jackxwill - pirates of the caribbean slash

Title: Due to the Fault of Eve
Author: kHo (khohen1@bellsouth.net)
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rated: R content, but no dirty words
Summary: Will's not heard of Adam's Apple before, but he's not soon to forget.
Archive: ask and ye shall receive
Notes: I've come to realize over the past few days that Johnny's adam's apple is absolutely scrumptious. It positively does things to me. Thought I'd have it do things to Will as well. Hee hee, harmless smutty fun. Yay.

I blame Eve. If you ask me, all of this is her fault. One day, eons ago, Eve decided to open the world's first Pandora's Box, and if that never would have happened, neither would any of this, because there never would have been an apple to get caught in Adam's throat. Mystifying thought process, sure… but when dealing with Jack Sparrow, that's the only kind available to you.

One night when we were in Tortuga what I thought was a woman hit on me. At the cajoling of several of the crewmen I had been just about to let her escort me to her boudoir when Jack frowned at me and grabbed my elbow.

"Not that its my place to be judgin' mate, but… you do realize that's no lass," He said under his breath, raising an eyebrow at me.

Mistaken on his meaning, as I often am, I felt slightly offended. "Just because she's not the most well groomed of women…"

Jack laughed, grabbing onto my arm and pulling me closer to him. "She's no woman, love… well groomed or not."

My eyes widened and then narrowed, and I peered past him to look at my wooer once again. "Jack, what on earth are you talking about?"

Jack rolled his eyes, stepping to my side and pointing at said strumpet. "See her? Now I want you to look real close, mate," he said, whispering. "Specifically, Will, at her neck."

He was starting to get on my nerves by now and I angrily swatted his arm down. "It's rude to point," I hissed at him. "Just tell me what you're talking about."

Jack looked at me, his eyes twinkling with utter amusement. "S'no lass, love. She… is a he."

I looked over at her again, and frowned to myself. "What are you…"

"He's good, I'll give him that," Jack said, laughing again and looping an arm around my neck. "But he's got an Adam's Apple the size of a small apricot."

I frowned, looking at Jack. "An Adam's Apple?"

Jack looked at me, frowning in confusion. "Yeah, mate," he said, his fingers floating to his neck and pointing at the protrusion in the middle of his neck in line with his chin. "This… `ave you never heard of an Adam's Apple?"

I shook my head, because I had not, as of yet, heard that term before. "No."

Jack's eyes widened as he nearly pounced on me, his hands hovering over my chest. "Never?" He frowned, looking down at my neck. Reaching out, his fingertips brushed lightly over my neck. "This, love, is an Adam's Apple," he said, his fingers brushing so lightly it tickled the inside of my throat slightly. "An' it's the most surefire way to tell a gent in a dress from a lass."

He spent the rest of the night pointing out other men's gullets, pronouncing some as protruding and some as merely whispers. "You `ave a nice one," he said, smiling at me. "Pretty almost." Thankfully the other men didn't hear of this, due to Jack's sympathy or amusement I'm not sure. I think part of him just likes knowing embarrassing tidbits about me that no one else does. Hidden winks and glances that no one else catches that make me go rosy in the cheeks and have to resist the urge to sink under the floorboards of the Pearl.

The problem wasn't the embarrassment though. I was used to Jack embarrassing me by now. I'd even learnt how to laugh through the red cheeks and the sinking in my stomach, and would almost be disappointed if he stopped trying to goad me. No, the problem was that ever since that day, I've always noticed Jack's adam's apple. How it bobbed when he swallowed. How it jutted out when he was angry. How it warbled when he yawned. How, when he turned his neck, it shifted just slightly.

And that would have been fine if it had stopped there, but it hadn't. I don't know what it was, and maybe it was just because it was Jack, but there was something sexual even to that. It wasn't bad enough that it was in his walk, in his swagger, in the way his fingers twittered and flowed through the air. It had to be in his neck as well?

I'd find myself staring at it sometimes. During the day we were busy, and the sun was too bright, and the sails needed to be taken in, and the anchors needed to be dropped, and it was the last thing on my mind. But at night, under the moon, and in front of the lanterns and candles, sometimes it was all I could do to stop myself from thinking about how it might feel were it to move under my tongue.

So when I'd lay down at night I'd berate myself for my impure thoughts, and close my eyes to wait for slumber. I'd see his face looming before me, his neck tilted just right. I'd lean up, all slow and through a cloud of half slumber half wakefulness, and lick it. I'd taste the salt on his skin, and I'd feel the murmur of pleasure rumble through his throat. My hand would raise to thread through his hair, and sometimes I'd even bite slightly as my tongue ran around it again.

I'd never felt those kinds of feelings for a man before. I had dreams of Elizabeth that were that explicit, and even more so, but the taste had never been so real. It had never been so palatable. I'd never woken myself up in the middle of a near orgasm, still tasting the salt on my tongue. I was immediately overwhelmed by a mixture of guilt and arousal, and it didn't help that more often then not Jack would swing by my room before going to his.

And one night he did, just after I'd woken up with a bulge just barely hidden beneath the covers and breathing heavily from restraining myself from reaching for it. He plopped down on the bed and put his hand on my leg, just this shy of my object of shame. "S'matter, love," he mumbled through a bite of apple, offering me a bite. "Look like you've seen a ghost." He stopped chewing suddenly, his eyes darting around the room. "You haven't, `ave you?"

I laughed, shaking my head. "No… just startled me is all," I said, refusing to let myself look as he swallowed the too big bite of apple. "Almost was asleep."

"No point in that, mate," Jack said, throwing himself beside me in a lying position, tilting his head to look up at me. "You know I'm comin' in here, might as well wait, right?"

"Right," I said, laughing again and sliding down in the bed, grimacing as the sheets grazed over me. "Might as well."

Jack hummed in accordance, taking another bite of his green apple, a bit of juice dribbling down the side of his face. He mistook my wide eyes as admonishing ones and laughed, sitting up slightly. "Don't worry `bout the bedclothes, love. We'll wash `em in the morn."

Once my eyes had rested on his throat, though, I was done for. I couldn't have told you what he rambled on about for the next twenty minutes if my life had depended on it. I just watched the bump rise and fall, bobbing up and down with each word or swallow. By the time the apple was almost gone I noticed his words had become more sparse, stretches of silence filling the cabin with a weird kind of aura that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to name.

"Alright, Will," Jack said with a sigh, looking at me without turning his head. It was a phenomenon I'd never been able to decipher, the way that man could look almost behind him without turning his head with those big brown eyes. "S'pose I should retire."

But he took another bite of that blasted apple, and suddenly I was Eve and the cabin was the garden, and I could no longer resist. It dribbled down through his beard again, and over his cheek, and before I was aware of it I was licking the trail it left. It was a mixture of sweat, and salt, and sticky sweet, and just like I would have thought only more so.

My eyes were closed as I rose up and I was filled once again with guilt and arousal, with a heavy dose of fear mixed in with it as well. When I forced them open again Jack was looking at me with an unreadable expression in his eyes. It lay somewhere between confusion and something else that I couldn't place.

"Offered you a bite, love," he said softly, his mouth quirking up slightly. "Didn't know you liked apples that much."

My eyes closed as shame washed over me, embarrassment coloring my cheeks as well I'm sure. "Sorry," I muttered, laying back and opening my eyes to stare at anything but Jack.

"Nothin' to apologize for," he said, digging a fingernail into the apple as he stared at it. "I was just wonderin' to meself… was it the juice you wanted, or the mixture?"

I closed my eyes, praying for him to just get up and leave. "Jack… please… I'm just sorry."

"Guess I'll have to find out," he said softly, his voice a little closer to me, his breath floating over my face. I felt a wet finger trail down my throat, and before I had a chance to react his tongue followed it, licking it slowly and cleanly off. "Mmm," he hummed, and I could hear the smile in his voice. "Not bad."

When he rose his head there was no confusion in him anymore. His eyes were filled with arousal and amusement, and my gut dropped what felt like fifty feet. I felt panicked and lightheaded, and I tried to sit up only to have him reach out and pin me to the bed. I opened my mouth to speak but he put his finger to it, the residue of the apple juice still on it.

"Never would have thought apple and salt to be a good combination," he said, smiling with a feral glow. "Remind me to thank you for that revelation later."

I felt on the verge of hyperventilating. His eyes had always been powerful, dark brown with that black kohl underneath to accentuate them. Eyes that seemed to see straight down to the depths of your soul. When they were trained on me on a regular day they could floor me, but trained on me with that look they positively slaughtered me.

"I should… I…" I took a deep breath, pushing up in bed, this time without him struggling to keep me down. "Rather, you… you should go."

Jack nodded, not moving. "Don't really see that happening, love," he said, his voice a low growl that reached inside of me, rendering me speechless yet again. "Not for awhile anyway."

He crawled up the bed until he was in a sitting position, and somehow managed to be sitting on top of me in half the time it took for me to let out a surprised grunt. He ran his thumb across my mouth and smiled at me before bending down and slowly licking the residual flavor of the apple, laughing as I shuddered out a moan.

He sat back, resting a hand to my chest and looking down at me. Raising the apple to his mouth he took a bite and tossed the apple behind him onto the floor. He ran his finger down the front of my chest, his smile widening. "Thought you'd been looking at me strangely lately," he mumbled around the bite that he chewed slowly. "Wondered if maybe you weren't attracted to me."

I barely got out a `Jack' before he bent forward and kissed me again, this time with an open mouth and a tongue pressing at my lips. My mouth opened immediately and I tasted the sickly sweet apple as it was ground between our tongues. He slid down my body till he was lying on top of me, his leg pressed between mine, his hand in my hair. His tongue wound slowly with mine, and every once in a while he made a noise in the back of his throat that made my mind spin even wilder off course.

I don't know if this is what the Garden of Eden was like. I don't know if the apple tasted this good to Eve, or if it had been worth it to her afterwards. I don't know if it got stuck in Adam's throat, and if years later that's why it was called an Adam's Apple or if that's just folklore passed through the ages. All I know is, apple or not, I love the taste of Jack's tongue on mine. I love the feel of his hands, those rough pirate hands that are so much more gentle than you might expect, on my flesh as he slowly takes my shirt off.

All I know is that if Jack were my apple, I would have opened that Pandora's Box too.

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