jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: His Darkest Hour
Author: Indie (www.livejournal.com/users/indigo17)
Pairing: J/W
Rating: NC17
Summary: Will is taken captive. Jack doesn’t rescue him.
Written for: Sockospice. Request: I'd like non-con, h/c, where Jack isn't so heroic and brave as he usually is. Restriction: No character death, but anything else is pretty cool!

Will knew only pain. He had decided long ago that he didn’t like it. His face screwed up in disgust as those animalistic grunts that he had tried so hard to ignore found their way back into his ears.

He wondered why him. The answer was obvious, of course: because that’s life. C’est la vie, as he had learned in French, long ago.

He remembered waking, and he remembered voices discussing what was to be done with ‘the boy’. There was another thing that he had decided he didn’t like – being called a boy. He was a man!

But then again, he wasn’t, for if he had been a man, surely he could have fought back and stopped this?

A noise that sounded vaguely like a plea came from somewhere deep in his throat. Where had that come from, he wondered. He chose not to dwell on it too much, as it helped reality to seep into his consciousness again; reality wasn’t too pretty, at the moment. He was doing his best to ignore it, when a new sensation came upon him. He cried out – what was that?

The animal above him recognised the noise, and repeated the action that had brought it forth. Will made the noise again. But what was the sensation? It was almost akin to…pleasure? From this? Not possible, Will thought.

Not probable, another voice entered his mind; it sounded almost like him. He, who had given Will up to this situation. He, who was sitting across from Will, tears in his eyes as he watched. Him, who had admitted that this was the best course of action, had bargained for it, even; anything to save his own hide and to keep his own heart still beating.

The animal grunted again, and shifted so as to hit that spot that made Will cry out once more. Will responded to his body’s message unwillingly – this sensation caused him even more pain than the spot being ignored. This forced pleasure was worse than not knowing any at all. He grimaced openly as the spot was hit one last time; Will came with a broken sob.

The animal made one last noise and threw Will to the floor, not caring that Will’s head hit the deck; soon, it was just Will and him. Will never thought he could be this angry, but here he was – angry and ashamed.

Will’s companion helped him into a more comfortable position; not likely, after what had just transpired, but somehow achieved nonetheless. The two sat in silence for what seemed like an age to Will; he preferred it that way.

He coughed to break the silence; Will grunted and tried to turn away. After experiencing a pang, he gave up; he’d just put up with him for now.

Eventually, Will must have slept; the next time he had a conscious thought, the sun was shining down on his face. He tried to sit up, but he still hurt; he whimpered when he fell back. He was there immediately, aiding Will and soothing him with words. At least, he was trying to soothe, except Will didn’t feel much like being soothed at the moment – especially not by one who, only hours before, had exchanged the young man for his own life so easily; much like currency, Will thought.

Will felt worthless; if he was to be exchanged so easily, why shouldn’t he feel cheap and used? That was what he was now, after all.


Will decided to add that to the growing list of things he hated; this list already included his attacker at the top, followed by his cellmate.

Light faded to the west, and Will heard the clang of keys again.


There was another thing that Will hated; repeating things that he did not want to repeat. Fortunately, there were no repeats tonight.

His cellmate was released – as agreed, Will thought bitterly – and Will was brought up to the deck after; Will did not know why.

He watched as his former cellmate spoke to his attacker; it looked to Will like his attacker was being berated. He was sure that he heard the words “brutal” and “unnecessary force” being thrown about like cheap sentiments.

His attacker took no notice. Will definitely heard the word “agreement” included in a snippet. Eventually, his former cellmate stepped towards a boat and climbed in; Will, as angry as he was, was relieved that the time to leave had come for him. He made his way after his companion, but was stopped by larger, stronger arms.

He looked at him; he turned his face away in shame.

“You can’t leave me here!” Will screamed, lunging forward. “Don’t leave me, Jack!”

“I’m sorry, whelp,” was all Will heard before he was forced to watch the boat being lowered, and Jack sailing back to the Pearl.

He started to collapse in defeat, but the arms held him up.

“It’s not time to sleep yet, boy,” Will’s captor (and former attacker) sneered. “There’s much fun to be had yet – for us, at least.”

Will broke down into sobs as the crew laughed. He shut out the pawing hands; he always would, from then on.

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