Try to rest."

Jack went to speak with Gibbs about the trip home. He was going to take Will home, to their home, and take care of him, shower him with love. Will was his and he was never going to let him go. Life wasn't worth living without Will and Jack knew he wouldn't want to live without the younger man. He'd already promised himself and the Pearl, if anything happened to Will, they would join him in Death's embrace.

Jack returned to Will, finding he was sleeping, his breathing light and even. He had taken a moment to wash before returning to Will's side, and now slid into the bed beside Will, pulling the other man into his arms. Will sighed Jack's name and settled his head on Jack's chest. Jack wrapped his arms around Will, pressing a kiss to the top of his head, above the bandage wrapped around his head. He needed to rest as well. He would wake Will in a couple of hours, but he already knew, in his soul, Will would be fine. He knew, somehow, they would never be parted from one another. If Death took one, he'd have to take both.

As Jack fell asleep, he grinned. By the time Death came for them, no one would ever forget the names Captain Jack Sparrow and his first mate, William 'Dragon' Turner.


Note: I took some liberties with the actual history of St. Kitt's Island. Also, the title of the story is a bit of a play on words - history, his story.

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