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December, 2004

The third JackXWill ficathon

Title: Tangible Proof
Author: kHo
Rated: PG-13
Pairing: J/W
Summary: He knew the time would come when he'd have to explain it but no matter how hard and long he thought about it, he never could come up with a reason.
Series: On High Seas, 7

Title: Witch
Author: Hellborne
Rating: NC-17
Paring: J/W, Jack/Other
What did Jack do to be tortured so? He would love to know.
Warnings: Torture, rape, lemon, slash.
Series: Witch
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

Title: Scars
Vireyda Magodaly
Rating: PG
Paring: J/W, W/E
Summary: Sequel to Pain.
Series: Torment of the Sea (part 2)

Title: Warmer Waters
Author: Jessie-chan
Pairing: Will / Jack; Will / Frederick
Rating: R
Warning(s): AU; Crossover with From Hell
Summary: Sequel to "To Heaven." Jack has taken Will away from London for his own safety, and all Will can think about is Frederick.
Series: Warmer Waters
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Title: The Sail Maker
Author: Hellborne
Paring: W/J, O/J
Rating: NC-17
Violence, Slash, angst, H/C, lemon.
The last time Will saw him, Captain Jack Sparrow was being dragged aboard the ship of Capt. Jonas, a pirate from Jack's past with a score to settle.